• you guys were good/bestfriends at first before dating
  • like imagine this guy realising that he has feelings for u
  • he would go straight to you like 
  • “I like you ;)”
  • ..ok jk vernonie is too scared that he’ll ruin your friendship
  • but after he has been giving some small hints like 
  • more skinship like hugging, he’s more clingy and stuff
  • and you are responding to them well like :Dok
  • so yeah you guys confess to each other 
  • and after it you guys hug
  • or kiss, or punch each other’s faces whatever u think is good after confession  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • ok i know everyone says this but-
  • -memes. really this guy is a meme and so are u now
  • sending memes on whatsapp or whatever u guys use
  • “lmao this is u sugar tits”
  • ..“Y/N no”
  • weird nicknames
  • yeah sure vernon will call you babe or honey
  • but he’ll also call u something weird like syrup or crazypants coconuts 
  • wants to teach u play video games like cod or battlefield
  • on consoles like pc/ps/xbox
  • i think he prefers ps3/4? but really it doesn’t matter tbh
  • but if u do play games then good, u guys can play 1v1 lol
  • should we move into ‘rated m’ stuff
  • sorry i gotta, i did it on Boyfriend!The8 too
  • feel free to skip, i know many of you don’t like it.

  • first time with him would be awkward, but cute?  
  • likes to give you hickies,
  • he would want you to give him too but he can’t have any hickies, bcs idol life man
  • but idk if he wasn’t an idol then yeah sure why not cover his whole neck
  • he’s the type to try to make u moan so he can smirk and tease u, but ends up he’s the moaning mess
  • never forget it
  • also the type to lick your nipples ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • loves it when you ride him because he might be lazy + he can watch your tits bounce, if you have them 
  • i feel like he would want to have sex or do something likethat even if someone was home idk why
  • like imagine him fingering/jacking you or whatever and you accidentally let out a moan bcs, well who wouldn’t except if he sucked at it
  • and he’ll be all sonic II to cover your mouth
  • “you don’t want anyone to hear you right babe?”

sry i’ll stop

  • he’s pretty laid-back so i don’t think there will be a lot of arguments over small things 
  • loves it when you wear his clothes, especially hoodies
  • low-key glares at you if you wore his fav hoodie 
  • likes to peck you, either on cheeks or lips
  • you begging for him to sing for you
  • yeah i know he can sound funny sometimes
  • but really if he wanted to sing, he can sound pretty good 
  • likes big hugs
  • especially when he’s stressed or sad, he’ll go straight to you and hug you 
  • i feel like he doesn’t like cuddling when going to sleep
  • like he wants his own space 
  • + i bet he moves a lot when sleeping 

  • you’re the responsible for the food 
  • doesn’t matter if you sucked at making food 
  • unless you’re worse than his strawberry yogurt salad but idk what u like
  •  type to forget your anniversary
  • “Vernon you know what day is it? :3″
  • “uh tuesday why”
  • “…it’s our anniversary dude”
  • “oh”
  • but yeah it’s cool if you’re also the type to forget stuff like that 
  • he doesn’t like cheesy stuff
  • so you tease him with annoying pick-up lines or something like that
  • and he’ll cringe for five days

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The8 / Vernon  / you guys can request more if you want :)


The Darkest Knight Thoughts & Theories.

So I’m guessing the girls all filled Caleb in on the fact that they killed Rollins. I love the Mona just assumes that Caleb can track Hanna down. But seriously do we believe that Caleb gave her a phone that even he could not hack?

Why was Hanna expecting Noel to answer her when he was clearly unconscious? Like how much talking can he do right after you whacked him in the head? I get that she’s fed up but damn Hanna you are smarter than this.

So Toby being the one dying is kind of super obvious at this point with Marco telling him goodbye and thanking him for her service etc. I know Toby is moving away but c’mon. And Toby totally wanted to stay longer to work on this case because it’s so obvious that he’s scared of what may happen to Spencer. 

What in the hell is Ashley Marin Doing in London? A conference? for work? At the Radley? HMMM. We still don’t know WHO, bought the Radley but whoever it was looked passed Ashley’s past and gave her a management job. Makes me wonder if the person who owns the Radley lives in London. The obvious would be Wren, doctors are typically wealthy after a few years (cus you know they’re broke at first thanks to paying for school) BUUUUUT…. Melissa would be the real “kicker” She comes from a wealthy family. Her whole family has an issue with Radley and were part of the reason it was shut down to begin with. After this episode Melissa is look super guilty as an A.D. suspect and we know A.D. has a lot of info on Radley, maybe that’s because as owner they had plenty of time to get what they wanted from Radley’s files before they shipped off or destroyed. 

So Hanna takes a vial of Noel’s blood to the lab to be tested. But what in the hell did this girl test it against? She would need Mary Drake or Charlotte’s DNA. Charlotte is dead and Mary has been MIA too so how did Hanna get a sample to test against Noel’s blood?

Obviously Jenna doesn’t know where Noel is since Hanna kidnapped him.

