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Ok, she has Bellamy, but does he have Clarke? We know he's devoted to her, he'd do anything for her, to protect her but what did she do to him? Idk, maybe the anti fandom is the one that is forcing this idea on me.

Look anon, that’s fanon, not canon.

Yes, she made mistakes and broke his heart when she chose to stay in Polis, but no one can say Bellamy doesn’t have her. That’s not true.

In 1x03 Bellamy isn’t able to kill Atom. Who’s there? Clarke. She takes the responsibility so he doesn’t have to (probably for the first time in his life).

She is the first one who starts to see beyond his tough guy facade “I know you’re not a killer” “You’re not a murder, you always did what you had to do to protect your sister that’s who you are”

She gives him forgiveness when he feels like a monster.

She always defends him.

She makes clear that she believes in him “We can’t do this without you Bellamy. I want you to say that you’re with us” “You did good here”

She loses her caucasian mind every time he’s in danger.

In 2x05 she ran through the whole Camp Jaha to jump into his arms, and when their hug ended, she stared at him like he was the most precious thing in this world.

After losing Finn, she told him “I can’t lose you too” Like…. Can she be any more transparent?! Yeah, after this she sent him to MW but there are two versions. In the canon version L tells Clarke that love is weakness and she gets scared. L loved Costia and she lost her, Clarke loved Finn and she lost him so what does Clarke do? She pushes Bellamy away from her, she pushes her feelings down. She has to be strong and her love (romantic or not) for Bellamy makes her weak. In an alternative universe she sends him to MW because she doesn’t care about him and she sees him as a soldier *insert Sure Jan gif*

In 3x02 Bellamy’s life was in danger but hers too, and she didn’t doubt it, not even for a second. “I’ll do anything. I’ll stop fighting, Just please don’t kill him” She really thought Roan was going to take her to the Ice Queen so she could kill her and take her power. She was ready to die for him!!!!! and some people have the audacity to say she doesn’t love him??!!

In 3x05 Clarke saw the massacre with her own eyes and heard that Bellamy was part of that and she literally was like but he saved Indra’s life! She still wanted to see his good side (“this is not who you are”)

Every time they meet she does that “I can breathe again” thing.

She cares about him so much and always asks him if he’s okay.

In s3 Bellamy was called enemy, her sister beat him up, his people turned their back on him, he didn’t even trust himself…. and suddenly she tells him “I trust you” Do you imagine how meaningful these words were to him?

She’s always showing him affection, in fact she has initiated every hug

When she was going to go to COL she was scared, she didn’t even know what would happen there, she didn’t even know if she would come back…… and all she wanted to do was hold his hand.

We also know that in the first few minutes of the season premiere Clarke is going to thank him. How many characters have thanked him for all he has done for them?

She tries to protect him, not just physically but also emotionally. That’s the kind of protection that Bellamy needs.

She loves him even when he doesn’t know how to love himself. 




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I'm not going to talk about how bad a time jump is, specially in this show where they don't even know how to write relationships anymore. My point is that Clarke was already mentally broken after spending 3 months "alone". How is she going to survive 5 years totally alone? She would become crazy. Or there's something we're missing or Idk what these writers are doing. Sacrificing characters, relationships and the momentum of the show to add angst to a ship?

Clarke was already mentally broken in Season 2 when she left. That’s WHY she left. It wasn’t being alone that damaged her (although it certainly didn’t help) it was that she was trying to carry the weight of all of the things they’d done together by herself. 

This Season finale (if it does wind up with Clarke alone) should hopefully be different because they keep telling us how much Clarke is going to rely on her friends in this finale. 

Also, time jumps are fairly common plot devices, and its very rare that they actually mess up the show in a huge way. 

I’m not concerned.

i just need to talk about a few things, specifically in response of what i have seen in the issues people take with clarke & lexa as a relationship. im not expecting to convince anyone, nor even trying to. i just need to articulate some things about it for my own peace of mind.

