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I'm so sorry you have to give yourself post-op injections. That's why they left my IV in until I was discharged. Also sorry your pain meds aren't in reach. Hope you feel better and can get through the healing process. Lots of love. <3 (if you want we can message each other about the healing process and if you're comfortable compare scars. I find them cool when they're healed, but I understand if you're not comfortable with that.)

Merci! I’m honestly so proud I’m able to do it! I have a massive phobia of medical needles (like, anxiety attack levels) but after all the shit I went through at the hospital, I feel totally fearless, and it’s almost like I’ve been ‘cured’ of my phobia? It’s really weird. Proof I guess that exposure therapy works for some people - guess I’m one of them. And that would be awesome, merci! I’m actually already healing really really well. I got out after just 24 hours rather than the usual 48.


part 2/? of our med au!!!

also pls check out citras art for this too!! its in her twitter moments here!! :))

idk about them but the way i memorize it is repeatedly banging my head against the wall until it retains in my mind


A description of how Adderall affects the brain of a person who actually has ADHD

My brain normally: like 5 TVs playing all at once on full volume 24/7. It’s real hard to watch the “homework” TV when all the other ones are playing too (and they’re all playing much more interesting programs).

My brain on Adderall: only one TV is on. I still have to work to keep it on the “homework” channel (it’s way more fun to hyperfocus on the social media/talking with friends/making art channel) but at least I don’t have a bunch of other TVs going so it’s a bit easier.

TL;DR: ppl w/adhd aren’t taking meds for the “high” or whatever. Some of us really need meds to function. But also, meds aren’t magic and we still work hard to focus even when we’re on them.

Let Check Please Characters Have Different Professions 2k17

some suggestions for fields/professions/specific jobs just so we can mix things up:


  • a food critic
  • a sommelier (wine expert - he got the palate for it)
  • marketing
  • editor
  • cookbook author
  • nutritionist 
  • i know he doesn’t like to study but imagine him as a college prof please it’s so cute guys
  • literally anything other than a baker/working in a bakery/owning a bakery like i know it makes sense but let him do other things pls


  • gm for a hockey team
  • author
  • physical therapist
  • model
  • any kind of coach
  • athletic director for a university
  • the guy who comes up with those ridiculously specific stats for (ex: at one point the Blue Jackets won their last five games on dates with repeating numbers. (ex: 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, etc.)
  • shout out to all the historian!jack fics out there


  • museum curator
  • literally any management position
  • gallery owner
  • industrial designer
  • graphic designer
  • jewelry designer idk
    • there’s a post somewhere about her designing nhl goalie masks and i love that idea so much but i cannot find the post
  • don’t just say she’s an artist, give her something specific to do


  • writer for How to Get Away with Murder specifically
  • law school prof
  • journalist
  • community activist/organizer
  • politician
  • lobbyist
  • there are so many subsets of law! don’t just make him a lawyer - have him do family law or immigration or environmental or contract or real estate or hell, just state if he’s in prosecution or defense 


  • nhl referee
  • sports analyst
  • hedge fund manager
  • radio personality
  • voice actor
  • auctioneer 
  • screenwriter 
  • stay at home dad


  • biomedical engineer
  • nutritionist 
  • zoologist
  • college prof (courtesy of @nicepasses )
  • something in sports medicine/orthopedics 
  • and if you do make him a doctor there are so many interesting specializations! also, remember that med school and residency take a long time - he’s not going to be an established doc until late 20′s at the earliest 
    • A L S O - Ransom is Canadian and I feel like the healthcare differences between the US and Canada will probably affect his schooling/job?? does anyone have more information about this?


  • playwright
  • journalist
  • copywriter
  • freelance writer
  • editor of either books or online publications
  • teacher or professor (he could create the Woke Poets Society)
  • defenseman in the nhl (where are the NHL!nursey fics??)


  • CIA analyst (idk where this one came from but it sounds interesting)
  • app developer
  • tech expert/the guy who reviews the newest products and tears them apart like can you imagine him grumpily telling the internet why macs are too expensive?? perf
  • handyman or mechanic 
  • nanny (does he actually have a thousand siblings or is that fandom lore?)
  • the angriest google employee


  • the new sun when ours inevitably burns out
  • honestly i’m 100000000% here for NHL chowder 
  • game developer
  • goalie coach
  • video coach for an nhl team
  • there are literally so many jobs in tech that i do not know about so I will just but the ubiquitous ‘Coder’ whatever that means
  • consultant
  • engineer
Imagine doctor Dean Winchester flirting with you while coming to check up on you on the hospital.

