n: i’m not a fan of the hug.
c: then you haven’t been hugged properly. a hug is like an emotional heimlich: they put their arms around you and give you a squeeze and all your fear and anxiety goes shooting out of your mouth like a big, wet wad and you can breathe again.


The Hunters of Artemis aesthetic

Young intelligent women with glitter running
through their veins, eyes that sparkle as bright
as a million stars on a magical summer night.
A bond that lasts an eternity and brings you
closer to nature than you’ve ever been.
It’s like an endless adventure with your best friends.

requested by anonymous

It's best for you to...

Aries: stop complaining so much

Taurus: stop making it your life ambitions to eat anything that looks even remotely edible

Gemini: stop switching between 56 personalities and alter-egos

Cancer: stop being the mom-friend (also stop drinking so much)

Leo: stop walking like you’re always on the catwalk

Virgo: stop trying to understand taxes. no one understands taxes

Libra: stop thinking about spring and floral patterns

Scorpio: stop staring at people. and things. just stop staring. walk with your eyes closed all the time

Sagittarius: stop telling stories about places you’ve never even been to. it doesn’t count that you plan on visiting them

Capricorn: just stop whatever you’re doing

Aquarius: no. absolutely no.

Pisces: stop bottling everything up. explode. flood everyone with your tears

“I know the magic is gone,” I said, “And I know I cannot lift the both of us no matter how strong I am, but I feel as if I need to try once more.”

You looked at me with the most distant eyes, eyes that made me want to sit alone on a lonely Winter night and watch streetlights shine down on those madly in love and wrapped up in each other’s warmth. 

You smiled faintly. It was all you could give after a long day. Your grey hoodie was unzipped, your hands in your back pockets, and you were trying to avoid looking in my eyes. 

“But,” I started again, “I also know that no map can take us back to the first day, so tell me to stop. Tell me to stop trying. You always apologize, but you never tell me to stop.”

“I’m sorry.”

Not that it wasn’t expected, I saw it coming. I expected another apology, it was one more to add onto your list I started months ago, and with each additional one, they started to leave the aftertaste of cough syrup lingering. Some nights it stopped the symptoms, some nights, it made it worse. That was how you always left things.

“Stop apologizing.”

“I’m sorry,” you repeated.

“Are you apologizing for not loving me back or for continuously letting me love you uncontrollably, to the point where I can’t focus on my routine because I’m so busy wondering about yours?”

The sun was gone by the time we finally made it to the edge of the river in silence. Your silhouette made its way in front of me, and with the reflection of the moon in your eyes, you looked at me and said, “I can’t stop apologizing. To you. To myself. I know I will never have this moment back and I also know that some day, I will think back on you and wish things would have been different. But, we live to do what is best for ourselves right?”

At that moment, I knew it all. You made the decision of what was best, or at least what you thought was best for both of us. 

You always gave a sincere apology not because you were sorry for being unable to give me what I wanted, but because a part of you knew that you could have been the person for me, which terrified you more than anything. And so, you chose yourself, because being alone was safer than ever risking the chance of being left lonely.

                       ONE FULL YEAR APPRECIATION POST
                     and many more reasons to be thankful!!

okay, to give the SHORT & SWEET version, THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH. i honestly can’t say that enough but i absolutely know that i haven’t been saying it as frequently as i should these past several months. so please, by all means understand that you are precious, and i’m so glad you have stumbled or found your way to following my muse, Gale, that you find a smidgen or abundance of interest in. now, this is going to get very long so the rest is going to be under a cut.

                                WARNING: IT GETS VERY LONG FROM THIS POINT ON.

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You turned around, suddenly colliding with another figure.

The metal tray clanked loudly as it hit the floor, getting the attention of everyone at the diner. Your butt also hit the floor painfully, making you yelp. The person you accidentally hit stumbled back, though they didn’t fall. You shook your head, trying to clear away the small stars forming in it.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” You apologized to whoever you had run into, but only got a chuckle in return.

“It’s fine, sweetheart, accidents happen,” you heard a deep voice say. You were offered a hand, and taking it gratefully, you were instantly pulled to your feet.

Your gaze was met with the most beautiful, bright green eyes you’d ever seen. You wanted to lose yourself in them, just wondering how they could have so many shades of the same color.

“You okay?” Your heart started beating furiously, and you had the tiniest suspicion that it wasn’t because of embarrassment.

The man you had hit had a strong jaw, dirty blonde hair, and a face so attractive that you felt like melting in the spot. You could see the hint of a tattoo poking through the top of his white shirt. From the corner of your eyes you could see that he also had another tattoo on his toned right arm. And apparently you’d been staring for a while, because the man’s eyes suddenly became worried.

