What FTM trans male articles don’t tell you:

•you will want to walk around shirtless
•you can’t
•but sometimes your boobs won’t bother you
•sometimes they will
•is that bulge too obvious??
•you don’t have to buy a packer right away
•homemade packers are ok too
•seriously I just use 4 panty hose legs rolled together and safety pinned to my boxers
•you also don’t need boxers
•some boys wear briefs and if that’s all you have or prefer that’s okay too
•pink undies are ok too
•make sure you don’t have breathing problems before binding
•if you have costochondritis you may need different methods of binding
•enter tumblr binding/packet giveaways
•sometimes you’ll want to give up but you’ve come so far don’t give up now angel
•you can still masturbate
•really I’m serious
•but you don’t have to
•using a gender neutral bathroom is A OK buddy
•you can shave if you want to
•seriously I know a 19 year old cis boy who shaves and it’s not weird
•your hair can be pink or long or curly it’s your choice
•you don’t HAVE to come out
•that’s also your choice
•if you like boys, you’re gay. If you like girls, you’re straight. If you like both? Bisexual. You like multiple genders but not all? Poly!! All genders?? Pan
•and you can be asexual too!!
•if you like more than one gender, your sexuality is yours and no one can tell you you’re being hyper sexual bc you transitioned
•you’re a precious angel ok handsome??

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“Potter, are you ever going to put on a shirt? I’ll not have my naked boyfriend prancing about at Pansy’s birthday party for everyone to enjoy.”

“Do we have to go? We just had dinner with your friends on Tuesday!”

“Pansy will never forgive me if I don’t make an appearance, and also, we went to the pub with Weasley and Longbottom last night, you whiny little twat!”

“Did I ever tell you how handsome you are? We can do that thing with our old school ties that I was too tired to do on Friday…”

“Really?! Wait, no! Stop trying to distract me! Go shave your face, you scruffy little werewolf. I’ll have a nap while you get pretty.”

“Draaaco no fair! I want a nap. I need a nap!”

“Yes, well, you should have thought of that before spending all day loafing about reading Quidditch magazines. Also, we’re doing the thing with the ties when we get home. You brought it up, and now I want it, and if I am going to suffer through another night of your whinging, I deserve a prize.”


“You love it.”

Reblog if you think that someone who identifies as female does not have to shave their legs

So I want to prove a person that I know of extremely wrong. They say that in order for a woman to be a true woman, they need to shave their legs, wear jewelry, and to be always concerned with their appearances. For all the female-identifying bloggers out there (also the male-identifying too), please reblog if you think that women, as a whole, do not need to abide by the standards set by society. I really want to prove them wrong, so please, do reblog if you think this way! Thank you!!

A New Start

Summary: After your break up with Yoongi, you decide you need a change of pace. But Jimin and Taehyung seem to worry a bit about your changes.
Members: Jimin x Taehyung x Reader
Type: Angst
Length: 2,317 Words

So this story reminded me a little of my own drastic shift when my boyfriend and I broke up. It was a pretty hard time for me and I decided to do something new to try and change myself. I shaved half my head and got a tattoo on my wrist. I don’t regret it, but I also realized that sometimes, change can really help you see yourself clearly. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

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You stared at yourself in the mirror. Your long hair hung in front of your eyes, slightly obscuring your line of sight. Your eyes were puffy and red from crying all night, and your cheeks lost all color. Your hands shook against the cold of the sink. This was the first time you had gotten out of bed in nearly a week, and you were already regretting it. You felt as though your legs would give way beneath you at any moment; leaving you limp on the floor like a rag doll. But that wouldn’t have bothered you. Without him, there was really no point.

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Rey meeting BB8: You are my child now. I will keep you safe

Rey meeting Finn: You are my little brother now. I will keep you safe

Rey meeting Poe: You are my pilot bro now.  Let’s race and talk about ships

Rey meeting Han Solo: You are my father figure now. Let’s bond over space ships!

Rey meeting Chewie: You are my uncle now. Let’s kick ass together!

Rey meeting Leia : You are my role model now.

Rey meeting Luke: You are my teacher now….you also really need a shave and a bath.

Rey meeting Kylo Ren: You are an asshole

Rudely Interrupted By Scruff

Title: Rudely Interrupted By Scruff

Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

Word Count: 1 300

Warnings: I think this fic is just bordering on smut, they never actually have sex but it’s heavily implied that that’s where they’re heading.

Summary: The reader thinks Dean’s scruff is getting too long and he convinces her to shave it for him.

Author’s Note: Okay, so this is another Imagine that got away from me, but I really liked this idea so I just went with it and now it’s a one shot! I hope you guys like it! –xoxo Katie

If you want to read any of my other fics please feel free to check out my Masterlist!

*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images. Also, I know this is Jensen, not Dean, but I needed a gif with some good scruff!*

       “Good morning, Beautiful,” Dean said as he snuck up behind you and placed a kiss on your lips, his hands automatically landing on your hips. You scrunched your face up and rubbed your lips together. Dean gave you a questioning look. “What’s wrong?”