A/N: I was in need of the doctor!Dean cuteness that someone suggested and here it is! It’s a LOT like the “drunk Dean flirting with reader” mini series I wrote a while ago, so if you liked those flirty (and dirty ;)) remarks you’re gonna enjoy this one too!

“And I fucking told you I don’t want anybody just checking up on her other than me!” your eyes almost widened as you heard the rough voice. You could recognize it anywhere and although it usually made your heart warm up and your entire body relax this time it actually made you jump in your place.

“This is no a job for newbies, and I have made it clear that nobody interferes with my patients. Especially miss (Y/l/n).” you heard his voice become louder as he approached your room and this time you realized he wasn’t just angry or frustrated, but he sounded tired as well. Of course they wouldn’t notice, nobody did but you’d like to admit you knew your doctor more than you should.

“Y-yes doctor, we’ll let them know.” you heard a nurse stutter and footstep hurry away as another pair approached your room.

“Bunch of amateurs.” you heard him let out a frustrated sigh, running a hand down his face as he wanted into your room. The moment his eyes fell on you, you saw his expression soften and a definitely more calm one take over.

“Morning, sweetheart.” he breathed out as he closed the door behind him.

“Morning, doc.” you grinned “What’s with all the fuss today?” you asked although you had a slight suspicion.

“Because nobody seems to be able to do their fucking job right.” he said with a small growl and you raised an eyebrow “I told them I didn’t want anyone checking up on you but Mer and it seems like I was talking to a fucking wall.”

“So it is about Doctor Evans?” you asked with a small smirk, leaning back in your comfy pillows as he looked down at the papers he had concerning you.

Dean let another growl at the mention, his hands clenching in fists “I told him in specific that you were my patient, and mine only. But he had to come and take you for your regular check up because apparently he didn’t have any more patients to take care of!” he huffed and you bit your lips to keep yourself from giggling, but obviously failed.

His head moved up and his eyes locked with yours as a frown set on his face. You placed a hand over your mouth “Sorry” you breathed out, still smiling “I just- I find it cute how you get all over-protective and possessive with me.” you shrugged, looking down at your hands and feeling your cheeks heat up as you realized what you had actually said.

“Do you do that with all the patients, doctor?” you asked again, looking at him through your eyelashes. You felt better, despite your blush that at least you could make him smile. Gosh how you loved that smile. It felt as if it could lit up an entire room and you hated when things like this happened and he was all moody or, even worse, burdened, like he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders.

He was a wonderful man, he didn’t deserve this. He lived for saving people and he had actually done so numerous times. But it wasn’t just how much of an amazing doctor he was, more like how much he liked his job past the prescriptions part. He always made sure to talk with all of the patients in the hospital, doing his best they felt at home and of course they all knew and respected him deeply. You never really thought that after your car accident finding yourself in a hospital with him as your personal doctor would be the best thing to happen to you. The first few months had been the hardest but your injures had been taken good care of thanks to him, and the emotional part helped a lot. He was great to you, kind and funny, sweet and soft when needed and never forget flirty. It didn’t harm that he was so good-looking. Your self-confidence needed a boost and with a man like him it was so much more than that.

“Only for the pretty ones.” he said with a smirk, winking at you as he flipped a page and focused back on the numbers in front of him.

“Right, and are there… a lot of pretty ones lately?” you asked shyly, chewing on your lower lip.

His eyes didn’t leave the papers but the smile remained on his face “Nah not really. So far only one, and she really is the most damn beautiful of all. Honestly-” he set them down at the end of your bed “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” he said as he approached you.

“Is that so?” your eyebrows shot up “She must be something really special for you to say this.”

“Yeah, she’s unique.” he breathed out, giving you that boyish grin that always made you thankful you were sitting or else your knees would have given away.

“I’m sure.” you mumbled “For doctor Winchester to take a liking to her.” you shrugged subtly and he shook his head with a chuckle.

“You really want to hear it, don’t you?” he asked, resting his weight on his arm on the head of your bed.

You looked up at him, biting your lip “Maybe a little?” you asked shyly and he laughed at you.

“You’re one of a kind.” he muttered as he pushed some strands out your face “Do you even have any idea what you do to me?” he asked, almost as if accusing you but still with a playful smile on.

