Wait, wait, WAIT

So… what exactly is Yhwach saying here?

Is he actually withdrawing from the fight (for now) and just waiting it out behind that… gate?  But if no-one chooses to follow he’ll just chill there, killing them one by one in his leisure at some moment in the future?


Also, how the hell is he not affected by Ichigo’s Hollow power?  Is it because he’s technically not a Quincy?  I mean, he’s the creator of Quincy but his own origin story implies that he’s something entirely different.

And what the fuck just happened with Gerard?  Ans is Haschbrowns staying behind??? I…

Well, Kubo did manage to surprise me, I did not expect this at all.

Also, it seems the real world destruction/invasion is back on the table?

Also-also the color page pretty much said we’re VERY close to the end.  So I’m assuming that for now the fights are going to be on hold while the Shinigami regroup?  And does the color page also imply we’re getting all the missing backstories etc soonish?

AAAASJKGDFGHDFHJK, I’m so beyond frustrated right now, because it’s not like this was a bad chapter, it was interesting, but it opens up SO many questions and gjkdfhgklad I DUNNO, I AM CONFUSE, I NEED TO THINK ABOUT ALL THIS.