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Sometimes I think about Magnus slowly backing up and disappearing dramatically into the portal at his club and it honestly gives me life

I KNOW I LOVE IT HE DOES THIS SO MUCH??? i mean consider this:

  • disappears from his own apartment after alec rejects him
  • stalks around the room whenever he’s talking
  • makes a huge fucking deal about that necklace and then immediately hands it off to izzy as if it’s worth pennies like he was clearly more annoyed about the clave taking it from him than anything
    • i bet he sent them a fire message every damn day all REMEMBER THAT RUBY U STOLE FROM ME ITS MINE
    • but it’s been a 100 goddamn years so now he’s reaching some poor shadowhunter intern who’s like “um s-sure ok lemme check the inventory"
  • declared “pretty boy” while gesturing as vaguely as possible in both jace’s and alec’s general direction just so he could shut jace down when jace inevitably took the bait
  • i s2g even the way he drinks his wine is dramatic: 

Me opening Tumblr this morning like

Welcome, Voltron people! I’m assuming you make up the majority of the 300 new followers I gained overnight lmao. Thank you for choosing to hitch your carriage to the back of this particular train. If anyone can locate the driver that would be fantastic, because I have no clue what’s going on ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Stay tuned for ridiculous headcanons, even more ridiculous artwork and fluff up the wazoo. 

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I can be your dick.

This idea came to me while I was listening to 2009 pop hits for some reason, and I really wanted to write a one shot because my first fic (x) did really well?? Thank you for over 70 followers already!! And thanks for all the love on that drabble, it means a lot. Requests are open if you have any, I’ll build a masterlist to post the writing I have up and this one + the others I write. ALSOOOO: let me know if you want a part two? or to be tagged in fics? okay. thanks.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Bucky being a douche, cursing, everyone being adorable, sexual innuendos, SMUT (a little bit of Wanda x reader but not like full blown) ((that’s a lie Wanda is a queen so like a lot of Wanda x reader))

Summary: Bucky and Reader don’t get along very well, for whatever reason. Its friendly fire though, they act like friends and give each other very low jabs. What happens during a night of drinking a little too much?

Words: 3220 (oops sorry?)

(this is a hot mess)

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“Y/N, this is a terrible idea.” Nat had a valid point, this was the dumbest thing you’d ever done. Was she going to stop you though? No.

“It’s just a little Nair, it’s not going to make him go bald or anyth- oh, wait.” The plan was simple: Put Nair in replacement of Bucky’s shampoo, so after he trains and goes to shower he uses it instead and all of that luscious – no, totally ugly (not in the least bit attractive) hair of his is sabotaged and that was all. The only mistake you made was telling Natasha that plan. Well, maybe not the only mistake.

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Goku - “Ruff day today babe? They driving you batty?”
Vegeta - *squeaks angrily*

@mintgirl this is for you, because supernatural boyfriends are just the most amazing thing and make me extra happy!! I think Goku lowkey eats a lot of dog biscuits while Vegeta sulks on his head.


Kind of a continuation of this thing, where Spock and Kirk end up as kids for whatever reason and poor Bones has to keep up with his childish superior officers who are…actually children this time :P

In the end it’s just horribly self indulgent fluff to make myself feel better X’’D

Please do not tag with any ships! Thank you!