So I just want to be clear with anyone in the Bleach fandom. I’ve shipped Rukia with Orihime for years, literal years. I knew going into Bleach and upon introduction that my ship would never happen. I mean why would it? It’s a f/f ship, in a prominent Shonen manga. Still I read the manga when it was available to me, watched the characters grow into themselves for a time, until I wasn’t in access of the manga or anime - by sinking into a really bad depression. It’s nothing for me to linger on, but I did fall back with the animes and mangas that I enjoyed. In a way I’ve still been a bit behind, but I am thankful for tumblr.

That being said I noticed three sides of the main shipping factions. Icihime, RenRuki, and IchiRuki. I’ve seen some pretty in-depth shit by both IchiRuki and Icihime fans on why their ship was going to be canon, for about three years. On this account and an older one I had. Not so much with RenRuki, that ship was and is an underdog ship that I respect. But it’s so staggering to see so much hate within these ship? To the ship that did not become canon do you want a formal apology? Because as someone who endured a bit with the 100 fandom, losing a ship we believed was promised and basically canon sucked. But the difference between that and the difference between your ship. Well, Kubo is the author and he actually loves his characters.

They are of his design and so are their happiness. Sure, you can come to me and rant about it being unfair. To an extent I understand, but we’re not the writer. We didn’t plan, plot out, design and build the world we were even lucky enough to view. And while people complain about plotholes and that he rushed. He probably did, but he - the author - seemed happy with HIS decision. He did this for fifteen years, he dedicated himself to Bleach, his own creation, and shared it with us. Bleach was his journey that we got to walk along side with, journeys are meant to have twists and turns and while it doesn’t make sense to us, especially the ones who were so focused on the relationship aspects, we still made it to the end.

Rukia and Ichigo have been my guiding light on friendship. It reminds me of the bond I share with one of my friends. I can confide in him, and he within me. Does that mean we will be lovers? No, I’m gay as fuck and value him as my family.

Ichigo and Orihime was something I also valued. Despite what some people think, while wearing their shipper goggles, he did care for Orihime. He was kind to her, she looked up to him. And sure, part of me believed it could happen. Like with how I thought Naruto and Hinata was going to happen, and look how that turned out?

Renji and Rukia dude they’re family, but more than family. Renji, and it was obvious upon meeting him, had been in love with Rukia. He was as subtle as a damn brick. Rukia also cared for him too, in her own way. We seen them as children and then what they became. He never stopped loving her, never made it her problem. Because she mattered to him.

And for me. Rukia and Orihime love each other. As friends, I know. Rukia would protect Orihime as much as Ichigo would, and possibly helped Ichigo realize just how special Orihime was. To me, I’ll always love Rukia and Orihime.

While I understand how upsetting and dissatisfying it can feel when your ship doesn’t happen, please remember that while I did not like nor reblog some of your personal rants and in-depth studies on why your ship was going to be canon while the other one was shit, I still saw them. Literally, they’re not hard to miss when you see them in the other ships tag. Some of you I’d pat on the back for not outwardly showing your dislike or hate for the other ships, but for the ones that have said for literal years that the one ship that was not yours was never going to be canon because “lol, Kubo loves us more. Our ship has chemistry, I mean they’re practically in love lol.” I have no remorse for you or your saltiness.

You let your shipping goggles get the better of you. You focused more on the relationship than the actual story. Sure, love can and will happen if the writer permits it, but that doesn’t make the story. Unless it’s a Shoujo manga, and then really you’re in the wrong category.

P.S Also a casual reminder that the children are a perfect blend of their parents, and while some of you like to pretend that neither look like the mother for the boy and father for the girl, because again you’re salty. Just remember who’s hair color, which is a nice looking red, the little girl has and the noticeable eye color, brown/honey brown, the boy has. So while you would like to pretend for your reasons that they are not their respected parents children, please remember this shipper from a ship that was never going to happen, can acknowledge what has come to be. Death and Strawberry came to its final conclusion, and not as siblings.

