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Monsta X

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My first bias:


Your current bias and why:

K-I-H-Y-U-N. Idk, he’s a wonderful singer, he’s pretty good at dancing, he have cute dimples, he’s good at pick-up cheesy lines, he have a genuine smile/laugh, he’s sassy, he’s also an eye-candy but you know, idk.

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Favourite song:

Queen/Hero/All In/Amen, it’s hard to choose just one, you know

Favourite MV:

Trespass MV - the MV that started it all, y’all

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Member you think has the best smile:


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Favourite choreography:

All In 

Favourite era:


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Do you own any merchandise:

Yes, but it’s still not here because… int’l fan lol

Have you seen them live:

Favourite voice/singer:

I’m not being bias (at all) when I say, Kihyun. I mean, have you heard his voice??? Listen to this

Favourite dancer:

Shownu-nim!!! And Hyungwon, of course