INDY POPCON: THE FIRST NIGHT–I mean uh… Today’s outfit. Focus on the tophat and red adidas bag. I might also be carrying a plain black backpack. First follower who comes up to me and in introduces themselves with “MY NAME IS __________ HAVE YOU SEEN A TINY BOX?” wins a pink mustache keychain. You can call me Sav or Savna or “Hey, Top Hat Chick!!” to get my attention, I’ll try to be paying attention. I’ll be doing one of these every day, although tomorrow’s outfit might look similar to this one. I’m giving out one keychain today, two tomorrow, one Sunday. Blacklist #IndyBlogTim if you don’t wanna see these. Hope to meet up with some of you guys and geek out about Mark and the crew and the con in general!!

My Fancast (An Explanation)

People are angry that Celeste is a blonde but do they realize that Maxon is a middle aged man with black hair and a mustache/beard. Also I made Celeste IGGY. A rapper.
Also, Marlee is Kesha, and I have two members of the Kardashian family. The mother of Kim is playing a younger person than Kim who is competing for her son’s, Johnny Depp’s, heart.
And Nick Cage is King Clarkson.
Additionally, Kriss is the middle-aged leader of my country.
And Aspen is Harry Styles (I actually like Harry, he is bae). I mean. Guys. You’re focusing on the wrong things.

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once as a small child i got sick and was diagnosed to take kaopectate, which was cool except for that little toddler me thought it tasted GREAT. so, when my mom put me to bed after giving me a dose of it, i snuck out of bed and proceeded to drink the entire bottle. i happened to spill some of it on my sheets and had a rather pink mustache, which my mom noticed right away upon coming back to my room. luckily she stuck a finger down my throat and made me throw it all up before it got serious :/

OmG that reminds me of these anti-diarrhea/anti-nausea pills from China my grandparents had and they were sugar-coated or something because they tasted like M&M’s. I always wanted to eat more. Don’t know if I ever did though. Also, the oral polio vaccines tasted GREAT. It was like sugar water. You and me and definitely the reason they child-proof medicine caps haha. Glad you were okay! 

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you're a ball of positive energy on my blog and I love it but that one post about the "when the globe is done with white people" really rubbed me the wrong way. obv not at the white people part but of the caricatures of cultures. like slapping sombreros on ppl and calling it Mexican, or the Asian stereotype with the mustache and hat and from what I've read in the comments the last picture isn't even real Arabic? it was also brought up that turbans are characteristic of Sikhs (not Arabic people)

Hm you know what I’m actually going to post this so we can have more opinions. I can see where you are coming from with that those are caricatures of specifics aspects of cultures. And that it being a punchline joke could be offensive.
So, learning time, what are everyone’s thoughts?

Tut and Suhad: Year One*

Tut and Suhad: Year One*
Month One

*The following takes place during the two years that Tut spends with Suhad leading up to his death.

