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Can u write some RinMaki angst where maki accidently cheats on rin n rin runs away while maki is like oh god pls no n crying?

Rin suspects nothing when Kotori motions to her with a look of worry creasing her brow. She whispers something in the smaller girl’s ear as if other people around them are listening in, and Rin immediately runs off without even taking the time to respond to what Kotori had said.

“I saw Maki-chan. With…

Surely it’s a lie. Maybe Kotori suddenly developed a sick sense of humor. Did Rin hear her wrong? No, well, she’d been looking for Maki anyway, and at least she now knows where she is.

Rin is slightly out of breath when she finally finds Maki with her arms around his neck, hugging him close. Maki doesn’t notice Rin standing there until she raises her head and freezes like a deer caught in the headlights.


“Maki-chan… how could you?” Rin’s voice chokes and her jaw is trembling, either from anger or distress or both. “I… I thought…”

“It’s not what it looks like! I swear!” Maki desperately holds up her hands in a placating gesture but then he affectionately nuzzles Maki’s cheek as if he’s mocking Rin.

Without another word, Rin bursts into tears and sprints away, stumbling over her own feet. Maki cries out and takes a few shaky steps forward before turning to point accusingly at him. He only blinks calmly and stares back.

“This… this is all your fault! You asshole! Jerk! You did this on purpose, you— you—“

Eli, who happens to be walking by, raises an eyebrow at the scene.

“Maki, why are you yelling at that alpaca?”

Character Graphic #13: Treehouse Player (xx)

This is dedicated to larissarpt, n*ce!! Miles is so dumb, why is he my fave.

  • The dimensions are 540x300 bc ugly dash dimensions, so it’s gonna look a lil funky on your blog (yeah again soRRY…….) if you want a 500 px version for any of these graphics, hit me up~
  • All of the pngs & images & textures were found online, and they’re interchangeable so feel free to replace them with whatever you’d like. The PSDs were made by pridecoloring and lawynterpsds, but they were also edited by me.
  • The font is Devil Breeze.
  • So you need a crap ton of images and pngs and you can learn to do the fade effect really quickly here (it’s a video and you can change up the timing yourself)!
  • Please don’t try and take this & claim it as yours!! I’ll fight!!! For real!!!
  • Like/reblog if you use it please (:
this is a psa that every person must read sorry i don’t make the rules

it has been brought to my attention that people who don’t live in st. louis have never heard of the god cheese aka provel and i really need everyone to just look over here for a second because

this baby is the love child of ALL of The Big Three (cheddar, swiss, provo).  one bite of this sucker and you wil never go back to the sorry state you once called a life.  this cheese. oh god.  you gotta get the big loaf variety up there and get yourself a real live cheese slicer and just.  cut a slice that is thick.  not obnoxious FIVE YEAR OLD thick, but thicker than the prepacked crap that also moonlights as paper.  NOTICE how u feel like you are cutting butter but for the LOVE OF GOD none of that butter knife crap your knives are UNWoRTHY keep them away from this child.  and ok once you haven’t cut a slice with a butter knife (i am watching all of you filthy eggs) FOLD THE CHEESe IN HALF AND WATCH GIDDILY AS IT BREAKS DOWN THE MIDDLE.  now.  you take one of these precious half slices and handle it GENTLY as you bring it to your mouth and try not to drool as you await this frickin masterpiece.  your bite should be about a third of the piece you hold, for maximum flavor experience. notice how ur teeth sink through it like you are eating a piece of beautiful, flawless butter.  try not to die as your taste buds go on the greatest cheese rollercoaster of their life.  eat the rest of the loaf. you can even tell people you ate the whole loaf.  provel is not JUDGED in this beautiful, beautiful town. when my dog smells this cheese in the air he is capable of jumping his height in the air.  my dog sleeps 24 hours a day.  when i smell this cheese magic provel confidence fills me and convinces me that if i hadto, i could take down my entire family hunger games style for it. 

