Azusa: Ruki… can I go… to the Sakamaki’s… house?

Ruki: Sure, as long as you behave yourself.

Azusa: Okay… I will…

30 Minutes Later:

Diabolik Lovers More Blood Opening - Mukami Brothers
  • Ruki:I want to change my hair color.
  • Ruki:Is it too soon to change the color? I don't know about thatー I've had this color for over a month, isn't it normal to change it now?
  • Ruki:Huh, apparently you guys don't go to a hairdresser that often.
  • Ruki:I go to a hairdresser when I feel like I want to go. Mostly that's because I can't stand it when my hair color starts to fade. But it's not like I need to go there once a month.
  • Ruki:I only mentioned this topic and you guys started to talk about how I have "girl power" (laugh)
  • Ruki:I have to go to a beauty salon often because of my work, but it's fine if you guys go whenever you want to go, right? I get money from photoshoots and standing on a stage in front of people so obviously I have to pay a lot of attention on myself (and how I look). I apologize if I said those things in a way that sounded meanー