also: i am still screaming internally

Birthday Little!!

Hey guys guess what!! Its my birthday today! WooT! ^_^ I’m so excited that I just wanna scream! (screams internally then explodes into confetti) Lol

Anyway I just wanted to tell everyone that I am still here. I just got a bit busy dealing with school and stuff. Also if you’re wondering I am still looking for a mommy or daddy.

Also before I forget, can all my followers/fans check out my YouTube channel Kingomiwater Gaming

I’ve been playing lots of games there lately but still need subs. So I hope to see you guys there. Thank you for loving my blog and I’ll talk to you guys again later!

HakuFes+Cafe Part 2: Event Edition

Let the games begin! There were a variety of activities that we could do for can badges of the characters, but being the thirsty fangirl I am… I immediately hit up the merchandise line. I pretty much bought everything that had Sannan’s face on it plus the Sake Set. I wish I took more photos but there were a lot of people and the rush was real!!

There were a ton of activities, but here were some of my favorite~

Omikuji drawing! The first time I drew… I drew Heisuke. Good luck, but could be better….If you’re not happy with your fortune you can tie it to a string and pull another!!



In the end, Saito ended up being best boy. He deserves it though, he is a really good boy! I’m just SO HAPPY that I got to rep my love for Sannan. I’m also ecstatic that he had votes alreadyyyyyy… Everyone…..please love Sannan………..

One is never simply ready to take pictures with your husbando. Although I have met my cardboard husbando before, this time I was ready for our marriage. 8D;;;

The line was SUPER long. I can tell this was one of the more popular activities at the event. I was a bit embarrassed that when you get to the front, everyone watches you take photos with your husband. IT DIDN’T HELP THAT SOME FRIENDS WERE HOOTING AND HOLLERING WHEN I FINALLY TOOK THE PIC. LOL THANKS GUYS.

I wanted to take more pics…but I was too embarassed. HAHAHA…I did eventually get to take more photos when the line died down at the end of the event. (Mostly selfies) but OMG it was amazing to be able to take a photo with life sized Sannan. ;3;

In the center of the room, they had a GIANT cake and some really adorable character macarons! At the end of the event they were raffled off for the people who won the Sake Ring Toss Game.

THE RING TOSS GAME WAS SO HARD! It probably didn’t help that I was jittery from the excitement + dehydration. Thank god I was able to get some water shortly after.

One of my friends won the Okita Macaron in the raffle! THEY’RE SO CUTE AND DETAILED!!!!

Between all these activities was the Cafe…summed up in the next post!

monster mv favorites

-”she WOO”

- baek behind the wheel within the first 30 seconds because who doesnt recognize baek’s hands.(blink and miss foreshadowing)

-the unhealthy amount of english (5 lines in a rOW FIRST OF ALL. WHAT THE FU-)

-unexpected fair distribution of lines. (ascends to heaven after hearing more of xiuho)

-chanyeol’s “uh yeah she got me” 

-zhang yixing’s serial killer expressions warranting fantasies and fanfiction with villainy au-s because he just laid bare the literal meaning of Boss Zhang. YIXING IN THE ENTIRE VIDEO ACTUALLY. i am not ok  

-”that’s right, my type”

-ksoo casually wrecking havoc from top of the surveillance pole

-chanyeol and sehun’s equal rap lines (ohmYgOD asjgvlsdaASVDFSV -!)

-kaixing taking center front together, reminiscent of two moons teaser 12 from the debut era 

-baek in raid police uniform (hahahAhAHAH /screams) WHO ALLOWED BAEKHYUN (whispers furiously/// return of the baekliner)

tuxedocat97  asked:

My crush's my BFF since Gr4 (im Gr11) & shes actually the most amazing person ever. Shes super adorable (whenever we say so she scrunches up her face & says "MURDER" ITS SO PRECIOUS) Shes always been there for me; she's the first friend I made on my own, & I honestly dont think I could live without her. She knows that I like her, but shes straight & dating her crush, which I can live with bc as long as shes happy so am I. (Also her bf jokingly said i was her gf and im still internally screaming)

That’s so sweet. I’m glad you at least have her in your life, she sounds like a wonderful person.

Today I was told that if something is true then the opposite must also be true. Could this be why I constantly shy away from sharing myself, whilst internally screaming to be heard and understood? Why I always seem to put myself last, while berating myself for being selfish? For every part of me I think I understand there is an opposite side of me demanding to be known. How can I narrow myself down into a short description, a brief summary, when my soul is a labyrinth in which I am still lost?
—  Submitted by anonymous

*forever stares longingly at the best piece of official K-ON art*





I think it is heading in a direction southward on Ritsu’s back side.

I am now convinced that all the 5th anniversary art of these two really close to each other or touching or almost holding hands (but that other time doesn’t count cause Mugi is also there) (not that I’m complaining about Mugi there, NEVER, but in the context I don’t consider it a ‘Ritsu/Mio’ photo):

Is all just lead up to this:


I have a new headcanon. Well, not new, because I never had an old headcanon about ‘famous’ HTT because honestly I’m not too into like actual famous rock star post-college HTT


If they were to get famous, I am convinced all art of these two super close or touchy a bit is them like hiding their relationship behind cameras. And then this picture that we got a few days ago with the Anna Sui K-ON fashion line, where they ARE HOLDING HANDS, is their ‘official coming out’ photo and this headcanon will stay with me until I die good night


THERE WAS A LEVIN AT OTAKON’S FIRE EMBLEM SHOOT ON FRIDAY and I am still screaming internally (and a little bit externally, let’s be real)

I got a picture of Levin in front of the Tir Na Nog restaurant in Baltimore to appease my Jugdral nerdery, and some pictures of Eirika (levail) and Ephraim (writerguy) with him too. :D

(also friendly reminder that levail is really cool wow I felt like a dork the whole time but it was really fun to hang out)