Toy Store Reveal AU

Okay.  So, for some reason Marinette, Alya, Nino, and Adrien are in a toy store.

Whatever the reason, doesn’t matter.

A robber comes in and is armed and everybody’s worried and Adrien is like “shit do they have a bathroom can I transform”

And just.

Alya ends up threatened, gun pointed at her or something and told to get the money from the register, and Marinette is like “No, fuck this, not my best friend” and just.

Grabs a toy yo-yo off the shelf, sneaks up, and uses it to wrap around his gun arm and knock him off balance, tackling him and tying him up using the string.

And just.

Adrien is like “…Did…  Nino, did Marinette just…  Disarm and restrain…  A robber…  With a yo-yo?”

And Alya is like “This cannot be happening, my BFF did NOT just pull a Ladybu–oh my god”

And Nino is like “…What am I seeing”

And then Marinette realizes and is like “OH SHIT NO”

And Adrien just.  In the dead silence of everybody staring at this girl who just stopped the robber with a toy is like.

“M-my Lady?!”


1/ reasons to love apink: their family-like bond

fire meet gasoline, i'm burning alive (i can barely breathe when you're here loving me)

Clarke and Raven have been dating for four years and just when Clarke thinks Raven’s going to propose, Raven breaks up with her for Harvard Law school, where Clarke just happens to apply. She hopes for reconciliation but when she gets there, she finds Raven has a new girlfriend, Lexa, whose sole mission in life is to make Clarke miserable (or so it seems..)


A Clexa Legally Blonde au with a twist!

words: ~10.6k

pairings: starts w/ clarke/raven working towards clarke/lexa

warnings: vomit (alcohol related)

[1/] read @ ao3

ALSO shoutout to @cmdrlexas for the idea to write this fic!

Omigod, Omigod You Guys

This was shaping up to be the perfect night, and Clarke could hardly contain her excitement.

With a nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach, Clarke looks herself over in the dressing room mirror for what feels like the hundredth time since getting dressed. Her dress is nice, a simple off-white dress that stops just short of her knees, and it’s very flattering, but something feels off. It’s too simple, too plain, too boring. It’s something she could wear on any date.

This isn’t just any date, though.

It’s the date.

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please dont ever say ur pro-communism unless you have actually lived under it yourself, because reading it in a book and liking the idea of it is nothing and you will never truly understand how it functions. you are erasing those who have lived under communism when you talk over them by saying you like it purely from reading about it. you do NOT get to go on about ideas and theories when youre talking to those who have lived under the real thing. 

my non-gendered tarot suit associations are making the rounds again, and I’d like to say a few more words on it:

  • most of this gendered nonsense we self-impose on the universe for the sake of witchcraft is HIGHLY Freudian, which I hate because he was a coke fueled sexist, cissexist, homophobe, and rape apologist who was complicit in the re-victimization of his clients’ victims
  • seriously Wicca is younger than Freud, he influenced that heavily too, just as he influenced most of the Western world
  • what isn’t based on that is based on the idea that all women have vaginas and make babies, and all men have penises and put them in women to make babies, and literally no part of that is true
  • there is no space for non-binary people when literally everything is on a binary
  • sometimes a cigar is just a cigar
  • there’s no “universal” justification for these things
  • not everything comes through a Christian/Western lens, there are other people in the world too
  • and fire is masculine? really? go tell Brighid and Hestia and every other fire based goddess that they’re masculine I’ll wait here so you can tell me how that goes

like honestly, do what you want in your own personal practice, its 100% not my place to tell you what to do or not do. but I’m just so sick of hearing that everything is gendered! a rock is a rock!

anonymous asked:

Can you give me any drawing advice? I feel like I'm not improving at all.

Aww, sweet anon, don’t let that trouble you too much, okay? Every artist has times in their life where they feel stagnant in their work.

My go-to for improving is to do a whole mess of studies. One form of studying can be sitting down and drawing things from observation: People in coffee shops, animals at the zoo, buildings and objects. Really take the time to analyze what you are seeing. Breakdown shapes. Determine what features are most important structurally. What is the most visually-interesting part of the subject you’re observing? Once you understand it, draw it. If your study turns out terrible the first time, that’s okay and perfectly normal! Try drawing it again after taking another look at the source matter.

Drawing takes repetition. The more familiar you become with the subject you’re drawing, the better you’ll be able to draw it.

Another way to improve is to draw from references. Learning anatomy is important. Learning value/color is important. Learning perspective is important (even if I’m the laziest at it, haha!). By drawing from photographs and illustrations, you build up a visual library and are again exercising your observational skills. Your local library may have some cool books for you to learn from– anatomy for artists, basics of perspective, etc.

IMPORTANT: Draw what you see, not what you know is there. Remember it.

Are there any artists’ styles you admire? Study their art! Copy their art, BUT DO NOT POST IT OR MODIFY IT AND CLAIM IT’S YOURS. Artists have been doing this for ages– copying the masters (Da Vinci, Rembrandt, etc). You learn by replication. Once you understand what is making that artist’s style successful, include that element in your own art.

Also, a style isn’t end-all, be-all. Style is something that comes from personal preferences, observation, and replication. The more you draw, the more you’ll discover your own comfortable way of drawing.

TL;DR– observation, repetition, and replication are important to improving as an artist.

Be patient with yourself. You can do it!

