okay, amy and rosa’s friendship is super important to me and i just need to know more, so i have a shit tone of head canons of them that i need to happen (also im lowkey avoiding doing my college work by doing this) 

  • okay, so when rosa first meets amy, she is not 100% sure how to feel about her, because she is just so different, with her freshly pressed pant suits and her ponytails and so many binders. but one day they are put on a case together and rosa witnesses amy take down a perp that is twice the size of her and rosa is just in such awe at how badass she actually is.
  • the reason why rosa knows about the double tuck is because she listened to amy all night rambling on about this guy she had been dating and she did the thing and rosa just smiled to herself because she knew. (she also saw amy do it when she was with jake a few year later, before they were dating, but she kept that to herself).
  • one time amy made the mistake of going out with gina after work and she may have had a little too much to drink, which lead to rosa having to drive her home at two in the morning and listen to amy’s drunk rambles for twenty minutes (she slept on the couch to make sure that amy was going to be okay and made her breakfast in the morning).
  • amy likes the fact that she made rosa laugh so hard that water came out of her nose.
  • whenever they want to talk about people who happen to be in ear shot, they talk to each other in spanish which drives everyone crazy. 
  • the first time amy cried in front of rosa was when she found out that her abula had died. rosa followed her into the bathroom and sat on the floor with her for an hour, holding her hand as she sobbed her heart out. 
  • when jake and amy started dating, everyone expected rosa to give amy the classic “if you hurt him, i will hurt you” speech because jake and rosa have been friends longer and because rosa is scary but rosa gave the speech to jake and proceeded to tell him all the horrible ways she would plan to hurt him. 
  • after rosa found out about what happened on the prisoner transfer (aka the disaster weekend) she showed up to amy’s apartment with wine and all the disney movies that she had, which was surprisingly a lot, and they spent all night doing anything to avoid talking about that night 
  • they did talk about it a few weeks later and amy finally cried over her break up
  • even though she never told jake about breaking up with marcus, she did, however, told amy over leftover chinese food in the bullpen one night when they were both doing overtime 
  • sometimes, when rosa and amy sit together in the briefing room, and amy is being amy, rosa would just look at her and thing how much she loves this nerd and how grateful she is to have her in her life 
  • amy once told rosa that she was her best friend and rosa honestly felt overwhelmed and emotional and fuzzy (granted they have both had drunk a bottle of wine each) 
  • and of course rosa is amy’s maid of honor at her wedding after an hour long argument with kylie  
  • she would deny it if anyone asked but rosa cried when amy told her she was pregnant. twice. 
  • and not forgetting that rosa is the godmother of both of amy and jake’s kids 

i just sent an Adult Email and applied for a job as an afterschool rec person at an elementary would pay minimum wage but it would be every day and i mostly like children so ? it’s good

actually super proud of myself for working out today even though it was only like 30 minutes lmao bc usually im too tired after work to do anything. also added some colleges to my application list?? things are looking pretty decent??