“What could you possibly do to me? I can easily extinguish a life as puny as yours.”

paying rent and doing laundry to celebrate halloween because adult responsibilities are spooky scary

Same Dynamic Couples Headcanons

-Omega couples arguing somewhat often but never having really serious fights because as soon as one of them realizes that the other is really upset, they shift into mothering mode and immediately start trying to make their mate feel better

-When Alpha couples argue it’s always a very loud and intimidating thing where they are both trying to make the other submit to them and most of the time it ends with the winner of the argument fucking and marking up the other because they feel the need to completely assert their dominance

-Beta couples arguing less than other same dynamic couples because they generally share a very close bond and find it difficult to do or say anything that could harm that bond

-Omega couples being insanely cuddly all the time and often enjoying cuddles just much as they enjoy sex, if not a little more so

-Male Omega couples always alternating on who gets to top, unless the couple has clear preferences on who takes on which role

-Alpha couples most often low-key arguing about who gets to top, wrestling around as a form of foreplay until one has the other pinned and impatient enough to agree to bottom

-Cute little Omega couples sharing all their clothes and often purposefully wearing each other’s sweaters just to stay close to their mate’s scent when they are apart

-Omega couples doing each others hair and makeup and filing each other’s nails and being so content to be able to tend to each other even in simple ways

-One Alpha getting sick and being too proud and stubborn to willingly allow another Alpha to take care of them, but their mate is also too stubborn to just allow them to suffer alone so they try to take care of them anyway. Attempting to feed them soup and impatiently trying to sweet talk them into taking their medicine because they know they can’t demand it without their sick mate becoming more resistant. And despite how frustrating they know it is for their mate to not allow them to care for them, they will be just as difficult when they inevitably get sick as well and it’s the others turn to play nurse

-Beta couples that enjoy people watching in crowded places and using their heightened sense of smell to try and figure out what people are feeling and then making up funny stories about them to make each other laugh

-An Omega couple hanging out with an Alpha couple and the Alphas low-key keeping an out to make sure no other Alphas try bothering their friends, and the Omegas knowing that their presence will keep other Omegas from approaching and flirting with the Alphas and making everyone uncomfortable. So it’s a really beneficial friendship for everyone involved

-When one Alpha is in rut the other willingly takes on the submissive role because despite having the urge to be the dominant one, they know exactly what the other is going through and they want to make things as easy for their mate as possible

-A kinky Omega couple whose heats have synced up so they hire an Alpha from an agency to “assist” them during their heat and happily take turns watching the other be fucked and knotted


🎃 Happy Halloween!! 🎃 From Jack and Sally!! 🎃

(Celebrated Halloween by cosplaying from one of my favourite movies)


Best BMW episodes: And then there was Shawn [5x17]

This doesn’t make any sense.
It does if you’ve seen as many horror films as I have. This is classic. The locked door, the scary janitor, the bloody warning, and our soon-to-be first victim.

Prompt: can you please please please write some angsty holtzmann for this very gay person I’d love you forever. just something like a fight and then fluff afterwards because I live for that stuff (and kate mckinnon lol who doesn’t) thank you💘

A/N: angsty, also not my best work but whatevs. Happy Halloween, babes!

Today has not been your day. Well, actually, this week in general has been like someone is holding your hand into a hot frying pan for five minutes. Naturally, after a long day all you really want is to cuddle up on the couch with your girlfriend and watch the X-Files until you forget about all your problems. Usually you’d be at the firehouse by now, mesmerized by Holtzmann at work on some new (possibly explosive, but you both like to live on the edge) project. Slight problem. You got a text an hour ago, one that completely threw you off your game and sent your head spinning: “I’m leaving you. I found someone else.”

It hit you like a ton of bricks, not the pretty kind, the kind with chunks missing with sharp edges. She’s leaving you? She found someone else? She’s leaving you and she’s telling you this over text? At first you don’t react. You can’t.  All you can do is stare at the message in utter disbelief. Then the five stages of grief start to settle in, making themselves at home in your brain. This can’t be happening. Everything has been so good between you, perfect actually. How long has she had her eyes on someone else, pretending like she still cared about you? She’s not an asshole. Why did she text this? You’re so lost in thought that you miss your stop on the subway and end up wandering hopelessly into the nearest bar in Brooklyn.

Your vision starts to blur. You remember the last time you felt this low. You learned the dance of the dark. You learned that the monotonous pounding of water on your back when you stood in the shower for hours, sometimes numbed the pain. The continuous aching in your chest and the bending floorboards beneath your feet taught you that the pressure never leaves. Pressure doesn’t go on vacation. It was there when the waves crashed down at your feet. It was there when you fell asleep, flirting mischievously with you through vivid nightmares of beautiful things transforming into destructive forces. It reminded you that when you woke up it would be there still, through the sound of a looming alarm and a constricting fog that would cling to you the rest of the day. It would be much worse when you lose Holtzmann. And apparently, you have lost her.

“Are you going to answer that?” The bartender snaps at you, luring out of your daze. You stare at your phone, your heart leaping to your throat. You move slowly, not sure whether or not you want to answer.

“Hello?” Your throat is on fire, and you swallow forcefully. What could she possibly want from you now? She’s thrown you to the side with a simple text.
“(Y/N), thank god.” She sounds relieved, you stay quiet, resisting the urge to hang up on her, “When you didn’t come to the firehouse I got worried. Did you get held up at work? Did you get my text? I thought it was hilarious.” It takes a moment to process her words.