but WAIT, there is MORE!!! this diamond,  none of you undersatnd.  this was birthed entirely to be the perfect pizza cheese.  provel is steve rogers except in cheese form.  i’d go as far as to inform you with full confidence that provel is the goddmn chris EVANS of the cheese universe.  it is beautiful and can do no wrong.  but back to the PIZZA FORMULATION. you know how your sorry mozzarella tastes like a little bite of really mild non-exciting heaven and you hear the chiming bells…until it promptly is the asshole it has always been and will not allow your teeth to sink through it (it is cheese??? why does it have this power???) and then it comes entirely OFF of your pizza leaving you with gross tomato bread? no, st louisans don’t know, because we evolved and got this shit into our lives.  all the heavenly flavor, literally created not to leave you holding a soggy tomato bread and your crumbled hopes and dreams

this shit even comes in a ribboned variety which in spite of looking vaguely like brains is the best snack you will ever come home from school to. also, obviously, this is another creation to endorse maximum pizza topability. think about this. one day a simple man thought “i am DONE with mozzerella controlling my life” and that simple man took a STAND. that simple man stood up and made pizza the best partner it will ever find. that simple man is a true hero we can all aspire to become. there is one otp in st louis and it is provel and pizza,  there is not other way for pizza to be done.  you all praise ur chicagos and your new yorks but do they use the cheese god? no.  they give people SOGGY TOMATO BREAD AND ASSHOLE TOO BIG FOR IT’S BRITCHES MOZZERELLA.  it is time for mozzerella to step down. there is a new king.

look.  look at the burst of PURE GENIUS. no more gross overloading of the cheese!!! just provel.  in perfectly sized ribbons to melt onto the pizza exactly how cheese should. the lucifer that will never fall.  the true cheese savior. the single cheese anyone needs in their life!! provel is not simply a CHEESE provel is a lifestyle!!!! consider that if you lived in st louis you could live a simple life of cheese monogamy with the chris evans cheese.  welcome to the light.

soulless. hey guys!! sorry I haven’t been around much today – I spent a lot of it sleeping again. the good news is that I’m 95% pain free now; looks like I’m almost done with this ‘ being sick ‘ crap!! yay!!

anyway, I’ll probably be in my drafts for the majority of the time, finishing off my leftover memes and queueing them up for later in the week so I don’t spam anyone. you’re free to send me anymore ( think of it as a last chance thing I guess – you can find the ones I mean here, here and here. ) also if we’re mutuals you can always find me on skype

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“This h-happens to me more than it should. I should p-probably start paying more attention..” He sighs before taking another glance at the ruined jacket, chewing on his bottom lip. “Could I make it up to you by maybe buying you coffee or something?”

“Don’t worry. I am also like that a lot. Don’t stress yourself about it.” Her smile curves a bit more upwards before she takes out some tissue from her bag, wiping the stained area. “Normally, I’d say no so I won’t be a bother. But since I’m very sleepy, I suppose I should say yes. And will that ease you?” She tilts her head.



Singleandsubmissive was a site Lita had used a few times to find subs, but it was infrequent that she came across a profile that actually piqued her interest. Most of the subs on there that were her type ultimately favored ‘fashionable’ doms; the kinds that wore black and leather and studs and fulfilled a stereotype of the subculture.

For all intents and purposes, the buxom blonde looked like what society expected a submissive to look like: light, airy, and a fan of soft fabrics and textiles. However, that couldn’t be a more inaccurate assumption of her. She knew exactly how to take control of a submissive and could do it without mussing up her loose, beachy waves or risking a snag on her DKNY blouse. No, Lita’s tastes were expensive and classy; she would’t have her polished style tarnished by a latex catsuit.

When Lita came across Rose’s profile, however, she reached out. The blonde Brit fit Lita’s preferences to a T. It wasn’t long before she wanted to bring their online interactions to the real world and it was within a month that Lita found herself waiting outside the security area for Rose’s arrival.

She scanned the passing crowds for the other woman from behind her Chanel sunglasses and an excited grin pulled across her face when she spotted her. “Rose? Hey. I’m Lita,” she started as she pulled her shades off to reveal her eyes.