“Probably just as much as you don’t.” you shrugged, eyes still locked with his as he flashed you a big smile.

“I would probably lose my job to this but: careful there sweetheart, cause I already got you in a bed for me.” he winked as you couldn’t help yourself but giggle at his remark.

“Gimme your hand for a second.” he said as you extended your hand.

“Here” you whispered and he gave you a soft smile.

He held your wrist for only a minute to check your heartbeat. He smiled as if to tell you you were alright as he ran his fingers up your arm, creating goosebumps in the meantime. You knew very well he was aware of it because there was no need to check on your scratches and bruises practically every day and he still did it, fucking tease. It had become a routine but if you were entirely honest you did enjoy the feeling of his rough calloused hands holding your smaller ones, they way they fitted together almost surprised you at first. But again it made you feel at home, at peace and relaxed and you didn’t care about anything else. You let him pull out that small flashlight you sometimes enjoyed fidgeting with, even if he’d give you a warning look most of the time. He brought his finger in front of your eyes, and you followed it with your eyes just like every time. Soon followed his stethoscope and this time it was impossible not to shiver when he ran his hand up your spine. He took his sweet time placing the end of it on your back, according to him it was just about checking your injures but you always knew better. And you would never complain.

“You know, Dean I never asked you but judging by its looks it seems old. How come you haven’t changed it? Considering you have plenty of them laying around here.” you asked looking at the old stethoscope.

“Nah it’s my brother’s gift, when I first decided I wanted to be a doctor. Back when we were kids.” he said with a fond smile “It’s more for the memories and emotions and… all that stuff you girls know better.” he shrugged, trying to play it of as nothing.

You scoffed “Sure thing, doc.”

He grinned as he looked up at you “Besies, this one really helps me listen better to your heart. I’ve got to learn most of your secrets this way.” he said casually.

“Oh really? Like?” you asked back with a smile.

“You know, how it aches for a certain smile or how it is tired of you only listening to your mind and not letting him close or even more how it beats a little faster when a certainly doctor is around.” he said with a shrug.

“Oh really? And was she out of breath when she told you that?”

“Absolutely!” he exclaimed with a wide grin and you laughed, looking down at your hands.

“I can’t believe you sometimes. If flirting was a job you’d be the best at it, Winchester.” you shook your head.

“Thank you, I’ll take it as a compliment. But it really depends on the person, you just inspire me.” he winked “Although I know there are some good ones out there like-” he licked his lips and you almost got distracted a little too distracted “Blood is red, cyanosis is blue, I get tachycardia when I think of you.” he said with a grin and you actually smiled as well.

“Oh wow, I’m impressed doc. Did you also learn this in med school?”

“No, but I remember I was bad in one lesson in specific. Hey (Y/n), wanna go study some anatomy?” he said suggestively and you giggled.


“I mean when I finished med school I didn’t plan on specializing but to be honest- you seem pretty special to me.” he continued with a cheeky grin.

“Ok!” you felt your face heat up “I get it, you’re good at this!”

“I mean-” and oh of course he continued “I am thinking about being an ophthalmologist now, ‘cause I really can’t stop looking into your eyes.” he winked and you bit hard on your lower lip.

“Are we gonna play 'Doctor’ now, doctor?” you asked, and he shrugged.

“Maybe? I’m up for any suggestion from you, sweetheart.” he chuckled “But on another note- You seem a whole lot better today.” he said with a pleased smile, mostly a relaxed one and you could swear you heard a sigh of relief leave his lips.

“Yeah, my doc’s taking good care of me. And I’m being a good girl too, I take all of my meds.” you said with a chuckle and he grinned at you.

“Good, before you realize it you will be in no need of your doc.” he said a little bitterly and your own smile fell. Before he could pull away completely you took hold of his hand, maybe you were testing your limits here but the boundaries between you were always blurry.

“I’ll always need you, Dean.” you whispered “You didn’t just save my life in a physical way, you know that.”

“Sweetheart-” he brought his other hand up and brushed a few strands of hair out of your face “If anything, you are the one that saved me.” he smiled softly at you as he brought your hand up anc kissed your wrist, all playfulness gone. He was serious about this, about you… and about you and him.

You felt your heart swell inside your chest at his words but somehow you felt something hold you back, because maybe it was holding him back. You tilted your head as you looked him deeply in the eyes and he let out a heavy sigh, eyes casting down.