“I….what? Why would that be funny? Was our whole relationship a joke to you?” You wipe away a tear angrily, “You know what, I can’t talk to you right now.” You hang up, knocking back another drink. The bartender eyes you warily, but doesn’t comment on your behavior. Your phone rings again but you ignore it, deciding it’s time to go home and watch the X files. Alone.

The subway ride is longer than usual, but when you finally make it to the elevator in your building, you let yourself cry. You take one step out of the elevator and freeze. Holtzmann is sitting in front of your door, picking at her hands. She looks up and immediately scrambles to her feet. You turn to head right back into the elevator but the door has already closed. Damn it.

“Please just leave me alone,” You say angrily, attempting to walk past her. She grabs your wrist, bringing you to a stop.

“Hey,” Her voice is gentle, “You, I um I messed up.” She holds up her phone, and you squint at it, it’s the text message you received along with a picture, “It was a joke, but apparently the picture didn’t go through.” Sure enough, it’s a selfie of Holtz with a giant chocolate cake, a wide toothy grin spread across her face. You look up at her.

“You….aren’t breaking up with me? It was just a joke.” She nods eagerly, holding your face in her hands.

“God, I would never leave you for a chocolate cake, do you think I’m a crazy person?” She stares at you expectantly. You went from being so upset, to being so goddamn annoyed with your girlfriend.

“Yes, yes I do. And for future reference, jokes like that are not appreciated.” She kisses your cheek hesitantly, probably afraid you’ll lurch away from her in disgust. Of course, you don’t.

“I’ll try to remember that.” She winks at you. As much as you want to hate her right now for playing with your heart, the relief washes over you like a tidal wave. You haven’t lost her. She’s still here, standing before you with a lopsided grin and a big heart.  

“You owe me a lot of kisses and about three quarters of that chocolate cake,” You drag her into your apartment, “I’m going to need both to recover from the distress you caused me.”

“Um, I wasn’t planning on buying that…” She begins, scratching her head.
“You are now.” You interrupt, smiling sweetly at her.

halloween, 1996

A warm fire crackles in the Gryffindor common room, casting shadows over the walls. The common room is pretty much silent, except for the crinkling of candy wrappers.

Three figures sit on the rug in front of the fire, the floor around them scattered with sweets.

Today is Halloween. But it’s also the day that Harry’s parents died, and he knows that. He tries hard to forget it. He didn’t even know them.

But how can you forget your parents, for Merlin’s sake?

Harry hates the pitying looks that the other students cast him. He could see them all day today, and he hates them.  He’d rather be comforted in silence by people he actually knows, then tutted over by people he doesn’t.

Hermione and Ron know this. They know what day it is, and they can see it in Harry’s eyes, as he tries to stay strong and ignore it. He can’t. He broke down as soon as they got to the emptiness of the common room after dinner, positively collapsing down on the rug and pulling his knees to his chest.

It’s alright for him to cry, they say.

Harry’s been through a lot this year, with his scar always throbbing and the consuming nightmares he gets every single night. He has every right to lower his walls for once and just let it all out.

So they rub his back and they mumble soothing words. They’re his friends, after all, they’re there for him.

Ron runs upstairs to get his stash of candy. Hermione grabs the fuzzy blankets and the plush pillows.

Today’s Halloween. But it’s also the deathday of James and Lily Potter.

And, in Ron and Hermione’s minds, it’s Cheer Up Harry day.

So they all curl up by the crackling fire, eating candy. Ron tries to tell a ghost story (which completely flops).

And when Harry finally dozes off a few hours later, Ron and Hermione share a smile.

It’s all going to be alright.

(Adam, Brianna, Bryce, & Nina) - HALLOWEEN!!!

(Adam) - I wanted to apologize for our constant asks. We know they’ve been a bit weird. So, as a little apology gift we give you dis for Halloween! We hope you like it!

(Nina) - Yeah! We really hope you’ll like this! Also, Adam… You need Halloween kisses!


Today it’s Halloween! annnd I like it! Thankss! \(//∇//)\

Here’s my thank you gift for you, hope you like it ♥

In which I was forced to wait until the deadline slapped me across the face but was able to catch up!! This is a sneak peek of my piece for @miracuclasszine~ WIP still, but it won’t be long until I finish it. 

Also, there’s a lot of talented people working on this project, so be excited!! I’m sure the final product will be amazing. <3

Hi guys! Long time, huh??

I’m currently watching Sleepy Hollow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it, well I have when I was in High School but I can’t remember so it doesn’t count. 

It’s currently hot as hell here in Portland and I’m over it. I want cooler weather now! so I’m going to light a Fall candle, turn on my Halloween lights, and watch scary movies all night. What rituals do you guys do to evoke the Autumn season in a little faster?! 

I also did a some Halloween shopping today! I’m thinking of doing a little Halloween Haul soon, let me know if you guys would be interested in seeing that?! 

Hope everyone is having a spooky night!!

🎃 Halloween Magick 🎃

my art history teacher usually plays music videos before lecture and today he fucking played emperors new clothes
he’s also really into halloween and uses a red pitchfork as a pointer to celebrate october so just imagine this middle aged man jamming on the auditorium stage w his pitchfork, brendon urie in the background