いただきハイジャンプ  02.09.15 yamada ryosuke

I just listened to The Weeknd’s “Often” for the first time. It clocks in at 4:09, which means it’s about 4 minutes too long.

I was eating while portia was napping on me, I take one bite, she wakes up like she is rising out of the grave, grabs my food, and starts eating it. Earlier she slapped me with a banana peel. She can’t wipe her own butt yet she burns me like a pro it’s painful guys she is too pure for this world.


bad pic of my windowsill ft me. i love my windowsill. theres an old hourglass and a succulent, a vile filled with sand and shells and a tiny stone dinosaur. anyways im ugly but the lighting was cool so here we fucking are