For a best friend, for a birthday wish, and for a beautiful soul, and also for my sanity because PS kept crashing on me OH MY GOD,

While my sanity is no longer in tact, this little whatchamacallit is for my dearest friend Emily, who is by far one of the nearest and dearest to my hearts (heh, geddit?) and who will remain my best friend until the last of days. (Insert more Doctor sounding things here.) You are one of the most amazing and beautifully kind souls I’ve ever met, and whether I’ve literally just spoken to you, or it’s been a few days, we somehow remain ginger-spirited twins of the heart. (Whatever that means? Is that a thing? It is now.) Because you are without a doubt one of the most important people in my life, wherever you may be, and however far we may be apart. (DAMMIT ‘MERICA.) You are my platonic and pizza-lovin’ soul mate and ain’t nothing gonna change that. :)


Happy birthday to this shithead.🎈
Im so tired and I can’t remember if you’re 18 or 19…not that it matters because you still act 14. ;)
I hope you have an amazing day man! You deserve to have the best one yet!
Its weird to think that when we first started talking I was 15 and you were 16 and now you’re old as shit.
I kinda hate you for not telling me when your birthday was every time I asked for the last few months. But I now have it in my phone, so no escaping now.
But I also love u very much, just for the person you are and how much of a good friend you are (sometimes).
Plz don’t get to shitfaced tonight if you plan on drinking. And if you do…stay safe and dont end up at some randoms house. K thx. ;)
(I’ll message you later…I’m going back to sleep) 😘

rlly hoping that this birthday isnt bad…. its already looking kinda sucky tbh and worst part is that this is the first year that my best friend wont be here and no matter how bad my birthdays are i always go to dinner with her and she makes it better but i cant do that this year and its weird!!! i just wish i didnt have school and i could go to the beach or something idk i just wanna do something fun on the actual day of…. this is dumb this blog is like me talking to myself i love it but i also feel like the people who read it find it annoying im sorry

today was a good day💕

I wrote Ryan’s birthday post on here earlier today, and I also put it on Facebook and Instagram, and he…responded. He talked to me today, and I was really excited to hear from him, even though I hate him right now. You know when you have that person you can’t imagine going through live without? Yeah, that’s what Ryan is to me. We’re not close anymore, but he was my best friend in high school. The bigger issue is that I have tried telling him why I’m upset with him, why I’m angry at him, etc., but it just hasn’t happened yet.

Note ;; also, my canon verse is no longer a thing. I’m getting rid of it. I’ll make a season 6 verse but that will probably go up to last weeks episode. && ANY canon related starters, unless they’re not like obviously canon, will be ignored. You can unfollow me if ya want due to this but I’ll be adding it to my rules so if I ignore a starter you post for me, it’s your own damn fault really.

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Hii, I love your style and also need advice! I thought you're a good person to ask. I'm going to my best friend's 18th birthday party, friends and familly are invited, we should wear something elegant, but not too much(not like for a wedding). Something like skirt and blouse, or a dress. I'm a little chubby and rather short(161cm) I really don't know what to do, I have a week left and a little paranoid. The outfit has to also be suitable for dancing. Any help? Ily <3

I dont know what to do because its either passed or gonna be soon but I would have advised a onepiece from mixxmix or something in a similar style. 모르테로 원피스.

Thank you for the tag quillscribbles!

TIME AND DATE: 10:44 PM, Monday the 25th of May, 2015


LAST THING I GOOGLED: ‘soldier’ (I couldn’t remember how to spell it and no variation I tried looked right.)

NICKNAME: Technically Jenny is a nickname, but that’s boring. There’s also Jennu and Yenig, which are much more exciting


GENDER: Female.

HEIGHT: 5′7″

FAVOURITE COLOURS: Blues, greens, and purples

ONE PLACE THAT MAKES ME HAPPY: My backyard and anywhere I’m with the people I love. On that note, I really love my best friend Naomi’s room. Not only is everything super interesting, but I just feel so at home and comfortable there, almost like its my room too. Some of my favorite memories are are the countless hours we spend being sucking idiots together. 