As he sits and tells Suhad how things came to be as new problems arise. Even though the Mitanni have accepted him into their village. The chance of him being recongnized by traders coming is a real possibility. For the next few days, Tut stays inside the house. His clean shaven look is replaced with a full beard and mustache. He removes his golden hair clips and lets his hair grow out. He also changes his name. From know on he is just called Kha'aten. Being raised in the palace, he has never had to do things for himself. Servants brought him his meals, his clothes and even went so far as batheing him. Today was the start of learning to do things on his own. Suhad taught him how to kill a goat for meat. She taught him on making cheese and even so far as how to milk the animal. Watching him with the goats were full of much laughter from not only Suhad but from Ma'at as well. Their little daughter learned how to make clothing and how to cook.
Days have pasted since Tut abandoned his throne for his family. Usually the coronation of a new king takes about a year to preform all of the ceremonies but Ay fearful that the Nubians, Asiatics and Hitites will see the country without a leader changes the traditons. He takes the throne and marries Ankhe. She had asked the Hitite King to send one of his sons and cement a peace with their people but Ay sent an assassin to kill the boy before he arrived in Thebes. Suhad’s father attends the ceremony as a gesture of good will from his people. Even though he is there to honor the new Pharaoh, he would like nothing better then to put a dagger at the man’s throat.
At Thebes, Lagus has been keeping a low profile. He has given up his service to Horemheb and is just a citizen of Thebes. He hasn’t shown any loyalty to the new Pharaoh. He pitys Ankhe because he knows that she wouldn’t last as Queen long. Ay wanted a new dynasty on the throne but he must get rid of everything representing the old one. Feeling sorry for her, Lagus sneaks into the palace to her room. “My Queen? May I have a word?” Ankhesenamun isn’t really wanting visitors right now but she trust Lagus. She knows him to be a honorable man even though he was her dead husbands friend.
“Speak you peace and be gone. I must prepare for my wedding night.” Her words are serious. Her actions are not. He can tell that she is not looking forward to spending her time with Pharaoh Ay. “I believe you are in danger if you stay here. The Pharaoh has plans to create a new dynasty and you are the last of the old. You need to leave.” Standing by the door, he looks around and watches to see if Ay is coming. “I have a duty to Egypt and her people to satisfy the Pharaoh’s needs. I will not leave. Besides. Where can I go?” Lagus sighs and drops his head. “You are a fool. He will kill you this night. Are you wanting to join Tut in death?”
She turns his back to him. “You have said what was on your mind. Your words hold little weight with me. Leave me before I have you arrested and executed. Tutankhamun is not here to protect you anymore.” Lagus bowed. “I’ll tell Anubis to expect you.” He leaves the palace. Ankhe is still in her room. She looks out at the courtyard. She can see Lagus who stops and turns to give her a final glance. He knows this is the last time he will see her. “Stupid woman.” He says under his breath to no one.
She is sitting on the bed crying when Ay walks in to the room. “Weep not for this is the begining of the greatest time in the history of Egypt. You will become mother of a new line of Kings. You should be happy my dear Queen.” He approaches her. She stands then backs away. “No.” She tells him. Through lips wet with tears. “I won’t. I will not give myself to someone that know’s nothing about love. Only about manipulation. How can you give your heart when you don’t even have a soul?”
Ay walks over to her quickly. “Listen to me.” He says taking her into his arms. Shaking her, he says. “You have a duty to Egypt. You may not have fulfilled it with your half-brother but I am not him. YOU will give me a child. That is your duty as my wife!” He takes her over to the bed and throws her down. He tries to kiss her but she slaps him across the face leaving nail marks on his cheek drawing blood. Ay reaches up and wipes the trickle of blood from his face. Enraged by her behavior, he puts his hands around her throat. She fights as he starts to cut off her airway. There are scatch marks on his arms, neck and face but he never loosens his grip. Ay looks almost gleeful as he chokes the life from Ankhesenamun.
The Pharaoh claims that she died during the night due to the stress of losing her step brother. The high priest Penthu knew differently because of the marks on her neck. Penthu went to Lagus with the news. “I tried to warn her.” Lagus said with a hint of remorse in his voice. “She said she had a duty. I guess she came to see light. She wasn’t the nicest of people but she didn’t deserve that kind of death.” Penthu agreed. “At least she will be with the love of her life forever. Now she can be eternally happy.” Lagus patted the priest on the back to thank him. Penthu told Lagus that they were preparing her body for her burial. Lagus knodded and left. He knew that he had to tell Khaten.

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you and pasta are an absolute inspiration and while i'd never work up the guts to talk to you at a convention i really wanted you to know that!

Ohmigod Anon, you are too kind (〃ノωノ)
Thank you for the compliment, I think I can say it makes the both of us extremely happy because inspiring other people in cosplay is so cool (I wanted to write something deeper but I figured I am at a loss of words)

Also you should so come and talk to us at a convention because we are basically supercool to hang out with (10/10 would hang out with again, damn, if I could I would hang out with us all the time) - ok just kidding,
But really, don’t be afraid or intimidated at all.
It’s a convention. We are all in there. We are all huge dweebs - and there’s a chance I am wearing a costume AND have a ridiculous mustache glued to my face.

Good thing about evil pokemon scientists: chubby nerds that I could actually cosplay with my body shape.
Bad thing: old, bald, and with weirdass pointy hair that defies gravity. I mean, do I pick widow’s peak croissant or spicy dorito mohawk swizzle??
Also Xerosic is way taller than me, and I’m pretty pale but not that pale XD Makeup makes me stress out so I couldn’t stand wearing full kabuki stuff all day. And I’m pretty sure those weird goggles would be harder to find/make than just an old fashioned style of glasses >_>
BUT its still preferrable to trying to dress like a random elderly sinnoh character and probably looking like a complete dumbass to everyone who doesn’t know who he is. I think I would just about die if someone actually mistook me for a real old man who wandered into the con! (then again I’d also be proud of my makeup skills XD yeah.. either way I’m gonna have to slather that crud on my face >_>)

it is probably wiser to cosplay as Tabitha
especially since I already look a lot like him
short brown hair, perpetually squinty eyes, made of gender ambiguity and fluff…
but his costume is so complicated and I’m bad at sewing… if I can’t just buy the parts in a store and staple them together then its probably not gonna go well…
also he’s TOO well known… people might keep trying to take pictures and talk to me… like… too much so. I don’t want my first ever cosplay to be really busy and high pressure cos there’s a million other guys also cosplaying him >_>
Also I might be asked to act in-character to like.. any of these three guys. And I am not remotely like any of these three guys. I’m a shy!

