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mamaaa i need some advice :') i think the guy i like likes someone else and i have no idea what to do ;; i tried to get over him but nothings working ; i feel like i care too much



this exact same thing happened to me last year - this guy i had a crush on started dating my best friend and he was all like “you’re cool with this right??” and i had to just nod and say yes with tears in my eyes and a huge ass lump in my throat

(and i also had to watch them cuddle and makeout and be gross every single lunch and there was that one incident where i had to listen to them full tongue on the bus on the way back from a field trip)

but anyway - you don’t need to fucking waste your effort on someone who doesn’t like you

i know right now it seems like you’ll never get over him, but trust me, you will. in just a short time you will probably see him completely different. you’ll cringe because you’ll never even know why you liked him in the first place

it’s so much easier to get over someone when you’re not trying. the best way to get over someone is to focus on yourself. buy yourself a cute new outfit, dye your hair, watch the anime or the drama that you’ve always been meaning to but have been putting off. make some time and hang out with your friends.

honestly, when this happened to be i swore that i was just gonna stay single forever and i threw myself into writing and dolling myself up, doing my hair and picking out nice clothes to make myself feel good. 

and now i have Jaycen. and he makes me happier than anything else in the world.

but don’t ever think that you need someone to make you happy. just focus on yourself and pamper and treat yourself - don’t worry about who that shittit likes.