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For the head-canon thing: Han Solo and 9: general physical contact.

okay i feel the need to keep apologizing for how long it takes me to do these things but my life is Insane right now and though i am a humble trash can i am trying *finger guns*

Han and Leia are very similar in when it comes to physical contact, which works out well for their relationship in the long run.  My personal headcanon is that Han grew up without much parental influence save Dewlanna, the Wookiee that raised him until her death, so his childhood memories of interacting with her consist of gentle, playful swats and warm (if not a little furry) hugs.  His dealings with other people were a different story, however, and as a kid coming of age on the streets, he learned very quickly that touch is a powerful thing - positive or negative.  He got in his share of scuffles and had (more than) his share of split lips and black eyes, so he knows to stay on his guard and never turn his back on anyone he isn’t 1000% sure he can trust.  After Dewlanna dies, his one source of trusted physical contact is cut off, and he essentially closes himself off from anything physical or touchy-feely.  He’s got a bit of a hands-off vibe despite his humor, and his time spent in the Imperial Academy only serves to strengthen that aversion to touch.  It’s not until he rescues Chewie and spends a good deal of time with the Wookiee as his co-pilot that he becomes comfortable with general closeness and small gestures of physical contact/affection/support.

By the time he meets up with Luke and Ben and the droids, he’s still got a “don’t touch me” vibe, but it’s evolved to be more of a “don’t fuck with me” vibe than anything thanks to dropping Jabba’s shipment and fending off a random assortment of bounty hunters.  He’s cocky and casual and not afraid to use touch for his own purposes, but he doesn’t seek it out from anyone because he’s been without it for so long, he doesn’t see a need for it.  Plus, Chewie’s about the only person he trusts enough to seek physical contact from, and they don’t have that kind of relationship most of the time.  Then the whole Death Star debacle happens and he realizes he’s got two more people in his life whom he can trust - after all, nothing builds trust quite like blasting your way through a moon-sized death space station - and he responds in kind.  He willingly helps Leia atop the debris in the trash compactor and throws his arms around her when they miraculously don’t die.  It starts a trend, in a way, because he exhibits similar displays of physical affection toward Luke after the Death Star is destroyed, and the trio willingly walks out of the hangar together with arms slung across each others’ shoulders (or around each others’ waists, in Leia’s case).

After three years with these people, becoming brothers with one and falling in love with the other, Han is far more open to touch, though he will only accept it from those he trusts.  He’s gentle with Leia in their physical interactions and doesn’t ever push her into anything she’s not comfortable with; yet, at the same time, he initiates touches and kisses that show how much he wants that kind of relationship with her.  He’s no longer as closed off as he once was, and by the time they reach Bespin, Leia has come to that same level of trust with him - she willingly takes his arm and kisses him both in the detention cell and on the carbon freezing platform.  But to me, both characters are extremely stiff when other people are touching them (Han’s not too bad once he warms up to Lando, but it’s easy to see how much he tenses up when Lando initially goes for the hug), so it’s not hard to assume that for Han and Leia both, touch is a deeply personal sign of support and affection that is only earned through trust.

Touch is one of the main things that Han craves after the carbonite because it’s the one thing anchoring him to reality when his flashbacks and nightmares and sleep paralysis become too much to bear.  Leia is his touchstone in those moments, and it is her physical contact that pulls him back from the brink, just as his touch is what pulls her out of her own head when she dreams about Vader or Alderaan or her torture.  They’re not prone to much PDA since touch is such a private, important thing for them, but they have been known to demonstrate physical contact/affection when the situation warrants it (i.e., finding each other again on Endor).  With his family - Luke, Leia, and his child(ren, depending on which form of canon you subscribe to), he is tactile and comfortable with physical proximity and touch - just don’t expect much from him if he doesn’t know you well.  He can still bow up faster than a manka cat when he feels threatened, and his quick draw is, as Vader once said, “most impressive.”

…That kind of evolved into something way longer than I thought it would. Whoops.  Also if this isn’t what you had in mind when you said “headcanon” I apologize because I am trash and this is how my brain works

Fire Emblem Fates Thoughts

So in case you didn’t know, there was a livestream from Polygon earlier. I didn’t watch anything other than the two main things I was curious about, so don’t even talk to me about anything else lol.

Spoiler, I guess? For what’s included and what’s not.

So I am super disappointed about dual audio. Seriously at this point I think I cared more about that than skinship. And I understand that it was glitchy in Awakening which is why maybe they thought it was more trouble than it was worth, but ughhhh.

The skinship compromise was good though! It was honestly the best case scenario I could think of while of course dealing with Nintendo’s concerns. I was kind of worried the Live2D models wouldn’t get in, but we got that and lines and voice acting, so all in all, I’m quite happy. I guess I’ll just have to look up the cutscenes in Japanese on youtube later on though. :c

So what do you guys think?


HAPPY BIRTHDAY RILEY @c0mic-snas !!!


go wish him a happy bday bc he deserves it!! 

[the first is transparent!]

i told you the pun was for science

as a trans bi person i actually really dislike those blogs that are purposefully mean to non-lgbta+ people for the sake of “teaching them a lesson” or “getting out their hate.” 

it really will not help anyone see what we mean, it will not educate them, and will add fuel to the anti-sjws “trans/gay people on tumblr are toxic and wrong” fire. im NOT saying you have to kiss ass to be accepted, or that youre not allowed to voice how you feel even if you are just angry. but it will not make anyone educated, and it will not make anyone want to speak with us to understand our issues.

also telling someone who is TRYING to understand (which is what we need to progress as a society) “fuck you im not google” when they ask you something is terrible. half the time they want to know what something means from an ACTUAL lgbta+ person, from our mouths, so they can understand us and our way of seeing things rather than from articles. nobody said it was your job, but if you want people to understand something, you cannot dismiss them by telling them to find out themselves. they’re TRYING to find out by asking you.

i promise i will not tell anyone to google things or tell them to fuck off if they dont understand something. if you have questions and are scared to ask someone due to the possibility of an extremely aggressive reaction for something you sincerely wanted to know, you can ask me. i do respond privately. if anyone cannot find an adult to speak to about anything they might be feeling, i will try to help you with that as well.