wb: here you go this joker spin-off origin story that is not part of the dceu!

wb: also the batman film it’s a standalone, it’s not part of the extended universe!


“̫̱͘ͅi̝'̯̤̦͚̙͡m̼̳͖̯̻̮ ͖͇͔̯̝͝s̬̣͠o̘̳̞r̗̱̭̮͙r̯̱y̬"͔̝͚̝̥̻͚

A slightly more serious continuation of the JSL ???% series. I wonder if he’d feel bad for being the one who, in the end, hurt Shigeo.

( @onepunchbeth‘s fic It’s Okay To Run Away sort of inspired this! )

嬉しい  | 何 ? | 大丈夫

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"You don’t constantly live in fear of losing someone who’s just like a brother. That’s not how anyone feels about their actual brother" - Don't get me wrong, I ship the heck out of S/K, but: I'd argue you absolutely do if you're an orphan who lost the only family they had at a young age and never really had anyone after that. And then you finally find someone who's like family, however you interpret that, and you have these huge abandonment issues. Of course you're gonna be scared of losing them

Hi! I got a few asks about this, so I’ll just cover them now. Okay so, while I agree that Keith would definitely have abandonment issues after his childhood either way, his relationship with Shiro still transcends what he has with the rest of Team Voltron–all of whom we know are also his found family. So it’s not just a matter of found family, but also this deeply personal, innermost connection he has with Shiro that he never quite manages with anyone else again. He holds a platonic love for all the paladins and thinks of them as his new family. But he’s not so terrified of losing them that he’d literally give up anything just to be with them. He only feels that way about Shiro. “He latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check.” 

This idea of latching onto someone evokes a kind of desperateness and dependency you really don’t see in platonic relationships usually. Also, a relationship where one character is really the grounding force for another, the one thing that can soothe this volatile, emotional and alien side of them and bring out their humanity–that’s often a dynamic that’s meant to be interpreted in a romantic context. This is further supported by the fact that Zarkon, another galra who struggles with his overwhelming emotions, has Haggar to kind of act as his Shiro and be a balm for him, help steady him and guide him. Again, this kind of relationship is already established as blatantly romantic. So I don’t think it’s accidental that sheith mimics it. 

There’s a singularity to Keith’s view on Shiro that feels distinctly romantic rather than brotherly. If someone’s just a friend or like a brother, then they’re not your entire world. You wouldn’t be “all alone” without them. And staying with what holo-Shiro said for a minute, his role there is pretty interesting. I’ve mentioned it before, but this idea of a knight having to sacrifice their love for the sake of their duty is a common theme, and we see that replicated here. And this idea of someone being sent to tempt the hero and try to lure them away from their duty, it’s pretty much always a romantic trope. Love interests are typically the kind of characters who would try to convince someone into believing they’re meant to be together and there’s no way the other person would be able to go on without them. It’s just not something that has a brotherly or platonic connotation.

There’s also the fact that holo-Shiro says “We’re your family.” As a reflection of Keith’s mind, he voices the fact that Keith sees all the paladins as found family. But he still views his relationship with Shiro as something much deeper. This makes Keith’s possessive mourning over Shiro all the more strange. When Pidge loses Matt and her dad, she doesn’t lash out at her mom about how she doesn’t care or isn’t doing enough. But Keith is another story.

If all of Team Voltron is his found family, then why act as if he’s the only one who cares about Shiro and no one else does? Why is pretty much everyone relatively understanding about Pidge’s situation–and why is she able to put her own feelings aside and carry on with the mission while Keith is portrayed as reckless and despondent with grief over constantly chasing after Shiro? Why does everyone have to pull him aside and tell him to move on when it seems like it’s been months but Pidge understands the mission has to come first in a matter of days? Pidge doesn’t seem to have any sort of dependency on her brother the way Keith and Shiro rely so heavily on one another. Obviously she loves Matt, but that love is shown to be very different from what we see between Shiro and Keith. 

