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Staying in touch with friends/family when you’re far away

Okay, so you’re way the fuck away from your friends and family, yeah? Maybe in college, the military, or a second dimension the Peace Corps?

And you want to, for some unholy reason, stay in contact with these people you don’t hate?

Cool. I feel you, dude. I also went to a land far, far away once. It was Wisconsin. And it was cold as shit. Anyway, my friends were much less cool and decided to not leave, so I had to figure a way out to talk to them, right? Or else become a lonely spinster and sneak a cat into my dorm.

So here are some tips for staying in contact with peeps who ran the fuck away from you are far from you:

Social media—there’s a reason it’s called “social media.” Get on a few of these websites, get your friends on them, and then chat away!

  • Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. If I have to explain how these work to you, I will slap the stupid off your face.
  • Snapchat. Take stupid videos or pictures of your life and let your friends see it for up to an impressive 10 seconds. Wowie.
  • Line. It’s like a chat thing. Pain to install. However, you can use cute stickers and shit to express yourself, like the special snowflake you are.
  • Skype: Video, audio, regular chat…I like to believe that this is what killed AOL Instant Messenger. >:D
  • Others. Shit, son. Go off into the sunset and find some more.

Keep the Post Office alive and kicking (your mailbox)

  • Write each other letters. Sounds old fashioned, but you can now be one of those cool kids who know how snail mail actually works! Ta-freaking-da!
  • Send each other care packages, mix CD’s, etc. Everyone loves getting packages in the mail, unless they’re grinches. Fuck them then.


  • Meet in person. DUH. Look at when you’ll be back in the area—holidays, birthdays, weddings, whatever? See if your best friend/family member/face-sucking significant other will also be around. Plan stuff to do so your time isn’t wasted.
  • Use your phone as a phone. Call those buttholes you call friends. Have long conversations. Talk about the universe, mac & cheese, or how your new shoes gave you blisters. Do it in accents. Don’t make it boring and repetitive, otherwise it’s no longer something to look forward to.

Friendships and relationships in general require both fucking parties to put in the effort. So hopefully the people you leave will put as much effort into maintaining contact as you do. Don’t just rely on the passive communication shit like online social media. Do things that are more personal than that. Use Skype to play a game of chess together. Create a friendship meme only you two understand. Take pictures of where you live and photoshop them in with you. Do silly crap. Do fun crap.  Do life crap. Just do crap. Even if you’re not physically together, they’re with you in spirit.

-The Sudden Adult

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Davenport and John feuding over who gets to hang out with Maevis, because they both want those good Dad's Cool Boyfriend Points, but also Mookie is a bit... much. Maevis is a lot easier to be around. (Davenport probably wins, because Davenport's a lot less accidentally menacing than John, and John gets exiled to the kids table to try to charm a little boy without getting wrestled, while Davenport gets to talk about books.)

i love how merle just keeps attracting boyfriends who of course appreciate both his kids but Do Not Know How To Approach Mookie so they both gravitate towards mavis

mookie absolutely bites one of johns shoes n hes just happily like Hah You Little Scamp! (merle help me please)

*click for better view*Someones been asking me how Hazen & Dani would also look like if they were from Sonic Boom, so here you go anons c: and I also tweaked Sanctum’s design just a little bit along with Steel.
Scourge is pretty much the same. Nothing to see here ._.
Sanctum is sorta based off of a shogun warrior, especially with his shin guards. I wanna try messing with his shoes more later…
Steel’s scarf changed a bit, turned it into a shaw-thingy. I guess its his way of trying to be “cool” :B
Hazen was the hardest to redesign (as if it wasn’t hard enough designing him the first time…) I gave him arm & chest guards like how modern archers do, and made his bow into one of those complex versions I’ve seen at Bass Pro Shops

Kick-Ass Chicks: Erika Vianey Jaime 

Smarts, style, and a sense of adventure—we can get on board with that (pun intended.) Youtuber  Erika Jaime has a taste for exploring, a killer Vans collection, and a positive attitude that makes you want to be her B.F.F. We got to know what makes Erika tick—including why Ellen Degeneres is her role model. 

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Details, pt. 2

I’m still closely inspecting my Monsters for cool details.

“Snow Bite” Draculaura’s snow bite-y birthmark

Ever notice how long Gigi’s nails are?

Catty’s earring (and some errant glitter)

Viperine’s makeup stuffs

Gil has a dorsal fin.

Venus is one of those jam-packed-with-detail dolls, like Skelly. Here’s her toothy wave 1 shoes.

Scaris Lagoona has a nifty hair clip.

And SKRM Lagoona hangs loose.

Sweet Screams Draculaura has love in her eyes.

I also like Scaremester Clawdeen’s eyes.

Mad Science Cleo’s cobra mask.

At the Die-ner

Elissabat shows off her Os-scare Award (I totally just made that up).

Teeeeeny keys

And a whole heap of everythings in their cat-proof trunk.

First order of business: Guide to Warped Tour

I’ve been going to Warped Tour since 2007 and in that time I’ve learned a lot about suriving a festival such as this. Keep in mind you can find a huge amount of helpful material on any official Warped Tour website, blog, social media outlet, etc. This is just my take and I am not professionally associated with Warped Tour in any way.