“It wasn’t just about Evans, was it?” you asked in a low voice.

“No, although I have to admit that when I found out he even dared to come in here I saw red.” he breathed out a low chuckle “I blame it on your pretty eyes and breath-taking smile.” he looked at you with a half smile and you shook yourhead.

“Nice, but sweet-talking me won’t get you out of this, Dean.” you squeezed his hand.

“Shame, cause I was only saying the truth. What?” he shrugged “Can’t I be jealous if someone else wants to get close to my favorite patient?”

“Dean” you said a little more sternly this time “As fllattered as I am about all of this- You’re doing it again, but whether you like it or not I am a persistent one. Tell me about everything… how many did you lose?”

“I know, and that’s why I am going to tell you. At some point, but not today and not now.” he said and before you could protest he continued “I’ll tell you everything, tomorrow.”

“But tomorrow you… have a day off.” you frowned, blinking.

“Exactly, and I plan on spending it with my most favorite girl on the world.” he smirked, winking at you “What did you think? There’s nothing else I would rather do, sweetheart. I already planned on taking you out for a few hours too.”

Well, this was something you never thought you’d hear.

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parts of Ians Tragic Backstory™️ i've pieced together after following u for so long: When Ian was born his parents had already lost a child, who was supposed to be his older brother. Ians dad was distant and his mother had Munchausen syndrome by proxy and made Ian go through unnecessary surgeries, which that started his fear of doctors and hospitals. Flash forward a few years Ian is in music college and has a mental breakdown bc stress and drops out, which leads to him being king Hot Mess. yay.

lmaooo i dont even remember revealing most of that publicly, bless u for sticking around for so long. some notes: 1. not specifically surgeries but also meds & diets & just being fanatically controlling in general. 2. not so much a mental breakdown as bipolar disorder kicking down his door like cosmo kramer

Racist, homophobic “Karen” (yes That “Karen”) tried to re-add me on Facebook this weekend after she unfriended all of us and banned us from our own fandom group last year after the whole Thing with her daughter. I’ve also got a message from her, because apparently I didn’t block her when that shit was going down. It’s long and rambling and talking about how she regrets the the hurtful things that were said on both sides (lol, no) and how she misses my friendship and would like to talk again.

So I messaged Aunt Bee to see if she’s gotten a similar message and no, apparently not. No one from the old group has. Just me.

Out of morbid curiosity I clicked on her profile page to find that she has set up a make up tutorial thing and is trying to become an Internet Personality and is a one person clickhole of positivity posts and marketing. But also a post about how her kids have all left her and she’s in hospital, complaining that none of her kids come to see her. And I just…like…you threw one of them out because she was gay and threatened her with conversion camp in exchange for her education. Your other kid is disabled and you spend all your time talking about how God saw fit to test you with this “burden”…like…of course your kids don’t come to see you?? You’re awful to them???

Also what wild meds are they giving you in the hospital that you thought attempting to be friends with me again would be a good idea? If anything you should be attempting to talk to Aunt Bee to see how your god damn daughter is doing, seen as how you’ve left your former best friend to raise and support your child rather than face your own bigotry.

Like you made your bed honey, you can either lay down and die in it, or you can get up and change. That’s on you.


4.9.17 // 7:18 pm •• studying with my bff! follow her tumblr @eudaimonia-111 she also posts beautiful photos!!! she’s also pre med so if you’re interested in that too go to her page! 💞

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  • Andrew: Okay, we're about to enact "Operation Smoke Out the (Frustratingly Attractive) Mole that is Neil (FUCKING) Josten" written, choreographed by, and dedicated to yours truly. Any questions?
  • Nicky (flipping through a thick packet): Yeah, I was wondering about the part you make me buy the hated party an outfit that is, quote, "black and torn like my soul"?
  • Andrew: Point denied.
  • Aaron: I'm not understanding why we don't just beat the shit out of him????
  • Andrew (playing with the cap to his meds): Oh, so it's fine when it's YOUR suggestion...BLOCKED.
  • Kevin: So, this part where we take him out for ice cream, its intended purpose is to lull Neil into a false sense of security, correct?
  • Andrew (sweats): Yes...that is the most correct. All part of the plan (and not my fantasy)
  • Nicky (attempting to write in a makeout with Neil into the packet): And your ultimate goal is to interrogate him successfully in a loud and crowded nightclub while he's delirious and you're off your meds but also we're kinda drunk too. Then the following morning we go out for brunch. Am I on the right track?
  • And that's how Nicky was voted out of the family (despite it being a 1-2 vote).
Tyler Seguin #13

Requested by Anon:  Can you do one with Tyler seguin where you get really sick and he takes care of you? [Enjoy!:)]

Word count: 829

Originally posted by puckducky

Usually, when you hear the front door click, you run to the foyer to meet Tyler or to the kitchen where you try to look busy. Tonight, though, you pull the covers higher until half of your face is under them. The lights are turned off except for the one on the bathroom vanity, filtering out a little. You curled into your body even more and closed your eyes tight.