The fact that we have all these parallels established between sheith and zaggar also says a lot. Because saying that sheith isn’t meant to be read as romantic while still having it be so similar to zaggar is just…very strange. It’s pointing at one dynamic and saying “This is what a romantic relationship in our narrative looks like,” but then establishing essentially the same dynamic again and dismissing it. Especially when, right from the start, Keith is shown saving Shiro, and it’s something that Kuron actually makes a point of mentioning. So, given that the other black paladin who was terrified of losing the person they loved and willing to do anything just to be with them–given that that’s a distinctly romantic relationship, I think it’s important to take that context into consideration. 

There are plenty of other close platonic relationships that Shiro and Keith could have been compared to. Hunk and Lance are also really good friends, but their interactions are clearly more casual and fun loving. There’s not this big dramatic weight bearing down on their relationship that you usually see from a will-they-or-won’t-they almost-couple, no tension. But sheith has plenty. Hunk and Lance obviously care about each other a lot, but they never pull one another aside and have a deeply personal, intimate, bleeding heart-to-heart. We see these quiet talks often with sheith though. Another telling sign is all the lingering, tender touches between Shiro and Keith.

Whether it’s the grounding weight of a hand on your shoulder or a warm embrace, these two are rather touchy-feely. Yes, Hunk is very huggable and he and Lance are very casual around each other. But again, their interactions aren’t regarded with the same depth and seriousness as Shiro and Keith’s. While it’s true that plenty of people have very close friends who they’re pretty openly affectionate with, it’s important to remember that this is a story, and most things they take the time to animate are meant to serve the narrative.

So, from a thematic standpoint, having these two characters with a hidden backstory who are always circling each other’s orbit, always exchanging little comforting touches here and there and offering quiet words of comfort, who are constantly scared of losing each other–typically, that’s how you build a romantic relationship. It’s not the way you’d usually establish a platonic one, and it’s not the way any other platonic relationships play out in Voltron either. Another sign that it’s not strictly platonic or brotherly is the fact that, while they’re still so close, there’s a noticeable distance. Like they’re both afraid and holding each other at arm’s length. Again, you don’t see this with Hunk and Lance; they’re perfectly comfortable being completely open with each other.

But Keith is always afraid one wrong move will cost him Shiro, always trying to do his best to make Shiro happy. He tells Shiro that he really changed his life, and it’s implied that maybe he thinks Shiro doesn’t realize just how much he means to him. That’s why, after Shiro does discover the full impact he’s had on Keith–after seeing how Keith’s worst fear is losing him in BOM–he never brings up the fact that something might happen to him again. Similarly, when Keith repeats “Patience yields focus,” Shiro’s whole face softens. His voice is nothing but fond when he asks, “That really stayed with you, didn’t it?” He didn’t know Keith cared that much, and he’s really touched.

And that’s something else–characters repeating each other’s deep, meaningful lines back to one another reads as distinctly romantic to me. Yeah, Hunk picks up on Lance’s favorite movie catchphrase, but it’s another example of how their relationship is more friendly and casual. It’s an effect used for comedic relief. That’s very different from Keith reciting Shiro’s mantra or the way these two greet each other with reversals of, “It’s good to have you back.” “It’s good to be back.” Context and tone are always so important.

I don’t mean to belittle platonic bonds in favor of romance though, or that one is more important than the other. Just that they’re both written very differently. That doesn’t mean they have to start off at completely separate points though. Shiro and Keith both really struggle with developing close, intimate relationships. Neither one really lets their walls down around anyone else, and they both often put on a brave face to shoulder the weight of the world alone. Keith especially struggles with social interaction, and he comes off as very touch averse. Both he and Shiro are also very private, reserved people. 

So, I honestly can’t picture either of them falling in love suddenly. For them, I imagine romantic attraction would have to come from first developing a deep emotional attachment to the person platonically–and from there, the relationship would organically progress to something more romantic. I can’t see Shiro and Keith’s relationship the way it is now in canon as ending platonically though. If anything, I would say queerplatonic, because then the intensity and commitment level of the partnership is the same as a romantic relationship. 

