falcs pregame rituals/superstitions:

  • jack: making a pb&j obviously but also he now has to hear bitty’s voice before a game so if bitty can’t call him jack listens to the audio on his phone bitty recorded that says “good luck honey go get em!!! i’ll be proud of you no matter the outcome and i love you”
  • snowy: all the carly rae jepsen and eyeliner. he’s gotta have his war paint. and he has lucky underwear with four leaf clover print on them
  • tater: red vines and listening to classical music. and going around asking everyone if they want a red vine
  • marty: his kids are young so their bedtimes are early and he calls to tell them goodnight and talk to his wife for a few minutes before every game. also he looks at pictures of goats? nobody understands this but it’s a superstition. or maybe he just likes pygmy goats 
  • thirdy: watching basketball on his phone/ checking in with his nanny about his kids/ listening to dad rock/ playing tetris. his rituals aren’t concrete he just needs to be Relaxed
  • guy: eating cereal by himself in some hidden part of the rink where no one can bother him & texting his husband
  • poots: the absolute most superstitious guy on the team– he swears up and down that Bad Things happen when he doesn’t do everything he needs to. wearing mismatched socks is very important, same with his lucky cup. he also puts on his gear left to right and won’t eat foods that start with ‘r’ on game days. he does everything the exact same time every day and if anyone messes with his rituals he ends up not scoring a single point the whole game so nobody dares screw with poots even tho he’s a rookie

“I am very lucky with Brad. He is a real gentleman, but he is also a real man’s man. He’s got the wonderful balance of being an extraordinary, great, loving father, a very, very intelligent man and physically he’s a real man." – Angelina Jolie

"One of the greatest, smartest things I ever did was give my kids Angie as their mom. She’s such a great mom. Oh, man, I’m so happy to have her. With a partner like Angie, I know that when I’m working, the kids are happy, safe, and prospering. And when Angie’s working, she knows she has the same.” – Brad Pitt

“I’m still a bad girl. I still have that side of me. It’s just in its place now. It belongs to Brad—or our adventures.” – Angelina Jolie

“She’s still a bad girl, delightfully so. It’s not for public consumption.” – Brad Pitt

“You get together and you’re two individuals and you feel inspired by each other, you challenge each other, you complement each other, drive each other beautifully crazy. After all these years, we have history—and when you have history with somebody, you’re friends in such a very real, deep way that there’s such a comfort, and an ease, and a deep love that comes from having been through quite a lot together.” –Angelina Jolie

john mulaney and pancakes

ok SO john mulaney has a new live show on the netflicks (the comeback kid) and i was lucky enough to see him do this act live in milwaukee this summer!!! but the recorded show is missing something special

so summer in milwaukee is known for being like. comically humid. disgustingly, oppressively humid. ‘can’t tell the difference between being downtown and being literally submerged in lake michigan’ humid

and poor john mulaney was wearing a nice-looking but also very warm suit. so once about every 10-20 minutes he would pause whatever spiel he was on, wipe his forehead, flutter his jacket about, regret his fashion choices and ask what was wrong with us that we don’t properly air condition our venues

about halfway through the show, a woman in one of the front rows stood up and started to walk out so in classic mulaney fashion he razzed her that she couldn’t take the heat either and asked her to bring him a pepsi - she didn’t break stride (i would try to play it cool too if over a thousand people were suddenly watching me get razzed by mulaney)

as soon as she was out of the theatre, he turned his mic off and started yelling to those of us who were still in there

okay guys, we’re going to play a little prank on her! can everyone hear me? WE’RE GOING TO PLAY A PRANK! at some point later in the show i’m going to say ‘you know what they say in milwaukee!!’ and you’re all going to wave your arm around like this’ - he jauntily waved his arm with his first finger outstretched, like an 80 year old man doing the charleston - ‘and you will all shout ‘gimme some PANcakes!!!’’

we did a few rehearsals of this until he was satisfied, and he turned his mic back on and continued with his act

a few minutes later the woman walked back through the theatre but passed her row, walked all the way up to the stage, and set a can of pepsi at mulaney’s feet. he stopped, mouth agape for a moment and touched his chest. ‘is this really for me?’ he asked. ‘did i ask you for pepsi? i have no idea why i would do that, i hate pepsi.’ he thanked her sincerely several times, and when she turned his back to him to return to her seat, he made frantic ‘kill’ motions across his throat to signal to us that the prank was off

he continued to lament the heat for the rest of his act, eventually lost the jacket and drank the gifted pepsi, grimacing cartoonishly every time. at the very end of the night he thanked us for being a great audience, thanked the woman in particular for her kindness, and triumphantly said ‘BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY IN MILWAUKEE!!!’ and 1 very generous women was hopelessly confused when 1299 people shouted ‘GIMME SOME PANCAKES!!!!!’


