A classic story of Little Red Riding Hood, but with more porn. 

This is an 18 page NSFW comic with dirty yiffers! It’s only

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This comic contains f/m/m! 

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Just a quick recommendation for a Facebook page focussing on erasing the stigma around BPD. There are some pretty cool t-shirts for raising awareness and all the proceeds go to a group called Emotions Matter, based in New York, that are helping to erase the stigma around BPD. The page also has some really interesting articles that are worth reading.

Good morning, everyone! I just added two new pages that you all might wanna check out. One displays the ranking system where you can check and see where your character is on the leaderboard and the other lists a few of the house rules that you might wanna get familiar with. I also have our first group task drafted and I can’t wait to get it posted because it’s pretty exciting (in my opinion anyway). I have to go run an errand really quick so hopefully we get our last account sent in before I have to reopen that slot. But, in the meantime, what time best works for you guys regarding opening for plotting?

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Hey everyone!! So there was a slight mixup at my bank and I currently have     -$350. 

So my $10 flat color/sketch commissions are open!! 

Prices: $10 for the sketches, add +$5 per additional character, and +$5 for a sketch sheet/a page containing 3-5 sketches. I also offer traditional sketches, which can be mailed to you for a +$2 shipping charge.

Any Traditional sketches will be SCANNED (not photographed!!) and will not be colored unless it’s done digitally (for an extra +$2) 

I’ll draw pretty much anything, except hardcore nsfw, furries and mecha. 

Please message me here for more details, I take payment through Paypal only. Please reblog if you can’t commission!!!


// june ‘16 spreads

hi!! i’m alive!!

i am very aware that its august but as you may or may not have noticed i have pretty much been dormant here (except for queue) for the past 2-3 months or so 😅😅  so now i’m back i thought i might as well share the spreads i completed in the mean time!! july spreads will come along shortly as well as an update!!

so in june i went on a grad trip with my pals to tokyo so most of these pages are travel related! um also before i get asked this, no, i didn’t do those pages while travelling because that would actually be impossible 😂  i did them after i got back home!

and also because i feel kinda guilty taking people’s pictures off the internet, pasting them in and kinda reposting them back on?? i’m going to include a reference list in the cut below from now on!!

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Originally posted at my blog, A Sense of Natural Wonder at

So for those who aren’t already aware, the Asatru Folk Assembly FB page had a post earlier this week that pretty clearly shows their support of both racist ideals and rigidly narrow gender roles. In the event it ends up taken down, here’s a screen shot:

Along with a couple of the comments they didn’t delete:

They make it VERY clear their organization isn’t open to anyone who isn’t white–never mind that “white” was a contrived term that not only erased the cultural differences of people from many different European backgrounds but also deepened divisions among people based on skin color. Plus check out the very overt message that QUILTBAG* people aren’t allowed, either. And before you try to defend the AFA as only being about the promotion of European heathen traditions, notice how the comment about “Semite” “poison and tricks” was never deleted, while comments that the AFA folks didn’t agree with have been getting removed within minutes. If that’s not approval of white supremacy, I don’t know what is.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to practice the religion of your pre-Christian ancestors. But “white people” are not an endangered species in need of protection, nor should European paganisms be closed off from people of non-European heritage. Considering the amount of travel and trade the Norse and other Europeans did with other communities for centuries, there was plenty of intermarriage with non-European people anyway, so there goes your notion of historical “racial purity”. And given that a lot of heathens practice ancestor veneration, racial purity is a pretty big insult to those non-white ancestors and the people who loved/married/etc. them and considered them family. As to the insistence on men being men and women being women in a heteronormative framework, the All-Father Odin practiced the women’s art seidr, Loki became a mare and gave birth to a colt, and women were often trained to fight alongside men. Even among the Norse things were not always that cut and dried when it came to gender roles.

We pagans have known for decades there were bigots in our ranks, particularly those espousing “folkish” viewpoints–and now there’s absolutely no doubt whatsoever. Not all heathens consider themselves part of the pagan community (and definitely not all of them are racists!), but enough heathens of all sorts come to pagan events and otherwise share in pagan spaces that this declaration by the leadership of one heathen organization is relevant to paganism as a whole.