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unique french crap #5

- our healthcare is great but our doctors are nuts. ergo you get most or all of your money back (depending on the ‘subscription’ you’ve chosen) but it’s very stressful to get to the doctor. most women are terrified of gynecologists or to give birth because they’re been hurt, hit, insulted, mocked, tied up, given episiotomies without need or consent (check this if you want to feel sick about the way it’s sometimes fixed). also fucking med students learn how to do a vaginal or rectal exam by practicing on hospital patients asleep after a surgery.

- we indeed don’t speak much english. and it’s school’s fault, really. you’re taught basic stuff (pronouns, family members, colours) when you’re 9-12, irregular verbs when you’re 13 (aka you have to learn manger : eat, ate, eaten ; nager : swim, swam, swum without being explained when to use those words) and then your teachers vaguely try to get you to work on extracts. i was around 21 or 22 when i started to work on it, before that i was shit.

- meat is everywhere. if you go to any fancy restaurant, if you’re feeling hungry in a big museum, if you eat at school or at work, it’s going to be a meat party. and we drown everything in butter. and we would die for croissants.

- average joe, him again, doesn’t know much about cinema and has never heard of the nouvelle vague. he might know that godard’s work is “boring”. he watches iron man and racist french comedies and that’s about it.

- we pronounce nayk (and not naykee), a-dee-das, wee-fee, ari potteur and generally speaking even when you’re fluent you won’t try to pronounce english stuff with the right accent because people would laugh at you.

- le fucking tour de france

- we don’t have fancy high-ranking universities. you go to the one that’s the closest from your family and that’s it and that doesn’t change anything on your future career. bosses just want diplomas. going to la sorbonne is fancy bc of the reputation but that’s all. if you manage to get accepted to the ENS (mostly to work for the gov) or polytechniques (science and engineering stuff) your family is probs v wealthy and you’re seen as a dick. to become a politician you go to sciences po and it’s known to be a war zone when you can’t trust anyone. oh and we don’t have application fees you doodles. in a public university (aka most of them) they just accept you. except in small promotions (ex : linguistics master degree) or very big ones (law, psychology, english language) where first there first served, you just go on their website and enroll and pay and that’s it.

- cristina cordula, brasilian model known in france bc she animated a show called “new style for a new life”, calls everyone ma chériiie and thinks everything is magnifaïque and has in general a very peculiar way to express herself

Jimin and a painful period

Jimin smiled as he walked through the door. “Y/n! I’m home!” he yelled, setting his stuff down. You didn’t answer which, to be honest, was unusual for you. You atleast called out when you were busy so he’d know where you were. 

He walked through the house, trying to find you. You weren’t in the bedroom, study, kitchen, or outside. The only other place you could be would be the restroom. He knocked on the door slightly but heard no answer. He knocked louder but still nothing. He began getting a bad feeling and open the door anyways.

There you were, on the floor in front of the toilet, seemingly passed out. Jimin rushed to your side and gentle shook you. “Y/n. Y/n, wake up. Please.” He began to worry and decided to call the guys for advice on what to do when you shifted slightly.

“Jimin?” you called weakly, looking over to him.

“I’m here baby. What’s wrong?” He shifted you around so he was against the wall and you were leaning against him. He held you close to him,kissing you every now and again  on your shoulder and neck.

“It hurts so fucking bad. I can’t make it stop.” That’s when Jimin realized exactly what was wrong. Like the caring boyfriend he was, he helped you keep track of your mounthlys so you could both be prepared. 

“I’m sorry y/n. How about I run you a nice hot bath and then we can cuddle and watch movies. Will that help?” He asked. You nodded your head and leaned against the wall why he grabbed the necessary things.He even grabbed your favorite sleep shorts and one of his hoodies, knowing that you loved wearing them. He also grabbed some pain meds and had you take some.