I mean, I might be bias because I have two brothers and what Shiro and Keith have does not read as brotherly at all to me. Not in the least. But I’ve had very close friends that I ended up developing romantic feelings for in the past, and that is what Keith’s feelings on Shiro really make me think of. Particularly when said friend is of the same gender and you’re unsure of your own feelings so you mistake that love for them being like a brother or sister at first. That’s very relatable to me. 

I’m pretty sure it’s also common for a narrative to imply a gay relationship by referring to characters as having a very close, sort of brotherly camaraderie as well. And characters naturally progressing from a close friendship or seeing someone as being like a brother and then having those feelings change to romantic interest over time–it’s fairly common for straight couples in fiction. You even see it with Aang and Katara. Had Shiro been a girl, I feel like there wouldn’t be so much insistence that sheith is meant to be just brotherly or platonic. But again, that’s just how I see it. 

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Manorian, pregnancy/angst. Still-born witchling. She completely shuts Dorian out, only speaking to Asterin, even though she urges her to let him in. Break me. I need it.

As you wish, BFF.


Dorian had come to her door like clockwork. Every day for the last week, he had gone the moment he woke up, right at noon, just when the sun was beginning to sink behind the horizon, and at midnight. It wasn’t like he had been sleeping well, considering. Sometimes he just sat outsider her door to make sure she was still there.

Manon hadn’t gotten out of bed. She wouldn’t talk to anyone, except for Asterin. Dorian thought that he would be the one she’d go to, that she would cry on his shoulder. But, she didn’t.

It was making the situation worse for him, though. He needed her. He needed her presence, he needed to feel her, see her, love her.

Asterin would come out every now and then, to either gather something that Manon needed or to give Dorian updates.

Typically, they were not what Dorian wanted to hear.

She’ll be okay, she would say, eventually. Give her time.

He didn’t have time, though. Or, maybe he had it, and he was just too broken to give it to her.

“Manon,” Asterin’s soft voice came from her doorway. “Dorian’s –“

“No,” she answered, shortly.

Asterin didn’t say anymore as she closed the door behind her. She simply wandered over to Manon’s bed, laid down next to her, and took her hand.

“You should talk to him,” Asterin whispered, after a moment of comfortable silence. “He’s hurting too, Manon.”

“I don’t want to talk to him,” she said, emotionless.


“Because he doesn’t understand,” Manon shook her head, emptily. “You do. You sit here with me in silence, loving me, comforting me, because you understand. Dorian will have questions. Dorian will have pain to let out. I can’t…..I don’t want to hear it. I can’t. Not right now.”

“I do understand,” Asterin agreed, turning toward her friend. “I also know that if I could have had him with me during then, I would have.”

Manon didn’t need to hear her say who he was, she already knew. The Hunter.

“It’s okay to let out emotion, Manon,” Asterin smiled, wistfully. “It’s okay to scream. It’s okay to cry. It’s even okay to smile, and it’s okay to begin your path to peace. What happened was horrible, and I would never wish it upon even my greatest of enemies. Unfortunately, as you know, this life is often unfair. Tragedies happen, but we must lean upon those who love us in order to heal.”

“I love you,” Manon replied, quickly, snappily. “Can’t that be enough for right now?”

“I won’t push you to do anything you’re not ready for,” Asterin agreed, for her sake. “I’m only stating what is true.”

“I’m ready for a nap.”

And that was it. Asterin stood by her word, as she always did. She wouldn’t push Manon, because she knew that wouldn’t help. She knew Manon better than anyone, and she knew what Manon needed, but she also knew what Manon needed to hear.

Asterin shut Manon’s bedroom door softly behind her. Dorian was sitting in the hallway, as he often did in the recent days, his back leaning against the wall. Asterin had never seen the young King so distressed, for he had black circles under his eyes, a beard beginning to form, and it looked as if he hadn’t bathed in days.

His blue eyes shot to the witch, but one look from her timid smile told him all he needed to know. “Let me guess, she doesn’t want to talk to me?”