And for the last name bit, because I saw a post for that. My mother has her maiden name while being currently married to her husband and I applaud Kubo for doing this because it doesn’t diminish their relationship nor does it make them any less of a family.


I can’t find it…

Where’s that interview after the ugly release where the GazettE gets read rumors/questions off the internet and they answer them and then get the answer read to them?

Ruki and Kai’s laugh was so precious and I’m moving computers and I can’t find it. Reita also has that moment he ignores Kai and doesn’t move at all.

If any of you have a link can you tag me?

Fictional Crush tag

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Kanato Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)

Ruki Mukami (Diabolik Lovers)

Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)

Noctis Lucis Caelum (Final Fantasy XV)

Shin (Amnesia)

Azusa Asahina (Brother’s Conflict)

Roen (Dance with Devils)

Scarlet (Ozmafia!)

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How would the Mukami's react to their s/o being a do-m but also a do-s?

Ruki - He wouldn’t like it at all, you being rather inappropriate in public and trying to dominate him in bed. He wouldn’t let you stay around long.

Kou - Hehe, how cute~ He likes the way you submit and moan upon his fangs, but he doesn’t like you dominating him. Don’t try that.

Yuma - He doesn’t prefer it. It makes him feel awkward for the most part the heavy masochism and doesn’t like to be dominated either.

Azusa - He likes it quite a bit, enjoying giving you the pain you desire and receiving it at the same time. You are perfect for him.

must be love on the brain

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Digimon Tamers
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Katou Juri | Jeri Katou/Makino Ruki | Rika Nonaka
Characters: Makino Ruki | Rika Nonaka, Katou Juri | Jeri Katou, Matsuda Takato | Takato Matsuki, Lee Jianliang | Henry Wong
Additional Tags: Love Confessions
Summary: Ruki realized she had a crush on her best friend when she was fourteen. Her reaction? Oh shit.
Notes: Done for the second prompt of @digiotpweek ! the prompt was The First Emotion of Love" Also on ao3

Ruki was fourteen when she realized she had a crush on her best friend.

Her reaction?

Oh shit.

It shouldn’t have been a surprise, she had known she was into girls since last year - but she didn’t tell anyone, not out of shame, but because it wasn’t their damn business and Juri and her had grew up to be very close to the point Juri stays at her house on the weekends and sometimes on the middle of the week under the excuse of studying.

Excuses, that is.

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(1/2)*Cho blushes even more because of certain words and looks away* It... it's your choice to touch or not touch me. *She also nods to Ruki's last words, takes her shoes off and climbs onto the male's lap once again for today but in different means.

To show some respect, Cho looks into Master’s capturing eyes while she begins to rub his crotch with her hand. With another hand, she unties Master’s tie and slowly pulls it away from it’s place erotically* What does Master want to see, hm?

“What I want to see? Can´t you guess, my little maid? Everything you have to offer to your Master”, he answered, while he watched in pure amusement. A wide, arrogant grin decorated his lips with coldness in his eyes. Slender digits ran up her thighs, caressed her skin with cold, teasing yet tortourusly slow touches. So feather light, one could think small little snow flakes are kissing the maid´s skin.

11 Question Challenge

I was tagged by @reitas-trash thank u bby I had to get on pc for this ugugug <3

1. What’s your favourite animal:

Well my favourite domesticated animals are dogs. I fucking love dogs, they are so happy and I just don’t know? I wanna hug dogs but they’re also nasty motherfuckers so I don’t. I also really love pandas, they are clumsy and round and also Ruki-ish.

2. What do you do in your spare time?

On my spare time… Well my whole day can be pretty much considered a spare time? I don’t do anything lol. I mostly chat with kathyboo on facebook and also roleplay with her. I also roleplay on my Ruki blog. But aside of that, I just watch videos of the GazettE or other bands (tho the last one is very rare lol)

3. What’s your favourite movie/series?

My favourite movie is… Uhm, too many. I will list the top three I guess. It’s most likely the Lord of the Rings, Kill Bill and the Hannibal movies. As for series, I really love the American Horror Story and Scream Queens. Though I feel like I can rarely get my ass to finish series. It’s true.