Eddie Rios
California, USA
Canon 5D Mark II

What stories are you hoping to tell with your film work? 

In regards to my work in film I’d like to show a sense of youth. It is a great time of growing and learning and making mistakes. I think it is something that everyone can relate to as we have all been there or are currently there. I think that a lot of the times when we are younger we can’t wait until we are older, but as you get older you start to think a lot about when you were younger. So ultimately I want to capture these moments in my life and express to people how lucky we really are to be alive.

What project(s) are you working on at the moment?

I just finished a short independent to be submitted to the Orange County Film Fest and I am also working on two other short films, one is in the writing phase and the other is in pre-production. 

Tell us about your photography work with kids. How did this come about and where has this taken you since?

I started teaching kids photography because when I was younger it was always something I wanted to learn about and didn’t get the opportunity to until I was in high school. So basically this program takes kids with an interest already and gives them a creative outlet for their ideas. As they get older they can branch into other mediums like film work, still life photography, or pretty much anything else they can put their mind to. Once in high school they have a chance to learn all aspects of film production and camera use during summer workshops that translate into their high schools film program. The program has really just grown into a group of creatives wanting to give back to the community by cultivating the creative arts.

Tumblr: @castnoanchors
Instagram: @eddierios
Website: @eddie-rios


I'm currently babysitting a 6 year old named Katie
  • Katie:I got really mad at a kid named jack today
  • Me:why? what did he do?
  • Katie:We saw a picture of my teacher and her sister, one kid asked if it was her girlfriend. Jack turned and said if it was her girlfriend she would go to hell and that she's lucky they're just sisters.
  • Me:And you got mad? what'd you say?
  • Katie:I told him if they were girlfriends and got married and had kids, those kids would be so lucky! Who doesn't want two moms? I also told him he smelled like poop, but that's besides the point.
I waited five years to get back at you.

My family didn’t have a lot of money, so right after I graduated from high school, I got a job waiting tables to help pay for Community College. I was lucky enough to get a job as a server at the local Houlihan’s and it was pretty good money for young college kid. In the back there were these two Mexican dishwashers who were also joking around and laughing. They spoke very broken English, but were able to communicate. Every time they would see me they greeted me with a Spanish sounding version of my name. I didn’t really understand it, but they always laughed and seemed genuinely happy to see me so I laughed along too.

After several months working there one of the cooks working the line, who always had a front row seat to this suddenly called me over. I remember this guy was always stoic and we weren’t really friends, but we weren’t on bad terms either. I always did my job, and tried to keep as much sh*t from angry customers from coming back to the kitchen, which is probably why he took pity on me. He said, “Do you know what they are calling you?” I shook my head no. I had no idea.

“It is a joke on your name. It basically means take out and suck your d*ck.” I thanked him profusely and after that I tried to go even more out of my way to help that guy. At the same time a smouldering fire began to rage and burn in my heart. I was humiliated and angry, but I didn’t say anything to them. I just smiled and played the game.

I immediately enrolled in Spanish classes the next semester. I found Spanish speaking students to hang out with. Soon my entire group of friends was Spanish speaking. By this time I had moved on from that restaurant and left those two dishwashers behind, but they were not forgotten. After several more semesters I started spending my summer breaks volunteering in South America, and finally as I graduated from University with a degree in Engineering I won an internship to work in Spain only because I had become so good at speaking Spanish. It was an amazing three months, but all good things come to an end and I had return home.

After I came back home I was exhausted, but my friend forced me to go to a birthday party. By coincidence I ended up meeting an amazing Hispanic woman there who was going to be my future wife. Later that night we all went to a club and as we were dancing and having a good time I suddenly felt someone tapping me on the shoulder. I turned around and standing there is Oscar, one of the dish washers.

