• Ruki: rather than the intro or the chorus, it’s the transition from verse to bridge* that’s the real struggle, guess it’s been like this since DOGMA.
  • Ruki: also, it’s 5:12 in the morning and Koron is alternating between super loud snoring and sleep talking. 🛌

  • ______________
  • *He said A-Part to B-Part; I think the A-Part is just the 1st verse of a song and B-Part is like a pre-chorus or a transitional bridge.
Mukami family headcanons :3

• Since yuma’s an early riser he turns on the coffee maker for ruki since he wakes up right after

they have weekly movie nights which often result in yuma and kou fighting over which movie to watch (ruki has to break them apart while azusa literally sits there watching and eating the popcorn. he eats it all. even the kernels. they have to make more.)

ruki tried to make a reward system thingy by hanging up a board on the kitchen door and putting golden stars next to the name of whoever did a good deed or behaved for the day. but of course decided it was a bad idea after kou had not so secretly constantly took both yuma’s and azusa’s stars and put them next to his name (lil shit)

ruki also made a swear jar cause someone *coughcough*yuma needed discipline. he then realized soon this was also a bad idea after yuma smashed the jar while chasing kou around the house

Azusa sometimes watches yuma garden. and sometimes yuma gives azusa little tasks like picking small fruits or watering the plants. its a silent bonding time for both of them

Before kou heads out for an interview ruki always makes sure to make vongole bianco to keep kou in a good mood for the day

On the rare occasion ruki brings them along to shop, the cart usually ends up piled so freakin high cause kou needs the set of strawberry scented organic shampoo and yuma needs a new shovel 

“yuma you have other shovels”

“yea but this one is made with the finest quality!!!”


and then they freaking realize azusa is no where to be found. ruki tries calling from the announcement speaker thingy and its not until a customer screams that ‘theres someone sleeping in the furniture section’ do they find him crawled up with one of those heating blankets

“Ruki…. can we… get this one? its…warm”

Diabolik lovers Lost Eden: Ayato Sakamaki [Ecstasy 7] ~translation|traducción~

“Yui-sama” …*internally screaming*


Place: Vibora Castle –Yui-sama’s room.

Vibora servant: From now on this will be your room, Yui-sama.
Vibora servant: If you are dissatisfied about something, please let me know. Now I’ll take my leave…
Yui: Um… Well… …
Yui: (Did the Vibora might really stop the invasion of the Eden… …?)

1-Ask [correct]
2-Don’t do anything


Yui: (How should I ask… …)
Yui: This… … I don’t know if I should ask this to you, but… …
Yui: You have talked about stopping the invasion… … and after that… …
Vibora servant: Ah, if it’s about that; Zweig-sama has already stopped his army.
Vibora servant: We had already informed you, but… … could it be that you are dissatisfied about something?

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The boys discussing TV spoilers (Rajigaze 3/31)

Reita (reading mail): “Please evaluate my Dark Side. I’m the type to read some spoilers before watching a series or reading a novel, but the other day my friend was like, “that’s unbelievable! you won’t [watch/read] if something you don’t like happens? That’s so self-centred!” I thought reading spoilers was a thing so that people could avoid [seeing/reading] something they didn’t like, but do people not actually do that? Is this my Dark Side? Are you guys the type who don’t tolerate spoilers?”

Aoi: A while ago I was talking to someone about Taiga (this historical drama that’s been on TV for like 50 years) like, “oh so-and-so died…” and they got so mad at me, like, “stop spoiling!”

Uruha: (laughing) But it’s Taiga………..

Aoi: Right? Like, it actually happened, what u want me to do…it’s Taiga…

(*the drama is based off of real ppl/events in history so i guess it was no secret this person died) 

Reita and Kai catching on finally: AHH cause it’s historical ahh yeah ok!! Ahh yes (laughing)

Kai: Totally!

Reita: I mean, it’s historical!

Aoi: Yeah.

(Uruha chucklin)

Aoi: Like am I not even allowed to talk about that? 