4. If you could, would you move to a country of your choice for free (?) with the condition not to talk to those you knew til now ever again?

Ah, I took some time thinking this. If I was offered that, my first thought would be yes. But after thinking it well, I would say no. Relationships you’ve built are important in life and they help you grow. I think that a part of myself would be gone if I didn’t talk to the friends I’ve made up till now. So no, if I decided to move to another country, I’d probably have to do it normally lol.

5. What’s a pet peeve of yours?

A pet peeve. I don’t even know. Like I need to think of this hard? I think I get kind of annoyed when people scowl at me? Or when people stare weirdly at me. I’m like, is there something wrong with my face, bitch? Generally I don’t know, judgmental people drive me nuts.

6. Are you open to new food?

I think I am? I would feel very reluctant with fish, but I think I would pretty much try anything else. No guarantee that I’d like it, since I’m kinda difficult with food, but probably try at least.

7. What is your biggest complaint?

My biggest complaint is not having enough money? Like there are so many things I would like to do but they all require money. I would be traveling anywhere if I was a millionaire or something lol. But I think a problem that is more real than that is the fact that I live kinda far away from the city? It’s kind of a small journey to get out. Also most people living here (God Kathy why did you add this question lmao) are very close minded so yeah not working.

8. Are you good in some kind of art?

I want to believe that I’m good at drawing. There’s plenty room for improvement but I am already at a level that I feel satisfied with.

9. DO you find it easy to start a conversation?

I can’t start a conversation for shit lmao. It only flows out naturally with Kathy, otherwise I don’t even. I am very awkward when it comes to talking to people and I kinda feel like ‘you saying shit fam’

10. Do you have a wish?

I don’t know? For my family to be healthy I guess. Or to move in Japan, that sounds like a cool idea, I mean yeah. I don’t know if I’d like to move there or go for really long vacation? I don’t know.

11. What’s a book you’d recommend?

Books ehh… I don’t read books so I don’t know lmao. I only read mango so yeah! But I have some bomb children’s books with drawn pictures! 

This took so long to write and I don’t even know why are my answers so huge? I just felt like writing long so don’t ask me I’m not functioning.

My questions: I’ve done this before so I won’t write new questions, just answering boo’s questions here fam 

Bleach 686

Welp…that’s that. Honestly not a terrible chapter at all. I quite enjoyed it. We finally saw characters I’ve been dying to see, like Chad who is now a boxing champion. lol go figure! and KARIN!!!! and Yuzu. man it was great seeing them again. And yes grudgingly I’ll accept that Ichihime and Renjia??? Ruji? Ruki?? is also canon now, but here is where the problem in the whole thing arises. Kubo spent all this time showing how special a relationship between Rukia and Ichigo have, going as far as to say things like “They are tied by the red string of fate” and “The death and the strawberry” referring to Rukia and Ichigo. Making it appear to be clear as day that they both love each other and yes also showing he did show that Orihime loved Ichigo but he never saw her as more than a really close friend. Now them being together in the end is fine….it does make the most sense, the humans would get to together and the spirits as well. BUT this is where the time skip hurt the story so much, because I never saw at any point where Ichigo showed more emotion towards Orihime than he did Rukia. Orihime even acknowledges that Ichigo loves Rukia. But whatever, I accept this but i’m still a Ichiruki until the day I die lol. And isn’t that the best thing about fandoms?

Now onto the kids, those two little brats are so fucking adorable. I now pray and hope that there is a spin off manga involving those two, especially since Ichika thought she was special for being a Soul Reaper, and then Kazu just shuts her down. Please Kubo, make a follow up with these two getting to know each other and having adventures!!!!!’

Welp…that’s that. Thank you for this incredible journey Kubo. I started it in 2012 so yea only four years ago, but I’ve sunk the most time out of any series into yours because I just love it so much. Arigato gozaimasu!