also: carrots

Simple foods for lunch today: rice, peas, carrots, roasted mushrooms, and the frilliest lettuce ever. (Is frilliest even a word? 🙃) We wanted a quick meal so this was perfect. The peas and carrots are cooked from frozen, I just boiled them for ~10 mins. 👌 I also drizzled on some soy sauce after this photo just because the Korean part of me is craving that umami. 😜
We are considering doing a day (or two) trip to Pula or Plitvice Lakes National Park before we move to Belgrade. Have you visited either of them? If you have, let me know what you think!
I’ve been fairly productive today with lots of photo editing, planning, and organising. 😵 I also scored a new extension tube for my camera so I’ll be practising macro shots real soon. 😉
I hope you’re having a good Tuesday!

Rice and beans 💯 killer combo 😵😜 We also had steamed broccoli, boiled peas and carrots (from frozen) and some sautéed mushrooms and peppers since we had them leftover from yesterday.

I don’t mind frozen (or canned) veggies at all. Sometimes they taste better than fresh ones. 😉 It just depends on what we are cooking. I prefer fresh over frozen broccoli, but for peas and carrots, frozen is fine for me.

I feel like I’m stuck in a creative rut lately. I’m happy to have an outlet for photography but I’m still frustrated. I need some new inspiration outside of social media. 😑 I’ll guess I’ll wait patiently until that inspiration hits me.

I hope you have a great weekend! 🤗