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Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 79: Sights on Major League

Captain, oh Captain.

Honestly, there aren’t much to pick at in this chapter. But there are notable scenes that’s worth mentioning.

Such as excellent training montages, from batting…

… to fielding.

For fielding though, it’s more Kawakami being an awesome senpai. Honestly, it’s obvious that Kawakami is the most mature and experienced pitcher, but it doesn’t mean it’s enough for an ace. While I am rooting for Eijun, I want all the pitchers to do their best, including Kawakami. Right now, all of them has equal chance to become the ace, until the roster for the summer is finalized. But probably it helps for Kawakami who works best with less pressure. Without aiming for becoming the ace, he might end up being the ace, who knows?

I’m proud and happy that Eijun’s batting is shown to be improving too. It seems he finally figured out what works for him. Good job Eijun. *thumbs up*

What’s interesting though, it looks like the competition for third baseman is heating up with Takatsu allowed to try for the position, despite initially aiming for shortstop.

Honestly, I think it’s a smart move, for both Coach Kataoka and Takatsu. Shortstop position is pretty much fixed with Kuramochi as the regular starter, and unlike other positions, shortstop is also required to be able to work with second baseman in defense, so other skills, chemistry with second baseman will be considered to choose second baseman, which will make the chances lower to make it, even for relief shortstop. Admittedly, among the infielders, the current third basemen is the most interchangeable. While Kanemaru is a good at defense, he’s not that good in offense. Higasa… is shown to be in decline. And Takatsu… he has shown good offense along with defense. For Kataoka who is looking to strengthen their offense, he’d like to have Takatsu among the starters. I’d say third baseman position will be filled in by Takatsu and Kanemaru (sorry Higasa).

It won’t help the relationship between Kanemaru and Takatsu though. In the beginning they are already barely getting along, now with this… it’ll be interesting how the dynamics will change and affect the future team with only first and second years.

I kinda like this scene because not only Ochiai helps us to understand Kataoka better, but also shows how well he understands his position in the team. He doesn’t assert his authority carelessly. In the beginning, he might feel the need to do that since he’s meant to take over the team, but now he’s the assisstant coach and sees the advantages of Kataoka’s approach…

Still, the best part comes right after

Miyuki for once being honest, but none of them believe him. Oh my Miyu, you have such a track record that others take your words with a grain of salt/a degree of skepticism. Miyuki makes such precious faces at their disbelieving reaction hahaha. Poor Miyu XDDD

But at the same time it lines up nicely with my own headcanon of Miyuki wants nothing more than winning Koshien with this team. It makes me happy that my fic can be considered in line with canon. Ehem, shameless self-promotion here, please read my gen fic about Kuramochi, Miyuki and Shirasu: Perspective.

Lastly, Furuya. He still looks pretty down to me, but he is thinking. He’s following the Coach’s suggestion. It’s not gonna be easy, but considering what he’s aiming for, it’s certainly not going to be.

His confusion even affects his usual burning flame that he can only manage a sizzle, which is rather funny. I wonder what exactly happen that Yui is so concerned in the end. (Yui is already a wife material isn’t he? So concerned and attentive to Furuya. It’s just like Okumura with Eijun. It seems the future battery pairing is already decided, or not?)

BONUS: Chipmunk faces

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Hello!! I was wondering what are your top 5 favorite jihoon casual outfits?? I LOVE U

hello anon! i’m so sorry for this late reply :’) in no particular order


this was during the hongkira radio show recording on 170828!! i love jihoon in hoodies he’s always so cute and squishy!! i don’t know if this entire post will turn out to be a jihoon in hoodies compilation oops but,, whatever

(photo by hooniblossom)


ahhhhh produce 101 era i don’t know why people said that his fashion was strange because i liked it tbh but he looks so warm and soft and boyfriend in this outfit i’m in love :’)

(photo by butterfly kiss)


i’m sorry i know this doesn’t really count as an outfit but i really really love sleeveless jihoon.



he looks so much like a cute puppy here? and his sweater/jumper(?) is so cute. who else can make a sweater like this look so cute. and the mask is so adorable too!!

