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Luke, 10

10: “Teach me how to play?”

Whenever Luke had a hard day at the studio, he’d come home with a dejected look and head straight for the piano that sat in the middle of your shared living room. You leaned against the wall, watching as Luke’s fingers seemed to glide over the keys as he played a song you had never heard before. You watched as the tension seemed to leave his shoulders with every key he pressed; the furrow of his brows loosening, and his expression becoming altogether more relaxed.

You waited until he looked up at you with a small smile before walking over, and gesturing for him to move over on the small piano stool. You placed a quick kiss on his cheek before placing your fingers over a few keys on the left side of the piano. “Teach me how to play?”

Luke scratched at the back of his neck, where little curls were peeking out from underneath his beanie. “I’m better at guitar than piano.”

You rolled your eyes at him and started playing the beginning to Mary Had a Little Lamb, the only song you had ever been able to play on the piano. “You’re good at music. Period.”

Luke tried and failed to hide his grin behind his hand, always being one to preen at praise. He watched you hit the last few notes before placing his hands at the keys on the right side of the piano. “Play it again? I’ll add on.” And as you played the song again, he added embellishments every now and then, making Mary had a little lamb sound like a completely different and original song.

When he hit the last few notes, you turned to him. “Want to talk about what happened at the studio?”

He shook his head. “Not right now, I kind of just want to play music with you for a while.”

“Okay” you looked down at the keys again “teach me another song…”


But can we talk about Harry taking off his baby pink sweater for the single shoot when noone else did

“Uh…can i um…the puppy…it urinated on my sweater ten minutes ago and its starting to get uncomfortable…”

spacebucky replied to your post “i love ur theme honestly bc it’s minimalistic but dorky”

YES U SHOULD DEFINITELY MAKE IT A DORKY GIF OR SOMETHING!!!! i actually love ur sidebar pic but i think that a lot of text on ur sidebar is what’s taking away from the minimalist design. but don’t change it because anyone tell u to, only if u want to

yeaaaaaah i know, i felt that it was too much text too but i was too lazy to find anything else once i’d put that image on lol. I think ima do a lil gif, yeah, and put something like emojis/kaomojis on it or whatever… no text, promise

thing is, i wanna change it! so thanks a lot for taking pity on li’l me!!! :’D

i sometimes see people finding clothes from really old h&m collections (and trust me when i say that - i am the biggest h&m consumer ever i know all of their clothes from heart <3) on shady websites and im just like ????? how nad why

do u ever realize how poorly they’ve wrote aria’s character and get so frustrated and upset bc ugh

tagged by maltair to name my 10 favorite characters from my 10 favorite fandoms, and then tag 10 others.

a song of ice and fire // SANSA STARK 
naruto // uzumaki karin | hoozuki suigetsu (I CAN’T CHOOSE)
steven universe // lapis lazuli
one punch man // speed of sound sonic
gangsta. // alex benedetto | galahad woehor
dragon age // morrigan
mad max // furiosa
sense8 // capheus | sun 
lastman // marianne
hunter x hunter // kurapika

tagging gaaranteed, uzumakiwonderland, apocalypsey, aroranger, st4rscream, cytakigawa, econoni, kilelele + anyone else who sees this!!

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Greg didn't help, but I think she held a lot of those views for a long time. She still doesn't believe humans evolved past hunting and gathering and she's been here for 5 thousand years. Although It might not be because of her views but because of her age. Rose said everything seems fast to her, and that is a common theory for people that are immortal. The older we get the shorter our past seems to be, and theory says it reaches the point that we live in the moment because everything's fast.

greg definitely didnt help pearl’s views on humans. im pretty sure he did the exact opposite lmao

also, thats v true i dont really have anything to add to that

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I hate u. Ur blog is trash. And why does ur name start with an S???? Thats like so last year. Im also pretty sure ur a shit driver just by ur shitty blog. Stop reblogging so many cats even tho they're cute. Goodbye human


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Hey so I'm 17 and my boyfriend is 19. Is that an issue because I'm not 18 yet? He just turned 19. I don't want to get him in trouble for dating someone who is still a minor.

i dont know where youre from but normally its ok if one of the persons is under 18 and the other over 18 as long as they have no more than 5-6 years apart. youd have to check the laws of your country but yea, thats pretty much it. also im pretty sure if youre over 16, someone has to like… sue or call the police or something. someone like the minor’s parents.