natashasbanner  asked:

Okay so and possibly i like the trill is probs my fave toltzmann fic. I love the way you write everyone and it's basically been murdering my feels since the beginning. Also the slow burn is killing me! Killing me! But I love the story and the ficlet you wrote about moving Holtzmann into the firehouse :)

Oh my gosh you are so kind, thank you so much dear!!! So much credit to my wife because she’s been the one keeping us on track from the very start, and I have absolutely NO IDEA how to write Holtzy so that’s totally her territory. Her fic about Holtzmann moving is the best. Also, the slow burn is killing us too haha!! We are so hype to write the good stuff you have no idea, but hopefully you’ll like what the next few chapters have in store. ;)