“Hey, seriously, are you okay?”

“I-I…” You stuttered, struggling to find your voice. “Um, yeah, I-I think I am.”

“You sure?” The stranger asked, and you glanced down your body, making sure that you hadn’t been seriously injured. There was a small cut on your right leg, but apart from that you were unharmed.

“Positive,” you said, trying to go back to your confident self. You bent down to pick up the metal tray, but the man got it first, handing it to you with a smile. “Thanks. And once again, I’m really sorry.”

“Like I said, don’t worry,” the man said, offering you his hand once again, though this time for you to shake. “I’m Dean.”

“I’m (Y/N),” you shook his hand, feeling like your heart was going to explode.


One Shot 

“There’s an aura of death around you - a thick possibility of death.” […]
Will put his hand on Nico’s shoulder. “Nico, we need to have another talk about your people skills.”
“Hey, I’m just stating the obvious. If this is Apollo, and he dies, we’re all in trouble.”
Will turned to me. “I apologize for my boyfriend.”
Nico rolled his eyes. “Could you not -”
“Would you prefer special guy?” Will asked. “Or significant other?”
“Significant annoyance, in your case”, Nico grumbled.
—  The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan

Bella, I have heard that you have a new home and asked me to bless it. I’ve taken the opportunity to try something. With the help of Castiel I’ve made a charm to watch over you and those that live with you. We’ve kept it in Castiel’s bedroom overnight. It’s full of positive energy and the blessings I’ve woven into it while carving (and a drop of blood because I didn’t believe that Cas’ knife was sharp). My apologies that it’s a bit funny looking. I still need practice.

I hope that my blessings will strengthen the foundation and the walls and the roof of your house. May happiness move in with you and follow you wherever you go!

(Also I heard you have cats? If they’re well-behaved they’ll also keep an eye on you for me.)

EXO’s Reaction to You Dancing Sexily In Your Lingerie

I’m honestly so terrible in making titles for some of these requests, I apologize. Also, I hope you enjoy this one, my little Anon!♥

Baekhyun: Baekhyun’s eyes would be on your body the moment he walked through the front door and saw you dancing in the living room, sporting very little clothing. This would likely be one of the very rare moments that this adorable beagle would be struck speechless.

Chanyeol: Chanyeol would be overwhelmingly flattered, figuring that since you were so scantily-clad you must be dancing specifically for him.

Chen: This little shit would likely not even acknowledge the fact that you were trying to be sexy for him. Instead, Chen would probably break out his own (oh-so-alluring) dance moves, trying to show you “how the pros do it.”

D.O: Despite the fact that Kyungsoo felt extremely comfortable with you by this point in your relationship, surprising things like this would still force him to retreat into a flustered state. He’d blush and try to avoid staring at you too much, likely without much success.

Kai: Kai would be a little shocked and just a bit bashful at the sight of you dancing in so little clothing, but he’d want you to know that he enjoyed it. He’d quietly cheer you on and ask you to continue dancing for him, all while a faint blush graced his cheeks.

Kris: Kris would watch your swaying hips for several moments, before promptly proceeding to grip you by your waist and pull you towards his body, his face set in a lustful stare, making his intentions quite clear.

Lay: Lay would want to remained unnoticed for as long as possible, so he could simply watch the routine unfolding before him. He would be nibbling on his bottom lip as his hungry gaze remained locked on your body as you perfected each body roll, hip sway, and booty shake.

Luhan: Luhan would have the worst time trying to control himself as an inner battle raged inside of him. He had always thought he had a cute, innocent girlfriend, but seeing you move in such ways poked and prodded at his inner-most desires.

Sehun: Sehun would be more surprised by your dancing ability than anything else. He had no idea you had such sexy flare hidden away inside of you and he may get a little flustered watching you, but he’d be amazed and enthralled by your performance nonetheless.

Suho: Another hungry wolf whose gaze would be fixed on every movement, every muscle twitch, and every twist and turn of your body. “What exactly are you trying to do to me, Jagi-ya?”

Tao: Tao would sit back and enjoy your little show for a little while before opening up his arms and beckoning you towards him with a small smirk gracing his lips. “Come here, Y/N. I want a closer look at some of those moves you’ve got.”

Xiumin: Xiumin would waste no time in trying to tug your body towards his own, but every time he took a step towards you, you’d twirl a little farther away from him in an attempt to tease the poor boy. He’d be persistent, though, getting playfully frustrated each time you spun out of his grasp.



He gets sick at your parents’ house

[word count: 1,567]

I know it may suck but, I tried my best to make something good of it okay?! I’ve also had a pretty hectic week, which is why I also didn’t post earlier and I apologize for that.