and then I can’t be colress cos he’s skinny and pretty


if only there was some sort of algorhythm to determine the perfect science cosplay

we went to see inside out :O 

it was p good, not like. the Greatest Movie Ever but there were some neat ideas and im sad about the imaginary friend :’( 

i dont rly have clear thoughts on it rn but blue sadness girl is me, 

i feel like my brain headquarters probably has joy locked up somewhere and its like that one guy’s brain that was all angers except mines all sad and fear : ) but 

also how come everyone else’s brains like. they all look the same they all have the dad’s mustache or the same hair or w/e? but then riley’s brain everyone’s different?

also can i headcanon genderfluid riley bc like. all the emotions in her mom’s head appeared to be female, all the emotions in her dad’s head appeared male, but riley’s got a mix of genders goin on it’d make sense 

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Dragon Age Inquisition! Pretty left field, huh?

How did you even know I liked that?

  • Favorite Male Character: Dorian!!!!!!! Shout it from the rooftops!!!!!
  • Favorite Female Character: Josephine.
  • Least Favorite Character: Solas. And I’m not overly fond of Morrigan.
  • Favorite Ship: Non-Mage!Trevelyan and Cullen. Which there is a severe lack of and it hurts my soul.
  • Favorite Friendship: I adore the friendship between Female!Inquisitor and Dorian. The light flirting but also the fact SHE IS HIS FIRST, ONLY, AND BEST FRIEND. Dorian needs a strong friendship and so help me, I will give it to him.
  • Worst Character Death (if any): My interest, whenever Solas opens his mouth. Or Stroud. A mustache like that deserved to live.
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: The first kiss with Cullen lmao I’m trash. Coming to Skyhold for the first time was pretty surreal as well. 
  • Saddest Moment: When you have to buy time so everyone can escape Haven???? What of your escape??? NO. And whenever I had to kill a dragon. I love dragons. They don’t deserve that. 
  • Favorite Location: Emprise du Lion is pretty, high level red templars notwithstanding. Skyhold is fun, too.
Gravity Falls Starters
  • "Also, you are not pulling off that V-neck. Burn it!"
  • "I'm sure about everything!"
  • "More kerosene!"
  • "I'm gonna eat this!"
  • "I never should've gotten a love potion from the Love God."
  • "I sold my watch! You gotta to come to the concert!"
  • "Ugh, they're doing that couple hug walk. Guys, you're in public! People can see you!"
  • "We mustache you to move!"
  • "Nonono, everyone's touching everything!"
  • "When these idiots see this balloon, they'll understand that I love young people!"
  • "Oh no, a letter ripped!"
  • "'I eat kids'? But we're kids!"
  • "It's Heaven's punishment for our terrible taste in everything!"
  • "Mommy, is the floating head going to eat us?"
  • "Oh, guy from the ten dollar bill! I forgot I had a crush on you!"
  • "Curse my oversized heart!"
  • "Oh no, I hope someone didn't die!"
  • "What's everyone cryin' about? In my day, zeppelins fell from the sky like raindrops!"
  • "You know what? Being loved by the youth is overrated. Being feared, now that's priceless."
  • "Please be immortal, please be immortal!"
  • "Guys, I made a friendship cake! So let's all get over this, okay?!"
  • "My cake!"
  • "Throw snacks at him!"
  • "Use jerky as a weapon!"
  • "Be strong, bladder."
  • "Okay, can someone please explain why people care about this?"
  • "Um, it's pretty much the best party of all time! Rich food, richer boys!"
  • "And not just jealousy talking, I'd say that's of her face."
  • "You're the worst."
  • "Dreeeeeam!"
  • "You're just lucky I'm desperate."
  • "Woo! Desperate, desperate, desperate!"
  • "Everything's so fancy! Fancy floors, fancy plants, *gasp* fancy man!"
  • "Forget the quail, I'm putting him in my basket!"
  • "Just gotta splash this sucker with some anointed water, and he should be out of your probably fake blonde hair."
  • "Don't worry, it can't get worse than this!"
  • "Hey, what's on your shirt? Ha! Gullible! Loser!"
  • "Hurry, through the garden! Watch out for peacocks!"
  • "Can I pay you to pretend that never happened?"
  • "What are you laughing about, man? I defeated you."
  • "You remind me of me a hundred and fifty years ago."