“Take out your d*ck and suck it!” He said in Spanish.

Without missing a beat I replied in perfect Spanish, “Your sister already did that for me last night!”

His eyes got really big and then we both burst into laughter and hugged. The petty dream I originally had to get back at him had finally been fulfilled, but now 5 years later my heart was suddenly filled with gratitude. I had long since realized that he had unknowingly launched me into an amazing journey where I travelled the world, met some amazing people, fell in love with a new culture and had just met my future wife. So f*ck you Oscar and thanks again.

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At this point I am not even such Clexa trash like LEXA TRASH.

She literally changed laws so everything wouldn’t have to end with death.
This pure bby as young as she is was capable of pulling all 12 (now 13 lol) clans together.

She trains with little kids.

I bet that when she has time she just goes through Polis and visits other villages just to say hi and see how her people are living.

Also she just doesn’t deserve this. She is so ahead of all those old grandpas that can’t see what a future might look like.

And like they don’t even allow her to have someone to love and have a personal connection with.

I’d say that all of them are weak for not being able to acknowlegde how lucky the are to have such focused, smart leader.

I don’t even think I can express my love for her tbh.

a real man who can do both

honestly speaking kyungsoo is like the ideal husband??

like he can be the perfect house husband who can cook for u and look so soft in his glasses and apron and who’d talk to the kids in a nice gentle voice and all of the moms picking up their kids after school would wish they werent married

but he can also be a great trophy husband with a voice deeper than the ocean you’d show off during high school reunions to show ur classmates you’ve hit the fucking jackpot and all of the girls who made fun of you in high school would be speechless

“aww karen i heard ur going through ur second divorce :( too bad i dont know how u feel”

Day 1 of thinking more positive thoughts during the day and some cool stuff has happened.🌻 It could be because I am just noticing it more but either way I am loving it! Also loving this ring 💍💎 Its so cool how changing your mindset about things can shift your whole mood and perspective on things. E.g MATHS HOMEWORK😫 Just think of how lucky you are to be able to get an education! So many kids in the world would be jealous of that maths homework! I know it sounds crazy but its true!💘🌎

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“Who are these filthy peasants?”

“Why can’t weeee be friends~?”

“You’re lucky the kid is holding me or I would EAT you.”


“Search mode: Activated. Readying lazers.”


“So you come here, on my daughter’s wedding day…”

You’re right, my zakattacker friend. The #FlowerQuality hashtag needs to be a thing!! Spread the word!!

‘Pyrrha Nikos. Wow, talk about 'High-profile’, Olympic Athlete turned Movie star. Heard she goes and donates to any charity shelter she can while still having time to do some MMA fights on the weekends. 'Little Miss Perfect’, huh? Heh, I would pay money to see the peoples reactions if they found out she deals under the table. She’s Schnee’s biggest buyer, she also keeps the media turned away from the on goings of their ah, Inquisitions. Her assistants some lanky kid named Jaune or somethin’. Nothing too impressive on him, just that he knows every deal Nikos puts on, as well as knowing the traffic at anytime, so that helps with any get-a-ways ya need. Dunno how He got so lucky to be in her good graces, but man, If he can get a girl like that on luck, Then I sure as hell need to take him to Vegas..“

.:Grand Theft Auto: Vale City.:

Kids like him didn’t go to schools like this, not in real life.

So he took photographs. One photograph after another, to chronicle their lives in this unworldly other world between here and there, as though having it all chronicled on film would make it somehow more real and not a dream that he would suddenly wake up from. A nobody from nowhere, son of a milkman, destined for somewhere in the middle if he was lucky and worked hard enough.

Every single photograph went home. Filed in an album. Something like six photographs a day. As though by taking photographs he could bring his mother and father across the divide. The way people send home postcards as signposts, to open little windows into strange new worlds for those less lucky. The same way people take photos on holidays or when they go overseas, as though they need photographic evidence to ascertain that yes, they were there and it wasn’t just a fancy pipedream, contrived by idle fantasy.

Because this was fantasy. This was the kind of fantasy you get in the storybooks.

