throwback to when these three pretended they were going to race but ended up doing a catwalk

ur daily reminder that harry n louis are best friends and would protect eachother to the ends of the earth

sometimes i’m just reminded of a book or series and i suddenly just get so overwhelmed by how amazing that book or series was and how much i loved it and it just such a beautiful time when that happens.  

no offence but if you’re a girl with a visible adams apple u are beautiful. keep up the good job u look gorgeous 

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This is random but I saw you mention ylvis a few weeks ago and then for some reason one of their videos was recommended to me on youtube so i watched it and I have fallen in love... they have such harmless fun and theyre so talented and also norwegian is such a beautiful language (i've been learning swedish for quite some time and it feels warm and like home to me so i wouldnt be able to switch or start norwegian anytime soon but anyway...) I love ylvis and I thought you should know

:’) welcome welcome welcome