I hope you like this one shot. If you want to read more like this keep them requests coming and I’ll write them for you! This one shot was requested.


You felt yourself being shaken awake from your slumber. You heard small whispers in your ear and you wondered who it could be. When you slowly pried open one eye, you were immediately faced with the red, blocked numbers of your alarm clock. 6 a.m. it said. It was later than you thought but, then again those darkening curtains you had in front of your bedroom window weren’t really helpen when it came to estimating what time it really is.

 “Baby,” Someone groggily whispered in your ear. A tattooed arm wrapped around you and pulled you closer to the person. You didn’t actually need to see his face but, from his voice and tattoos you knew it was your boyfriend, Harry. Though, now because I was still a bit sleep drunk it took a little bit longer for me to understand eveything.

 I turned around and now finally faced the man I loved with all my heart. He hovered slightly above me, which caused his hair to fall in front of his face but, I didn’t even need to see his face in order to know that he looked beautiful, as always. The only thing I could think of at that moment was how I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I mean, we’ve talked about marriage and kids before and we’ve been together for over 5 years now so I know he wants to get married too. I’m just waiting for him to propose to me.

 “Baby, I don’t feel so good,” My positive thoughts immediately turned into concerned ones. I caressed his cheek as I moved his hair from his face so I could see for myself how sick he looked. It was very visible though. His eyes were red, bloodshot, they were also not standing right, he was sweaty, he looked like he hadn’t slept in decades and he couldn’t stop sniffling and rubbing his nose because he had a runny nose too. Yep, he was definitely sick.

 “Do you want me to get some medicine for you and some pills for you to sleep?” I sat up and laid him back down and tucked him under the covers again.

 “No, it’s fine. I’d much rather stay up with you,” He gave me a cheeky smile. God, even when he’s sick he’s adorable yet cheeky.

 “No, we can’t stay up tonight,” I said as I put on some sweatpants and a jacket, before sitting down to put on my shoes. “It’s the first Saturday of the month, Harry, we’re going to visit my parents today,” I continued. I heard him groan and turn around on the bed behind me.

 “Fine, go get something for me to sleep, I’ll take some ibuprofen downstairs,” He carefully stood up from the bed and walked to the stairs as I followed behind him. He had a difficulty coming down the stairs without his legs giving in underneath me.

 “I’ll be right back,” I rubbed his back and kissed his forehead. I was about to walk out when his hand grabbed my wrist, causing me to turn around to face him. “Be careful,” I nodded and smiled softly at him.

 “I love you,” I said as I took my hand away from his. Of course he didn’t approve of that so instead he took me in his arms and gave me an almost bonecrushing hug. He couldn’t kiss me now that he was sick so he decided to hug me instead “I love you, too,” He whispered in my hair. He let me go and I could finally walk out the door to get him something to help him sleep. 


I stood in front of the mirror above the sink doing my makeup as Harry was in the shower. He looked a lot better after he had gotten those few hours of good sleep but, he still wasn’t okay. I said that maybe a good, warm and refreshing shower would also do him good before we went to my parents’ house. When I went to get him some sleeping pills I also got him a little bottle of eucalyptus scented showergel, which opens and cleans up your nose and let’s you breath again. I gave that to him after I heard he still had a runny nose.

I walked into the master bedroom, which was connected and put some makeup in my bag together with some other stuff. I was almost ready to leave, only Harry wasn’t done and ready yet. I looked at my phone for the time. We had to leave in about 20 minutes so Harry needed to hurry up now. I never liked keeping my parents waiting for anything, especially for us. 

Speaking of the devil, just as I finished putting everything in my purse, Harry walked into the bedroom, only wearing a black pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs. “Are you feeling a bit better, babe,” I asked him. He hummed quietely while looking through the closet for clothes to wear. 

“Yeah, a bit. I still feel like I’m going to throw up, though,” He mumbled as he put on his clothes. He acted a bit grumpy but, I didn’t blame him. I know he felt like shit. “Do you want to take in a pill for on the road?” I asked him. He just shook his head. Maybe the sickness would just pass.

When we were both done, we got downstairs and we put on our shoes and coats and walked out. “Are you sure you don’t want anything for your stomach?” I heard him mumble a “yes” but, I didn’t really believe it. I was worried about him. 

The car ride was silent but, not awkward per se. Although, I was kinda happy it was only a 15 minute drive to my parents’ house. The only sounds in the car were the soft music being played on the radio and Harry’s occasional cough, sneeze or sniffle. 

Harry had been staring out the window the entire ride and I already felt what he was doing. The sickness hadn’t faded away, in fact I believe it’s only gotten worse when I took off from our driveway. He had been looking at the horizon, trying so hard not to let it all go, I could see it on his face. And he wasn’t going to hold it in any longer.