So Ezra tells Aria he’s going to come home. Then he doesn’t come home, but doesn’t think to call and tell her that he’s going back? Like instead he just lets her get her heart shattered by seeing him rubbing and kissing all over Nicole. I get it they were happy to see each other, he thought she was dead. But how could he forget that he has a fiance at home who ‘s been keeping up with the story. Why did he not call her to at least ask why she needs to have an officer sleeping outside their place. smh. screw you ezra #jaria 

So Mona showing up to the hotel was shady. Not that Hanna called her but that A) Mona was desperately looking for that flash drive yet we didn’t hear Spencer tell her about it at all. *but maybe she did* B) Then Mona talks Hanna into leaving Noel unattended? WTF.  C) Then Noel somehow escapes. If I had to put money on it. Mona loosened his ties before she left to make it easier for him to escape

So I still couldn’t tell if Ali was pregnant or just disgusted by Paige. I swear IDK why the writers just sent the Ali/Paige story line back 5/6 years but it was annoying throughout the whole episodes. 

Why did Mona want to make Jenna a deal. Was she scared Jenna would bring up Mona? Also more proof that Mona let Noel escape, she practically tells Jenna that the cops will be picking Noel up at anytime. I think she let him go in hopes the cops would catch him and release him. But she had ulterior motive because Mona is not dumb enough to leave that camera there knowing she is on it too. Helping Hanna. 

I’m gonna skip through most of the other Shipp-y stuff and just say. Toby loves Spencer and if one of them doesn’t survive the other is going to be devastated. Haleb’s back together yaaay (sarcasm) I like them together I do. but did they have to hook up now.. can’t they give it some time. like he just broke up with Spencer like last week in PLL time. c’mon now that could have waited for 7b… OH and I’m sure Lucas will love the show later when he see’s it on his security cameras lol Ezra is an ass. Paige is shady and sketchy and I almost think she’s up to no good when it comes to A.D. but as far as Em and Ali.. I just wish they could connect for once when there isn’t a shit storm of drama around. like ugh. Also what was up with Toby giving Marco some Spencer tips.. I guess he’s just glad it’s someone other than Caleb..

Moving on…

I am dumbfounded by the whole Sydney thing… like I get Jenna was being followed. I get she needed a decoy who looked like her. but wtf does Sydney just sit around waiting for the phone to ring so she can go play Jenna lol. I don’t get it. so Of course what I’m struggling to come to terms with is the fact that like half of “Mona’s Army” recently made a return to Rosewood. If that ain’t shady Idk what is, and add that in to the fact the Mona was original A and is still heavily involved in this mess. I wouldn’t out it past her to be behind some of the A.D. shenanigans. 

So during the ending aka the best part of the episode when the girls are in the old blind school. Noel and Jenna both mention a connection with Charlotte. Noel says that Jenna taught him and Charlotte how to smell fear. Jenna tells Spencer that shooting her would be as much for her as Charlotte. So if we’re gonna believe them then they both were friends with Charlotte. Noel helped her in the dollhouse, Jenna and Noel both helped her the night she dug up Ali’s grave. etc. And Mary was in the school too and we know her connection to Charlotte. Yet none of these people are A.D. We still don’t know who killed Charlotte. We still don’t know who’s avenging Charlotte although you would think Mary, Noel, & Jenna. We also still have no confirmation that Spencer even is Mary’s child. But if she is Mary’s child then why would Mary allow Jenna or Noel to go after Spencer at all. And who in the hell shot Spencer. It seems like Jenna did since she was holding the gun. But at the end she’s like did you shoot spencer… like how are you trying to ask that. Was is 

DID you shoot Spencer? Like did you do your job…


Did YOU shoot Spencer? Like I didn’t shoot the bitch did YOU?

So now we can def rule several people out for being A.D.












But we can also add new suspects so on top of 







we now have to add



Plus we still aren’t 100% that Charlotte isn’t still alive?!?!

So I personally think A.D. is Mona or Melissa and I’m going to write separate in depth theories for each of them when I get the time :)

Who do you think is A.D?

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(1/2I think one of the things why I love destiel is, is that the stuff that has happened between them would normally be metaphorical for a normal relationship/ how a couple met, e.g. sparks flew when Dean saw Cas, & idk theres probably some metaphor about stabbing ones heart = love.

(2/2) also the fact that Cas is his angel (literally), and that Cas fell from heaven for Dean. There are also several cheesy pick up lines about angels falling from heaven and stuff which could apply to destiel. idk what are your thoughts? I guess that’s why they say destiel is the greatest love story ever told. Also not to mention that Cas literally saved him from hell, which in relationships can be considered a metaphor. Not to mention purgatory

Same, honestly, all of this. :p 

Also, I do think that this is one of the reasons why the ship in general is so popular, because it has all of these ‘clichés’ that we prefer to see in love stories, and at the core of it all you have that tale as old as time of an angel falling from Heaven who ends up falling in love with a human along the way. 

It’s a rather popular theme, and pretty much what the entire Dean/Cas relationship is about. Everyone who’s not bothered by same gender romance and who has an open mind to all elements of the show, is therefore likely to be lured in by that particular story/relationship imo.