• Random person: well this medication you're taking is just treating the SYMPTOMS of your disease, it's not actually helping you
  • Me, internally screaming: I have a CHRONIC illness. THERE IS NO CURE. I will take what I can get.

Anyways trans boys who don’t experience dysphoria are still boys

Trans mlm who don’t experience dysphoria are still mlm (men loving men)

Trans boys are boys whether they experience dysphoria or not and if anyone says otherwise they are wrong


It was late. They’ve been on multiple missions that week but somehow there was always even more demons than the last. They were lucky no one got injured. However, exhaustion was creeping into their bones. All they wanted to do was collapse into their beds for 12 hours straight.

It’s been a while since Magnus had used this much magic. He was fixing up wards, healing and dealing with clients all week. Everyone was running around in panic with the oncoming war and Magnus has been the one to put their heads back on. He longed for the comfort of his home.

Alec was tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. He’d been trying to fall asleep for an hour but no matter how droopy his eyes got, his brain doesn’t seem to want to shut down. His bed was too hard and his blankets scratched against his skin. Eventually, he got up went to get a drink from the kitchen.

Magnus was frustrated. He needed to sleep. His bed felt too soft and his blankets did not keep him warm enough. He’d use some magic to fix all this but he didn’t want to drain himself. Soon enough, he got up, draping the blankets around himself and went to the kitchen to make some tea.

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Honestly I really love it when my friend asks me questions about ADHD randomly whenever she thinks of them. 

Like we were listening to Sail by AWOLNATION while studying one time and at the line “Maybe it’s my ADD” she paused it just to ask what the difference between ADD and ADHD was and listened to me ramble on for like five minutes about the different classifications of ADHD and which classification I have (and actually laughed at my shitty joke that having Combined time is “the best of both worlds” oh my God what a champ) and then asked more questions about how each type would have an effect on someone’s life. 

And another time I made a joke about my medication being a Class 2 controlled substance in the Criminal Code of Canada (aka one of the Super Serious Drugs) so she asked me how my medication actually affects me and how it makes my life easier, and when I listed off how it helps control my impulsive decisions, evens out my moods and emotions, and generally helps to keep me more evened out as a person, she said she would try to help me however she can to make things easier and look out for me if ever I get too impulsive or get sensory overloaded or something. 

And every time she asks me a question, she always says “I’m sorry if this is rude or too invasive” and she’s just really nice and supportive about it and I love it??? Because it’s someone who cares about me trying to understand my disorder and how it affects me and makes me feel and how she can help??? And it’s such a nice change from the usual “just focus, just sit still, just be quiet, it’s not that hard!!!” kind of bullshit people usually give me as “”””advice”””” on how to handle my ADHD I just I don’t know I love it I love her she’s wonderful and it makes me so happy. 

i’m in goddamn tears, my dad just drove down to my college campus to deliver a new computer to replace the one that got stolen

he was just like “come downstairs” and when i was like “???” he just said “insurance covered a new laptop! i’m here”

like holy shit, my dad is the best fucking dad in the world i… am so lucky

also check out part 2 of the dex accidentally gets high fic (here), which features nursey getting intentionally drunk? or ch 1 here?

Nursey isn’t really sure what time it is, but he knows that Spring C is over and the sky is dark, so it’s definitely probably sometime at night.

He also knows that the team is having an after party at the Haus, and he doesn’t really know where any of his friends are or when he lost them, but that’s pretty much on par for every other Spring C he’s ever attended, so he doesn’t worry about that too much. Instead, he just heads for the Haus and, sure enough, he arrives there to find that a party is in full swing.

There are people on the grass and the porch and he can see people inside as well, and there’s music playing and laughter filling the air, and Nursey curses himself for thinking in cliché’s, but he’s also just a bit too drunk and a bit too excited to care.

He’d been tired before but, just like that, his second wind hits him, and then Nursey stumbles inside. He waves to a few people he knows and fist bumps a few others, and then he does his best to head straight for the kitchen.

He knows that, realistically, he’s definitely at least a little bit drunker than he should be and that, because of that, he should probably have a glass of water or a slice of pie or something to counteract the hours’ worth of alcohol he’s drank today, but he also feels good and he doesn’t want it to stop.

He feels light and kind of dazed and he feels like the night is just beginning, and he doesn’t want sobriety to get in the way of that, so he opens the fridge and grabs a PBR, and he fumbles it a bit before he gets it opened but then it’s opened and he goes to take a sip, when-

“Do you really need another drink, Nurse?” Dex asks, and Nursey pauses, but he doesn’t lower the can. Instead, he turns with the can still mid-air and sees Dex leaning against the doorframe, at which point Nursey meant to finish the sip of beer in defiance, but he gets momentarily caught off guard by just how good Dex looks, and then-

And then he spills at least a quarter of the beer onto his shirt, and he’s not entirely sure how it even happened, but he says, “Oh fuck,” and then he jumps back and spills a bit more on the floor, and then he gets hold of himself and looks up just in time to see Dex hiding a smile. The cold beer and the slight embarrassment both hit Nursey at once and they clear his head a tiny bit, so he mutters, “I definitely need another drink,” and then he actually does take a sip of the beer.

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It just suddenly struck me that there are dissertations and literary studies written on Robin Hood and King Arthur, their combined mythos has been one of the most monolithic presence in English folklore and literature since, well, ye olden days.

But it took two average privileged hacks no time at all to display their utter incompetence and disrespect when they took hold of those legendary characters. 

It’s like completely mind boggling to me. How can anyone screw up that badly with something that has been researched so thoroughly? @scarimor you feel me, right?  


feelin better did some things here are some of my fave ricks and mortys

my main hang up with this game is that sausage morty doesnt have lil nub arms im super upset about it man

  • elliot: *doesn't take his meds*
  • also elliot: self help is for losers lol
  • elliot, 3 entries later: im so sad all the time i dont know what to do, what CAN i do???
  • me, already turning the page: unfortunate,