Every year I have a sort of check-list/game plan for every date (as since 2011 I have done no less than three dates every summer).

First, you need to plan what you need to have with you at the festival. It’s important to prepare but not to overdo it with the items you bring along; you don’t wanna carry around a bunch of unneeded crap all day.

My list of items is simple:

- SEALED water bottle (they will let you in the gates with it and you can refill all day for free at a designaed location - otherwise it’s like $3-$4 for a bottle of water)

- Sun screen - DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF NOT APPLYING SUN SCREEN. You WILL burn and it WILL suck. I reccommend a high SPF and the spray on type. It’s easier to apply throughout the day and less messy.

- Phone/portable charger

- ID, cash and a credit/debit card (optional). I usually don’t bring in my whole wallet.

- Sunglasses

- Sharpie

- Small draw string bag or back-pack or shoulder bag. (Please don’t be that person to bring a back-pack/bag big enough to travel Europe for three months with).

**Keep yourself updated on the projected weather for your date so you know if you need to add any rain gear to this list which would be either a poncho/hoodie and a plastic sandwhich bag to keep electronics safe.

Moving onto what to wear…I keep it simple/practical every year.

Hair - If it’s long, tie it up and if it’s short you’re good to go (if you plan on dying your hair a vibrant color don’t do so the day before because you will sweat and it will bleed all over your skin. Dye it like a week or so before to prevent that as much as you can)

Upper body - Tee-shirts, tank tops, sports bras (with or without a shirt), badeus, etc. Anyhthing light and airy that you can also get physical in and still be comfortable throughout the day.

Below the waist - Shorts. Don’t try to wear jeans, it’s fucking summer and it’ll be hot. I like to wear shorts that I can get at a Model’s or any other sporting goods stores because the material keeps me cool and they’re MADE for physical activity. But jean shorts are good too. High-waisted shorts are a good way for girls that want to stay cool and functional but also keep it on the stylish side.

Shoes - VANS obviously are acceptable. I either wear those or regular running sneakers because they offer more support and you’re on your feet all day. TOMS, sandals, flip-flops or anything that leaves your feet exposed or easily fall off are just a NO. Doc’s are a good option but are heavy on your feet - that’s up to preference really.

***And for God’s sake WEAR SOCKS. You’re feet WILL sweat and no socks = a smelly ride home later.

Make-up/accessories - This comes down to preference/how motivated or not motivated you are. At Warped I personally don’t put on make up or wear and type of necklace or bracelets (with the exception of my NTIO bracelets). If you don’t get the right make-up you’ll just sweat it off or it’ll run everywhere and an arm full of rubber bracelets will make you sweat on your forearms so much faster than if they were bare.

***Again the accessories/make-up you wear is your choice, as is everything you choose to wear. This is just my take on what works best for the setting/weather.

How to handle the day…

Warped Tour is a long, hot day. But it’s also fucking amazing. That being said, it can be an overwhelming environment for first timers. So, here are some tips.

- If there’s a band you want to make sure you get a wristband for meeting then you NEED to get there early. In additon to that, make sure you bring $5 bucks, canned goods or an old cell phone with you to hand into the Feed Our Children tent for an early entry wristband (they will be located outside the main gates at every date)

- Going off that ^^ turn on notifications for the bands you would like to see/meet and the tents they’re signing/meeting at (I.E. Alt Press, Kia, Journey’s, etc.) because then you’ll know as soon as it is released as to WHERE those bands will have wristbands available for meet and greet.

- If you’re trying to meet high priority bands (like Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil… basically the main stage bands) as soon as you’re in the gates run in and find the tents you need to, to get wristbands. They’ll go fast.

- After I get my M&G stuff for the day I make my way over to where the bands and set times are listed (you can’t miss it, it will be a big, blow-up wall that says ‘VANS’ on it and all the stages, bands and set times will be listed). Put all the bands and their times/stages you would like to watch into your phone (or bring paper if you’re scared if you’re phone dying later) and then you have you schedule for the day. Make sure to also include any M&G times you’re doing in that schedule.

- Now usually I go with a group of people and I’ll tell you right now if you’re in a group of like 4 or more it’s very unlikely you’ll stay together all day because you’re going to want to do different things and not always see the same bands/performers/artists. So, make sure to have everyone’s number (maybe make a group chat) to stay in contact and make a place to meet at the end of the day (or a certain time of day) if anyone’s phone should die and they can’t get in contact.

- As far as merch goes, if you’re planning on buying A LOT don’t load up on it at the beginning of the day. Because who wants to carry all that? I know I never do. If you just want a few pieces or small things, then I would get it ASAP and just get it out of the way. However, shopping for merch is a good way to kill down time between sets/meet and greets.

That pretty much covers it… other than that, just have fun! Warped Tour is the highlight of summer every year for me and hope it will be for anyone reading this too.

Before I leave you, a few words on safety…

- STAY HYDRATED. I cannot stress that enough. It is HOT. You NEED water. And try to eat at least once during the day. Your body will need it.