So when I pulled up to my parents’ house and he immediately stepped out of the car and hurried towards the door, I quickly ran after him. My mother had opened the front door already as she saw us pull up, though she had no idea what was wrong with Harry. It was a complete surprise to her when he crouched down and let everything that was left in his stomach come out. 

He fell to his knees but, I was quick enough to catch him before he really hurt himself. He was shaking and burning like fire. I tried lifting him up but, he had completely slumped down in my arms. “Dad! Please help me,” I yelled at him as I also saw him standing by the front door. He hurried over to us and happily helped. He was way stronger than I was and could carry Harry easily.

We brought him up to my old bedroom and laid him down on the bed. My mother walked in with a bucket in one hand and a glass of water in the other. She had also brought a bottle of whatever headache or stomachache killers they had in this house, before both of my parents left the room again. 

I sat next to him on the bed and stroked his dampened hair out of his face. He looked at me with sorry in his eyes. “Oh, baby, I’m so sorry this happened. I should’ve just said I was feeling so ill,” He grabbed my hand and held it tightly. He motioned me to lay down next to him, which I gladly did after I took my shoes off. 

“You know, this has some silver linings,” He looked at me with a cheeky yet tired grin on his face. I looked at him with a raised eyebrow, knowing he was going to make an inappropriate comment or joke. “I get to lay very, very close to you on this tiny bed,” There it was. There was the Harry I knew and love. 

“And you get to feed me my food now,” he laughed. I loved how he still had that cheeky yet adorable sense of humor even in these situations. Well, actually, I loved everything about him. “Not if you keep acting like that,” I laughed and he jokingly huffed in annoyance. 

He looked at me again with an adoring look in his eyes. He always said it was the look he always had on his face when he looked at me. “I love you,” He yawned. I cuddled more into him and started to softly stroke his hair, knowing it would get him to fall asleep. And he did, because not a minute later I heard soft snores and steady breathes coming from his mouth. “I love you too,” I said as I kissed his nose, his forehead and then his lips. You didn’t care if you got sick too, as long as you were with him everything was okay.

An Arrangement

This is part of my Drabble Game and is written for the lovely @memories-of-happy-times

Notes: This is longer than intended and will likely have a sequel to wrap things up.

Also, I made it NSFW because I didn’t look at the request thoroughly so…if you don’t like smut, I will rewrite your request. My apologies if I screwed up.

Prompts: “Shooting are bound to fall. You’re a shooting star.” and “You remined me of the starlight. You’re lonely.”


Imagine catching Thranduil’s eye when the Company is captured. He offers to release everyone if you’ll spend one night with him, infuriating Thorin who had fallen for you.

NSFW WARNING + Consensual Sex with slight reluctance. I hope it doesn’t offend anyone and hope this is warning enough.

You sat in your cell, back against the stone wall as you stared into the darkness outside the rusted bars. How many days had it been? Three, four? Perhaps even a whole week. You had not thought to keep count, but it would have been rather difficult in such a grim place. Even with your companions sending up the occasional shout of rebellion, there was little hope to be found in the dank prison.

Thorin, however, would not stop growling. Curses droned from his lips and you wondered how he could do so endlessly. He was even more stubborn than usual when he was angry. You did not know the exact reason, but he had been irate since he had been dragged back to his cell that first night in Mirkwood. You had asked and so had the others and all he responded with were khuzdul swears about elvish swine.

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You’re kind of transparant if you’re only calling out moc ‘villains’ (who redeemed themselves) for being ‘misogynistic’ (apparently if you’re into a woman 15 years younger then you, YOU HATE WOMEN okay?) and turning all his scenes into ‘villain’ scenes, when they were REALLY not but then you worship the actual misogynist asshole who manipulated 8 people to go on a suicide mission with them…. 

Also apparently when people point things out to you, facts, you either block them or ignore them (but you do turn around their words to fit your weird mind)

I call that a delusional racist.

I would also like to know when Sara Lance tried to block Leonard’s flirtations, bc in my eyes she was flirty as hell herself


YOU WANNA DANCE LEONARD? No go ahead, I’ll watch (clearly meant sarcastically) Suit yourself! (yeah she’s TOTALLY not comfortable with him I mean cmon????)