Reita: Right, like, ur literally just stating a fact?

Aoi: Right right right

Ruki: The “type to read spoilers before watching a series or reading a drama”….what?

Reita: That’s totally not a thing

Kai: That’s not a “type”


Ruki: Hmmm…..they’re not thinking about the writer’s intention at all.

Reita: There’s no surprises!

Aoi: But don’t you sometimes watch a movie even after you’ve read the novel? 

Reita: Ahh yeah if it was good!

Aoi: So it’s kinda like that no?

Ruki: But like, they must go online first and read something that says like “spoiler alert”

Aoi and Reita: Ahhhhh

Reita: Yeah that’s weird…

Ruki: Well yeah that’s why it’s a “Dark Side.” 

Reita: Ah.

Aoi: Right.

Ruki: Like manga, for example, when there’s an original work…like Ushijima and stuff (It’s this manga that they made into a movie???) it’s not like you read a spoiler, it’s like…you know the original work, and you’re seeing how well they were able to reproduce it. 

Aoi: Mmm

Ruki: But this person….they’re just reading spoilers…….this……….IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!

(everyone especially reita dying) 

Reita: It’s scary, like, some of us are watching the same foreign dramas, and we’re all at different parts, right?

Ruki: Yeah but like even if someone spoils it we just forget about it and watch anyway

(everyone laughing) 

Uruha: Yeah like if we’re talking about 24, and you’re talking about something that happened around season 2 idk shit

Reita: Cause you literally don’t remember anything? 

Uruha: Yep.

Ruki: Well that would have happened so long ago, it was season 2

Uruha: And if someone’s [talking about it] like, “that was crazy eh!?” I’m just like .. ……. :-)

Kai: (laughing) Even tho u were telling everyone to watch it

Reita: But man I’m so scared of spoilers like, I’m like “stop talking about it stop talking about it” u know?

Aoi: Yeah totally……

Reita: Yeah…espECIALLY to KAI. 

Kai: Me!?

Reita: It’s always you!!!

Kai: It’s YOU!!!

Reita: No the fuck it;S NOT !!!!

Ruki: Also you lie.

Reita: What?

Ruki: You lie about the ending.

Reita: W-what are you talking about (laughing) 

(Idk wtf happens in this movie but it’s some shit called “Blown Away”?? and Reita told Ruki some shit explodes in the end but I guess it didn’t?????) 

Ruki: I was like, “man even though I know how it ends now that’s gonna be so good!” But that’s not what happened at all! Shit did not explode!

Uruha: What were u watching?

Reita: Blown, away, I think. ….Pls watch it.

(everyone giggling) 

Reita: So, anyone watching dramas lately?


Reita: Foreign dramas…Anything….


Kai: I know one of y’all is watching something………

Uruha: Dramas? Well…Walking Dead got boring –

Ruki: Oh good!!!!!!! Then let’s watch [idk what he said but I guess he been tryna get ppl to watch it cause he JUMPED on this opportunity]

Reita: There’s no way we’re watching that

Ruki: No I actually watched a bit during recording recently! About an hour.

Reita: Oh yeah?

Ruki: Yeh…but it’s kinda awkward to show people…cause you can’t tell if they’re enjoying it

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Who's the better cook- Reiji or Ruki? Also list of best to worst cook

Oooo that’s a hard one~ They’re obviously both very talented chefs. The only difference is that Reiji needs a recipe in front of him. He sees cooking as a science- exact measurements and temperatures are critical or something can go horribly wrong. Ruki, on the other hand, is completely indifferent and sometimes prefers to cook without a plan in order to improvise. His dishes almost always turn out delicious, planned or not, which is why everyone agrees that he’s better (not that they’d ever say it out loud with reiji in the room).

