also: an animated gif!

a taste of something i’m working on 🚲

Me: is sad that (most of) my boys are at PAX and I’m not

Mini: uploads a video of him playing a game with Wildcat

Vanoss: uploads a BO3 zombies video where Moo is adorable AND with the BO3 dream team (Daithi, Wildcat, Moo, and Vanoss)

BasicallyIDoWrk: is an absolute gem on twitter where Simone has to build a LEGO set for him

RacingCatz: shows his face

Smii7y: teases us with photos

407: posts dozens of pictures/videos of him, Chrissy, Panda, and Tyler being idiots

Vanoss, Ohm, RacingCatz, Wildcat, and Delirious: The fucking Gmod twerk mod


Did they fucking know how sad we were gonna be and made a point to make us smile? Either way, this was a great couple of days for everyone.


TG:re 72 | Kaneki Ken