HOW MANY BLANKETS DO I SLEEP UNDER: Normally just my one comforter.

WHAT I’M WEARING RN: A black tank top with a rib cage design and black and blue striped underwear

LAST BOOK I READ: Well I finished “Hold Me Closer: The Tiny Cooper Story” last and I’m currently in the middle of “In the Company of the Courtesan” by Sarah Dunant

FAVOURITE BEVERAGE: I think tea, probably a nice chai to be specific, but it depends on my mood.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Oh god, I hate this question. It honestly just depends on the day. Maybe lasagna though, I make pretty good lasagna. 


DREAM VACATION: There are so many trip I want to take. Honestly I just want to travel. I do really want to visit Italy one day. It’s such a huge part of my family history and I’m also just a huge history buff. My friend Dani and I are also kind of planning a trip to Greece, and if that doesn’t actually happen, I’m going to be so very sad. Also, camping, just take me camping. Pretty sure Naomi and I are going camping the second both of us are home and free for long enough, which may take a while, but it’s happening. 

DREAM WEDDING: As long as my friends and family are there, I’m happy.

DREAM: To be happy and loved, and make to share that with those around me.

DREAM JOB: Working in a museum or owning a bookstore.

TAG TEN PEOPLE YOU WANT TO GET TO KNOW BETTER:  corporalgordonhouse  angeliczacharie katillda box-hobbit everettwild milkaholics sanativesiren onthedanetrain fallasleepnexttome misterflowerhead 

Yes, I realize I know most of you fairly/really well, but still


So this is my first hand written post but, ya. I’m Alyx. That’s not my birth name but its my prefered name. I’m Pansexual and I love Music. I also love Fandoms, and Tumblr duh. I’m 13 and my birthday 03.30.02. I have Bipolar, Anxiety and Depression so if I post and I sound like I am thats why. I also love makeup. I’m an aspiring scene girl who just waiting for her parents to let her dye her hair. My real life Best Friend is Max Makeup they are the Best Friend I could ever have. I Love Them. Follow Them. So ya. Thats me.

Hi Guys!

Just a little update from Hope and I

Today we were able to book our flights for our next trip YEAH! We will be going in January again because of how much we enjoyed it this year around that time due to the low crowds and not too bad weather. ALSO it will be my 21st birthday and being the first of my friends to turn 21 (besides a few) what better what to spend it down in Disney World with my best friend!

This trip is going to be two days longer than this year’s! We will be heading down January 7th and coming back up January 15th at night! We decided to go longer this time around since its for a “big” birthday and we wanted to do more!

We are gonna have a day at universal (mostly cause the last time we went it was our senior trip and they didnt have the new harry potter part yet) and we really dont need to spend more than one day there. I’m still trying to decide if i would like to do afternoon tea at the grand for my birthday. And I’m for sure trying for Be Our Guest again no doubt about that! And we are also going to take the Keys to The Kingdom Tour!!

So its gonna be a packed crazy trip, but I am super duper excited.

Tomorrow we will be booking our room at Coroando Springs

Other than all of that, that’s all I have to say for now! Keep you guys updated!

mightymissjane replied to your post “mightymissjane replied to your post “Happy Birthday one of my fave…”

it’s the best!!!! -clings to you - Wants lots of hc with you…

i might be giving a small birthday party with some friends after all so now i’ll know what book to ask for B)

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Hey, I read your tag and I thought you're pretty interesting so I decided to massage you. First of all, I'm from Germany so I'm sorry if my English is crap. I saw you like Armin and so do I :) I also have birthday a day after you!

Aw thank you for messaging me :3
Armin the coconut is the best I love him so much I have a key ring with him on it and I love it so much and people ask me if its a girl and I just glare at them and walk away ’>..>
Aw yay! Birthday friends :3