Can’t We Make it Up to You?

Anonymous asked: Can you please do a threesome smut with Jimin x reader x V? Also can the story line be you are working on a group project at your house ?? Pleaseeee 💜

Warnings: SMUT, just some nasty threesome smut, language you know the drill

Note: THIS IS REALLY LONG FOR ME,  ,95 line, ouch (why do i picture 95 line like the twins from ouran….so mischievous.. ) this was so fun tho THIS IS A LOT OF SMUT OKAY

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“Guys, can you listen for like five seconds? We really need to finish this, I don’t want to be stuck procrastinating and doing it the night before its due, I actually want it to be good.”

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Ok I didn’t realize it until I just said it, but can we please address the anti-sjw approach aphobes take when brushing off their aphobia?

Classic anti sjw excuse for homophobia: you’re over sensitive. It was just a joke. Talk to me when you experience real oppression (usually in reference to, idk, African children or something that is their symbol of “real” oppression.)

Aphobe excuse for aphobia: what, someone called you a plant? That’s nothing. We are just making jokes, get over it. We face worse than that, so you don’t face real oppression.

I mean I can’t be the only one disturbed by this, right? Its one thing to say nasty shit, its another to copy directly from a group that…also hates you? Why are they like this

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i don't understand all these nasty ass anons like just don't fucking send someone money if you're so worried about what it's going towards. also poor people are allowed to enjoy things, we're allowed to have luxuries and own things that aren't a "necessity", doesn't make someone less poor.

anytime i post selfies, or post about something i want, its always “why do you want that? you’re poor, you should just want food and shelter and a loving family” and when i post selfies, its “how are you poor if you have an iphone?”

Earth Day March on DC Ideas

So if you weren’t aware there’s going to be a science centered march on DC on earth day (April 22nd) and I’ve got lots of time to prep. Here’s my plan so far:

Make slime kits to pass out to the young’uns.

Everyone is going nuts over slime videos, and slime is super easy to make! I thought I’d make some kits that also included the basic science behind it. I’m talking kid-level stuff, with protein molecule cartoons, etc. I’d love to get the kids into the mindset of ‘science is fun!’ 

My sign ideas

1. “YOU CAN’T RULE A DEAD PLANET!” (with a drawing of a sad little donald sitting on a planet earth with all normal green parts colored nasty, cracked brown and the oceans filled with oil and skeletons)

2. THIS (picture of donald) IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS (pictures of forests, windmills, clean water, animals, etc)


4. “I CAN TEACH THEM (pictures of dogs, cats, ferrets, birds and rabbits) THE WORD ‘NO’, HIRE ME TO TEACH HIM (picture of donald).

5. (this one is for my mom, who’s an audiologist) * “audiology written in phonetic audiology alphabet” * (underneath) DON’T BE SCARED! IT SAYS ‘AUDIOLOGY’ 

(for those who don’t know what that looks like, here’s a chart)

Any input? Suggestions? Vote on the sign? 


I wish the Sans x Frisk ship had a ship name so I could blacklist it. I love going through the Sans tag but what I dont like is seeing nasty underage porn. Seriously frisk is what? Like 12 if even that old?

Even if you age them up its still gross cause why were you thinking about shipping it in the first place?

It’s Frans but you can also blacklist Sans x Frisk. Also, put on the nsfw lock??

But I just want to make a small comment on it. Frisk has no confirmed age or gender because they were made for player insert. She could be 20 for all we know. Lol And I can see where the whole young idea comes from with Sans calling her kid buuut i’m considered a kid too but I can anyone even a year younger than me “kid” on occasion. Frans, honestly, is my otp. As much as I respect peoples ships and notps, Just seeing hate in the tag annoys me… 

Sorry for the venting a bit here but, thought i’d enlighten if that’s even possible… 

Lately, there’s have been so many people jumping on pro-SS posts, be it if it was just a comment, rant, edit, fanart, etc, and making nasty remarks or asking questions like: “what about ______ ship????”. No only is it very rude, considering those pro-SS posts aren’t causing any harm and most of the time aren’t anti-_______ ship, but they also push SS fans to become very discouraged in posting things in their own blogs, sometimes even leading them to delete their blog overall. This is obviously what people want. For SS fans to stop enjoying their ship, to make us feel bad for excluding ______ ship, guilt-tripping us, harassing us, to the point where we can’t handle it anymore. It has always been the main tactic used by Anti-SS. Please remain strong SS fandom.

Narrie: *adds Niall’s picture to a post they know isn’t about Narry, but Narry is cute and they love each other so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯*

Larries: “Why are Narries so nasty?! They’re the nastiest group of people in this fandom!1”

Also Larries: *harass, bully, belittle, humiliate the women in Louis’ and Harry’s lives for their ship* / *belittle and dehumanize an infant for their ship* / *bully and harass Louis’ family – including his young sisters for their ship* / *bully and harass and belittle Louis and Harry themselves for their ship* / *bully and harass anyone who doesn’t ship their ship for their ship* / *make up lies to manipulate their followers for their ship*

Also…Larries: “We just ship it though, that’s all!”

something inside the fandom should be addressed.. call it intuition,, but I’ve always felt a degree of racism towards Calum. we all kno that rly nasty people comment on his pics on Insta and on his Twitter calling him Asian and making fun of him, but I’ve also sensed something else.. fetishism. I kno no one will admit to liking Calum bc of his race, but there is a high number of people who will say that they find him hot bc he gives off a “bad boy vibe”. yes I agree that Calum is easy on the eyes, but why is he more of a bad boy than anyone else?? I mean the boys all do the same poses in photo shoots, they basically tweet similar things and take selfies the same way. so what makes Calum so badass?? what makes him the asshole? I mean if Michael was out tweeting the exact same things as Calum, taking the same pictures, dressing the same way, etc he would still be called this “PRECIOUS KITTEN TO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD TOO PURE PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS!!!!!” whereas if you look in a Calum forum, they’re all “OMH FUCK ME IN THE ASS DADDY CALL ME PRINCESs!!!” I’m sensing a double standard.. to me saying that Calum looks like an asshole is the equivalent of saying a black boy looks like a pimp, or an Asian boy looks like a monk.. we are so obsessed with thinking white people ain’t shit and making fun of them, we forget that at the end of the day skin color is just skin color. we end up liking a person bc of their race and not their heart. I rly don’t think that a white person could completely understand what I’m talking about, and maybe I’m overreacting or reaching or whatever, but it’s something that I’ve always thought.. it’s just my opinion as a PoC. Calum is fetishised for being brown.