He continued, even though he should have stopped when he caught the basilisk and it melted his camera out. Undaunted, he kept clicking away, though he had to get himself a new camera. That took some careful conniving. His da would’ve had a right fit if he knew the kinds of things they got up to on the other side of the divide.

(Sometimes photographs don’t always tell the whole story. Memories and times and places slip through the cracks and are lost forever. The story, laid out in photographs, is sometimes incomplete. Sometimes a bit too conveniently. There were things his mum and dad were better off not knowing. The bits that slipped through the photographs.

Things like mudblood.)

He still carried that bloody thing around with him in 1997, even in the thick of the fighting, even while he skulked around with Dean and Justin and the rest of the Resistance. You’ll want the pictures one day, he told them. So he went on clicking.

The war collection was different.

There were boys with guns far too big for them and girls with bruises and knives they wielded with deadly precision. The wounded and the broken. Angry sullen faces. Exhaustion and sometimes, despair. They should have all slid through the cracks and disappeared, but this time Colin Creevey chronicled it all. Denial, anger, acceptance. And in the middle of that, resilience. Smiles and laughter and heads bent over maps and people roasting sausages over open fires. Pranks, even. Christmas, 1997, with nothing very much to give each other except what little they could conjure with nothing but sheer willpower and whatever was at hand.

Because they were magic even if the rest of them said they weren’t.

He wasn’t even killed in crossfire. He was fighting. That last battle at the fringes of the Forest and a jinxed cutting curse came flying out of nowhere and all of a sudden heat and searing pain.

Justin Finch-Fletchley held him and looked on, helpless. Unable to stop the bleeding because their standard healing spells didn’t work on hexes like this and there was nothing they could do. All of them old enough that they’d had all the accidental magic drilled out of them, all of them too young to improvise.  Seven years of magic and the looming threat of war and no one had ever thought of teaching them countercurses or the kind of healing spells that could undo tainted curses. No one had ever taught them how to save lives in the middle of war and there was nothing Justin could do except hold on tight and nothing Dean could do except hold on to Dennis and keep him from doing something stupid.

Maybe if they’d been born to the right families. Maybe if they’d grown up with magic. Maybe if they’d had all that, they could have saved Colin Creevey. Maybe if they’d just fit better, instead of sticking out like sore thumbs. Maybe then Colin would have never had to die.

They took those pictures home, once the war was done.

Your son was a hero, they told his parents. A war hero.

They’d had no idea there was a war being fought, or that their son had been a target. Most Wanted. Most Wanted and with an Order of Merlin, Second Class and a coffin.

They all kept photos he’d taken of them. Dean had one of him bottling blood to send to the vampires down in Billingsgate. Blood for weapons. That was what this war was about, in the end. Blood - and who could spill it faster. Kevin had the one of him pummelling the air, drumming along to My Generation; peace in a time of war, because even the war wasn’t just all fighting. Justin Finch-Fletchley, even in his years as Minister for Magic, kept the one of him lying in the mud, with his grandad’s old world war two rifle aimed at the approaching Death Eaters. Displayed it like it was a badge. Magic and muggle.

Because that was what they were. Magic but every bit muggle and fucking proud of it.

It wasn’t a contradiction at all, though the rest of the wizarding world couldn’t understand and the papers remained forever uncomfortable with these boys and girls who wore their oddness as some kind of badge.

Colin had understood it and in that last year, he’d captured it all in photographs. The swift transition from carefree children to people who understood that there’d never really be a place for them in here unless they made it for themselves. Anger, acceptance, determination, pride.

And in the future, looking back, they were pretty damn glad he’d taken all those silly photographs because this way, somehow, the past stayed real and in terrifying technicolour. Because this way, the past could never die, no matter how much people wanted it to.

Johnny Headcanons

•Johnny likes to compliment people. He’ll always find something to compliment you about.

•Johnny blames himself for his parent’s actions.

•Johnny looks up to Dally because he thinks Dally’s everything he’ll never be.

•He considers Pony his brother, so when people ask if he has any kid brothers, he’d answer “yes”.

•Johnny loves milkshakes and fries.

•Johnny has a blade he’s proud of, he just never shows it to anyone.

•While sleeping in the lot, he made friends with a stray cat. He called her Lucky.

•Johnny rambles when he’s nervous.