He began running the water as he helped you strip. You sighed as your body was submerged under the water. Typically, Jimin wouldn’t be allowed in here when you were bathing, but right now, you didn’t care. He played with your hair and sang to you as you soaked. He even helped you wash your hair too. When you were done, he helped get you dressed and carried you into the bedroom where he had everything set up.

He set you into a pile of freshly washed blankets and brought you a heating pad to use as well. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Do we have anything chocolate?”

“No, but the guys were gonna come over soon. I can ask them to get you a shake on the way.” You nodded at the suggestion. Jimin called them up then sat down beside you. “Can we still cuddle? I don’t want to hurt you even more.” You sighed and weakly pulled him to you,which he gratefully obeyed. He laid next to you with your head on his chest and him gentle rubbing your arm. 

Jimin went ahead and put on a movie. It wasn’t even done with the opening scene before you were out, snoring lightly. Jimin just looked down at you, kissed your forehead, and stayed still, letting his princess sleep.

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*I relate too much to this situation*

I’m having trans Keith thoughts that are also kinda sheith. Also most of these are based off of trans men having periods and my own feelings and things I want when I’m on my period. Having periods is rough enough but when you’re a trans guy, the anxiety and self hatred goes up a lot so I had to write these to make me feel a little better.

Shiro using his galra tech hand to help soothe Keith’s period cramps by hearing it up slightly.

Keith sobbing from dysphoria and Shiro just telling Keith all the things he loves about him. Basically sheltering Keith and giving him nothing but positive thoughts and hugs.

Keith sneaking to Shiro’s room while at the garrison to pick up pads since Shiro buys them when he goes shopping.

Shiro still being understanding and/or enthusiastic about going down on Keith during his period to help the pain or the intensity. (Having sex can help periods. I know it’s crazy.)

Shiro letting Keith op out of normal Voltron drills like fighting the gladiator or mind exercises wince when you’re on your period. It’s all you think about. Keith just walks on the treadmill or lifts weights to help stress and anger.

Keith having to take multiple breaks during the day to go change and Shiro protecting Keith when the others get curious.

Keith having to ask Allura about periods and they both come up with a pill that gets rid of Keith’s periods and pregnancy abilities. He’s a happy boy now.

Shiro making Keith a binder since he can sew. When Lance teased Keith about looking feminine Shiro stepped in front of them and got Keith out of the area before he started to sob and breakdown. Lance apologized later.

When Keith is feeling grossed out and sore and achy, Shiro gives him a full body massage and helps Keith relax.

Bonus trans Shiro and trans Keith.
Both of them meeting while Keith wasn’t out yet and Shiro was. Shiro helped Keith find a binder and new clothes. Shiro also carries extra pads and tampons in case the both need them. He also carries meds in case the cramps start hurting. He lets Keith’s advisors know about how he may have to leave class or stay in the dorms. Keith eventually moved to more online core classes and did his actual major study one on one with Shiro since they both respected each other.

Also a fun one that made me happy:
Shiro making a blanket fort around Keith while he’s feeling dysphoria or anxiety to help him relax. They both read and listen to music in the fort until Keith falls asleep.

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Hi Wil! A few years ago, you accepted my friend request on untappd & it made my day. I was quite into the craft beer scene & met people who are among my closest friends now. I stopped drinking about 18 months ago. I was finding that my depression and anxiety meds weren't working as well as they could be. I was in a dark place then, however, life is brighter now. I have a 3 month old daughter and she is everything. Do you miss beer & all it's fun? Do you think you'll return to brewing? Thanks :)

I quit drinking almost 18 months ago, too! Some days I miss beer, but mostly I don’t even think about it. I’m not an addict, so it was more of a life choice than a sobriety choice, but I have stayed away because I also noticed that my meds were less effective (and I just wasn’t able to lose the weight my knees and hips were telling me I needed to lose).

I miss brewing, but I’ve been baking bread and roasting coffee and brewing kombucha, so I’m pretty much scratching the same itch as I did with brewing.

Congratulations on being a parent! Remember: it’s supposed to be challenging, and that’s okay.

Nothing scares me as much as the thought of young, impressionable kids actually believing what the Erins write about herbal treatments for cats in Warriors… 

My hope is that just about everyone understands the rest of the stuff in the books that is cat-related in bullshit, and so by default also rule out the meds too.