I had to go to an awards ceremony today so I pulled out that one skirt I always wear when I want to look vaguely girly. I am also pretty pleased with this light doing favors to my highlight.

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Request of the rfa and saeran sleeping with a mc who wakes up because of a noise and she goes to investigate and sees an intruder and mc fights them (and wins bc fuck yea) and the other wakes up from fight noises and sees what happened

ooooo i liked this idea!! i had a hard time trying not to laugh while writing thesenjdcnj thank you for the request!!


  • he’s playing games
  • his sound is on so loud
  • he’s basically deaf at this point
  • but you heard a noise and went into the kitchen
  • only to see some stranger digging around for food
  • why are you in our fridge
  • you just slam their head on the fridge door
  • which knocks them out immediately
  • yoosung finally hears something
  • and comes into the kitchen
  • “mc what was tha– wHO IS THIS?”
  • you just calmly explain while he fumbles to call the police
  • “how did you– what? how??”
  • you’re just shushing him as you search the intruder’s pockets for an id
  • bro he’s so lost
  • you could’ve died???
  • i’m the man i should’ve done it
  • now he’s sensitive to every noise at night
  • “yoosung that was your own breathing”
  • “i’m gonna catch them for real this time”


  • he’s a pretty light sleeper
  • so when he hears the floor creaking he wakes up
  • a couple seconds later there’s crashing and bumping
  • shit something’s wrong
  • immediately he jumps out of bed
  • he runs toward the noise
  • but oh you already have the intruder in a headlock
  • holy shit
  • you just kinda stare at each other
  • “are you going to call the police or???”
  • lmao oh yeah that’s a good idea
  • he’s in shock tho
  • like you??? just?? did that???
  • that’s kinda hot
  • “you should let me handle it next time!! babe what would’ve happened if you got hurt???”
  • but you reassure him that you can also handle things


  • ur both just laying there
  • watching midnight dramas
  • really sleepy
  • but that don’t stop y’all from noticing a mysterious figure creep behind the couch
  • the intruder thinks they’ve got no chance
  • it’s just two girls
  • two girls wHO KNOW MARTIAL AR TS
  • you knock him flat with a kick and jaehee is already calling the police
  • but while you two wait you take turns pinning him down
  • “jaehee do you want it iced or??”
  • you holler from the kitchen
  • you’re over there making coffee
  • jaehee is sitting on the guy
  • y’all are so relaxed
  • the intruder is confused
  • he chose the wrong house to break into


  • i imagine he’s also a pretty light sleeper
  • so once he hears glass shattering he jolts up
  • “oh cmon you had to knock over my vase??”
  • that’s mc’s voice
  • he walks into the living room to see a man tied onto a chair
  • and you’re sweeping up the broken glass vase
  • his bodyguards looked bewildered too
  • “miss mc.. i–”
  • you hum and they are lowkey scared
  • jumin is making sure you didn’t get hurt though
  • “ph yeah i’m fine i just was going to get a drink then i see this creep tip toeing around the room”
  • the intruder looks terrified
  • who was the true culprit in this
  • he is kinda upset you didn’t just let a bodyguard take care of it
  • but he lowkey likes that you didn’t


  • he’s deep into work
  • he can’t hear a thing
  • but the next thing he knows is that the security alarm is ringing
  • he ruins into the next room
  • just to see you sipping out of a juice box casually
  • while stepping on some weird guy
  • he’s so fuckmign confused
  • :who is this”
  • you shrug
  • since you two weren’t really in a place that could have legal authorities come in
  • he just kicks the dude’s ass
  • finds out his identity
  • threats a little here and there
  • then shows him the door
  • he’s mad that you didn’t just tell him someone broke in
  • “how do i know you can handle it?”
  • you raise an eyebrow


  • nope he’s the one breaking in
  • he forgot his keys and had to climb on the roof and crawl in through an open window
  • omg why is he being pinned to the wall
  • “mc it’s me”
  • you immediately let go and realize it was saeran
  • ur both just staring at eachother
  • “why the fuck were you climbing through the window”
  • “i could’ve hurt you”
  • he just explains in the most nonchalant way as possible
  • “you’re really strong”
  • but lmao u were injured when you pinned him to wall
  • his spiky bracelet stabbed your arm
  • “well maybe you shouldn’t pin people up against the wall”
  • gdi stop sassing me

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I swear to god if dean and Sam get mad at cas it will ruin 12 for me like literally. Also is there a reason that Sam has been getting all of the big kills this season? Is something wrong with dean or are they just giving Sammy some love

Why would it ruin 12? Like, 70% of the series is Sam or Dean or Cas fucking up, the others getting mad and then eventually forgiving…because that’s what families do. 