While I do admit he’s not exactly taking responsibility for his actions, he’s literally walking to her room with cards, showing them like a little puppy and when he gets called out for being a jerk, says shes right WOW SUCH A BAD GUY


Oh yeah ofc those are the eyes of a man ready to kill/hurt the woman in front of him! in case you don’t know, violence is the only way Len knows how to solve a problem, it didn’t work with Sara (she literally said ‘Shoot me’ she knew it wasn’t going to happen, don’t you think assassin Sara could easily overpower this guy? Bc I do)

BUT I MEAN ITS SO CLEAR SHE CANT STAND HIM RIGHT? I, too, will sit against a boy trying to hit on me, without me liking it, and share drinks with them!!!!


anonymous asked:

Hello! I apologize if this message bothers you or makes you uncomfortable in any way; I can assure you that is not my intent! I would just like to compliment you on how lovely you are! You have such a wonderful personality, and you are absolutely gorgeous!!! Your hair is super cute :0 I also really admire your artwork, and I love your style to bits! I especially love your smooth lines and the way you draw hands & eyes. Overall I think you're really cute and I hope you have/had a nice day!!!! c:

You’re not bothering me at all, I’m so glad you like so many things about me, it really means a lot. Thank you, have a wonderful day as well!

War and Peace

Alexander x Reader

Word Count: 2362

Warning: Cussing

Request: Could you do a alex x reader where alex finds out they’re super ticklish and he begins a tickle fight??

A/N: Surprise! Two in one weekend! This was just really fun to write. Sorry @ the requester if this isn’t exactly what you had in mind when you requested. You said “tickle fight” and I turned it into a tickle war. Also, I feel like this one is kind of choppy and doesn’t transition between scenes very well, so my apologies. But besides that, enjoy my first Alex fic!

“The point is, Miss Hodge is not qualified to teach us physics!”

You rolled your eyes at Alex’s declaration. “Shut up, Al, and eat your peas.” Though everyone at your table admittedly agreed your physics teacher was the worst thing to happen to this school, this was the fourth time this week you had heard Alex ranting about it to the entire cafeteria from your lunch table. And it was Wednesday.

Still standing at his spot, he looked down begrudgingly at the food on his plate. “And this food is an abomination. Can this school hire anyone decent?” Your entire table groaned, knowing a rant about the school food was coming. You heard “Thanks Y/N” being grumbled from Angelica on your left.

As Alex took a deep breath to continue on with his probably written out and memorized speech on the different budgets the school could be using to deliver more acceptable food, you threw your fork down, attracting the attention of everyone at the table, including Alex.

“Alex, it’s been a really long and shitty week, and I understand everything at this school sucks, but could you just cool it for two seconds and eat your damn food?”

Everyone stared at you. Your eyes met Alex’s, which were wide in shock. His mouth hung half open, as if you interrupted the essay that was about to pour out. You grew uncomfortable under the stares, and quickly bent your head down and picked your fork back up to play with your food. Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed the standing figure sit down and pick up his fork to eat. You thought you heard him mumble a sincere “Sorry”. You sighed. You would have to apologize for that later.

The rest of the lunch period went by rather quietly and uncomfortably. Only a few of your friends were brave enough to start small talk, but all of it died pretty quickly. It was like you could read their minds: you had never yelled at Alex before. Never even been angry with him.

You weren’t angry at him the time he ditched you at prom to hang out with Maria and her friends. You weren’t angry at him when he starting dating Eliza. You weren’t even angry at him for still not asking you out. A little disappointed. But never angry. Alex was who Alex was.

You could feel the sideways glances he was shooting towards you, but you refused to meet any of them. You just forced the food down your throat and got up from the table as fast as you could.

As you were depositing your tray into the dishroom, you turned and practically ran into Alex. “Hey,” he said, almost out of breath, as if he had ran after you. He flashed you his signature smile, but you could tell there was still concern behind his eyes. “Do you want to skip next period and just go for a walk? You seem stressed.”

You were about to protest because both of you were model students and couldn’t just be skipping class on a whim, but today felt like the exception. You just nodded softly, and he took a step back to let you out of the dishroom first.

On your way to the doors out of the school, you happened to pass by your sister, which caused you to suppress a groan. At all costs, you tried to avoid taking Alex anywhere near your sister.

“Tory!” Alex called out, delighted by his luck. You couldn’t help but notice your sister’s face brightened as well. Bastards. “What do you have for me today?” Alex inquired eagerly.

Tory gave him a contemplative look and a smirk towards you before she finally said, “She’s ticklish.” You groaned.

Alex looked like he had just won the lottery.

A few years ago, when you and Alex officially became best friends, he struck a deal with your sister: every time they see each other, she tells him a fact about you. In exchange, Alex brings her and her drunk friends to Taco Bell any Saturday night they want. (The deal didn’t start off with her and her friends being drunk, but anymore, that’s what it ended up being, Alex had told you once.)

As soon as you were outside, you took a deep breath of fresh air and shuddered. Alex’s face turned from its smirk to suddenly becoming serious. “Y/N, do you want to talk about… anything?”

You sighed. “Like what?”

“Like… how you almost ripped my head off in there?” he asked cautiously.