Best to worst cook:
Ruki (discussed above)
Reiji (discussed above)
Yuma (Ruki’s taught him a thing or two)
Laito (Not so good with full on meals but is fairly good at baking and making deserts)
Subaru (decent cook but gets frustrated too easily)
Ayato (His culinary grasp is literally instant noodles and pb&j sandwiches. If he tries to actually cook something it ends up looking like stoner food)
Kou (acts like he knows everything about cooking but is actually clueless)
Azusa (Gets preoccupied with the knives and forgets whatever’s cooking on the stove or in the oven)
Kanato (wants to learn how but gets too impatient, has not yet grasped the concept of cakes taking time to bake)
Shu (Can barely boil an egg, will fall asleep if something takes more than five minutes to make)

Ruki takes a job

Ruki: *comes back from shopping for groceries*

Mukami mansion: destroyed 

Yui: kidnapped by sakamaki

Yuma: in jail because he stole fertilizer

Karlheinz *from behind a bush*: lol it will be fun to see how i pranked those halfbloods by telling them they can be adam hehe

Ayato *poking ruki with a stick*: how does it feel to be a failure-

Ruki: Thats it *throws shopping bags* 

Yuma: hey have you heard from ruki ? 

Kou: Yeah ! He sent me a letter and mentioned about getting a job in a mafia ….

Yuma: well we are supportive of whatever he wanna do soo

Yuma:  im gonna go and water my plants.


Ruki: Livesto- i mean fuka hurry up we need to go back to boss

Fuka: *he never talks i wonder what he is thinking*

Ruki: *finally i get to relax ……i wonder how my brothers are doing, probably good*



Yuma: *slams down kitchen door* WHAT HAPPENED


Yuma: *brings fire extinguisher* BACK OF-


Yuma: really kou…… that was just a spark from the toaster


Yuma: i will do the burnin for ya 

Yuma: azusa stop putting ya hand in the stove fire.

Azusa: but its fun


Jk jk he is axel from Ozmafia but he is also a doppelganger of ruki so i thought of this but looks like ruki has to go back sooner or later.

Kai: done with Rock in Japan.
as usual our fans were so cool! ( ✌︎'ω’)✌︎
the people who seemed like they were seeing us for the first time were also very energetic, so great job, everyone.
thank you all so much 〜⤴︎ #Rockinjapan#theGazettE #rain #ItDidnt #( ✌︎'ω’)✌︎
Reita: thanks, RockIn🤘🏻I was so happy to feel the love and affection of the GazettE fans and to also be able to spend such a good time with everyone who’ve come to see us for the first time in a long while 👍🏻
hope to see you all again somewhere very soon ! !
we’ll be heading for the next location so we’re leaving now ✋🏻you guys make sure to have a great time as long as you can till the end and please get home safe 😄
Aoi: thank you all so much for having fun with the all-black-guys today.
we’re already being transported to the next preparations. before that I would love to take a baaaaath 🛀
Ruki: our first Rock in Japan festival is over!
thank you so much! it was a lot of fun 🙏
thanks so much to all the fans who came! seeing you all headband for the first time in a while was so nice, I knew we could rely on you ☺️
to everyone who’s seen us for the first time, this is the kinda band we are so please also come to one of our one-man shows! they’re so much more fun 🤘🔥🔥
Ruki: I also wanna thank everyone who couldn’t come but sent us all their fighting spirits 🙏 and the next one is finally conifer ! ! it’s very soon so this is the perfect timing to get ready to go wild !😇
Ruki: and we’re going back to Tokyo, to the next job 💦

YA’LL KNOW I’M ALL ABOUT THEM WITCHES! Hope you enjoy this as much as I did lmao ~mun Ashe


-Shu: He finds your powers interesting and asks you to use them to make things easier for him. He also loves how the magic in your blood makes it taste spicier, like cloves and cardamom.

-Reiji: Fucking fascinated by your powers. He’s constantly wanting to test your abilities, get ready to be a guinea pig! Honestly considers using your powers for himself.

-Ayato: So many fucking questions. He is relentless, wants to know if you know any spells to make his basketball game better, not that he needs it

-Laito: Oooooh a sexy little witch! He buys you those flimsy, shitty witch Halloween costumes all the time and demands you actually wear them around. He also wants you to make him potions to increase libido, as if he needs more of that.