As someone who has walked a pagan path for twenty years, as someone who has written multiple books and led rituals and taught many in workshops and classes, as someone who is seen by some as at least a minor authority, and as someone who fully intends to continue being a part of the pagan community, I say: the stance of the Asatru Folk Assembly is not a part of my paganism.

White supremacy spewing hatred and racist fearmongering against racial and ethnic minorities? Not in my paganism.

Discrimination against QUILTBAG people? Not in my paganism.

Gender essentialism in which men must be one way and women must be another? Not in my paganism.

Insisting that the only “real” family is the nuclear, heterosexually-based family while all others–blended families, single parent families, childless families, families with gay parents–are invalid? Not in my paganism.

Allowing the bigotry that pervades the dominant culture to infiltrate our community without a fight? Not in my paganism.

Not in my paganism. Not in my paganism. #notinmypaganism.

*QUILTBAG = Queer, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual, Asexual, Gay


We had such an amazing start during the first 10 days but we need to make MORE noise, maybe try get some of the SPN cast give us a RT for the TeamLevi fundraiser The Ackles do every year. We know not everyone can donate but you can reblog the shit outta THIS, please. 

Down Syndrome Donation Page

go there also if you want to know more about this, it’s real great work what the organization does.

We have like a real gigantic GOAL this year. If you have a little money to spend you can also check out @winchesterbroscom they do auctions to support the collection every year. 

Or you could donate a small amount in regards of the Ackles Twins I’m pretty sure Danneel & Jensen would totally approve this.

PLEASE, PLEASE tweet and blog about the fundraiser 60 days is really not a lot time. We’ll also add 5cent to the fundraiser for every reblog this post gets. (:

anonymous asked:

good morning (or afternoon or evening) beautiful person would u be kind enough to bestow a small list (or a hundred page book which is better) of the best enjoltaire fanfics u have read?

of course i can!! this isn’t quite a 100-page book but i always have a fic rec tag for when i come across good fics on my dash or just feel free to hmu again i have fics catalogued in my library

i also recommend you check out all these author’s other works, they’re all incredible!!!!

BE by tothewillofthepeople

may be one of my fav exr fics ever; les amis performing hamlet, this fic is magical pls go read it!!!!!!

World Ain’t Ready by idiopathicsmile

the fic pretty much everyone in this fandom knows: enjolras and grantaire are pretend-boyfriends for great justice

Forget Me Not by Opium_du_Peuple aka our lovely Elise @just-french-me-up

(this fic oh my gooooooood) enjolras loses four years of his memories after a car accident including everything about grantaire (pls go read it it’ll ruin your life)

Years Since It’s Been Clear by lady_ragnell

enjolras demands grantaire to move in with him after he hears about R’s shithole of a flat, it doesn’t exactly make things easier for grantaire…    domestic cuteness and delicious pining

These Things Just Take Time by sonhoedesrazao

incredible slowbuild college au, it’s so amazing, one of my alltime favs!!!

alert: this fic is private but it’s definitely worth making an ao3 account

In The End We Have Each Other by samyazaz

one of enjolras former clients leaves an infant at his office; he is absolutely overwhelmed and grantaire steps in as supernanny

(E and R raising a child together aaaaahhh!!!)

Lay Your Hands On Me by samyazaz

enjolras keeps crossing paths with busker grantaire (it’s sooo good!!!!!)

