Jessica Dilaurentis vs. Mary Drake: the theory masterpost

So the twin reveal gave us one solid answer: Jessica Dilaurentis has a twin, Mary Drake. In typical PLL fashion, that means we have 500 new questions. 

(side note: wow i can’t believe i wrote this theory!!! look at me go. im tooting my own horn ok)

Question #1: Who buried Alison? Jessica, to protect Cece? Or was it Mary, to protect Cece?

A lot of people think that the reveal of Mary Drake means Mary buried Ali to protect Cece. But I still think it was Jessica.

  • 4x02. You know, the episode where Hanna is introduced to Tippi the Clue Parrot on the Dilaurentis front porch.
  • Jessica’s in the front lawn, talking about shit living under her porch (Mary, Cece, Raccoons.. who knows? Not me)
  • Hanna asks if Jessica saw Ali’s body when the gazebo was moved. Jessica says “Once I saw the yellow top that was enough to know it was her” (don’t quote me on that, I’m paraphrasing)

I always assumed Jessica said this because she actually did bury Ali, and because of this, she firmly believes Alison is dead until she arrives at the police station that night. She spouts off the yellow top line to Hanna because she didn’t look long at the body. There was no reason to look any longer than a glance.  After all, she buried Alison… she knew Ali was under that gazebo… she “knows” she is dead.  Jessica buried Ali, because this was not the one time we saw Mary Drake.

Question #2: When did we see Mary “one time” prior to the reveal in 6x20?

For me, it can only be one scene: and that’s the scene where we see “Jessica” (Mary) behind Spencer in 4x22.

  • “Mrs. Dilaurentis” (Mary Drake) is not seen by any character on the show. Veronica and Spencer don’t notice her. She is no hallucination. She is ONLY REVEALED TO THE AUDIENCE. This is huge. We even see her shadow as she is leaving behind Veronica and Spencer. This is not something we have to doubt a character for (such as when Ali sees Wilden, and we have to question hallucinations).
  • This is only shown to the viewers and never mentioned again. Just like when we, the audience, not the characters, saw Cece in the black hoodie spying on Ezra. 
  • Ezra’s book “research” makes him believe Mrs. D could be A. His cameras weren’t catching Jessica- it was Mary. 

If we’ve only seen the twin once, we have to remember we saw a lot of interactions with Jessica and Cece- so those had to be Jessica, not Mary. And Cece definitely felt Jessica was/loved her as if she were her mother, which makes me assume Jessica felt a similar love for Cece as her daughter. It’s because of this love that she buries Ali to protect Cece. It doesn’t matter that Cece is her niece, rather than her daughter. (Besides, Cece still shares at least half of Jessica’s genetic makeup anyways, as her mother is Jessica’s identical twin!) It may even be out of love for her sister, too, that she buries her daughter in order to keep Cece from jail. 

Question #3: Who killed Jessica Dilaurentis?

The only answer that fits, in my opinion, is that Mary Drake killed her own twin sister, Jessica.

  • Ali’s story of twins foreshadows this.
  • In the books, Alison kills Courtney for “stealing her life” (or some other twisted weird version of this idk Sara Shepard is wild lol. its been a while since i read the books yall dont come after me for it).
  • Book homage- Mary kills Jessica for stealing her daughter from her.
  • Maybe even for giving her a life in Radley rather than a life of freedom (since Mary had to live in Radley, most likely after hurting Jessica as kids). Another tribute to the books.
  • Mary might feel Jessica has brainwashed Cece into loving her instead of loving her real mother.
  • On top of all this, Mary can’t take over the Carissimi Group if Jessica is alive. She needs to get back the fortune her daughter created, and that’s not possible if the real Jessica is around to keep Ali from signing over the rights to 51% to Rollins.


“Don’t watch”

Im pretty sure thats what it says??? and i was a bit a lot freaked out bc that doesnt seem like something anti would say. think about it, he thrives on attention; he wants us to notice him. and all of our theories so far have pointed towards the fact that our noticing him is what’s making him stronger.

i think the message might be from jack? i think he’s trying to tell us not to watch anymore because it’s just making anti stronger and he can’t stop it. and im scared.

anti i s2g if u hurt my smol bean imma fite you myself