“Give her –“

“Time. Yeah, yeah. I know.”

Asterin sat next to her closest friend’s husband, and just as she did for Manon, she took Dorian’s hand in hers. “I know what you’re going through.”

Dorian didn’t act surprised. Manon must have told him the story before.

“I’m glad she has you,” Dorian said, instead. “Especially now. I don’t want you thinking that I’m ungrateful for the love and support you’ve shown her.”

“I know,” Asterin smiled, squeezing his hand, once. “I think she’s getting there, Dorian. I really do. Losing a child –“

As soon as she said the words, Dorian’s face fell. Biting his bottom lip, he shook his head. “I can’t imagine what it’s like. I feel pain, I feel an ache in my chest that can never be filled, but….I wasn’t carrying it.” He scoffed. “It. We’ll never even know if it was going to be a boy or a girl.”

“What did you want?”

Dorian was silent for a moment as Asterin watched him, then he glanced at her. “It never mattered to me. I would have loved either the same. If it was a girl, I would have wanted her to be just like Manon.”

“And, if it was a boy?”

Dorian laughed, and this time, there was no malice. “I would have wanted him to be just like Manon, too.”

“You love her.”

“Yes,” Dorian breathed. “More than I ever thought possible.” He rose to his feet, and held out a helping hand, which Asterin graciously took. “So, I will give her time. Until then….”

“You will have me to speak to,” Asterin offered.

Sapphire eyes teared up as Dorian looked away, and nodded. “Thank you.”

“Let me know when you want to punch something,” Asterin called after him once he had begun to walk away. “Or scream. Or cry.”

He nodded, politely, before shutting the guestroom door.

Asterin stood in the hallway, in the middle of two broken souls. She could hear Manon thrashing in her sleep behind one door, and Dorian quietly sobbing behind the other.

who wants their dragon bois fucking destroyed

im in the mood to fucking ruin some dragons. tell me your username + ID and ill pick a dragon from your lair to roast. dont worry its nothing personal to you, just your dragon. 

also let me know if your perma-dragons end on a certain page. dont want to waste my zings on fodder. 

EDIT: your totally welcome to destroy my dragons too if you want revenge 

If you’re lucky enough to find
a girl who is a hopeless romantic
with a dirty mind,
you should hold onto that.
Because she’ll be yours at
two in the morning,
and at two in the afternoon
the following day.
She’ll kiss you where it hursts,
and until it hurts.
and that’s important.
Someone who not only knows
how to turn you on,
but also knows how to treat you right
is someone worth a little something.

Southern trees bear strange fruit
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees

Pastoral scene of the gallant south
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh

Here is fruit for the crows to pluck
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck
For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop
Here is a strange and bitter crop

that is not just music. this is a song, more so an OUTCRY that is about my ancestors, my people, in MY country, the place i am proud to call my home being burnt alive and hung from trees, DEAD. nothing was done. people enjoyed going out and doing this. to reduce this down to “just music”, to reduce the work of any artists’ music down to just being music whether it’s taylor swif or billie holiday, is wrong on so many levels but i that is a different discussion. there is a racial divide because people REFUSE, act like it absolutely fucking pains them and impossible for them to be able to muster up any sort of respect for the culture of one another, this goes both ways. nobody is telling you not to hear it. in fact, i am glad you are hearing it and im glad the audience of SYTYCD, i think ALL americans should be able to hear it and acknowledge it for what it is and understand the context behind the song and what it means for me, my family, and the entire African American community.

what you are not going to do, why this is even a discussion is that you are using a piece, with context attached that is so heavy and sensitive and still relevant today as Travis Wall has recognized (i appreciate his sentiment, I genuinely do) and use it as an edgy contemporary song for you because everyone else has used Heart Cry and you’d like to stand out from the crowd. I don’t have a huge problem with Travis’ as I think it was a remake of his piece he choreographed for DM Atl which I appreciate and enjoy from the bottom of my heart, why I am not keen on the performance of last night is that it takes away from the historical significance of this song, when you have black people dancing in the sidelines or in the back and non-black people dancing in the front to song about burnt black bodies hanging from trees, it feels a little off, don’t you think?

