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hi hi amy. i was wondering whether you can recommend any authors on ao3 whose work you really enjoy? im a die hard fan for your writing and i feel like everything you produce is so to my taste - so i thought there's no better way to find good fics/authors than to ask my fav writer themselves. thanks for filling my heart with sterek fluff and gorgeousness. i always feel so light and happy under your magic

that’s so sweet of you to say!  i’m currently reading wood and nails which is super long, well written and although i’m only on chapter 3, it’s lovely and i’d recommend it. i literally love finding super long sterek fics i’ve never read before, and this one is about derek, and dealing with the aftermath of pretty much everything he’s been through. 

on monday i was excited to discover there is a punisher au penny and dime where derek is the punisher of beacon hills, and it was written by lissadiane who has also written a super cute fic based in the harry potter world. 

last week i read a wonderful second world war fic nothin’ but blue skies which was written by zjofierose who has a bunch of sterek fics i’m working through.

i can highly recommend all of the sterek works by literaryoblivion 

i read a wicked semi 40 days 40 nights esque fic by thatworldinvented love, the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket and then consumed all the other sterek fics they had written a+

one of my fave re-reads is a year in sleepovers which is where stiles & derek bond over stiles sleeping in derek’s bed a lot, v cute.

i read the most adorable (new!!) fic by decideophobia where the pack go on vacation the sloth to my tree which was such a lovely pick me up, as is everything she writes ♥

betp has recently updated la oficina which is rad, and has written many other sweet and refreshing sterek fics

there’s the fabulous works of whonatural esp no superman, the scrubs au i absolutely needed and adore (and now complete!) and there are so many wonderful fics to be found there

i read this freaking awesome millionaire matchmakers au which had wonderful build up and awesome pay off we prefer good love and it was written by i_am_girlfriday who has also written a good bunch of cute sterek

then you have alocalband who wrote my fave sterek fic amor fati but also a veronica mars au (be still my heart) and some really beautiful fics (all sterek!)

there’s some gorgeous fics by stilinski including a really sweet, v in character prove you’re alive with pics fic in response:

you’ve got the wonderful over the creek by orestes who has also written a bunch of lovely sterek fics

and i read a glorious, v healing fic tide pulls from the moon where derek moves to england and stiles finds him and there’s so much bonding and living together! it’s by paintedrecs who has written many other sterek fics

another old fave i re read is coming home which is stiles returning from college and bam! realizing derek is hot like the sun

for a couple of other longer, older fics i adored wild horses, which is a rancher au with plenty of feels and bionomial coefficients which was a precious math nerd au

there’s lots and lots of cute fics by mikkimouse who wrote an adorable practice kissing fic

i also have fic recs from tumblr posts and many other authors i absolutely adore here

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Hi! I'm new to the Flash fandom. I only follow a few Westallen blogs. Could you recommend some other "go to" blogs? Thanks

@westallengifs for gifs :o)

@valeriemperez for comics knowledge (she’s who I go to)

@withaflashoflove for cute ass fics

@sophisticatedloserchick for cute ass fics

@quickwest also does super cute fics

@candicepattondaily and @candicanesunited are good news blogs, they are mostly focused on Candice, but the WA news usually ends up on there, too. 

There are really a lot of quality WA blogs out there, and if I tried to name them all you’d never get a reply LOL.

I highly recommend hanging out in the Westallen and IWDS tags and seeing who posts content in there that you really like and following them. 

WELCOME to the fandom!!