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Fic: Three Years || Chapter 2 || The 100 (Clexa)

Title: “Three Years”
Chapter 2/?: Forgiveness is an Over Rated Concept
Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Clexa
Rating: NC-THE INTERNET IS FOR PORN PORN PORN. With Plot. Plot kinda happens. A little. Okay there’s set up for plot. After the next whole chapter of porn I have to write.
Summary: Three years after the battle at the mountain, Clarke and Lexa are forced to meet again due to the threat of another war. Now A/U. Cannon through 2x15.
A/N: This is mostly Clarke backing Lexa into a table, FEELINGS and then porn. Because I have been wanting to write the Grounder camp cheering their commander during sex since Clexa happened…There WILL be a Part 3, as Part 2 got long (seriously people its like six single spaced pages of porn) and you better believe Clarke is not done with Lexa yet. Just cuz Lexa took control of round one doesn’t mean Clarke isn’t gonna give as good as she gets.
A/N 2: I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep this one going. I like the idea of Clarke as a young Chancellor during the war. Also I wanna write scandalized Abby cuz I think its funny. So while there will be plenty of porn, there will also be plot. I haven’t decided to keep Bellamy dead or BS a reason for him showing back up after three years since I didn’t specify how he died. What’d you guys think? (Note: Even if he comes back there will be nothing more than Bellarke Brotp. You can multi-ship them if you want I just don’t see it so it won’t be in this story. I am mainly considering expanding Octavia’s storyline by him not being dead, and would like some input if you can tear your eyes away from the debauchery below to give me reasonable ideas of how that happens without it being a cliche).

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When I realize that Zoe Morgan from POI is Abby Griffin from the 100. And one of the things that came to my mind was how Clarke could be Zoe & Johns child. (Quiet but deadly from John. Snark from Zoe. Smarts from both.) While Lexa could be Shaw and Roots child. (All the extra from Root and destruction from Shaw. Also, tenderness from both.) Indra and Joss being done with everyone. Raven and Harold geeking out. Fusco and Anya fighting. Anya and Shaw getting along just fine... It's crazy right?


there was just so much wasted potential. like with lexa and the nightbloods, they showed us little pieces of them together but there could’ve been so much more. and the potential for a lexa/octavia friendship. if anyone should’ve been in polis it’s octavia, and i’m still so bitter that she’ll never get to learn from lexa. also clarke becoming flame keeper while lexa is still ALIVE. being trained by titus?? and all the clexa potential i can’t even get into bc it hurts. but lincoln being welcomed back as trikru. and linctavia babies. octavia being happy. clarke being happy. just so much wasted potential.

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I feel guilty for even talking about Bellarke right now, but - one reason I'm upset Lexa died is bcuz (while I was beginning to really like her) now, if something happens with Bellarke this season,(hope not) it would almost feel like settling. I've worried about this since the start of season 3 and now I fear it will just feel like Clarke will be with Bellamy because she can't be with Lexa. I wanted Clarke to choose B/Sky People bcuz she wanted to & not bcuz she was forced to/left w/ no choice

We still have 9 episodes this season. I don’t think they will get together romantically this season. The writers said that there would be no love triangle and this is what they meant. There are different relationships for different times in our lives. No matter how rushed or poorly demonstrated on screen, Clarke’s relationship with Lexa had purpose. A very specific purpose for a very specific time in Clarke’s life. Clarke needed a place of safety and security where she didn’t have to deal with making the hard choices but could also begin to connect with people again. In a way, Lexa protected her from what she’d done and in doing so she protected Clarke from her own people. When Clarke was captured by Roan, she wasn’t ready to return to her people. Now she is. She was leaving anyway. Her relationship with Lexa served its purpose and, to be honest, Lexa’s death will make Clarke even more determined to face her demons head on as a way of honoring Lexa’s memory and to show her gratitude for the time of peace and solace that Lexa provided. 

The thing is, there are different relationships for different periods of a person’s life. Who’s to say that, had Lexa lived and Clarke had gone back to her people, that when they would have met up again, Clarke would have still been in a place mentally and emotionally where rekindling a relationship with Lexa would have worked? Personally, I think it would have been MORE sad for them to have met up again and found that while they were still fond of each other, they weren’t what each other needed anymore. some relationships are best left as a pleasant and heart-warming memory because it can hurt more to find out later that you no longer “fit” with each other.

So what I guess I’m saying is that I don’t think it’s ultimately about Clarke needing to make a choice between Lexa and Bellamy. They’re two very different people and Clarke’s relationship with each is VERY different. Her relationship with Lexa has now brought her to a point where she’s able to go deal with her relationship with Bellamy again.