also.. tis my sister!

Some things about me

I never really made an introduction, did I? I just went on here and began dumping uploading my unorganized photos, hoping that this could serve as my professional portfolio. So let me introduce myself like anyone cares. Hahaha!

My name’s Meliza, but you can call me Layza. Sometimes, my colleagues refer to me as Mel. Also, Liz. My sisters call me Izzie or Ti Liz. And my boyfriend addresses me as Banana/ Buns/ Hunbun/ Love/ Baby.

I had a previous tumblr account. Sadly, I couldn’t recover my password because Yahoo’s ymail accounts just magically disappeared. sigh. It still brings me down whenever I remember. We - my boyfriend and I - have so many memories there.

Fast forward to now, it’s 2017, I’m 25 with almost 4 years of work experience (check my Linkedin account haha jk) and I suppose I’ve matured heaps - physically and emotionally - compared to what I was before.

Quick recap after graduating from UST with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and passing the board exam:

  • Started working as a structural engineer - one who performs analysis and design on different kinds of structures - for my college professor’s one year old firm (now it’s almost 5 years old. how time flies!)
  • Tried to invest in the stock market through COL Financial. Didn’t end up so well since I wasn’t consistent in putting in money monthly. The price of the stocks I bought went down drastically in 2015. On a positive note, it’s starting to pick up. Man, do I sound like an adult?
  • And then I shot people - using a camera, of course - and worked on a personal project tagged Candid Series. My friends were (and still are) my models. I can’t count how many of them set a picture I took of them as their profile photo. The simple gesture makes my heart happy.
  • By the end of 2016, My boyfriend, cousin, best friend, and I all founded a photographer-booking website called Overexposure Co. It was hard work. A struggle. And it was damn expensive. But through it, I met a lot of talented photographers, and they became my friends. Learned so much such as registering a business, taxes, single proprietorship and corporations, and the like. Overexposure is still alive, but it’s difficult to keep it up because of the expenses. If you need a photographer, though, you know who to contact *wink wink*
  • Mid of 2017, my boyfriend and I decided to enroll at Ateneo Graduate School of Business to earn a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Thankfully, we got in, and that’s what keeps us busy these days, aside from full-time work as Engineers. I also sideline as a photographer - no one can take this away from me hahaha.

That’s a brief summary of my life lately. Hope I can keep this up! If you have any questions, or maybe just wanna say hi, send me a message! I’d love to meet new friends, even though, you know, I’m around 5 years older than you. Cos that’s what I noticed on tumblr these days. My batchmates don’t have time for blogging anymore, and I miss ‘em too much.