Also, as someone who greatly appreciates music of any kind (not just this but just in general) - understand that music is not only made to sell commercially. It is an expression for the artist as well, if they decide to write off a rough spot in their lives, or to express the way they feel politically or even just to spread a general awareness about something, that is also a purpose for making music. Of course artist should be aware once their music is out there, they should also know anything could be done with them. But there is something called respect and awareness that I think we all ought to learn. No need to be politically correct in any sense - just try to maneuver through this world without being willfully ignorant.


Pinky Promise (Connor Murphy x Reader)

a/n; this is my first imagine so i’m really sorry if this sucks!! i’ll get better i promise you guys. also i know this is really out of connor’s character, it’s an imagine okay

warnings; just a little bit of swearing?? 

wc; almost 1.2k w hoops 

“How about this - if neither of us have a date, or a relationship before prom. We go with each other.” You smiled at Connor, slightly shivering at the cold gust of wind that seemed to have come out of nowhere.

He glanced at you, the moonlight shining against his pale skin. His skin looked as if it were made of porcelain, with his eyes sparkling a light blue. He smiled and nodded. “It’s a deal.”

You put your hand out for a pinky promise, moments later he intertwined his pinky with yours and you two lifted your hands to your lips and kissed them to seal the deal.


“So, prom!” A loud voice echoed from behind you. Your reflexes couldn’t help but freak out, so you hit the back of your head on the inside of your locker.


You took your head out of your locker and got up to see Jared standing next to you. You started to rub the back of your head to soothe the pain while talking to him.

“What the fuck was that for, Kleinman?”

He shot you a cocky smile. “Well, you’re going to prom, I’m going to prom. And who are we kidding? We obviously have a connection. So how about you and me go to prom together huh? You could get it on with the Jared Kleinman.”

You rolled your eyes and shook your head at the boy. He was so full of himself!

“Um no. I would rather go alone than go with  you, sorry. Nice try though sweetie!” A smile crept up on your lips, and he couldn’t help but smirk whenever you called him ‘sweetie’.

He shrugged his shoulders and pushed his glasses up with his finger. “Oh well, that’s your loss! Don’t come crying to me when you don’t get laid!”

“That’s a bit hypocritical, seeing that’s exactly what you’ll do to me!” You shot back and shut your locker. You smiled at him then turned around to walk away to fourth period. You could feel his glare burning into the back of your head, but you didn’t care. That’s what he gets for being so cocky.


“Are you kidding me?! Jared asked you to prom?!” Connor laughed, taking a hit of his freshly lit blunt. You nodded and laughed, replaying the moment in your head. You looked at the boy and he slowly shook his head, staring at the wall.

Connor turned and looked at you, his head resting against the wall. His eyes were already a tiny bit bloodshot, making his blue eyes even look even bluer. Sweat formed on his forehead, which wasn’t an uncommon thing for him at all. He continued to stare without saying a word. He just gave you a cute half-smile.

“What’s up Con?” A giggle escaped your lips. He rolled his head to the other side of him, looking away from you.

“It’s nothing.” He groaned.

You pouted, knowing something was on his mind that he wasn’t telling you. “Come on! I thought we were best friends, you need to tell me things.”

“Well.. there is.. one thing.” He rolled his head back over at you, slightly raising his left eyebrow. He had a slight smirk on his face, which was honestly kind of hot. He properly sat up and grabbed your hand, his thumb repeatedly grazing over your hand. “How about… how about we go to prom together?”

Your heart skipped a beat. Was he serious?? No, there’s no way. You lifted your head off of the wall and looked at him with your mouth slightly open, not knowing how to respond. Thank God he filled the silence by continuing his question.

“And remember.. you promised.” The enthusiasm drained from his face and was replaced with a more serious look. You remembered the night perfectly. How you and Connor got bored at two in the morning and decided to climb a tree. How you sat there for hours and just enjoyed each other’s company. And most importantly - the promise you two had made.