Oh It’s What You Do To Me by captainskellington

Enjolras stumbles across Grantaire via YouTube comments. French!R sings. NYC!Enjolras pines. They fall in love via email and Skype

this fic had me in tears ok

Transatlanticism by nightswatch

they meet because R is an asshole and leaves annoying comments on E’s blog,,,cue late night skypes and grinning into pillows (do yourself a favour and don’t listen to the namesake song while reading,,you will cry)

loop by oispaceman

enjolras meets R at bahorel’s party,,they keep antagonising each other and fall in love (alternatively: enjolras more than absently wonders how grantaire likes his eggs)

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words by BethXP

grantaire and courfeyrac make a bet on who manages to get the other and their crush together first (hint: it’s enjolras and combeferre) featuring tinkerbells and paramore songs

The Glitterbombs of Angry Queers by 148km

Les Amis is a Los Angeles-based queer activist group; it’s a whole series!!!! (includes e and r going to disneyland omgggg)

The Golden Bough by Opium_du_Peuple

an orpheus and eurydice au!!!!!!! this fic watered my crops and cleared my skin!!

Sheer Dumb Luck by angryintrovert

grantaire drunkenly texts the wrong number, the rest is history

Best Kept Secrets by tellthemstories

fake!! dating!! au!! cosette keeps bothering her brother with his non-existent love life, he asks grantaire to be his fake boyfriend to keep her off his back

This brave new world is not like yesterday by myrmidryad

enjolras needs a job after cutting himself off from his family and ends up working at the bowling alley where R works, and the two of them get a lot closer while on clean-up duty after closing time

Patron Saint of Silent Restraint by vivalataire

hannah’s @vivalar incredible coffeeshop au! definitely a must-read!!!

Keep It Kind, Keep It Good, Keep It Right by lady_ragnell

enjolras finds out about grantaire’s feelings for him and after realising he’s never been particularly friendly to him, decides to get to know him better

this modern love by crooked

established relationship; R makes E join snapchat (may cause involuntary squealing)

pining for you by The Librarina

R gets fired from his job and returns home to help his dad with their christmas tree farm while patron minette is trying to get them to sell at all costs,,lawyer enjolras who has been trying to get patron minette to court for ages does his best to help save the farm (cute lil christmas fic!!!!)

Hit Me With Your Best Shot by tellthemstories

aka grantaire is the words hitman ever and falls in love with his target

Correlation by sarahyyy

enjolras is constantly trying to make a move on his bodyguard grantaire who doesn’t believe he is serious, they manage to make everything harder for themselves as always

The MasterChef AU by sarahyyy

the glorious masterchef au which is all cute and shit until you reach part 8 and sarahyyy is ripping your heart out (so yeah don’t read further than part 7 if you wanna avoid that or go read the alternative ending on her tumblr to try and piece your heart back together,,,)

The Drunk Leading The Blind by juanjoltaire

enjolras ends up temporarily blind after being mazed at a protest and grantaire becomes his seeing-eye dog (this is way too cute,,,you have been warned,,)

Love in a Coffeshop by tellthemstories

grantaire is a famous rockstar (which enjolras is totally unaware off) that keeps appearing after closing time at the coffeeshop E works at

somehere along the line they fall in love and the coffeeshop becomes hipster

Nondiscriminatory Hiring Practices by raddtaire

a very very cute coffeeshop au: enjolras meets grantaire the barista at his sister cosette’s new coffeeshop

ain’t got far to go by prouvairing

enjolras and grantaire manage to get trapped in a closet ;)))

A Shadow On My MInd by ladyragnell

criminals au; a mission goes wrong and grantaire is in the middle of an explosion, enjolras mourns and only now notices what R meant to him

Silence Is The Speech Of Love by samyazaz

modern greek mythology au; enjolras angers aphrodite which leaves him mute

The sus turns traitor cold by RampantAnnarchy

E and R are forced to share a bed on thanksgiving ;))))

Let Me Count The Ways by zimriya

a 10 things I hate about you au, need I say more

I’m in it for you by raeldaza

grantaire is diagnosed with cancer and ferre is his doctor; since R refuses to tell his friends about it, ferre asks his roommate enjolras to drive back home after his treatments

the quiet truth by kiyala

enjolras agrees to be grantaire’s fake boyfriend to fend off his homophobic parents (you know hos this ends ;))

Conflict of Interest by madlyie

enjolras becomes grantaire’s lawyer and gets waaay to personally involved

Hold my hand as I am lowered by enjoloras

canon era trans!enjolras au! it’s so good and emotional

like never before (‘cause lately I’ve been craving more) by noelia_g

groundhog day!au !!!!!

