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About Tae’s Donger ( My opinion)

Now, this is a story all about how

My life got flipped-turned upside down

And I’d like to take a minute

Just sit right there…..

I saw a couple of people talking about how they think V of BTS has a small penis/ dingaling whatever you call it… Personally I don’t agree with this because because he’s got  some big ass hands and feet guys …

He just wouldn’t be proportional if he was small he is at least medium to large . I found these and it looks pretty big:

this is just my opinion and I respect anyone who thinks otherwise. Plus….

 I have heard that Idols sometimes don’t wear underwear because of how tight their pants are and they wear a cup so this could also be why the bulges differ in size… Idk let me know what you think ……

Again this is all the proof I have and if you have any opinions feel free to share… I wonder how big the other members are tbh ..


july 24/26/27 - some pages from the past few days!!!!

Good Job Pretty Boy

Request: can you write a smut where the reader is spooning with reid and he gets an awkward boner and he pulls the reader’s hips closer and it turns rough really quick? And if you dont feel uncomfortable can you also write that the reader accidentally calls reid daddy but he likes it?

 A/N: I took out the daddy bit. Also, this is probably like really really bad. I’m not used to writing rough smut. I’m sorry if it sucks. Feedback appreciated. Be gentle!

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I love how Tigress goes from smirking over his pain like: “Its over, he’s done, he’ll give up…” to just bewildered and irked when he doesn’t, she and Shifu basically mirror each other haha~ also Shifu’s eyes bulging out xD

and then Shifu pounding on Po, look at the Five, every time Po lands they freaking HOP from the vibrations! And they don’t bat a single eye to it.

I love little details~