Tokyo Encounter Episode 30 (Guest: Miyano Mamoru) (SUBBED by me!)

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Playing a video game as a cute girl protag

Playing a video game full of of cute girls

Playing a video game full of cute girls you can talk to and interact with and do things with

Playing a video game full of cute girls that have A LOT OF CHARACTER AND BACKSTORY AND ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO THE PLOT


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There are bad apples in every corner of shipping fandoms, but to be honest, the fact that the heads in charge (Jason & Co.) tend to suck at being diplomatic and often dismiss one ship more than others gives Anti!Bellarke people an “advantage” or illusion of credibility. Shipper vs. Shipper isn’t the same as Shipper vs. Shipper & Writers. Like, it’s gotten to the point where people are scared or wary of asking about something that they love because they’re worried they’ll be looked down upon. Or that they’re annoying. Or that they aren’t on the same intellectual level as the people who create the content that they love.

I mean, even I—a person who usually has no problem speaking her mind or talking about ships—wouldn’t dare breathe ‘Bellarke’ near the writers or the cast. And that’s pretty damn sad. Can you honestly tell me that fans of any other pairing in the show constantly experience this? I’d have a hard time believing it.

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lydiasdeputy asked:

you're taking marrish prompts?!? oh my god. ok. how about jordan losing control of his powers (kind of like in the hospital scene in 5x01) and lydia brings him back to normal? or idk you can write me whatever and i know i'll love it <33

Marrish. Canon compliant, sometime into S5. Parrish is hurt, and Lydia helps him through it.


ps. VEENA MY MARRISH QUEEN. i hope you enjoy this. <333

He lifted his hand up, palm facing the evening sky. Tendrils of smoke rose steadily from his skin. “What’s happening to me?” he slurred out. He felt like he’d been lit on fire again. He head pounded, and his lungs burned with every inhale. It reminded him of his time overseas, when it was 115 degrees in the sand and sun and you better keep your sleeves rolled down, corporal. His mouth tasted like ashes, too, and–why was he slumped over? He tried to push himself up, but a stabbing pain lanced through his legs and he howled with it, a sound not unlike an angry, snarling dog shattering the quiet.

“Parrish,” a voice called, as calm as you please, and his gaze swung out into the dark. His vision swam in double, red tendrils like blood creeping in on his periphery, but they receded after a moment. The voice called his name again.

It was Lydia. “I’m here,” she said. She was a few feet away, kneeling in the loam. “I’m here, and you’re okay.” 

He dropped his hand beside his hip, a sliver of panic working its way under his skin. As much as he wanted to believe her, he didn’t feel okay. He felt like–like he was dying. Again. Why was he always dying? “I’m a campfire,” he choked out instead, gulping for air as more smoke billowed from his mouth, his nose. 

She crawled over to him then, and she hovered her hand over his smoking palm with a delicate smile. “Don’t try to be funny. You need to calm down, okay?” she said, and then dropped her hand into his. She squeezed once, twice. “Remember what we found out? Hellhound healing is triggered by massive trauma…”

He squeezed her hand back. “I don’t like the sound of massive trauma.”

“Neither do I,” she muttered, searching his face intently. “You’re already through your second phase, I think. You just–have to stay calm.” 

“I wish… it were that easy,” he hissed as another wave of heat crested over him. His blood felt like it was boiling underneath his skin. He tried to tug his hand free from Lydia’s–he must have been roasting her–but she refused to let go. 

“Your eyes are glowing,” she said. She swept a cool hand across his forehead. “They’re orange.”

“Like a traffic cone.” He closed his eyes, focusing on Lydia’s gentle touch. “I need a t-shirt.”

“A t-shirt?”

“‘I’m a hellhound and all I got was traffic cone eyes’,” he said through clenched teeth. “‘And this t-shirt’.”

“They’re not like traffic cones.” She touched his chin and tilted his head back, kept it there until he opened his eyes. “They’re awesome.”

He tried to smile, another wave of heat that had nothing to do with his healing curling through his stomach. The last time he’d been like this, Lydia hadn’t actually been there; the real deal was so much better. “Where’s Scott? The rest of the pack?” 

“They ran off after the basilisk attacked you,” she explained. “I stayed behind.” 

“Is that safe?”

She raised her eyebrows. “I’m more than capable of handling a basilisk.” She bopped his shoulder with her fist. “I had a really good teacher. Don’t you remember?” 

“Yeah, I do.” Those banshee screams packed a wallop. “Thanks, by the way.” He ran his thumb along her knuckles, lips turning up at the slight hitch in her breath. “For staying. Protecting me.”

She smiled, biting her lip. “No thanks needed.”