“Connor. I’d love to go to prom with you.” You nodded. His face lit up brighter than the sun - he looked as happy as a kid on Christmas morning.

“rEALLY?!” A childlike squeal came from the almost fully-grown man. A genuine smile crept up on your lips, and you nodded.



Connor looked so handsome. His hair was down with a lock tucked behind his ear, his nails were freshly painted black, and he wore a fucking tux!!! His tie was tied.. differently.. but it made him look so unique and you were so happy to have gone with him.

You wore a stunning all-black outfit for Connor, which you spent hours and hours of shopping to find the perfect one. When he first saw you, his jaw almost dropped to the floor. You left him speechless! When he recollected himself, he softly mumbled 'I’ve never seen someone so beautiful.’

You two were there for a total of two songs before you realized that prom wasn’t your thing, as much as you wanted it to be. You wanted it to be the perfect night with Connor, but the loud music and gymnasium crowded full of people just wasn’t your forte.

“How about we blow this joint?” You heard Connor mumble in your ear before wrapping his arms around your waist. You have never agreed to anything faster in your life.

He took you by hand and you two walked to the park - the park that contained you and Connor’s tree. The one that you happily made your promise in, not regretting a single word. He wanted to climb it, and there’s no way you would decline an offer like that.

You two began to climb, then rested on the same exact branch you were on months and months ago.

“I’m sorry this night didn’t go out as planned.” He shook his head, wind softly blowing his hair back. You smiled and grabbed his hand.

“Connor, I’m with you. And that’s more than enough.” You blushed.

“Can I try something?” His head tilted to the side. You nodded. Before you could comprehend anything, his hand was cupping your face. He leaned in and softly kissed your lips. He tasted like mint gum with a hint of weed, which wasn’t a surprise. When he pulled away, you leaned in and kissed him for a second time. This time, you were the one to end it.

There were very little times where this boy was genuinely happy, but he had the biggest and truest smile on his face. He flicked his eyes from direct eye contact, to your lips, then back to your eyes.

“How about this,” he began, “if neither of us have a relationship by the last day of school, we dat each other.” Blush took over his whole entire face, which made him even cuter.

You glanced up at him, his skin still seeming like porcelain. “It’s a deal.”

He put his hand out and you intertwined your pinky with his. You two lifted your hands up to your lips to kiss them to seal the deal.

Tour Tuesday: “Golden Rule”, also know as “Do Unto Others”, a mosaic based a on the work by American artist Norman Rockwell, which is on permanent display at United Nations Headquarters in NYC.

The work was given to the UN in 1985 as a gift from the United States.
The half-ton mosaic depicts people of different cultures and nationalities standing together with the words “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” inscribed on the surface.

The piece reflects the vibrant diversity that is humanity and embraces the multiculturalism and the idealism at the core of the United Nations.

Super late introduction yay

Who tf I am:

(I don’t know either) Hey y’all, this is Novi (Short form of Noviembre yes my name is November in Spanish s hut). I was born/am currently living in Spain (where my european langblr pals @) and I speak Spanish, Galician (both as my natives) and English. I’m genderfluid pansexual, so if you don’t know what to call me by, you can always use they/them, but it’s ok to ask me for my current pronouns!

Oh, btw, if u see me stalking ur notifications, it’ll be with my main, @oneofthewolfchildren  

Target languages:

I’m sure as fuck I’m missing a lotta stuff, but bear with me. I’m mainly learning Italian, which I can somewhat comprehend but not speak; and I also started Norwegian a very long while ago, and now I doubt I’ll understand something tbh. I also know how to read Russian written in cyrilic alphabet but not really anything else relationg that language (s o m e d a y , y ’ a l l).

I haven’t started, but I also wanna learn Turkish, Greek and maybe even Polish or German. 