•Johnny loves the book, “Oliver Twist”. It’s one of his favorites.

•He doesn’t like it when people talk during movies.

•Under his mattress at the lot, he keeps an emergency stash of money. He also keeps a copy of, “Gone With the Wind”.

•Johnny doesn’t like to dance in front of people.

•Johnny treats girls the best out of the entire gang.

Soulmate AUs and Variations

-your soulmate died and became a ghost for you, guiding you and helping you after death

-variation of the above where you don’t know about your soulmate becoming a ghost/spirit for you and assume you’re lucky in all the ways that matter except one

-your soulmate has a different soulmate and when you die you help them get together so they can be happy and then fade away

-your soulmate’s name is written somewhere on your body and turns gray if they die and you name your kid after the soulmate you never got to meet

-you and your soulmate meet in a situation where both of you know you’re not going to survive and you’re both sad but also just happy you got to meet and have this precious time left together

-variation of the above where they die next to each other holding hands and smiling

-your soulmate is not a person of romantic inclination towards you or anything, but in fact your child because they change you the most and make you the happiest you could ever be

-variation of the above in which your soulmate is still the person who changes your life the most and gives you the greatest happiness ever but is your archnemesis

-another variation of above in which the reason they’re your soulmate even though they’re your soulmate is that in the end they give up their life/everything important to them for your happiness/to save you

-you have two timers, one for each hand-left is when you meet them, and right is when they die

-variation of above: the two times are minutes or seconds apart

-another variation: your soulmate is a villain/hero or cop/law enforcer and you constantly check your right hand because the time never stays the same

-in which the information you get on your soulmate isn’t a name on your body or when you’ll meet them or even their dreams, but random bits of information and thoughts they have in the middle of the day no matter how far apart you guys are

-in which your entire life you have your soulmate’s eyes so when you see each other for the first time, you can see how the other looks at you

-where you have multiple names/soulmarks on you because so many different people make up who you are

-where you literally and physically cannot fall in love with someone who isn’t your soulmate because your heart stops if you do

-your soulmate is someone who grew up/went through similar or extremely similar experiences and circumstances but turned out different; the literal equivalent of what could have happened if you did something different

-your soulmate is your brother/sister/twin because they made you who you are and constantly make you better and love you forever

-you and your soulmate are best friends and everyone keeps telling you that you both will end up together romantically even though you really won’t because being a soulmate doesn’t have to mean being in a romantic relationship

-your soulmate hates you because they’re afraid of what you could mean for them and are so, so, afraid

-your soulmate can change if life-altering experiences occur physically or mentally (though not death)

-your soulmate hates you so much or perhaps the thought of you so much that they try to get rid of their timer/name/mark/etc by scarring and hurting themselves and it kills you

-where your soulmate is the only person who can kill you outside of natural causes (meaning no dying if caused by another person such as car accidents, poisoning you, etc)

-au in which you actually have a guardian angel/cupid with a list of potential soulmates who guides you through your love life and slowly checks people off it

-variation of the above where you have no one/a hell of a lot of people on the list but none of them work and it turns out your cupid is your soulmate

-au where you don’t have a name/mark/timer/first words/etc, but words written on you telling you what they will love most about you

-variation of above in which what’s written is what they’ll always be known for (their legacy or kindness, etc)

-if blind, your name/sentence/timer is set in braille via permanent goosebumps or moles or etc

-au where you live without one of your senses (the one that is or will be the most important to you) until you meet your soulmate