You scoffed and shook your head. “I barely even raised my voice. Don’t be so dramatic.”

You could tell he could tell you were trying to change the focus of the topic, but he let it go for the time being. “You didn’t need to raise your voice. That made it scarier,” he said teasingly. You gave a small smile at the remark, but it quickly faded away.

“Y/N… I-I didn’t know my rants made you so upset. You should have told me. I would’ve have stopped,” he pleaded with you. You gave out a little laugh at the thought of Alex trying to hold his tongue on any rant.

“Your rants don’t make me upset, Alex. Don’t take what happened in there personally,” you finally said softly. You both walked a few steps in silence before he responded.

“Do you want to talk about what’s really bothering you then?” You knew he phrased it like a question, but it wasn’t a question.

You remained silent for a while, contemplating your response. “I didn’t get in,” you finally said softly. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“What d-”

“Harvard,” you cut him off, your breath shaky. “I didn’t get in.” You stopped walking when you realized he had stopped a couple steps ago.

You turned around to face him, your eyes searching his. He just stared at you.

“How long have you known?” he finally asked.

You shrugged. “Couple days.”

“A couple days? Y/N, you should have told me. You should have come to me. I would have, I don’t-don’t know what I would have done, but I would have been there for you and not been ranting like some asshole,” he stated in disbelief, beginning to ramble. Quickly he closed the distance between you and wrapped you in a warm hug. It was the first time since you received your rejection letter you allowed yourself to cry.

“You know what,” he said, pulling back with his hands gripping your shoulders. “It doesn’t matter. Fuck them. You’ve already got your acceptance to Columbia, and we’ll take over the whole damn school, okay?” He bent down so he was eye level with you and brought his hands up to wipe away your tears. You nodded gingerly. “You’re going to be so damn successful no matter where you go,” he said with such vigor. “I know Harvard was your dream, but Columbia’s still so amazing.”

You gave him a feeble smile, mostly so he would stop talking. His eyes, however, lit up when they saw the small upturn of the corners of your lips. Dread filled you when he started forming a suspicious smirk.

“That’s not quite enough smiling I like to see from you,” he said seriously. Your eyebrows furrowed, but then you felt his hands reach to your side.

“No!” you yelped, but it was too late. As he began tickling your sides, your face automatically broke out into a brilliant gleam as the giggles took over. It was hard to manage breathing and laughing, but somehow you found the time between gasps to strangle out “I… Hate… You.”

When he finally stopped, your sides hurt and you struggled to catch your breath, but you couldn’t quite wipe the smile from your face. Alex beamed proudly down at you as he observed the leftover smile from his antics. You looked gratefully into his eyes, but he seemed not to notice, for he was studying you intently as if he were about to say something. You swallowed thickly.

But instead of saying anything, he shook the look out of his eyes, and motioned to lead you back to the school.

For the next couple weeks, anytime he saw you looking slightly upset, he would come up to you without warning and start the tickling. You tried your hardest to find any weakness in his front, but he but he kept insisting “It’s useless. I’m not ticklish.”

Your entire group began referring to this as a “The War”. But mostly, it was just everyone against Alex. The one day Alex sat down at the table looking slightly peeved and disheveled. You all stared at him curiously until he turned his focus to Hercules.

“I swear to god, if you ever try to tickle my ass again, I will kick yours.” The entire table erupted in laughter, and Laf gave Herc a high five. You laughed especially hard, finally starting to relax back into your life. The rejection letter still stung, but it was stuff like this war that reminded you things like good friends were far more important.

Alex eventually joined in the laughter with a playful smile, but it didn’t go unnoticed by you that his eyes never left you as you laughed. You gave him a quizzical look through your smile, and he averted his eyes immediately from yours, shaking his head.

Alex made plans with you the following Saturday to just hang out at your house while waiting for the inevitable call from your sister to come pick her and her friends up. The War had settled down, as you barely ever looked sad these days, and you couldn’t help but be grateful for not having to be constantly paranoid of being viciously attacked in the hallways.

You stood in your basement trying to set up the tv for whichever movie the two of you decided to watch, when you felt an all too familiar feeling wash over you. Two hands dug into your sides, and your laughs caused you to cease breathing. While your body was all but flailing, you tried you best to control your arms enough to elbow the figure behind you. None of your attempts were successful.

As soon as he was done, you whipped around and shoved Alex playfully. It appeared he was laughing as hard as you.

“What the hell?” you asked when you regained your breath, still beaming. “Did I look sad?”

He met your eyes glowing. “No,” he answered simply. “You just didn’t look happy enough.” As he said the last words, his voice softened to a mellow murmur, and you felt a small amount of heat rise to your cheeks.