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Happy early/late B-day! Sorry, but I don't have any art for you... I am an awful artist (Everything I try to draw end up looking like crap)... XP

Omg, that’s totally fine!! ^///^ And don’t worry about having horrible drawing skills!! cx If you drew a wobbly circle, there’re a million people out there who have even wobblier circles. d;

There’s always a bigger fish. But there are also a million other smaller fish for you to eat! ^///^ Metaphors aside, if you keep practicing, you’ll get better.

Art is only bad when you don’t consider the Noob Level of the piece. ^-^ Really good artists are, like, Noob Level 100. You’re probably just Noon Level 4. Maybe even NL 15! ^///^ I don’t know cause I haven’t seen anything of yours, but that’s ok!

If you want to keep to yourself, I totally get it. ^-^ But if it helps, anyone who posts art here is praised and loved for it. d: Fan art is the best kind of art because you can see the work someone put into it. Even if it’s not comparable to DaVinci, it’s still someone’s heartfelt gift. ^-^

You’d have to be a complete asshole to make fun of that. d;

You’re art is safe here. ^-^

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Life is a big bag of sweaty dicks. Sorry you're bein slapped with it now. It's okay to be down not be positive. After all, if you were content with your situation, you wouldn't be motivated to improve it. Also, you'd probably be insane if you were content with the crap going on. Probably cliche, but maybe look into local and state programs? If you haven't already, of course. Best of luck!

I don’t know what you mean by local/state programs? Like therapy? Or just activities to do?

Anyway, thank you. I’m a generally positive person I just feel kinda overwhelmed at the moment. And kinda disappointed with how I’m handling all of it. I keep going back and adding things to that list bc I’ve been pushing it all down but I figured I should write about it rather than wait for myself to explode haha.


For the anon who wanted a drawing of my favorite animal and colored with my favorite color.

Sorry my drawing of my blue/green owl is super crappy, but it’s almost 3 am, so it’s allowed to be crappy. Also I haven’t drawn in a while, so my drawing skills are horrid. And to top it all off, the markers don’t work very well, don’t show the color they’re originally suppose to look like, and they’re the only markers available at my aunts house. So yeah, sorry! D:

Meet my nameless headshot of a magical girl! I’ll draw her body later, but basically her outfit is like a punk rocker mixed with a cheerleader. Her weapon is probably gonna be a bat.

Basically she’s an idea for a character for this magical girl comic thing I wanna do.

(Also sorry for crap quality and angling it makes the art look even worse but the lighting in this room sux)

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okay, I have some other names: Andy/Andie, Jess, Max, Michel(le), Noah, Jules, Taylor (I found them on the internet, you can look for gender neutral names, there are many examples!) can you also do a blog rate please? :)

ooh I like these! blograte coming up: 

URL: okay/ p cool /holy crap/ MARRY ME

icon: okay/ p cool/ holy crap/ MARRY ME

mobile theme: okay/ p cool/ holy crap/ MARRY ME

theme: okay/ p cool/ holy crap/ MARRY ME

following: nope, sorry!/ am now/ duh

maybe you should change your theme a bit…



Pardon my trashy half faced selfies, but this is a late Munday post.

SOrry not sorry,

But yeah here is what half of my face looks like oops

So some info

My name is Jakob
I will be freshman when school starts back up
I like Cats
I have an ungodly poptart obsession
I am really awkward irl and can’t order food from a restaurant for crap
I also have like five other blogs
And I have really bad baby face

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Farewelldean goes around hating on people and saying they're too fat and crap like that. she also pretends to like jensen and jared and she declared her hate for them and she also cussed them. she rapes people and is a complete hater. please send whatever you want to her about this.

Hey, I’m sorry but I can’t believe accusations like this without any proof to see for myself. I just looked at this person’s blog and I see how they have been affected by these messages and rumors that you are spreading, and it is not okay. Please leave this person alone. You are being very hurtful. 

#rape mention cw #hate #mobileasks