Like, we know Dean’s gonna start out mad at Cas when they find him because that’s what Dean does - that’s how he expresses his love and concern for people. He gets angry when they endanger themselves and shut him out, especially Cas. Please see 12x10 and 8x17 for examples. 

They’re going to likely have very different ideas about how to deal with Kelly and the Nephilim and they’re gonna fight over it and make mistakes and go behind each other’s back and get beat up and it will hurt and be messy because


As for Sam. I’m glad he’s getting big kills and big moments. He hasn’t had much story of his own since Gadreel and he’s really due for some hero moments. Also, Jensen got written pretty light for a few episodes to give him more time with his new kids. Dean’s for sure got big emotional moments coming with Mary and probably with Cas so….it’s gonna be okay. 


[As I am following all provided rules, there is no reason to suspect me of cheating.]

( the rest of the strip poker saga: [1] [2] [3] [4] )

Iron Legends: Reforged -- Chapter 2

Series: Fairy Tail

Characters: Gajeel, Levy, plus appearances from Natsu and Lucy.

Genre: Hurt/comfort, Sci-fi

Summary: The old lab had always been fuel for a good story, something you would half-heartedly joke about going to sometime.  Some did, and when they came back they never talked about it again.  The legends circulated, telling of ghosts, monsters, and anything else someone would be likely to conjure up about an abandoned building.  But even with all the stories meant to keep everyone away, there are still those for whom the intrigue is too tempting.  

Note:  This is probably the fastest that I will be updating this story.  These first two chapters came to me very quickly and were actually all done in one go, so I was able to split them and just needed to spend time editing them and fleshing out some of the thinner areas.  From here on out I will be writing them bit by bit, and my work-week starts back up on Thursday which will slow me down more.  But anyway thanks for the excitement for this fic thus far!  Glad to see that people are invested in this already :] ALSO, because I am relatively fresh to the FT fandom, I REALLY hope that my renditions of the characters are believable.  I am going to be trying my best.  

Ch. 1  Ch. 2  Ch. 3  Ch. 4  Ch. 5  Ch. 6  Ch. 7 Ch. 8 Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch. 11Ch. 12 Ch. 13 Ch. 14 Ch. 15 Ch. 16 Ch. 17 Ch. 18 Ch. 19 Ch. 20

Levy groaned, feeling as though she had been hit by a truck, slowly opening her eyes with another whimper. “Ugh…what…” she mumbled while trying to blink away the pain, and reached up to touch her hairline. Something warm stuck to her fingers, and not quite understanding what it was, she rubbed it between her fingertips. Levy wanted to bring it in front of her to see better, but only then did she register a weight on her abdomen. With a groan, she pushed one of the kennels off with a loud clatter and rolled onto her side with another groan. Everything was spinning; or at least, the one ray of light from her flashlight looked like it was swirling.

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Don’t think for a second that when the album drops I won’t come back at this and look at it again in context, but shit, son.  I can’t just not say anything about this.  I have SO MANY FEELINGS OKAY, here we go.


HARRY.  FUCK.  Harry has taken on the Zayn role and hot damn is the boy stepping up.  He sounds like fucking Adam Lambert in the chorus.  (Have I said that before?  I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before about Harry’s higher register.  I’m fucking gone at the knees for that sound.)  

Louis.  I’m dying.  He just swoops in and does the thing, he just does that thing, and then I’m finished.  This song opens with a perfect one-two Harry-Louis and that’s it, bell, KO.  And there is still THE REST OF THE SONG.  But really, every interjection Louis has is so perfect.

That’s really a consistent thing on this track, actually: the vocal distribution is perfect.  I’m going to be really interested to see what happens with their vocal style as a whole now that they no longer have an embarrassment of vocal riches and have to actually be thoughtful about how they deploy.  This is also pretty harmony-light, which is a pretty major departure from the last album’s focus.  I hope they’ll put some tightly harmonised tracks on the new record because I believe they still can and should pull it off, but that’s not what this track is about, and I respect that.