Somehow, you managed to roll your eyes through your heart flutter and quickly raised your hands to his sides trying to get the same effect out of him. He gave a small chuckle at your unsuccessful attempt.

“You have to be ticklish somewhere,” you huffed. Your hands moved their way up to his armpits to try again.

Throughout your life you have learned that when you become intently focused on a goal, everything else in your surroundings blur out. Which is why when you were focused on finding Alex’s ticklish spot, you didn’t notice his face gravitating towards yours until your lips made contact.

Your entire body froze as you inhaled a sharp breath. You thought you would feel lightheaded from how fast your heart was beating, and you closed your eyes because everything seemed to start blurring together.

When you finally regained control of your bodily functions, your hands quickly slipped behind his back. With your arms wrapped tightly around him, you pulled him closer until your bodies were flush with each other. You felt his hands messily run themselves through your hair, and you fought the urge to shiver.

His lips burned yours with desire you could tell had been building up for a while. You couldn’t stop the small smile from settling on top your face as he broke apart from you and lightly place his lips on your forehead.

When you finally both pulled away enough to see each other’s faces, he gave you a mischievous grin.

“My lips are ticklish,” he said, so convinced in his suave, you started doubling over in laughter. He cringed realizing what he said, and began trying to recover, but there was no recovery to be had at a line that terrible.

“Can we just forget I said it?” he asked desperately, worriedly observing the tears of laughter emitting themselves from your eyes.

When you managed to conjure up enough breath to breathe, you shook your head. “You just said ‘My lips are ticklish’ after our first kiss, and honestly you’re lucky I haven’t already texted Angelica about it.” He let out a low groan as the heat rose quickly to his face. You unashamedly admitted to yourself that you enjoyed making him blush.

Your upper hand over him didn’t last for long, however, for soon his hands were once again at your sides mercilessly tickling you. You wrapped your arms around him and desperately clung to him to try and keep control of your body.

“Okay! Okay! I surrender!” you shouted in pain. When he stopped, you took stock in how amazing his body heat felt against you. With a smirk you looked up at him and sincerely said, “I won’t text Angelica.” He seemed to visibly relax and you let go of him to quickly snatch your phone.

He warily watched you for a few moments before saying “You’re texting Herc aren’t you.”

“You betcha,” you responded with glee, and he let out an exaggerated groan and flopped onto your couch. You flashed him a smile and felt your heart swell up as he smiled back at you with wide eyes. The past couple weeks ran through your mind quickly: the rejection, the war. And for the first time in a while, you felt a calm settle over you.

Sometimes you needed a little conflict to bring a peace as satisfying as this.

A Final Battle

Freja smiled sinisterly when she heard the half bringer. “So you came. How nice of you. Why don’t you come out and play?”

Play? You know I love a game Freja but right now… I’d love more than just to play ” she appeared in the midst of the flames as she grinned , her front leg crystallized and stiff

“My what a lovely jewel you have there. Makes your eyes POP.” Freja said as she shot a moonblast at Dimona.

Dimona snarled as her tendrils protected her from the attack “ really ?? Is that the best you got?”

“I was afraid that if I did not start we would blabber for hours."Freja shrugged and signaled her elites to start shooting Fairy typed technoblasts towards Dimona.

The demon snarled and avoided and with little of her troops they spread out as much as they could to distract them ” awhh but don’t you want to have a nice long chat Freja dear ?“

"Those are MY troop you know.” Freja said and teleported near Dimona trying to cut her with her spear.

She yelped as she was stabbed by the spear before the tendrils relentlessly tried to attack her “Hehe~? And so?? ” She quickly used fireblast at the Gardevoir

Freja got hit on her side and teleported back to her starting point. “VOICE COMMAND: ALL DIRECTIONS.”

Dimona could feel the little bits try to restrict her movements. Snarling as the tendrils linked together to create a form over herself “Freja… These little bots won’t keep me still for long…~ ” she said as she grinned before the tendrils attacked at her.

“But they will for long enough.” Freja jumped away. “Ine, Daisuke. would you two be dears and help me?” she said as the elites fought Dimona’s forces

Both  nodded as they got ready, Ine flying up to the air as Daisuke prepared an aura sphere. Dimona merely smirked before slowly but surely moving her front paws “Ohhhh won’t he be pleased that you joined? ” She giggled before smirking

Freja shot a psychic at Dimona while she touched an unknown button on her screen. Meanwhile a group of first evolution pokemon who ran from the fires dashed towards Dimona.

