Some info from the 2016 Toy Fair (via The first is a picture of the Steven Universe Titans figure (I believe these are blind packages which contain one of a number of CN characters), the second is concept art for Steven Universe Mystery Minis by Funko (small figures in blind packages, all SU related)

(source 1, source 2)


“Suga Wants to Know!” aka “Hinata Underestimates His Senpai’s Observation Skills”

or, as i call it, my interpretation of what would happen if these two started dating after the third years graduated. (with suga, who can’t help but be curious about his babies growing up and who couldn’t possibly receive a less surprising news, smh u tried hinata, u tried)


I just ordered $70 worth of pizza and I’m not even ashamed. Happy Valentine’s Day to me.



anonymous asked:

In which hogwarts houses belong Marinette/ LB and Adrien/CN (and also other character if you have an idea) ?

Sorting (even beyond Hogwarts, like for zodiac) is very tricky with this show because either you consider the secret identities different characters or as alternate aspects of the same character. For this case I will identify them as the same characters. 

I’ve ultimately decided to put Marinette in Ravenclaw. As Ladybug, her key power relies on her ability to improvise creative solutions to problems. Marinette is full of Ravenclaw wit: her dream is to create things as a designer, she uses her head to get out of trouble even when she doesn’t have the physical advantages of a superhero (Evillustrator, Antibug), and she’s been shown to be pretty darn clever (the signature from Mr. Pigeon). As Adrien says in the webisodes, “she’s the smartest girl I know.” 

Perhaps predictably, I’d put Adrien in Gryffindor. Even as a civilian, his heroism seeps through: Adrien jumps in front of the classmates in Chronogirl, pushes Mari out of the way in Gamer. Then, of course, when transformed he becomes a true hero, diving headfirst into danger and even risking his own well-being for others (Chronogirl, Dark Cupid). Ladybug thinks he’s kind of cocky, which is definitely a Gryffindor, right?

For other characters, Chloé is of course the Slytherin Draco Malfoy, right down to “My father will hear about this.” Sabrina is wily in her own way, and I couldn’t bring myself to separate her from Chloé, so she’d be a snake too. Alya would probably be a Gryffindor for her determination to get a Ladyblog scoop, even staying calm when abducted if it means she’ll have a first-hand report. Nino might be a Hufflepuff for his easygoingness but sense of justice. 

I could probably also sort the other classmates but I need to calm down

I’m reading through some old speculation articles and it’s just so terrifying to me that we were this close to not having Adam Driver as our Kylo Ren because of schedule conflicts.

I’m so so happy that he was able and willing to do that crazy shooting schedule where he would alternate weeks in London and NYC to film both simultaneously.

I already cannot imagine Star Wars without him. 


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“You’re gonna go far kid”

I knew I had to doodle
@pega-pony-art ’s New mint Oreo guy~, but when I saw that he was a dj? Heck. I had to go a bit further!
(I went a tad nuts on the lighting, just imagine he’s coming onto the stage :p)
A very cute pon with lofty dreams!~


theres so much going on here i dont know where to start


MCU Ladies Week - Day 7: To The Future! 

First of all let’s start with the ladies I want to see in the future:  Kamala Khan, America Chavez, Kate Bishop, Valkyrie, Enchantress, Jennifer Walters, Medusa, Monica Rambeau and Shuri. 

For the current characters I would first of all like to see more of Sharon Carter, Betty Ross and Queen Frigga. And for all current women in the MCU to keep being awesome. And to see more female-female interaction.


I ran into Matt the Radar Technician who ran into Kylo Ren in the bathroom, and Kylo told him to give me this

Q: Something you wish to realise with a magic wand (x)

Sehun: I want something that has healing abilities. (To heal) feelings or…how do I say this? When (one’s) suffering a lot of stress and pain, a thing that can give treatment. For example, by drinking it, it can heal, something like this. I want to use magic to make this thing appear. Our job receives love from a lot of people…its a great occupation. Even though we always feel blessed to be receiving fans’ love, but that isn’t everything. Actually, there is a lot of stress and hardships, can see it from myself as well as from the members’ hardship. When the members feels toilsome, (I) want to use a magic wand to make their stress disappear.