(take my whole life too) by unhookingstarswithoutpermission

enjolras gets distracted by R’s hands, it’s all very cute


Hey guys! So just some fun little work in progress stuff. This is a thumbnail v. slightly more finished comic page comparison! Thumbnails are always pretty funny to me, and I love seeing thumbnails of artists I like, so I figured it’d be fun to post. 

Also a bonus little Ford wanted poster I’m designing for this. He does have an official one, but this one’s for the sake of a joke/trying to make it look over the top. Plus I just thought it’d be fun to do haha.

All of this is for a zine I’m a part of! Which you can check out the progress on here:

Okay so here are my vague theories on what may go down in the Ronan cycle:

- We left Ronan off after he had just sent his brothers away for safety, due to the potential danger of people that would constantly be tracking down the Greywaren- putting the Lynch boys in a whole lotta danger. But Ronan stayed.

- Declan mentions (page 228, The Raven King): “Even after that deal is over, they’re gonna show up because Henrietta’s a giant supernatural beacon”…”And if they find out you can dream- God help you, because it’ll be over.”. Possibly someone finds out about Ronan’s power, or they come pretty close in some way.

-Also, remember in the Dream Thieves when they found the wheel of the Camaro? We never actually got to know how this came about. It’s briefly mentioned at the end of trk by Ronan (page 437), Opal finds the worn out wheel off a 1973 Camaro- “Ronan had taken that to mean that at some point, in the future, they would wreck the Camaro in the pursuit of Glendower, and the ley line’s bending of time would have sent them back in time and then forward again.”… “But it looked as if they hadn’t got to that place yet: They had future adventures waiting for them on the ley line. It was a thrilling and terrifying prospect.”

So basically, we have a lot more shenanigans to come with these kids in a couple of years.I’m so ready but also don’t know if I can handle anymore happening to my poor gay son. Thoughts??

((Thanks anon for correcting me, they found the Camaro wheel in the second book!))

sugarfoxx  asked:

Is it ever super stressful getting new comics out every Sunday? Or are they fairly easy to get done? Also I love your art, it's very inspirational!

First off thank you!

As for the question- Actually, yeah sometimes it does get a bit stressful.

 But understand it’s kind of a time thing.

See, I love working on the pages. A lot. This story has been a lot of fun for me and a great learning experience.  I’ve made so much progress with my art over these last few months because of it, the characters are fun to write, I’m excited to tell this story, and this is the first time I’ve done such a large comic project.

However, I’m a pretty busy person. I have a full time 40 hour a week job. I’m gonna be starting grad school soon. And I also have other things that I like to do with my time. Like going on hikes, hanging out with friends, having lazy time carved out, and stuff like that.

And I’m gonna be honest. Some pages don’t take much time, but some of these pages get pretty labor intensive. When I make a page I have to think about the layout, the composition, how I want to word things, and sometimes the drawing process (especially for certain backgrounds) can take a while. I wasn’t lying when I said that that space shuttle took about four hours.) See this story is completely planned out in my head, and all of the key moments have been thought out, but I’m a gardner storyteller. I don’t have every single line and scene set completely in stone.

So sometimes I run out of time, and that gets a little stressful because there’s just so much I want to do and not enough time to do it. It’s hard to carve out the hours to make these pages sometimes but it’s a labor of love, and more often then not I enjoy it. AND I’ve gotten pretty good at managing my time! 

However if I ever miss an update it’s not because I’m getting burnt out, or don’t know what’s gonna happen next, or just don’t want to keep on with the story. It’s usually because I ran out of time, and didn’t want to jam something out half-assed just to meet a self-imposed deadline (that I put in place mostly to keep myself consistent and to pace myself.)

But if I ever can’t get something done in time or need a break I’ll let you guys know ahead of time. 

