Well my friend @adamsmasher is an angel and got me groceries and also my roommate’s mom bought us food, so thankfully I won’t be starving for the time being! I also got my meds but boy howdy not having them for 3 days was literally hell. So here’s a picture of me not being miserable so I don’t make everyone sad. Sorry for venting all the time but life is rough and I can’t exactly post this stuff on my Facebook.

I hope you all have a great day. Stay strong and be safe.

im kind of a grumbily grumbler lately, everyone is frustrating me but im also lonely? and my meds still arent letting me laugh like holly, this gal just wants to ride a bike over country fields again and forever


part 2/? of our med au!!!

also pls check out citras art for this too!! its in her twitter moments here!! :))

idk about them but the way i memorize it is repeatedly banging my head against the wall until it retains in my mind


Please help a nonbinary lesbian with an autoimmune disease!

Hi, I’m Bee and I need help. I just took my last $40 out of the bank and now I don’t even have $3 to my name. I lost my job in December and have no source of income.

I have Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune disease and form of hypothyroidism, that can be life threatening without my medicine. I am also a full-time college student with no health insurance.

In addition to my meds, I also need to pay for gas, car insurance, and my phone bill.

You can message me if you’re interested in donating, and I am also taking commission on my art blog ( @galacticbumblebee ) for as cheap as $5.

Please please please help me. If I can’t drive to school, I am going to fail out of school and lose my funding. And if I can’t pay for my meds, I will get very very sick. If you can’t donate, reblogs are very appreciated. Thank you.

Let Check Please Characters Have Different Professions 2k17

some suggestions for fields/professions/specific jobs just so we can mix things up:


  • a food critic
  • a sommelier (wine expert - he got the palate for it)
  • marketing
  • editor
  • cookbook author
  • nutritionist 
  • i know he doesn’t like to study but imagine him as a college prof please it’s so cute guys
  • literally anything other than a baker/working in a bakery/owning a bakery like i know it makes sense but let him do other things pls


  • gm for a hockey team
  • author
  • physical therapist
  • model
  • any kind of coach
  • athletic director for a university
  • the guy who comes up with those ridiculously specific stats for (ex: at one point the Blue Jackets won their last five games on dates with repeating numbers. (ex: 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, etc.)
  • shout out to all the historian!jack fics out there


  • museum curator
  • literally any management position
  • gallery owner
  • industrial designer
  • graphic designer
  • jewelry designer idk
    • there’s a post somewhere about her designing nhl goalie masks and i love that idea so much but i cannot find the post
  • don’t just say she’s an artist, give her something specific to do


  • writer for How to Get Away with Murder specifically
  • law school prof
  • journalist
  • community activist/organizer
  • politician
  • lobbyist
  • there are so many subsets of law! don’t just make him a lawyer - have him do family law or immigration or environmental or contract or real estate or hell, just state if he’s in prosecution or defense 


  • nhl referee
  • sports analyst
  • hedge fund manager
  • radio personality
  • voice actor
  • auctioneer 
  • screenwriter 
  • stay at home dad


  • biomedical engineer
  • nutritionist 
  • zoologist
  • college prof (courtesy of @nicepasses )
  • something in sports medicine/orthopedics 
  • and if you do make him a doctor there are so many interesting specializations! also, remember that med school and residency take a long time - he’s not going to be an established doc until late 20′s at the earliest 
    • A L S O - Ransom is Canadian and I feel like the healthcare differences between the US and Canada will probably affect his schooling/job?? does anyone have more information about this?


  • playwright
  • journalist
  • copywriter
  • freelance writer
  • editor of either books or online publications
  • teacher or professor (he could create the Woke Poets Society)
  • defenseman in the nhl (where are the NHL!nursey fics??)


  • CIA analyst (idk where this one came from but it sounds interesting)
  • app developer
  • tech expert/the guy who reviews the newest products and tears them apart like can you imagine him grumpily telling the internet why macs are too expensive?? perf
  • handyman or mechanic 
  • nanny (does he actually have a thousand siblings or is that fandom lore?)
  • the angriest google employee


  • the new sun when ours inevitably burns out
  • honestly i’m 100000000% here for NHL chowder 
  • game developer
  • goalie coach
  • video coach for an nhl team
  • there are literally so many jobs in tech that i do not know about so I will just but the ubiquitous ‘Coder’ whatever that means
  • consultant
  • engineer

4.9.17 // 7:18 pm •• studying with my bff! follow her tumblr @eudaimonia-111 she also posts beautiful photos!!! she’s also pre med so if you’re interested in that too go to her page! 💞