-Kanato: Wants you to enchant everything you bake for him, whether it’s for luck or to just make them taste better. And he makes you sew protection sigils and wards into Teddy so that little Mukami psycho never hurts him again.

- Subaru: He’s kind of dubious of you and your powers. Are you going to use them in some negative way? In the end, he might end up trusting you if you prove you only use your powers for good.


-Ruki: Also very interested in your powers and wants to test your limits. Punishments are much more intense and adjusted accordingly to how you can use your powers.

-Kou: He wants to know if you can enchant something to let him sing even better, like some Little Mermaid/Ursula shit.  And his whole ‘I give you something so you owe me’ attitude gets like 10000% more intense.

-Yuma: Do you know plant magic? He doesn’t really care unless your magic is useful to him/his garden. He’s gonna treat you just like everyone else, he doesn’t give a shit how powerful your magic is.

-Azusa: He. is. so. supportive. Want you to be the best witch you can be and loves watching you use your powers, he just thinks it’s so beautiful how the power flows from your hands. Also could you maybe curse him?

Rajigaze Jan 6

(Anger Mail)

(Why are they all last months themes ffs)

Ruki (reading mail): “The other members have spoken quite a bit about the behaviour of staff at [stores/restaurants etc] –” Oh really! “Ruki-san, Aoi-san, if an employee pissed you off, what would you do? I’m curious about your reaction! It’s cold so please take care!”

Aoi: Actually, a while ago – like, really not too long ago, maybe a week ago, before Christmas (*bc they recorded this in December) I went to…”some”…store in Shibuya called “something” and “something”

(Ruki gigglin)

(idk why he can’t just say the name of the store smh)

Aoi: I was in a hurry to buy some underwear…I had stuff to do in the evening so I was hurrying, but I was like “k whatever” and went into the store. But I’d never bought them from there before, so I didn’t know how the sizes worked or anything. 

Ruki: Yes yes yes

Aoi: And the person who explained it to me was great! But then when I went to the cash and was like “yes I’d like this please,” the cashier was like, “are you sure you picked up the right size?” and I’m like, “yep!” and then they asked me again, “are you sure?” like sounding half pissed…like, I just said yes…


Aoi: Like tf is up with u…and it was almost like they were tryna fight me about it, like they thought I was wrong…I’m like, “i just told u it’s the right size tf!!”

(Ruki bursts out laughing) 

Aoi: I usually do that. I’ll pick a fight with them. 

Ruki: You know, my image of that “something” and “something” store is like…Japanese people who live overseas. 

Aoi: ……………………..what

Ruki: You know what I mean

Aoi: No (laughs) 

Ruki: Like, you know how some Japanese people have spent a long time living overseas? …Idk they kinda piss me off

(Aoi bursts out laughing) 

Ruki: You know, like, their native country is obviously Japan, but they say stuff like, “I’m American now~”

(*how tf is that even related Ruki)

Aoi: I guess like… a bad case they would be rude/insensitive??

Ruki: Right? And in really bad cases they’ll start talking to you in informal speech!

Aoi: Yeahhhhh

Ruki: I’ve had an experience like that too once…it wasn’t at a store but…it was with a taxi driver! 

Aoi: Ahhh, you get all kinds of people [with taxi drivers]

Ruki: So he starts by being like “I’m not from around here…” So I’m thinking he’s gonna use GPS

Aoi: Right

Ruki: Like that’s fine but…he was that kind that speaks informally to you. So we were at…you know Laforet in Harajuku? There’s that intersection

Aoi: Yes yes

Ruki: We stopped there and I got in a huge fight with the driver. He was like, “I don’t have any change!” (*in informal speech which is like v rude to say)

(Aoi laughin)

Ruki: I was so mad, I couldn’t allow it. 

Aoi: I wonder why? Maybe you were supposed to have been more careful, like “I’m sorry, I only have a big bill, is it okay?”

Ruki: Oh, also! Another one! At like fast food places, like gyudon places…You know if you go super late at night it’s usually foreigners working there?