- Be AWARE of yourself in the crowd. There will be moshing, pushing, shoving, crowd-surfing, etc. If you feel overwhelmed get yourself out and if you can’t figure how to do that or you’re about to pass out/have a panic or anxiety attack ask for help in the crowd. We’re family and the people surrounding you should know how to help get you out. If you happen to be on barricade or very near it get securty’s attention and get pulled out.

- DO NOT leave the festival with anyone you DO NOT KNOW. I don’t care if they’re in a band or not. YOU DO NOT LEAVE THOSE GROUNDS or EVENT AREA without someone you know/came with.

- KNOW THE LOCATION OF THE FIRST AID TENT. If you’re hurt, feel sick, etc. go to them and get help. Seeing/meeting a band isn’t worht getting hurt or getting sick or passing out.

That should be it I think. If you have any remaining questions about anything specific in this guide feel free to inbox us!

how libra sees the signs
  • aries: ur a real cool cat
  • taurus: yes, no, maybe so. depends on the day
  • gemini: U MY MAIN HO
  • cancer: cool your jets
  • leo: that hat with those shoes? ...good choice
  • virgo: bossy bitch but also boss ass bitch
  • libra: homie
  • scorpio: ur scaring me
  • sagittarius: take me on an adventure pls
  • capricorn: sit your ass down
  • aquarius: YASSSS B
  • pisces: hahahahahah no

(; ・`д・´) OKAY I DID THE THING  


so i’ve drawn Benoit, my own lil’ oc, a freakin’ gay ice prince

today is @winteldoesfanart​ and @konoira(hope that’s okay tho’ ,i’ve not told you i would try your  art style as well )

fuck this 

fuck all ur awesome art skills

it’s important sometimes to really understand the mess behind a drawing. it’s not just like “PoP . A DRAWING” woah such amaze !much wow !very colors 

no .There is hours of work behind the shiet. and it’s cool to be artistically in the shoes of someone else. OAO


Also i’m adding my point of view and i want to explain how difficult it was to reproduce those two awesome artists and how admirative i am towards them :

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I’m extremely facinated with the differences between Classic and Crystal Beryls that I just wanted to make this thing feat. horrible art and bad screenshots.

One of the first differences you can notice are the different ornaments the two Beryls have; Crystal!Beryl has those wrist thingies on both of her wrists, she has a belt and a loose necklace while Classic!Beryl has only one wrist thingie, no belt and a choker, as well as some ornament that resembles her choker on her right arm. These changes were probably done to make Beryl easier to animate back in 1992, while Crystal!Beryl seems to be somewhat more accurate to some concept art of Beryl. Crystal!Beryl’s tiara is also more boomerang-shaped than Classic!Beryl’s, further making me believe that Beryl is a corrupted Sailor Earth lol (also; compare that boomerang shape to what was originally called “Moon Tiara Frisbee”). Also Crystal!Beryl has bigger horns on her shoulders…? Why? Who knows

It’s also interesting how we’ve never seen Beryl’s legs before Crystal. Well, if anyone wanted to know what Beryl’s shoes looked like, now you know. Also either the opening animators went insane with Beryl’s hair, or now her hair does actually reach the ground. Can’t wait to see it defy the laws of physics and rise like Classic!Beryl’s hair does *w* (I mean seriously, who doesn’t love seeing Classic!Beryl crazy hair? It looks so cool)

There’s also those other differences, like how the staffs look nothing like each other; Classic!Beryl’s staff is also that magical ball thing she used, while Crystal!Beryl’s staff looks like something out of Skyrim. The earrings have also changed color back to white. Also the difference between the boobwindow is odd (also, is it me or does Crystal!Beryl have bigger boobs? Not that I’m complaining >_>)

But really, the first thing that struck me odd when I first saw Crystal’s Beryl in the opening, was how red her colorscheme was. And it really took me a while to realize why I felt like that. Classic Beryl’s dress is more of a dark blue than purple (somehow I still remembered it being a dark purple?? What are you doing brains??), and the jewels she has are either dark blue or turquoise, which helped very much balance her colorscheme. And because Classic series was made back in the 90’s, the colors are of course much more intense, and deep. Nowadays Toei uses very light colors and colorschemes, giving their shows a very soft feel to them. Crystal!Beryl’s colorscheme consists mostly of reds, purples, pinks and whites, as well as a little bit of black here and there, so with nothing to add contrast, yeah, her colorscheme is really red, and it’s so weird after getting so used to Classic!Beryl’s balanced colorscheme. Somehow PGSM, which had a colorscheme very similar to Crystal, felt more purple than red to me.

As I was sketching/coloring these, I did notice how, at least in my opinion, Classic!Beryl and her colorscheme looks great but only when she’s animated, while Crystal!Beryl looks great when she’s not animated. I hope I’m not coming off like I’m complaining ._. I just like over analyzing stuff like this, and I really can’t wait to see more of Beryl in SM Crystal! (Also I doubt I will finish those sketches because it’s way too hot in here for me to focus on those things properly lol)