But back to individuals.  LEEYUM.  Casually singing octaves with himself in the pre-chorus, and then Niall just arrowing in on the repeat and completely flipping the focus.  FuckinG, this is one thing this band has always been good at, switching things up on the repeats to intensify things.  Giving Niall the repeat of the verse, and then giving Louis’ line to Harry, completely alters the sonic landscape and builds tension and it’s fabulous.

Also I think it might be written into their contracts that Niall provides all the laughter that’s used in the background of 1D’s tracks.  I swear it’s him every time.  Find me a laugh that isn’t Niall and I will crown you monarch of caring about minor shit to an unhealthy degree.  I could definitely stand to abdicate.


Okay, in terms of structure this is a really conventional dance track, but one thing 1D’s been doing really well lately is archetypes.  By this I mean that they take a genre they like, mine its essence, and then produce a song that is very close to an ideal specimen of that genre (e.g. LBD, WDBHG).  This is very close to being another archetype, combining the current standard techno build with, what the actual fuck, a deconstructed funk layer that you really see exposed in the chorus.  This is a jam.  Somehow, in among the electronica, it manages to be cool as hell.  Part of this is about the bass and the funk rhythm, part is just that they kept the 70s-flavoured rhythm guitar they started implementing last album.  I really want to know who arranged this.

I also love the spacey build of the intro just landing on the bass and dropping into the momentum of it immediately.  It’s a perfect forerunner to the prechorus-to-chorus situation.  


Okay, listen, first things first, we need to talk about the reversal of the lights metaphor from Don’t Let Me Go, like, “all of a sudden these lights are blinding me” vs. “all these lights, they can’t blind me” TELL ME HARRY WROTE ON THIS SINGLE PLEASE (do we have writing credits yet? help a sister out)

I also adore, idk, EVERY SINGLE METAPHOR HERE.  Fire for a heart, a river for a soul & you’re a boat, these metaphors are basically so far up my alley they’re living in my back yard.  The river/boat/”nobody can drag me down” business is especially resonant because [LARRIE ALERT] let’s be real, guys, nautical metaphors have kind of been a staple of the symbolism we’ve been consuming for years, and here we are with an intense song about how the person you love keeps you afloat, like, what kind of jokers are these guys, please.


In conclusion, this song is really good and I’m not scared for OT4 anymore.  They’ve totally got this.

running some experiments on an app that’s probably racist, or at very least colorist.

(If you aren’t up on this there are a couple of posts about it here and here that inspired this)

First I started with one of the most gorgeous women I could think of off the top of my head, Candice Patton.

Now, Candice got “Hot”, but Candice is also pretty light skinned, and looks especially light in this picture. I have a hunch that the app rates lower based on darker skin, so I kept going…. (Putting in a cut, cause this is gonna get long. FOR SCIENCE.)

(Spoilers: it got BAD and I’m gonna fight this stupid app behind  Denny’s.)

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charmarsmith  asked:

(First... Your Blog is Awesome and I Really enjoy to read your answers to questions, that sometimes are interesting, sometimes crazy.... Can I give you a hug ? *w*) How should the dream girl/ boy be for karasuno girls&boys + kuroo + Kenma + oikawa and aone. (Character, hair, eyes, styles... Everyone has a dream picture but if their partner would be like this, it is an another question ;3)

(( We’re guessing you mean what preference they would have in terms of appearance? ))

Daichi: He likes really soft looking hair, like just hair that he could run his hand through. He also likes people that have some muscle to them (though not too much you feel).

Sugawara: He just really likes cute petite people. Also people that have pretty light hair. And he absolutely adores freckles and birth marks people have!!

Asahi: He prefers someone a bit smaller than him because he’s pretty tall as it is. I like to think he really likes people with brown and green eyes.

Nishinoya: He really likes people that just look cool in general. Like dyed hair and all the jazz.

Tanaka: He just loves people that naturally stand out. They don’t do anything special to look pretty but they just stand out anyways. Also he probably prefers people with darker hair.

Ennoshita: Natural looking people as well. He also prefers people that are slightly tanned and also brown eyes!

Kageyama: He doesn’t care much for appearance, but he likes simple looking people. Just people that don’t really stand out in general, but the little quirks they have are what attract people’s attentions. Also straight hair. 

Hinata: Just people that have really quirky personalities and their appearance shows it. People who tie up their hair in really messy buns and just put bobby pins wherever or dye their hair whatever colour they feel like.

