I decided to make aesthetic/mood boards for my pals just cuz I can. This is a little bit lame but w/e

Vivian ( @sleekeazyshairpotion ) – navy and gray

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Okay Howard Stern, are you finished?

this new tarot deck is the fucking wildest. i know i never would have been able to use this deck when i was a beginner. like i’d say i’m intermediate right now, and this deck is pretty challenging. i’m really excited.


Went out for coffee with a couple of high school friends today. I did a rushed little make-up thing but I ended up liking it and wanted to share so, selfie time.

At the coffee shop we went to I had the best coffee of my life (expresso with thick whipped cream and caramel drizzle) but I forgot to photograph it. I also didn’t take photos with my friends AM and SM because they were both tired and didn’t want photos xD.

While we were at the coffee shop I also won a huge chocolate bar in a raffle and thought I should share a pic because it’s funny (and because I rarely win)- this is a Milka (famous brand of Swiss chocolate here in europe) Choco Jelly, despite the deceptive name it doesn’t actually have jellies inside, instead it has these little sweets similar to smarties and pop rocks, so when you eat a piece of this delicious milk chocolate your whole mouth tingles with little crackles. It’s pretty creative and fun.

im gonna level with you tho star wars is like an 8/10 at most it’s like. bad but also good. glowy swords made it good. i like swordfights

one of my classmates last semester did a really cool photography project where he like attached a peephole to a lens cover and took photos through it. the photos looked really cool and I kind of want to try doing something like that