Random facts:

  • I will never understand math, nor chemistry/phisics, nor technology
  • My fav animals are the cat, the owl, the fox and the crocodile (I bet u weren’t expecting that one)
  • Wanna know my full name? Sure, it’s Noviembre Anxiety Dissociation. And ADHD/Some shadow of autism might also fall in there, but I don’t know yet.
  • I hate routines, but I also hate surprises. 
  • My b-day was the 21st of August, can’t believe I’m already fucking 15 (Boop boop, I’m a leo)
  • I’m INTP and also a Slytherin
  • I know how to play the piano
  • O yea, my fav writers are Rick Riordan (where my hoo fans @) and Laura Gallego 

Some of the langblrs that saved my ass when I was stuck in the ‘what if i never become fluent’ phase:

@languageoclock @lemonadeandlanguages  @blackteaandlanguages  @suplanguages @lovelybluepanda @languagesandfrens @mylittlelanguagelab @the-polyglot-wannabe @languagesfreak @language-amante @rivkahstudies @lvnguistics @polyglotfantasy @penguinlang

P.S.: This blog will never/almost never contain politics, but if you support white supremacists or nazis, you can get the fuck outta my blog.

We Have Potential

Summary: Derek has finally been invited to the annual North American Werewolf Convention. The only problem? They’re expecting him to bring a significant other. He doesn’t actually have one, but everyone volunteers Stiles for the job.

Notes: A ‘fake dating-werewolf convention-bed sharing’ trope combination! Also an AU where nobody died and Derek leads the pack. This is the second longest thing I’ve ever written, whoo. This fic is complete, and I’ll be posting part two in a few days, when I’ve had time to edit it. (On AO3)

When Stiles usually strolls into the loft, Derek is either napping, cooking, or pretending he’s annoyed by Stiles’ arrival. (Stiles was never actually given a spare key, after all. But he also knows that Derek doesn’t really mind). This time is different, though.

Derek is too busy reading a letter to notice Stiles at all, his expression a strange mix of happiness and fear.

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Also you know those people who go “Oh, we shouldn’t be spending money on teaching Gaelic, we should be teaching Chinese instead! Gaelic might be of some use in the Hebrides but it’s not going to help you in the world of global business!”

I just want to ask them what they honestly think the chances are that the average Scottish child will find themselves negotiating a deal with Chinese businessmen in the future.

And then compare that to the chances they might visit somewhere in Scotland with a Gaelic speaking population.

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They make TV shows for the majority. Stop attacking Riverdale for having straight relationships, the majority of people in this world ARE straight. Also there are tons of shows based on gay people so stop picking apart the one that isnt

Ok first of all, I don’t attack Riverdale because it has straight relationships, I don’t like it because they promised to have these amazing diverse relationships, and at this point the only diverse relationship we have is Veronica and Archie, and that relationship isn’t really that healthy. The show also did a lot of toxic things, like including incest, horribly handling a suicide attempt, and over-sexualizing teens. They also included the beronica kiss in the first episode for no reason, only to drop that relationship and friendship two episodes in. Also I don’t know where you’re finding a “ton” of shows with gay people, when the most we get is like one gay couple per show max. Every show has at least one straight couple, but almost all have much more, so I don’t see why Riverdale having more than one LGBT character would ruin your straight view experience, since you could just flip to any other channel and find 20 other heterosexual relationships. 

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Different anon, but the reason I say darren is straight is because that's what Darren says he is. Be it true or not, that is what he has said on multiple occasions, and what he wants people to think he is. Had he not played a gay character (especially not as well as he did), I'm not convinced there would be as many people saying he was gay - he played Hedwig but no one is asking if he is trans. I say darren is straight because he deserves people not prying into his private business

Ya know who also said they were straight? Clay Aiken. George Michael. Ricky Martin. You know I could go on and on. I’d always known those men who I’ve been big fans of weren’t straight, and continued to whole heartedly support them when they came out. Same goes for Darren. 

Honestly, what I believe and discuss on my blog is of no concern to Darren. I don’t tag him or call him out publicly. I’ve met the man and didn’t confront him to his face. I met his parents and certainly didn’t ask them when their son was gonna come out. I understand there are fans that aren’t as respectful, but I am not one of those fans.