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“A wolf with a fish in its mouth?” It made her laugh. “That would look silly.”

A Game of Thrones, Arya

That night she went to sleep thinking of her mother […]. She’s so close I could almost smell her…and then she could smell her. The scent was faint beneath the other smells, beneath moss and mud and water, and the stench of rotting reeds and rotting men. She padded slowly through the soft ground to the river’s edge […]. She sniffed the air again. There it was, and now she saw it too, something pale and white drifting down the river, turning where it brushed against a snag. The reeds bowed down before it. […] her jaw closed around a pale white arm. She shook it to make it move, but there was only death and blood in her mouth.

A Storm of Swords, Arya
—  George R. R. Martin

chiigusa said: yup

i just dont get why this flop fandom is so adamant about “cersei doesnt love jaime omggg!!!!” i guess most of them are jaime/brienne shippers and they dont like how cersei gets in the middle of their ship.

YES cersei is VERY selfish ,but  if cersei doesn’t love him then why is she having mental breakdowns about how sex had never been good with anyone but him, why is she having dreams about being married to him?? why did she hide the full extent of robert’s abuse from him?? why does she beg on her knees from him for his help and support???

GOD i really wish she didn’t love him tbh because her love for him just gives me pain every time especially because he’s so done with her now