Prompt #9 “We’re friends, real friends,and that means no matter how long it takes, when you finally decide to look back, I’ll still be here.”

Written by Christina

Category: Angst with a bit of fluff

Word Count: 1,883 (I know, this is a long one)

A/N: This week, Danielle was supposed to post, but life has been super hectic for her, so this is my writing again. But never fear, Danielle will post next week. This is my first ever angst, so I’m sorry if this is crap. Also, thank you so much for 100+ notes on last weeks imagine!! 

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You felt your heart crumble at the sight, your feet refusing to move you further than the doorway of your best friends room. Peter was sitting on his bed, his normally groomed hair a curly mess, his eyes swollen, and his shoulders hunched forward. His bed was messier than normal, and there were textbooks thrown all over the room. He just stared at the ground in front of him, anger and heartbreak radiating off of him. You tried to hold back your tears as you moved from the doorway. You half shuffled, half crept to the bedside. Peter didn’t even glance in your direction. A tear fell down your cheek and you quickly wiped it away. Peter did not need to see you crying. That was the last thing he needed.

“He died in my arms,” Peter mumbled, taking in a shallow breath. “I was walking and I saw the crowd and I heard the screaming and saw the sirens and I ran and I saw him and then he…” Peter started talking at a high speed, but at the end, his voice cracked and he broke into a sob. He didn’t even bother to bring his hands to his face to hid the tears or snot. Tears fell more freely down your face and you threw your arms around his shoulders, pulling him as close as you possibly could, despite the fact that sitting right next to each other and trying to hug made it awkward and uncomfortable. Peter wrapped his arms around your waist and buried his face in your neck. He sobbed freely. You rested a hand on the back of his head, gently stroking the curls. Peter slid a hand up to the middle of your shoulder blades and hugged you tighter. You felt pain in your ribs and you suddenly couldn’t breathe.

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A blunt, honest update.

So. Uh. I guess I can just outright say this to y’all. I know there’s some people that follow me on here that may not like to hear this or may judge the content, but I just have to pour this out.

I quit Pride of the Mountains (my gigantic fucking college marching band) yesterday. I also feel like I have a huge target on my head for people to just look down on me. I feel like crap for having to quit, but it was for my major. I’m finally gonna have time for practice. I’ll finally have time for sanity. But the whole gang of directors tried to make me stay, and in the meeting only accomplished making me feel terrible for letting 500 other people down.

Meanwhile: don’t ever fucking tell me that anxiety isn’t a valid excuse in the real world. That’s why so much of my generation is anxious. Because we’ve had so much pressure on us to suppress it from those above us because “it’s not a real excuse, it’s not a big deal, stop making it one.” And on top of everything else, for them to have treated my girlfriend that way too…when that’s literally why she quit…because people pushed her to the point where it was SO BAD in her head, she was having anxiety attacks after EVERY rehearsal…it’s bullcrap. This whole thing has shown me that I DID do the right thing. The organization is a shitshow anyways. Logistics for 470 people? Yeah right. 

I loved every moment performing with PotM. But I couldn’t deal with the stress looming over me anymore. I was one in five-hundred. I was never an individual. That’s why I left. 

Break the mold. Break the quo. Be your own person. Be selfish if you have to. It’ll make you stronger in the end.


SouRin Week: [ ᴅ ᴀ y - ѕ ɪ x ]

R o c k: Meeting the family

–I’ve read a lot of stuff about how Sousuke’s parents are mean, and sad stuff about Rin’s dad so… i like to think that, if Rin’s dad were alive, he would be a little shit competitive parent, and i’m pretty sure Sousuke’s dad is, well, maybe a little serious, but not mean, and also competitive. Both families get along pretty well, to the point they knew Sousuke would choose one of the Matsuoka siblings as his bride/groom.


favorite celebrity friendships 

shelley hennig & dylan o’brien ♥ “I think we have a really good banter and we both really enjoy what we do and it’s really important to us but we also really enjoy just having fun with it.” 

jason grace

tends to keep his emotions to himself until he just breaks down

piper makes sure he lets it out when she sees that he´s on lock down mode

adores piper

like seriously

usually isn´t very reckless but if he sees you bullying anyone he will take you down

is actually very easy to make friends with, especially after the war, he´s really nice and respectful if you haven´t done anything to him or his friends

the seven + nico and reyna are everything to him

he hasn´t ever had a place where he has felt completely home so he´s forever grateful for his friends

has a couple of nerd glasses and he takes them on when he´s reading

everyone is (but piper) is surprised to see that jason grace is actually cute as hell

he´s kinda oblivious to other people feelings and doesn´t always notice when people are hurting or when he´s said something he shouldn´t have, so sometimes he comes off as insensitive

he´s a great leader but he´s not very good at handling the pressure

sometimes it just crushes him

so he was really relieved when frank took his place as preator and he always makes sure to help frank so that the same thing doesn´t happen to him

when he´s got a song stuck in his head, it repeats like a mantra for weeks

super super protective of his friends

people stealing his glasses to see if he stumbles into things and he just rolls his eyes because really guys if my sight was that bad i would´ve known i needed glasses

he forgives leo pretty fast both because hes not really one to hold grudges and also because it hurt so much when leo was gone why would jason wanna stay away when he got him back again

keeps his promise to himself and doesn´t drink at all, even when everybody else is

gets help to build a room in his cabin where the zeus statue can stand because its creeping him out

the blue jellybeans

he´s addicted to them

the monthly dinners with the prophecy heroes was his idea

he´s a cute ass slightly dangerous mama dork

trust me its scientifically proved

“I’m sorry, can you repeat that question? I was too busy getting lost in your eyes.” Emmett gave the person a warm smile, which was only about 89% fake. Just about.

Cartoon/chibi version of my drawing of therealjacksepticeye as agent 47 from hitman. I started this yesterday and basically just finished it.
P.s I’m still in the process of finishing my “more serious” drawing of Jack as agent 47, but for now I hope this will do.
Also I’m not that great at drawing weapons so sorry if they look like crap.

Ballerina Jack..?

Requested by @markiplier-in-pjs, I had no idea what I was doing with this so I’m sorry if it looks like crap heh