{for more, follow me on instagram & snapchat @lucynicoled}

  • Andrew: Okay, we're about to enact "Operation Smoke Out the (Frustratingly Attractive) Mole that is Neil (FUCKING) Josten" written, choreographed by, and dedicated to yours truly. Any questions?
  • Nicky (flipping through a thick packet): Yeah, I was wondering about the part you make me buy the hated party an outfit that is, quote, "black and torn like my soul"?
  • Andrew: Point denied.
  • Aaron: I'm not understanding why we don't just beat the shit out of him????
  • Andrew (playing with the cap to his meds): Oh, so it's fine when it's YOUR suggestion...BLOCKED.
  • Kevin: So, this part where we take him out for ice cream, its intended purpose is to lull Neil into a false sense of security, correct?
  • Andrew (sweats): Yes...that is the most correct. All part of the plan (and not my fantasy)
  • Nicky (attempting to write in a makeout with Neil into the packet): And your ultimate goal is to interrogate him successfully in a loud and crowded nightclub while he's delirious and you're off your meds but also we're kinda drunk too. Then the following morning we go out for brunch. Am I on the right track?
  • And that's how Nicky was voted out of the family (despite it being a 1-2 vote).

monamemonetoile  asked:

Hi Wil! A few years ago, you accepted my friend request on untappd & it made my day. I was quite into the craft beer scene & met people who are among my closest friends now. I stopped drinking about 18 months ago. I was finding that my depression and anxiety meds weren't working as well as they could be. I was in a dark place then, however, life is brighter now. I have a 3 month old daughter and she is everything. Do you miss beer & all it's fun? Do you think you'll return to brewing? Thanks :)

I quit drinking almost 18 months ago, too! Some days I miss beer, but mostly I don’t even think about it. I’m not an addict, so it was more of a life choice than a sobriety choice, but I have stayed away because I also noticed that my meds were less effective (and I just wasn’t able to lose the weight my knees and hips were telling me I needed to lose).

I miss brewing, but I’ve been baking bread and roasting coffee and brewing kombucha, so I’m pretty much scratching the same itch as I did with brewing.

Congratulations on being a parent! Remember: it’s supposed to be challenging, and that’s okay.

Nothing scares me as much as the thought of young, impressionable kids actually believing what the Erins write about herbal treatments for cats in Warriors… 

My hope is that just about everyone understands the rest of the stuff in the books that is cat-related in bullshit, and so by default also rule out the meds too. 

Tyler Seguin #13

Requested by Anon:  Can you do one with Tyler seguin where you get really sick and he takes care of you? [Enjoy!:)]

Word count: 829

Originally posted by puckducky

Usually, when you hear the front door click, you run to the foyer to meet Tyler or to the kitchen where you try to look busy. Tonight, though, you pull the covers higher until half of your face is under them. The lights are turned off except for the one on the bathroom vanity, filtering out a little. You curled into your body even more and closed your eyes tight.

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what she says: i’m fine

what she means: i guess i just don’t understand why andrew had such an issue with katelyn i mean andrew set up their deal so that all of aaron’s friends had to be approved by andrew but that was because aaron’s high school friends were a bunch of druggies that andrew didn’t want aaron around anymore so i would think that andrew wouldn’t have an issue with katelyn considering she’s also pre-med and clearly keeps aaron out of trouble it could just be because aaron kept it a secret from andrew but then-

dreamsofthestars  asked:

Hey Wil. I suffer with anxiety and was just wondering if there was anything you liked to do or drink or whatever that calms you down that I could try? I have a weird as crap friend who suggested yogurt tea (yogurt mixed with hot water) so literally any suggestion would be appreciated. Much love.

I do a lot of meditation and relaxation breathing. I also take meds from my doctor for my depression, which helps the anxiety. I drink a ton of chammomile and other calming teas (my favorites are Cup of Calm, and this Kava anti-stress thing, and also something that’s just called Bedtime).

I’ve never heard of the yogurt thing. I hope this helps.

38sr  asked:

I'm sure you've been asked this question a lot, but I'm really curious about how you print your pieces for cards, books and washi tape. I've been wanting to make my own prints for a while and I've been told red bubble provide the items you want to print on but I don't like how it loses quality and color. So I was wondering what you use since your pieces are so beautiful and nicely printed. I'm sorry if this is something you rather not answer or have answered...

I’m not sure about cards (I don’t think I’ve ever printed those?) but I print books and prints locally in a printing store close to where I live. If you want to print stuff like books, bookmarks, and other merch with good quality, I’d also recommend Med Merch ( and JiMi Agency ( I’m not sure about prints though. ^^;

As for washi tape, a friend of mine usually opens a group order for washi tapes, and they send the files to be printed in Taiwan if I’m not mistaken. They usually opens group order from time to time, so you could ask them here: if you’re interested in printing washi tapes ^^

I’m having trans Keith thoughts that are also kinda sheith. Also most of these are based off of trans men having periods and my own feelings and things I want when I’m on my period. Having periods is rough enough but when you’re a trans guy, the anxiety and self hatred goes up a lot so I had to write these to make me feel a little better.