Tsukishima: Like Sugawara, he would prefer petite people, but mostly so he could tease them about his height. We like to think he would prefer someone who has light hair and eyes.

Yamaguchi: He’d really like dainty people but also pretty tall people. He either likes delicate looking people or very abrasive looking people, there is no in between.

Kiyoko: Doesn’t care much for appearance, but she likes people with light hair and dark eyes.

Yachi: A very average and simple looking person. She also prefers darker hair and brown eyes.

Kuroo: Likes soft looking hair as well. In general, he would want someone about the same height as him or taller. I also like to think he prefers darker hair and eyes.

Kenma: Doesn’t really care much for appearance, so I don’t think he would be the type to really have a preference or anything.

Oikawa: He doesn’t really have a type because he just likes any sort of appearance people have. Though I think he would prefer people a bit shorter than him. 

Aone: Same as Kenma, but he probably likes people that are strong physically and mentally. 

Jack, whenever Sam was down would bring out his royal cape and cover her like a blanket. He would hug her and tell her that even though others don’t seem to love her, Jack would always love her. He would then use his boss power to create an illusion of the stars and constellation in her bed room. Sam usually cheers up and is amazed by all the pretty lights. Also yeah I know I haven’t uploaded in a long time, and yeah I know you guys want some more interaction of Sam and Tim or Tim and Mark, but this piece has been pushed back for a while and I wanted to complete it.

Guys, you’re not summoning Charlie Charlie, you’re summoning Isaac Newton

(Isaac Newton - Godfrey Kneller)
Actually, you’re not even summoning him…

Overnight, my social media has become full of this “Charlie Charlie Challenge”. There are vines and facebook videos of people balancing pencils on top of each other and then dropping their camera as they run screaming, out of the room. Some people say “Charlie” is then haunting their house, causing doors to slam or pictures to fall off the wall.

Apparently, it is an old Mexican tradition that will summon the ghost of young Charlie, if you draw a grid with the words “yes” and “no” in each cell, then balance a pencil on top of another in a cross pattern

(Photo via donthavetobebrave​)

and chant, usually with your friend, “Charlie Charlie Are You Here”, it will summon Charlie, who will spin the pencil to a “yes” or “no”, and from there on you can ask him any yes or no question.

Of course, the pencil can land on “No” but the mere fact that it moved is sometimes enough to scare people into believing that he is there.

(NatalieHolmqvist on

Now, I want you to get two pencils out. Don’t worry, there will be no demon summoning happening here. First of all, look at the sides of the pencil. Pretty smooth huh? This means that when rubbing against each other there is little friction. They’re also pretty light, very good qualities for an object to move “by itself” (the smaller the mass, the less force required to make it move)

But why do the pencils move at all?

Again, there is no ghost or demon behind this, just simple Physics. Our friend Isaac Newton, from the top of this post, is behind describing the laws of motion. The first law states this:

When viewed in an inertial reference frame, an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by an external force

In plain speak, an object will stay still until some force is applied, and will keep moving until another force stops it. In the case of the pencils, which are precariously balanced on top of each other, the force is the chant itself. There is nothing supernatural or special about this force other than the fact that you are basically blowing the pencil to move. 

Place the pencils in the “charlie” setup (note the pivot point where the pencils cross) and say “Ha. Ha. Ha.” Nothing special about that chant, but they still moved right? Did you ever wonder why a Mexican ghost would be called “Charlie Charlie”? It’s because saying the word “Charlie” creates more of a force of wind out of your mouth than, say, “Miguel” (I’m guessing the reason it wasn’t something like Jose is because some people in the world don’t know how to pronounce it) 

If you were to leave the pencils like that and not say anything at all, a breeze from an open window or the air from a fan/aircon could potentially make it move without you even noticing. 

If there’s no spirit, why is my house haunted?

It’s not. Correlation is not causation. The problem is, now that you’ve done this spooky supernatural ritual, you are now in a suggestible state and hyper aware of anything happening around you and blaming a “spirit” is the first thing in your mind. Had you not done the ritual, you’d probably dismiss the slamming door as a breeze, or the picture falling down as a sign that whatever was holding it up has weakened. There is also the possibility of you unconsciously causing things that could be seen as supernatural, like how the Ouija board - from which this was derived - is often just ideomotor action of the participants. 


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