Dimona had quickly sorted it out in her head.. up until Freja decided to throw a psychic shot at her. “Playing fair? No? Oh well .”  The idle Tendrils grabbed Ine by her wings which made her flinch before she was thrown towards Freja’s attack. Daisuke’s aura sphere was easily avoided however she found herself swarmed with weaker ‘mons as she huffed and snarled plucking them with her tendrils before throwing them towards Freja. Holding onto a few giving them a grin as she stabbed them hard, letting their blood soak the tendrils “Is this the best you can do dear sweet Freja? ”

Freja who got hit by a flying eevee hurled backwards. Luckily her surprise weapon attacked Dimona. those rattatas, sentrets and bidoofs were planted by Freja in the poke-village after she discovered Dimona spied on her and found out her plan. each of those vermins carried a special purity weapon strapped under their chest with only one attack progremed into them which would activate once they reached Dimona. Explosion.

One by one they went off. Dimona who was unaware of the trap happened to get caught within the now many explosions that happens once after the other,  Covering her general area in smoke

Freja who got back on her feet watched the smoke, and even though she hoped Dimona sufferred greatly from the attack (not caring much if the kamikaza rats survived) she held the purity weapon in her hand, ready to fire.

Silence engulfed the fields before black slick tendrils erupted from the smoke as it dispersed . Dimona was surrounded by the writhing tendrils that wrapped around her. Dimona herself was hurt and bleeding though she stood still before laughing maniacally “ as the tendrils grow , her eyes narrowed at the Queen ”My Turn queenie~

Freja’s eyes widened as the bringer survived the explosions. That was dissapointing, she though that plan was clever. "So you survived?” Freja asked as she shot a water technoblast at her.

“Ahaha!!~ You amuse me Freja dear~! Did you really think a bunch of explosions would KILL me?!! Your lack of knowledge about my kind is laughable… Although I should admit… It’s not my kind that kept me alive through that. ” She grinned before using protect. The tendrils now wrapped around her limbs, as of recreating a version of herself from the shadows , the edges sharp and deadly “I said… it’s my turn dear queen…” the tendrils went past Freja to grab both Ine and Daisuke, stabbing Ine through her wings before tightening her grip on the two “ her gaze now fell to the queen as she used her paws to swipe at her, the tendrils that formed into her paw did the same.

Freja got scratched, and the dark typed attack did it’s damage while she quickly moved back as she held her bleeding chest. "Ah. That’s nice. I see your chaos is growing stronger. Though it’s no matter. You are not a REAL bringer after all. If you were I would have been scared.” Freja said with a condecending smile.

Dimona snarled at her , bearing her fangs as her eyes narrowed “You little bitch! How dare you speak to me that way!” She seethed as she got closer to lash at her once more

Freja teleported to some distance behind Dimona and shot a moonblast at the tendtil that held Daisuke. “I met a bringer once. Kaos I think. She was much more impressive then you I have to admit. She has power in her own right and the respect of her family. But your arrangement is also good. Scrounging for scraps of chaos in a useless attempt to impress someone.”

Daisuke yelped as he fell to the ground l. Quickly getting up before moving away from the demon. This only made their grip against Ine tight in which she tried to repel the tendrils with her attack.

Freja could almost see her twitch at the name before turning to look at her “She does not have the respect of all her family..” She snarled before more of the tendrils appeared , agitated and pulsing with their master’s rage and the Chaos around them. They quickly made their way towards the two , lashing and attacking  them. “I AM NOT SCROUNGING FOR SCRAPS AND YOU WILL NOT MENTION HER NAME IN MY PRESENCE !

Freja used a fairy typed technoblast against the incoming tendrils in hope of reppelling them. She succeeded in angering Dimona. Now she needs to wait until the ether is activated by the anger. “I mean. I heard Kaos is the strongest one out there. Niv was scared of Kaos and the whole point of our deal was to give her an edge against her. I never heard her mention you though. But maybe she forgot. Who knows.”

The tendrils backed up a bit before trying to grab at her this time. Dimona was now fueled with rage “I don’t need to be popular "she snarled as she uses a dark looking fireblast at them

The tendrils got Freja’s torso, but she teleported away quickly. only scorching the end of her dress. Freja reappeared at the other end of the field smiling though she got a bit tired. and as she waited for the crystals to grow inside Dimona in reaction with her rage.

Seething with Rage, She was about to move before realizing that she barely could. looking at her body, it seemes as if the crystals were spreading faster than they should. She frowned , of course this was all part of her plan….part of the bitchy queen’s plan. She should have seen it coming. It was far to late now. She had better make due with her deal “Hey grim! Here’s part one of the deal!” She growled letting out some of her rage at the broken winged Eevee before throwing her towards the shadows. As soon as she did that nother pair of tendrils latched at Daisuke as it threw him towards Ine as well. 

Daisuke groaned and quickly got up before growling “And how is throwing us away going to help you?!”



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