Shiro using his galra tech hand to help soothe Keith’s period cramps by hearing it up slightly.

Keith sobbing from dysphoria and Shiro just telling Keith all the things he loves about him. Basically sheltering Keith and giving him nothing but positive thoughts and hugs.

Keith sneaking to Shiro’s room while at the garrison to pick up pads since Shiro buys them when he goes shopping.

Shiro still being understanding and/or enthusiastic about going down on Keith during his period to help the pain or the intensity. (Having sex can help periods. I know it’s crazy.)

Shiro letting Keith op out of normal Voltron drills like fighting the gladiator or mind exercises wince when you’re on your period. It’s all you think about. Keith just walks on the treadmill or lifts weights to help stress and anger.

Keith having to take multiple breaks during the day to go change and Shiro protecting Keith when the others get curious.

Keith having to ask Allura about periods and they both come up with a pill that gets rid of Keith’s periods and pregnancy abilities. He’s a happy boy now.

Shiro making Keith a binder since he can sew. When Lance teased Keith about looking feminine Shiro stepped in front of them and got Keith out of the area before he started to sob and breakdown. Lance apologized later.

When Keith is feeling grossed out and sore and achy, Shiro gives him a full body massage and helps Keith relax.

Bonus trans Shiro and trans Keith.
Both of them meeting while Keith wasn’t out yet and Shiro was. Shiro helped Keith find a binder and new clothes. Shiro also carries extra pads and tampons in case the both need them. He also carries meds in case the cramps start hurting. He lets Keith’s advisors know about how he may have to leave class or stay in the dorms. Keith eventually moved to more online core classes and did his actual major study one on one with Shiro since they both respected each other.

Also a fun one that made me happy:
Shiro making a blanket fort around Keith while he’s feeling dysphoria or anxiety to help him relax. They both read and listen to music in the fort until Keith falls asleep.

Schizonephilim’s experience with an abscessed tooth...that nearly killed them

Hey everybuddy! Aunt Scripty here. Today’s post is a guest post by @schizonephilim , who was kind enough to share their story of a near-fatal abscessed tooth.

I’m always welcome to posting interesting personal stories that writers can use for inspiration and details in their work, and if you have a story you’d care to share, go ahead and submit one!

Note that I haven’t edited this post for content or for grammar.

Thanks so much to schizonephilim for their openness and for sharing.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


I’ve really been enjoying your blog!  Reading more realistic medical advice, I think, will really help my writing.  :) (Awww, thanks! ~AS)

In October 2009, I had gone to a local concert with my mom, and I was having the time of my life.  I noticed in the breaks between the two main performers that my left jaw was starting to get sore, but I attributed that to all the screaming I’d done at first.  By the time it was all over with and we had driven home, however, the pain was steadily increasing, and I realized I probably had an abcessed tooth.

That was on a Saturday.  By Monday, my jaw was beginning to swell, so I managed to get in to see my dentist, who gave me a round of antibiotics (500 mg of penicillin, 3 times a day) and pain meds.  I was in too much pain to go to work, so I called in and stayed home.  I took the antbiotics religiously, making sure never to miss a dose, and I was in so much pain that I seemingly ate the pain pills like they were candy (I REALLY don’t recommend that), but neither medicine seemed to have any effect.

Wednesday rolled around, and the swelling in my jaw (and the pain) was getting worse.  Also, my jaw was beginning to stiffen, making it harder to open my mouth to eat or talk.  I went back to my dentist, and he gave me another prescription of antibiotics (now 4 times a day) and more pain meds.  I also got a note for work for the days I had missed so far and drove it to my job so my boss could see that I wasn’t exaggerating my situation.  I remember he’d made the joke, “You sure you didn’t break your jaw?”  All I could say was, “If I had, it’d probably hurt less.”

When Friday came, my condition had deteriorated.  I could barely eat between the pain of chewing and my jaw stiffening to the point I could barely open my mouth, I mostly stayed in bed with an overwhelming desire to sleep, and I struggled to get any sleep because of the pain.  My dad wanted to take me back to our dentist, but he was out of the office that day.  His staff was in, however, and they were able to refer us to an oral surgeon in a nearby town.  I was in no condition to drive, so he took me to the oral surgeon.