Aoi: Idk I don’t really go but okay (laughs)

Ruki: Well they do, and there’ll be like, Indian people or something, and they’re trying their best with their broken Japanese…if they spoke to you informally what would you think? 

Aoi: Oh, I’m fine with that! If it’s a foreigner. 

Ruki: At a gyudon place! If they were like, “u wanna spoon?” (*informal)

Aoi: (laughing) That’s cute!!!!

Ruki: Idk, they said something like that to me and I was kinda put off by it, but for some reason, if they do that at an Indian restaurant I’m fine!!! WHY!! When they do it at a gyudon place I get pissed, but if it’s at an Indian curry place I don’t care!?

(Aoi laughin)

Ruki: HUHUHU…I guess I feel like it’s their territory [at an Indian place]

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Happy birthday azusa! ♡

Happy birthday to the Mukami ball of fluff! ♥ Such a precious child deserves a quote (and also happiness) c’:

Ruki: What would you like for your birthday?

Azusa: A puppy…

Ruki: No. Think of something else.

Azusa: Then… I want to try… knife throwing…

Ruki: You want to start throwing your knives?

Azusa: No… I’d like to… volunteer as… the target…

Ruki: What kind of puppy do you want?


Aoi: anyway, what if I had an old spelling of my name, too*…crap…did I even have anything back in the day….
Aoi: ooh! right!
Aoi: like this?
Aoi: bring it ooonnn ! !
Aoi: if the 5 of us aren’t all together as performers**, there’s no way I can take this on.
(I feel embarrassed saying this….)

*He’s referring to Ruki changing his profile name from Ruki to 流鬼 which he used in the past. (It’s also read as Ruki).
So, he shortly changed it to
あおWe (AOWE) and then to the kanji version of Aoi which is 葵. 
**He said ‘Geishas’ (as in Dainippon Itangeisha / Heresy geishas/performers of the Empire of Japan). 

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So which of these boys know how to use thier tongs 😊

Yuma: Heh, why do you wanna know, Sow? Do you want us to use our tongues on ya or something? Dirty, Sow… I bet ya would like our fangs much better.

Yuma: But to your question, I say I would be the one, wouldn’t I? Also Ruki. Ya can hear whoever he brings really loudly. But he probably has other stuff too.

Ruki: Didn’t I tell you not to speak of such vulgar things, Yuma…?

dinama  asked:

Diane: Say, Ruki, what kind of music do you usually listen? I bet it's classic, but just to be sure.

Ruki: Hm, Livestock is curious about Master’s taste in music, isn’t she?

Ruki: I do listen to classical music when I want to relax, yes.

Ruki: I also like jazz music when I’m cooking or doing housework.

Ruki: I admit I don’t mind some rock music, from time to time… but it’s very rare.

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General Prologue

Sakamaki Prologue || Mukami Prologue || Kino Prologue ||


Prologue (Here)

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01 || 02 || 03 || 04 || 05 || 06 || 07 || 08 || 09 || 10


|| Vampire End || Man Servant End || Brute End ||

|| Heaven 01 || Heaven 02 || Heaven 03

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Ruki: the Yoyogi performance on March 10, the day when we’ll be opening our 15th anniversary year, is SOLD OUT, thank you all so much. I’m running out of words to say how grateful I am but I’m sure it’ll be a LIVE that’ll allow us to show our gratitude to all the many fans who have supported us for the past 15 years, so please look forward to it, you’re gonna love it! 🇯🇵

Ruki: also, we suddenly decided on a couple of additional shows. we thought, it would be good to add some extra dates, both for the many fans who can’t come to Yoyogi and also cause there were a lot of songs that didn’t make it on the setlist for Yoyogi. do come ! !
Ruki: nevertheless, this is only the beginning of the GazettE’s 15th anniversary, only a small part of it, so it’d be better to expect even more to come. we will give you an amazing year with all our gratitude 🙆
Ruki: the image quality of my icon just turns out crappy, no matter what I do. I have no idea why.