“I’m Gonna Be A Father” (Peter Quill x  Reader)

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Fandom: Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy

Pairing: Peter Quill x Reader

Word Counter: 573

Warnings: none

Requested by Anon

Imagin you ate pregnant with Peter Quills baby and you tell him in a cheesy yet sweet way, and he doesn’t believe you at first then loses his crap when he sees the picture

A/N: Sorry it’s kinda short. Hope you like it. <3

It was June 21, also Father’s Day. I found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago with my husband, Peter Quill’s (also known as “Star Lord”) child. It’s been easy keeping it a secret since he’s mostly out of the house, travelling the galaxy, doing god knows what. I’ve wanted to tell him so bad but I wanted to wait for the perfect time, and what better time than Father’s Day? Seems fitting.

I had made a card that said “Happy Father’s Day” on the front and on the inside it had a picture of the ultrasound I got a couple days ago. I was so excited to tell him but at the same time worried about how he’d react. I know he’ll be happy, I just don’t know how he’ll handle the happiness.

It was then that I heard the front door open and Peter yell “(Y/N), I’m back!”

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“love story?”

the man standing next to me is my soulmate, my best friend, and my husband.
he is also known as, myles charlfield.

i remember the day we first met which was when i was 12 & he was 13. the day where we grew hatred for each other when he blasted a soccer ball at my face. the night at home when i was thinking about him and said “oh my god j.j, you’re falling in love with him!” the day he caught up to me and made me trip and fall on top of him. the night of when he asked me out with his horrible guitar skills. haha oh my god, how our relationship involved of going to see movies, going to malls, eating cheeseburgers for §2!

i will never forget the day when my heart was aching in pain when he disappeared on me leaving me to think he’s dead. how he suddenly reappeared on my 17th birthday dinner with his lame excuse making him shut up by me kissing him which led to losing my virginity in a public bathroom & soon after, his car LOLOL!

i remember how i was on the verge of fainting when i took a pregnancy test & called him at 4am. i was 18 at the time & was attending my first year in the university of my dreams! how sadden i was when i had given up and dropped out of that same university. no matter how much my mother hated myles back then, myles done anything to see me and comfort me. how unhappy i was when i was in so much pain for my entire pregnancy. i will never forget when he ‘supposedly’ cheated on me when i was 20 weeks pregnant. the looks of our faces when we stared at the price tag at a baby crib. but the joy came when i held kayhan in my arms and kissed his forehead. when his cries made me realize “wow, i’m actually a mom now”

the special day; just a week after kayhan was born, he proposed to me on my 19th birthday. how cute and nervous he was while holding the shiny diamond ring to my hand. the smile that lit up on his face when i said ‘yes’. how stupid he was when he surprised me with an Audi. i cried and cried asking why he had boughten me this when i knew he was crippled with money. my mother became more upset & furious and told me to do something mature. i decided to move out. it was a gusty night with snow falling as i carried the carseat in one hand with peaceful kayhan sleeping and the other? carrying my suitcase of clothes with boxes behind me with my son’s furniture.

myles soon came picked me up and we drove to a parking lot behind a diner thinking of a next move. we soon sold the Audi to give us a decent amount of money. we then looked at places and rented out a small house. every night i would sit there crying and myles would comfort me and say “we’ll get through this, one day. i’ll go get a job, i’ll stay back and earn more money..” is what he exactly said. months later, we were in a happy place, we were struck by luck and we found a house. we were stabilized and had money to support us! 11 months later, we gotten married. not to mention, my mother forgave me & attended my wedding. before we sealed everything with ‘kissing the bride’ thing, i was crying my eyes out looking back at how much we struggled with. myles wrapped me around his arms to calm me down. we were soon, mr & mrs. charlfield!

we then announced that i was pregnant again.. 6 weeks at the time.. i was crying my eyes out on myles’s shoulder when we danced together. i was never able to have the 'daughter & father’ dance. my dad passed away when i was 8 years old through a car accident. i pretty much cried throughout my entire wedding haha!

i love this man because i’m able to express myself to him without judgement! he does ridiculous but cute things to cheer me up. for example, i was feeling a bit ill and unhappy to be a good mom that day but you know what he gotten me to make me happy? a puppy who we named, springroll.. i love how he keeps me warm at night, how he brings me close to his body and wraps me around his arms at night, when he kisses me on my forehead and tells me 50 things on how perfect i am, how goofy he is when he does literally anything to get into my pants. he’s the sweetest when it comes to morning surprises! whenever i wake up, i never see him next to me because he’s always getting up early and cooking breakfast for me. on some days, when i catch up to the him when he wakes up, i pull his arm begging for him to stay a little longer in bed. most importantly, he’s the best father i can ask to kayhan and soon to be, baby peanut! the smile he’s brought upon on kayhan’s face, the love he expresses to his son, the precious moments that he’s done that can be forgotten!

.. i just wanted to say, i love you myles. thank you for everything.

American Things

4th of July happen to fall on a Saturday this year, a sunny 90’ Saturday, I mean does it get more American than that?
Usually I don’t celebrate holidays I usually end up staying home and doing nothing, but since I now have my new legit big girl job I had the 3rd (Friday) a paid vacation day off so I thought well I should probably take advantage of this.

I spent the “holiday” weekend about two hours away in Yakima Washington (also known as the Palm Springs of Washington) with my sister her husband and a bunch of their friends, who have now also become my friends.
It was a solid 105’ most the weekend, pretty damn miserable but realistically perfect weekend away weather. We spent most the time inside the ac house drinking until it got cool enough to go outside. Saturday we spent the day on the Yakima river which was my first time and I had a blast! I’m a river floating natural I learned and I also learned that I should have worn more sunscreen.. Ouch.. we didn’t light off fireworks because it is so hot and dry over there, which I think was a pretty good choice, not worth the risk of them…American or not, caring about people and their houses around you should be the new American way to think on 4th of July!

It’s Sunday now and I have to go back to work tomorrow, but I’m ok with that I had a really good weekend. I learned I need to be a little more adventurous and not so quick to say no or pass on something because I could have missed out on such a good weekend!
This 4th weekend was a good one for me despite the fact that I got my first real sunburn I would call it a success.

Also for the first time in awhile being single has never felt so good. Being surrounded by married couples really made me appreciate my “freedom”.