[!] Seventeen is now included on Naver Mobile’s being only 1 of 5 groups included! allows anyone that searches ‘세븐틴’ on Naver’s mobile app to find a specially personalized set of pages for Seventeen with the theme their official colors! The set of pages included: A general profile page that lists official links, the members names, their discography and more. A timeline page which lists out an in depth timeline of Seventeen’s music show appearances, festivals, V-app broadcasts, and their many achievements with corresponding news photos. A talk page where you can post supporting messages and chat with other Carats about Seventeen. A page listing recently and popular articles relevant to Seventeen. Come on, honestly tell me it also just isn’t really pretty to stare at just in itself??

Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

(or, guess who got into Ice Gays)


e t h e r e a l ;

Page 42. In which Goat Mom runs like a coward and cries as the human walks right past her, on a mission perhaps? 

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PAGE Friends by neothm
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Fancy facts: 

1. The gorgeous hardcover of Crooked Kingdom will feature RED STAINED PAGES and new art by Keith Thompson. 

2. The Six of Crows Boxed Set will include hardcover editions of Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom and it is absurdly beautiful. 

3. The Grisha Trilogy Boxed Set features paperback editions of Shadow & Bone, Siege & Storm, and Ruin & Rising, AND will include a collectible poster-size MAP of the Grishaverse by Keith Thompson. These paperbacks include Mal’s Letter, “The Tailor” (Genya’s POV chapter), and “Demon in the Wood” (a Darkling prequel story). Also a whole lotta interviews with me. 

All of them go on sale September 27th. Pretty sure you can skip work or school that Tuesday and just claim a Grisha holiday. It’s federal law. 

(And if you preorder, save your receipts cuz there WILL be preorder goodies coming.) 

Four months to go. It’s gonna be real hard not to give away spoilers before then. 

“Flügel der Freiheit”

I’m curious how many of you expected me to do this, since I watched AoT.
Also I am pretty proud of this one and it was so much fun to draw! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
(Still, I did a lot of mistakes, heh. Sorry. The gear was a hard one.)

I hope you’re okay with being a scout, Jack (ゝ。∂)

Please do not respost my art on tumblr and other pages.


130316 ◦ my university bullet journal set up! a lovely anon asked if i could post up my set up so, here we go!

to preface, this is a really simple layout which i had pre-set up during the holidays! i have things laid out so that i have enough space to be creative, yet still be useful. i slip this a5 hobonichi memopad into the back of my hobonichi cousin cover, which i bring everywhere. i’m hopefully going to buy myself an a5 Leuchtturm1917 notebook for a daily bujo and another hobonichi cover!

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Chère sœur, 

            J'ai eu un rêve étrange récemment. C'était tellement bizarre. Je souhaite que vous étiez ici pour me dire tout va bien se passer. Je rêvais d'un autre endroit, il a été appelé “Konpeito”. C'était très beau. Je rêvais aussi de nombres, 4600-2688-4121? Nous allons peut-être gagner à la loterie. 

                       -Jusqu'en La prochaine fois, Adeline


Hello again!! 

We just did a shoot with the AMAZING Shutterfoo who was really sweet even though we had trouble finding parking and stuff HAHA but I really love all of these shots so I couldn’t help but want to share them all with you. I couldn’t decide whether to post serious photos or cutesy ones so I thought why not both. <3 I remade this top since then but these photos still came out so pretty!

I hope you like them as well! And I hope you will continue to support our SasuSaku adventures and blog! I also hope you’re not tired of seeing us ; u ; I know we are very active on our ask page.

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So! This is one of the bigger wastes of time I’ve been doing. I started watching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon the live action series because Shannon spoke so highly of it and I was like “Hm what do I want to do that requires a small amount of focus but keeps my hands busy” so I started coloring Sailor Moon pages. It’s pretty fun and relaxing! I’ll probably do a few more as I continue watching PGSM, which is also pretty fun!

in charlie’s recent video he explained why he hadnt donated any money to charity for a while and the general reason was that he found out a bunch of charities he donated to prevoisly were bullshit and so starting to give the money to gofundme pages instead and then found out a lot of those were also bullshit too. he doesn’t really know what to to with it since he doesn’t want to donate to some charity or gofundme again in fear it’s complete garbage and its pretty sad this dude who just wants this money to go to a good cause cant even do that because of how many scams and fake reviews there are. hope he figures something out soon.