they have a birthday party for both the lalondes and striders starting the night of the 3rd and carrying on in the morning of the 4th

Happy birthday to my kids

(i didnt have time to draw dirk but he’s there roxy wouldnt let him celebrate alone)

i’m sorry i couldn’t help myself

So in the preview we see that Viktor and Yuri will be staying at a Resort, not a Hotel. The difference between those two is that Resorts usually offer more Entertainment and Service right? And viktor discribes it as finally being on vacation so basically they are going to spend a romantic Holiday in Barcelona before the GPF and they are 100% gonna share a bed.

I hope we get to see their room..

January - December 2016

A year passes fast..

It was sooo difficult to chose just one pic for each month. I really did draw a lot this year and some months have many drawings I still love…others not so much :D
Yes, I did draw a lot this year!! AND IT WAS GREAT!!! I feel I made some nice progress this year and also finally dared to apply for art school and got accepted and for all this I wanna thank you!!! Thank you for all the support and love and inspiration you give me!!! The year is not over yet but this is already my little way of saying THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!! <33

Thank you very much for everything and for 4000 followers!!!
AN AMAZING NUMBER!!! I would never thought I would get there!! It still amazes me that you love what I post and stick with me and talk to me. I love to share and am always happy to get your input, hcs, ideas and questions!!!
This was an important year for me! Thank you for staying with me and joining me!

I really love this image because it looks like Souda’s about to do something drastic and Komaeda is holding him back by the jumper like “No”

“Souda. Control Yourself”


“We must wait and watch. And when we find our spy, and we will find them, we shall turn them from an obstacle to an asset. Wouldn’t you agree, Agent Kallus?”


We don’t need boys to get along…! Is that bad?

anonymous asked:

have you ever smoked weed?

A couple of times. Didn’t like it. It made me paranoid and anxious… the only enjoyable part about it was that I was deceived into thinking that strips of raw sweet potato made for reasonable snack food. 

I attempted to keep a log of the experience, writing down the sensations and impressions I had in my journal, as scientifically as possible. I struggled to communicate, and wrote down something about feeling like my intent, my comprehension, and my expressed words were on separate layers that kept getting out of sync. Very unpleasant.