-variation of above where its a color you miss until the meeting


gathered by myself, @fy1ao, and @debuthansol

  • donghyuck was only heard, not seen in soyd. clearly for a reason
  • hansol is the only member from soyd that has not debuted yet
  • dreams
  • hansol’s scenes were the foggiest and had things like feathers flying around, as if he is not awake yet
  • did donghyuck know too much? they erased his memories and he came back as haechan
  • donghyuck was not smiling in his nct dream teaser pictures, is he.. becoming aware?
  • did something go wrong with donghyuck’s experimentation? 
  • mark was also not smiling
  • lee sooman had been planning exo for years. nct does have a lot to do with exo
  • lucky one. they are experiments like exo, except, they were successful experiments.
  • the chewing gum in the mv? it’s not chewing gum. it is the black substance from lucky one. kids would not enjoy that so they remade it into something kids would eat, and potentially become addicted to it.
  • 7th sense. winwin must play a big role in this
  • is mark trying to help them become more aware?
  • mark and donghyuck were not smiling but also jeno was clenching his fist. mark is trying to help them
  • mark is fully awakened, hence why he was in the 7th sense
  • mark’s teaser pic for nct dream was black and white
  • nct dream were wearing uniforms. all of the other units had high fashion clothing while nct dream wore uniforms in the mv and during a recent performance. chewing gum is supposed to be showing us that they are trapped somewhere, we all thought it was boarding school but we never thought like… what type of school
  • are the hoverboards supposed to be futuristic and represent the future? 
  • the woman from the origin is wearing all black and holding a red flag. those are the nct #127 album colors
  • what happens when the timer from the origin runs out?
  • where are they? why is there so much sand… what is that pink moon thing? 
  • the drawing the kid made in the origin, is he drawing what he saw in his dreams but can’t fully recall
  • did winwin connect to them all through their dreams?
  • at first in the origin the kid could only draw sand hills and the sun, the lady gave him a choice between red, yellow, and blue. he chose blue and drew water. what were nct 127 spraying in their mv? water.
  • she plays an important role in this. she just disappeared. who is she?
  • the kid from the origin started their destiny
  • the lady chose him for a reason
  • the lady carries the flag for him and everywhere they go they become n city
  • the drawing is showing him the way
  • the lady left because he awoke his powers, the drawing may have been a test
  • he can connect to dreams, which is why he saw the visions of taeyong and winwin
  • he saw those visions and was taken to water, like he had drawn.
  • taeyong woke up in sand in soyd. he is the origin kid and winwin lives far away but they connect through the boys. 
  • since taeyong is the origin kid, he is the leader of nct. 
  • when the lady left, the kid had no idea what to do because he didn’t know his powers were awakened. what if that’s like symbolism of their minds trying to connect their thoughts. taeyong woke up in a mess. the more he thought about it, he realized. (you can tell by his facial expressions in soyd) he connected his thoughts. all the dreams made sense
  • the debris in soyd could have indicated them breaking away from what they were brainwashed to do.
  • the snake from the origin could have been symbolizing the doctors
  • the boy had visions of taeyong and winwin because they were both destined for nct 127 even though they had never met
  • winwin didn’t awaken his powers the same way the others did but he reached out to them because he could help. he closes his eyes and sees the boy and taeyong. maybe the boy helped him awaken his powers or the boy asked for winwin’s help
  • time is ticking.

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Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female identifying Reader + Their kid

Warning: N/A, just pure fluff

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom​ aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  How about a reader insert with Dad Bucky where their kid wants to see how many magnets can fit onto his arm/decorate his arm with magnets?

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I’m not 100% sure how valid the post is, but by now most of you have probably heard the news. Apparently, Kya is part of the LGBTQA+ community. This is just… really important info, especially for the kyalin, kyzumi, etc shippers and the queer fans in general. Aiwei is too. And with the way things left off in the show, our ships are more plausible now than ever. A lot of characters like Kya and the characters she’s usually shipped with didn’t end up in on-screen relationships. Hell, all we need now is a list of other queer characters. I’m so excited. Thanks, Bryke!

Sometimes I think about how Cecil has his times of existential musings and how it sorta turns into disassociation and anxiety. Then I think about how Carlos probably makes sure that when he has times like that he is holding Cecil’s hand, or are sitting close enough that their legs touch, or wrapped in each other’s arms. Any little bit of contact to anchor him, as he explains the science and how he is real, and he does exist, and peppering in that Carlos is so so happy and lucky he does.

Then I also think about how a lot of us in this fandom headcanon Carlos as autistic or ADHD, and about Carlos having a really bad sensory day/having issues with executive function. Then I think about Cecil subtly turning off lights, making sure he’d eaten something and was hydrated, and being available to cuddle and talk, but not pressing either. And (not on a bad sensory day) sewing Carlos a new weighted blanket to replace the one he had been using since he was a kid that was falling apart and he hadn’t replaced.

Just- Neurodivergent boyfriends taking care of each other and being there for each other when they need it