{another link here too tumblr hates me why isn’t the gif playing)


this is one of my favourite photos of him!! right before, one of the best jihoon fansites imo. it’s all black but he still manages to make the outfit look good, and his haIR!! jihoon with curly hair, my true aesthetic. and his watch contrasts really well with his entire outfit!! also you can notice the tiny details on his hoodie (those eyelets, i think they’re called??) that just make it look better and more classy too, in a way! this feels like the only legit commentary in this entire post HAHAH

yes and that’s it!! :’) i’m sorry, i think i just used this post to show off part of my jihoon gif collection HAHAHA i know most of these only show the top part of his outfit but you know,, jihoon looks good/cute/amazing/wonderful/angelic/ethereal in any outfit :’) i hope you liked this post and thank you for the ask!! ily too! ♡

so today i got up early to do a segway tour to which the people didnt show up but i got paid my wage anyway, then i lazed around for a bit, and then i went to my best friend’s to play dragon age for hours straight until he cooked us dinner and we watched a movie and now i am home and cuddled into bed

all in all a good sunday

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95, 104, 3, lust with Yoongi... I've sinned too much I'm sorry. lol.

okay, here is part two to the first suga drabble a posted a while ago. i have sinned too from writing so much these past few days. and there’s more smut i have to write soon too…guys have mercy on me. XD hahaha, but i hope you like this anon! :)) also, idk why this is so long either, forgive me lol 

Lust —making love together + 3. Award Show + 95. Fingering + 104. Sex in public

[part one - Something Special]

Title: Earned It 

Yoongi x You

Genre: Smut

“And the winner for Best Female Performance Group goes to……” That slight pause had your heart racing so fast that when you heard your group’s name being announced as the winner, you were mentally fainting.

The screen from the front, appeared colorful as it showed and played your group’s latest song while you all were making your way towards the front to accept the award. As you made your way down from your seat, you glanced at Yoongi just to see that he had a wide smiled plastered on his face while clapping his hands together uncontrollably. His bandmates followed along and cheered for you and your group and you couldn’t help but flash them all a big and happy smile.

When your group made it to the front and accepted the trophy, your team leader made her speech while you glared at the shiny glass trophy in your hand. All the hard-work paid off and the proof was there right in front of you. One of your groupmates nudged you lightly by the elbow to bring you back to reality so you could give a small speech as well.

“I would just like to thank our company, sunbaes, and most importantly - our fans! Without any of you, we wouldn’t be able to recieve such a great award like this. Let’s all work harder in the future and continue to achieve good things. Thank you to all and I love you!” You gave your speech and at that last part, you directed your eyes at Yoongi’s direction and he knew you were talking to him. He winked back to you and you gave a slight wink back at him while your group was directed to get down from the stage and prepare for your performance.


As you all huddled to get back to the dressing room to get into your stage outfits, you were caught off guard when you saw that Yoongi was following the way back with you and pulled you away from your group, dragging you into an empty room which caught you off guard.

“What are you doing? I have to get ready for my performance.” You told him.

“You won.” He said, stating the obvious which had you chuckling.

“Of course. Were you not listening you idiot?” You lightly punched his chest.

“Of course I listened. And you know what that means now right?” He said, tilting his head at you which had you put a confused expression on your face for a moment, until it hit you. You remembered a month ago he had said that if you won, he would reward you with something. Your eyes shot back at him, a bit widening at what the reward was but when he smirked at you and leaned in quickly, pressing his lips against yours, you realized what he meant now.

He pressed his body closer to yours which had you gasping as you felt his boner on you. Was he hard already? Right now isn’t the good time. You were saying in your head, but he continued to devour your lips. He was sloppily kissing you but you didn’t push him away and let him. You tangled your hands through his hair and slowly raised a leg up at his to cause more friction. Your mind was pulled back into reality when you heard your name being called down the hall and you remembered you had to go get ready for your performance this instance.

You quickly pulled away from him, heavily breathing, “I have to go get dressed.” You said before exiting out the door, “but it’s not over yet.” You half yelled as you were running to your dressing room. He was heavily breathing too from the hot make-out and smiled to himself because he still had more he wanted to do with you.

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