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I was tagged by the lovely happyslayingphilosaur, thank you for tagging me ^-^

Name/Nickname: Margaret (Marg, Mar Mar)

Birthday: July 16th

Sign: Cancer

Gender: Female (she/they)

Sexualtiy: Pansexual af

Fav color: Any pastels and light blues

Time right now: 12:00PM

Average hours of sleep:  It could be as much as 7 hours or as little as 4

Lucky number: Any even numbers

Last thing i googled: jefferson financial locations (I was trying to get to the bank I got lost)

Blankets i sleep under: 2

Celebrity crushes: Jennifer Lawrence and Johnny Depp are my main baes

Fav book:  This changes a lot right now it’s We Were Liars

Fav band: Also changes, right now Twenty One Pilots

Last movie i saw in theaters: Paper Towns

Dream trip: Switzerland and basically anywhere in the UK

What im wearing right now: Shorts and a shirt cause I’m basic

I tag phanoutnugget , that-girl-online , and whiskers-on–kittens