throwback to when these three pretended they were going to race but ended up doing a catwalk

no offence but if you’re a girl with a visible adams apple u are beautiful. keep up the good job u look gorgeous 

Listen i love dreamworks so much and not only because their animation is so positively astounding and beautiful but also because theyre so unpredictable you never know what theyre gonna put out next

Because dreamworks can do things like Voltron: Legendary Defender, Trollhunters, The Prince of Egypt, How to Train Your Dragon, and Home

But they can also do things like Shrek and Bee Movie

And while things like that might not be redeeming qualities to me its fantastic because being a dreamworks fan is one hell of a wild ride and i love it

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If you had to be any kind of tree, what kind would you want to be? I like redwoods, theyre so big and powerful!!!! and also beautiful and majestic I just really love trees

Birch. A birch tree. Ahhh.. tree life sounds so pleasant, not moving….. at all.. ahhh~~ Anyways.. unfortunate I cant be. Maybe in my next life

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Sorry you're having a crappy day at work. If it helps just think that this time next week Aaron and Robert are going to be married men and they get to call each other husband.

I KNOW I think I will faint when I hear them say husband to each other for the first time I CANT OMG this is so perfect and theyre so beautiful I AM CRYING

also thanks for your lovely message!!!

Ah guys I need some distracting please please send me some asks, ask me stuff, make me choose, gimme robron headcanons, tell me about your wedding wishlist or robron wishlist in general, ok please❤

ur daily reminder that harry n louis are best friends and would protect eachother to the ends of the earth