I’m watching the IGN Bethesda Pre-Show and one of the presentators had asked when the next Skyrim is coming out. The next Skyrim.

Also one of the dudes has a pretty slick mustache.

Spotted: Jennifer Lawrence Wearing Jimmy Choo in New York

Jennifer Lawrence has been out and about quite a bit recently in New York, and yesterday’s appearance proved to be one of Lawrence’s shoe highs since landing in the Big Apple. The star stepped out wearing one of summer’s hottest trends, a crop top and skirt, but we couldn’t take our eyes off her gold and black Jimmy Choo heels. The high heel sandal, called Dulsa, added plenty of pizazz to her look. The metallic lace-up back and sleek lacquered heel made the moment a real standout. Lawrence, who’s final installment in the blockbuster “Hunger Games” franchise is due this fall, is reportedly in town apartment hunting. Jennifer Lawrence in Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo Dulsa sandals   The star surprised photographers last week drawing a mustache and unibrow on her face while coming home from dinner on Friday and also took the opportunity to show off to the paparazzi donning a pair of “walrus teeth” (aka chopsticks) after dinner earlier in the week. While we do love Lawrence’s antics, we can’t wait to see what she wears next while in town.   For more celebrity shoe style see: Giuseppe Zanotti Dominates BET Awards Red Carpet Celebrity Statement Shoes: Janet Jackson Emma Watson’s Top Shoe Moments Bradley Cooper Hits Style Mark

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ALL OR NOTHING HOPFENWEISSE, as the beer calls itself in uppercase letters is a wheat beer from Underdog’s Brewhouse in Oshawa, Ontario. As you can see, it’s comes in a bright yellow can with a moustachioed man boxing a larger man also sporting a mustache who’s on the other side. If you cannot see this bright yellow can that presents itself in front of you, then you are probably blind, in which case you cannot read these words either. No fancy footwork going on here, just your usual wheat beer with an IBU of 25, that for those unacquainted with the International Bitterness Units scale is a system of measurement that was made up by a flock of birds who became irate after eating too much of their own excrement. The number means it’s a little more bitter than your run of the brewery wheat beer. In my personal opinion diktat, wheat beer should be smooth and creamy since I got my self started on it with such standbys as Erdinger and Paulaner. With that in mind, fuck this beer.

🚽🚽2 out of 5 toilets

Batch of new necklaces now up on etsy! More coming soon 💀 #tildeathdouspart #skeleton #ouijaboard #planchette #spiritboard #death #macabre #handmade #gothic #etsy #creepy #horror #spooky #lace #evil #skull #kissmedeadly #mustache #vintage #facebook #instalike #instalove #heart #pendant #love #deadly by prettylittlepoisons

Ouija Boards are like magic in a way. You wouldn’t be looking at them right now if you were not attracted to them. That means they are also attracted to you! Allow one into your life:

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i find it really interesting that when people want to pretend they are different people they make absolutely certain that they use vastly different typing styles thinking it would throw anyone off but it doesn't, it comes off as trying really hard, like a pair of glasses with a fake mustache attached and a trench coat. (personally i'm not trying to mask who i am i'm just shy)

that’s an interesting way of looking at it.

but then what about all those times i used only slightly different styles?

Do you think all #NHL #fans need to have shorter #playoff #beards?

“I’m more of an #NBA fan but my answer to your question is Hell NO!! When it comes to beards in general, the longer the better, the itchier the better, The uglier the better. Nevertheless, if your #team is eliminated, you maybe exempted. Also, if you’re a #Blackhawks fan, I would say that a playoff #mustache is acceptable in #honor of #JoelQuenville”

#Fanmongers#IceHockey#Basketball#sports#fan (at Boston, MA)

Unique Mustache Tattoos, 4 Count

Unique Mustache Tattoos, 4 Count

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These Mustache Tattoos will make you look awesome. Your little men will love getting these Temporary Mustache Tattoos in their party favor bags. Each pack comes with 24 total Mustache Tattoos on 4 sheets. Mustache Tattoos are also great for bachelor

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So…I thought about another tribe that could exist in the Freiljord, where Braum may have come from.

It’s a tribe where people and Poros live in harmony and your Poro picks you as their human, which would be why Braum’s Poro decided to stay with him.

Men grow mustaches, which are symbolic of Poro horns and women braid their hair so it frames their face, also symbolic of Poro horns.

I didn’t get much farther than that, but it would perhaps explain Braum?