As luck would have it, it was raining cats and dogs when we got there, and the oral surgeon’s office had lost power.  He still saw me, though.  Without power to his equipment, he couldn’t do much of anything in depth to look at me, but he listened to us and he could see for himself what sort of condition I was in.  He put in a call to my regular doctor to get me in, and I was off back to my hometown to see him.  Before we left, he told us that if I started having difficulty swallowing, I needed to go to the ER immediately.  (Better than waiting till it was hard to breathe, he said.)

My doctor took one look at me, listened to me and my dad (mostly my dad, because it hurt too much to speak), and prescribed three shots of Rocephin (sp?) over three days.  I received the first shot there in his office, and the next two over the next two successive days at the hospital because his office was closed on the weekends.

When Sunday evening came, I had reached the end of my rope, so to speak.  I had already received my third shot of Rocephin earlier that day, and the round of new antibiotics was just as ineffective as the penicillin.  My jaw had swollen to frightening proportions, and the lack of rest and constant pain had driven me to my wits’ end.  It was, in fact, getting difficult to swallow, but that was overshadowed by the rest.  I had my mom take me to the ER, where we had to sit for a few hours in the waiting room before ever seeing a doctor.  They were completely unable to take my temperature, since I couldn’t get my teeth far enough apart to fit the thermometer through them no matter how I tried.

I live in a small town, so we don’t have an abundance of specialists.  When I finally saw the ER doctor, he referred me to an ear, nose, and throat specialist (ENT) at a hospital about two hours away.  My brother drove me the two hours, and I arrived at about 1:00 on Monday morning.  I went through triage quickly and was put in an exam room.  While we were waiting for the specialist, a med student came in and explained that she had heard about my condition and wanted to see for herself.  I didn’t mind, since I figured if she ever saw that situation again, maybe she could learn something.  After all, it’s not every day that an abcessed tooth gets that badly out of hand.

Once the ENT came in, I finally, FINALLY, was able to get a dose of morphine, and let me tell you, the relief from having the pain eased was so sweet I wanted to cry.  He sent me for an MRI so that he could see exactly where the pockets of infection were.  Luckily, I don’t have a sensitivity to iodine like my dad does, otherwise I would have been in real trouble.  Once the MRI was over, they took me to a different room than before, and I was left to wait with my brother again.  I can’t remember if I had my second dose of morphine before or after the MRI was done; my memory is understandably a little fuzzy about that detail.  I remember hearing what sounded like a man screaming in agony in another room nearby while I waited; I imagined that he had been injured in an accident and had broken bones, but of course, I had no idea what their particular story was, and I didn’t ask.

By the time the ENT came in to see me again, that second dose was wearing off.  He explained to me exactly what he was going to do.  The infection was structured in a kind of honeycomb way, so simply opening and draining wasn’t going to work; they were going to have to scrape the infection out.  He gave me a local anesthetic, but before doing that, he explained that because the infection was acidic, it would burn off the anesthetic quickly.  I didn’t feel the incision just beneath my jaw when he made it, but every other sensation was agony.  I felt him scraping inside my jaw and neck, pushing out mounds of pus, and the smell made me want to throw up.  For those who are unfamiliar with infections of that nature, it smelled like meat that had spoiled in the refrigerator…but it was my meat, and it was right underneath my nose.  My brother held my hand through the whole procedure, and I was clenching my jaw and holding in the urge to scream in pain.

Once he was satisfied that he had gotten out as much as he could, he washed out the area with a saline solution and packed it full of what looked like gauze ribbon.  He explained to me that he couldn’t stitch up the area, since that would be inviting the infection to come back, and he left probably an inch or so of the ribbon hanging out of the incision, and taped gauze over the area to keep it covered.  He said that it was for giving the infection a path to travel out, which made sense to me.  I was given follow-up appointments and discharge instructions, along with one last dose of morphine and a prescription for more (different) antibiotics and pain pills.  It was somewhere around 3:00 or maybe later when we left, and it was about dawn when we arrived home.

It took me about another week to recover, and at least two weeks to be somewhat back to normal.  I wasn’t told at the time, but when I went to the ER in my hometown and was sent to the larger hospital, the doctor had told my mother that I had to go right then, that it couldn’t even wait until morning.  I was on the verge of sepsis, and I only truly appreciated that fact later.

One last interesting tidbit about my experience.  When the ENT was scraping the infection out, he said that he was going to send off samples to see exactly what sort of bacteria it was that had caused all this trouble.  On one of my follow-up appointments, I thought to ask about what the results had been, but the doctor, despite searching the computer database and even calling the labs at the hospital, couldn’t find any trace of the samples.  To this day, I still have no idea what bacteria had caused the infection that gave me so much hell and, if not for the ENT and the wonderful other doctors and nurses and their expertise, would have been the end of me.