We’re getting to the good stuff guys. Sometimes time is stressful but I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon >D

*hi. i’ll do your homework for you*

i’m a 22 y/o trans man and i’m a second-semester junior (i took a year off to medically transition and transfer schools). i’m a marketing/pr major with a 3.95 gpa and i’ve never gotten less than an A on a paper! i also Need Money To Survive In The World! it turns out getting stipends for internships isn’t enough to make ends meet. and i need the internships for my career. 

so i… will write your papers… i was thinking i’d do $3 - $5 a page (paid via paypal presumably) but i can haggle based on the topic of the paper - i.e. i know more about history and literature (i got a 5 on my AP lit exam) than i do about math or science. i can also do smaller assignments. i’ll pretty much do anything that isn’t math. just give me the info and i’ll give you a quote.

message me here and i will give you my email and samples of my work! 


[ Tumblr is sorry for messing up the quality. Click on it for a better view. ]

As promised to anon, here are samples of my in-class notes. These notes are written inside the classroom during lectures/discussions. Every page on my lecture notebook pretty much looks identical to the others lmao. Also, they may look a bit sloppy and dull as compared to my usual reviewers yikes.

Public outcry for the diamond industry to change its ways could not be ignored. So, in 2000, South African diamond producing states met up in Kimberly, South Africa to discuss ways to stop the flow of blood diamonds into the legitimate gem market. What they came up with is called the Kimberly Process.

If you look on the “Ethics” page of any diamond retailer these days, you’ll see the Kimberly Process mentioned within the first paragraph, guaranteed. You’re also likely to read fantastical tales about how the process is responsible for ensuring that, in today’s retail diamond market, a whopping 99 percent of the stones are conflict free.

When it comes to addressing an industry-wide issue, those are pretty impressive results. Unfortunately, those results are a total sham.

You see, there’s a fairly ridiculous flaw (ha) in the Kimberly Process. Basically, any diamond that isn’t used to fund the rebel side of an armed conflict is considered clean. In other words, if you’re the head of a brutal African dictatorship and you want to fund your atrocities through the diamond trade, that’sperfectly fine. The aforementioned Global Witness pulled out of the Kimberly Process after the decision was made to certify diamonds from the Marange region of Zimbabwe, recently the scene of mass killings by the national army, as conflict free.

5 Huge Problems You Thought Went Away (Definitely Did Not)


Read 51Hundred Here!

On today’s episode of 51Hundred, we’ve finally reached the conclusion of Chapter 2… Everyone’s safe, and Sugar seems to have the fortune (or misfortune?) of securing himself a job in this tough economy…

Will he even like his new job? ACtually, does he even want his new job? What about Zip and Tuck–and what about having this blue blob for a boss?

Find out in the next chapter of 51Hundred!…

...which will begin FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd, at 7:00PM!

Starting on the 2nd, there will be a mirror site available to read 51Hundred on Tapastic, which is live now but will be updating as I edit the pages. 

Chapters 1 and 2 will also be pretty heavily edited, though I will keep the original pages as well and find a way to archive them for future readers (Soak in all those mistakes and wonky art while you can for now, though.)

Thanks again so much for sticking with me through another chapter. The last two have been a sort of build up for the real story to start, so I’m so excited to expand and introduce on the world of 51hundred!

See you all then!





I’m down to draw original and pre-existing characters, animals/anthros/humans/monsters, and candy gore. I’m also fine with nudity but not porn/extreme fetishes.

(Making an updated page since I’m starting a fresh year of college)

Email is and I use Paypal. Feel free to email or message me directly ^_^

So for the new Oso game (called tabimatsu and omg) the webpage for it has this really adorable section of the brothers all lined up bobbing along and I wanted them SO BADLY but no matter how I inspected the page the images were not a gif. 

Instead, the images were made up of two pieces and then some fancy Japan coding makes them move. The funny thing is when I saved the images it’s literally head

and then body

Which is pretty whatever, but as I open them in PS to play around with I realized the true joy of this new development. Which essentially comes down to putting heads on different bodies and getting some weird shit. Case and point, this

or this

or even this 

Well, the least I can say is that it’s pretty fun!