I don’t like when people change names of “genderbended” characters, making it female"/“male”, and especially dislike changing “Link” to “Linklett” (????) or “Linky” (I MEAN WHAT)
She’s just goddamn Link, and that’s it!
Ganon will be Ganon forever, I don’t think Gerudo even have “male” names. 
And Zelda… well I guess “Zelda” is more of a title than a name… all royal girls in Hyrule are Zeldas?… in honor of that one Zelda who was born thousands of years after the actual first Zelda princess. Fun with timelines. But who cares, let’s say this young prince over here holds Hylia’s spirit and therefore he’s considered to be princess Zelda. Zelda is Zelda no matter how she looks, and that’s canon. Also “Zelda” is such a great name, it’s so pretty and unique, gosh I love it.


I have no excuse except that i wanted to draw male!Lenalee wearing shorts and blushing fem!Allen

More babblerings + my take on rule63!Allena under the read more


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The world needs more Krista, so I thought I’d pull out an old sketch and colour it up.

My headcannon for Krista’s hair is that she crops it short as often as she can (don’t want hair getting in the way of things), but her perfect golden locks grow to shoulder length within a month. Her hair length constantly changes due to this never ending battle of cutting and growing. (After meeting Anna, she let’s it grow out more, because she spends less time climbing mountains and more time with a girl who loves to braid <3)

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Would Pikachu ever love a Raichu?

Realistically, in canon, Pikachu will never have a love interest. None of the main cast really will as the story and plot moves on and it’s not really a focal point. And crushes / more in this show are so badly done with Pokemon that it’s more ‘love at first sight’. Plus with the way Raichus are written I’d shudder to think of what would happen with how they’d write one shipped with Pikachu like y i k e s.

Now let’s kick canon aside ( I love that ) and slide right on over to my portrayal.

Yes. Yes, my Pikachu could easily fall in love with a Raichu.  Provided they’re compatible, someone Pikachu can grow to love, of course.  There’s no reason he can’t see a Raichu as beautiful, appreciate them, and more. Pikachu can easily see a Raichu and respect and grow to love her. There’s literally no difference to him. Whether she’s a Raichu or not doesn’t matter as Pikachu would fall in love with someone for WHO THEY ARE. Pikachu can easily look at a Raichu and find the beauty and appeal of them, he can grow to love one, and also grow to become friends with one.

Plus here’s cute Pikachu x Fem raichu stuff to let you know how cute it would be ;

  • Raichu is upset? Pikachu jumping into her arms and her eyes widening in surprise when he reaches up to wipe away her tears ( think of Pikachu & Wigglytuff in XY ) as seen below:

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  • Pikachu and Raichu holding tails and her tail is too long to really hold his so he just has her wrap it around his tail multiple times ( bonus points for if she walks quickly and ends up dragging him )
  • Pikachu and Raichu nuzzling to share electricity but Raichu is a bit taller so she lays down and they lay down together. Bonus if Raichu gets too excited to cuddle with him and zaps him and apologizes as Pikachu just laughs while all puffed out.
  • Pikachu riding on Satoshis shoulder and Raichu, thanks to Satoshi being strong, piggybacking him with her tail around Satoshis middle or walking alongside Satoshi with her tail on his wrist and them all talking.
  • Pikachu has electric flu? No worries. Raichu bodies can handle excess electricity and she can put her tail into the ground so she can help Pikachu discharge and not be sick anymore.
  • They get split up? It’s okay. They know each others electrical energy and can find another and each time they’re so worried and Pikachu just grabs her face to calm her and she wraps her tail around him and he’s just ‘it’s okay’ and she just ‘STOP MAKING THOSE ROBOTS BLOW UP I WAS WORRIED ABOUT YOU’.
  • basically two chus in love and defending and protecting another and wanting them to be happy / safe / healthy and also  helping the other feel better and caring for the other physically and emotionally.