I have severe ADD. They (production) have to repeat the (comp) instructions for me. I have it to the point where people will talk and I’ll try really hard to listen to you but all I can see is your mouth moving. And then I don’t hear the words, and then I’ll just start thinking about fun things in my head or whatever. I will think about something in my head that’s more exciting, and then the conversation ends, and I’m so good at it now that I just nod my head and ‘mhm’. Imagine that being your every day struggle. Like Paul’s stories? I don’t know any of his stories because they’re too long, so I don’t know what they’re all about because I just look at his facial expressions when he’s telling his stories. Graduating college was my biggest accomplishment, it was hard. And I didn’t have medication when I was in college. [So what made you go to a Doctor to diagnose it?] ‘Cause it was affecting my work life. I always knew I had a learning disability since I was young. My mom didn’t believe in it. She doesn’t believe in those things. But I knew, I was struggling so hard with school, nothing was helping me, I would cry it was just so hard. And I’m a smart person, I just don’t have an attention span. [When you take your medication does it help?] If I take it, it’s still hard for me but it helps a lot. I don’t have to struggle and get frustrated, but when I don’t take it, it’s frustrating, yeah.
—  Natalie to James (7/25 5:36 am)

feelin better did some things here are some of my fave ricks and mortys

my main hang up with this game is that sausage morty doesnt have lil nub arms im super upset about it man


A beautiful thing happened today

Hey everyone just a little up date on Odin. Odin’s doing great but he’s still trying to mess with the surgery wound so Odin now has to wear a sock of shame so he can’t get to it.

“Good. Now stop crying… idiot”


this was such a cute request omg ♥

Watch this poll be forever ongoing and Jeff’s sitting there sweating buckets as he watches Sterek lead by 1 trillion votes like:

“Get Hoechlin on the phone, ASAP!”

*Hoech giggles as he declines each call that comes in*

*Jeff’s sweating increases and raises the waters for the Sterek ship to continue to sail upon*

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hat / cat