Little Infernape doodle <3 It’s my little baby, my first starter, and one of my favourite pokemons <3 (Also known as my husband)

I’m going into an FNAF artblock right now (especially concerning Frexy).

I just can’t even manage to draw Freddy anymore Q//v//Q So, excuse me for my lack of FNAF works lately, but I’ll mainly focuse on my other projects (Pokemon, maybe some Discord from MLP and others…)

But don’t worry! It won’t last long! <33

this is gonna be my bbyboos page soo …
I’m Angeline also known as minterphobia! I was born March 1 2001 in Virginia! My husband is Simon and my alpha husband is Lachlan ofc. I live in Switzerland currently!

Finished: Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken and 2 Sure-me

Also known as  I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying, this show is a whole lot of shorts featuring this otaku dude who is married to a normal girl. He sits at home all day because otaku, and she is the one that goes to work. Their relationship is cute and a little awkward sometimes, because her husband often makes references to an anime. It’s a really laid back and heart warming short series, with some jokes that are actually funny. If you’re looking for a quick watch, be sure to check this out because it’s great for what it is. I rate shorts a little differently and both seasons got a 9/10.