       “Your face is itchy!” you said as you spun in his arms, turning your back to the bathroom counter where you’d just finished brushing your teeth. “You need to shave. This,” you ran finger along his jaw, “is getting too long.”

       Dean raised his eyebrows and moved forward. “Really?”

       Your back hit the counter and his body pressed up against yours. “Yes, really.”

       Dean smiled. “Well, that’s funny because,” he picked you up and put you on the counter, then moved between your legs, “I don’t remember you complaining about it last night.”

      Your eyes found Dean’s bright green ones as he wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you into him, your knees on either side of his hips. You drew in a sharp breath and let your head fall back, exposing your neck to Dean as he drew your hair over your shoulder and hovered his lips just over the delicate skin of your throat. Then when you whimpered and tugged on his shirt he finally touched his lips to your neck and – “Ah, itchy!” You pulled back and pouted at Dean.

      “Oh come on, is it really that bad?” Dean asked.

      “Yes.” He lowered his hands to your waist. “Scruff is nice to look at, but decidedly less fun running along my neck.”

      Dean raised his eyebrows. “You really want it gone that badly?” You nodded. “Okay fine,” Dean said, reaching over your head and opening the medicine cabinet, producing a razor and holding it in front of you. “Then you do it.”

      You leaned away from Dean’s hand as your eyes involuntarily widened. “You want me to do it?”

      “Yeah, why not? You’re the one who wants it gone,” he reached  forward, “so here.”

      You watched Dean carefully and eyed the razor in his hand with apprehension, then cautiously wrapped your fingers around it, your skin brushing his as you did. “You’re sure you want me to?” you asked slowly. “What if I cut you?”

      Dean let out a breathy laugh and dropped his hand to the counter, where his arms were now braced on either side of your hips. “I’m not worried about it, I think I can handle a few little scratches.” Your eyebrows shot up. He threw his hands up in defense. “Not that I think that’s going to happen! Here,” he reached above you again, this time grabbing a can of shaving cream, “go for it.”

      You squinted at your boyfriend for a moment - debating whether or not this was some kind of trap - then smiled broadly at him, took the can from his hand, and said, “Fine, but just remember you asked for this!” Then you squirted a giant glob of the white foam out onto your hand and smashed it into the side of his face, pieces of the cream flying off in all directions, one of which landed on the tip of your nose.

      You laughed as Dean scrunched up his face and said through tight lips – so as to not get any in his mouth - “I see you’re no longer having reservations.”

      You bit your bottom lip and smiled, then reached up to smear the foam around further. “Nope.” Dean kept his lips pressed together as you covered the bottom half of his face in shaving cream, then wiped off the glob that had landed on your nose and smudged it on his. “Just to even things out.” Dean smiled.

      “Okay, now what do I do?” you asked, picking up the razor from where you’d dropped it on the counter.

      “Turn on the tap and wet the razor.”

      “Okay.” You leaned over to the sink and did as you were told, then looked expectantly at Dean. “Now what?”

      “Now,” he pulled you closer to him, then rested his hands on your upper thighs, “you try not to hack my face up.”

      You let out a breathy laugh and playfully hit his shoulder, then did you best to ignore his teasing and lifted the razor up to his face, gently pressing it into his skin. You paused and looked up briefly for his approval - which he gave to you by rubbing his hand back and forth on your leg - then you carefully dragged the blade down his face, collecting a glob of shaving cream as you went.

      “There, I did it!” you declared excitedly, then dunked the razor back under the water and stared at you handy work. “Not bad, huh?”

      Dean leaned over a bit to look at the mirror. “Not bad at all. I don’t see any red, that’s always a good sign.” You grinned and reached up to do it again, this time going a little faster, and kept going until most of his face was smooth.

      “Okay, I’m almost finished,” you said as you raised the razor for the last time, just a small patch of white remaining on his upper lip. You started under his nose and pulled down to his mouth, then rinsed the blade off for the last time. After that you reached behind you for a facecloth and ran it under the water, bringing the cloth up to wipe any remaining shaving cream off his face, then dried his skin with one of the nice towels you’d bought for the bunker when you’d first moved in.

      “There, hello face!” you said excitedly, feeling pleased with your work. “So, how did I do?”

      Dean leaned over to look in the mirror again, this time running his fingers along his jaw line and giving an approving nod. “You did a pretty good job,” he finally said, bringing his hands back to your waist and placing them where they’d been before you were so rudely interrupted by scruff.

      You grinned and hooked your arms around his neck, your forearms resting comfortably on his shoulders. “Pretty good? I think I did great!”

      Dean chuckled. “You’re right, you did great. In fact,” Dean picked you up, coaxing you to wrap your legs around his waist, “I think you should always do it.” He raised his eyebrows. “It was actually kind of attractive.”

      You flashed your teeth in an excited grin, then forcefully pressed your mouth against Dean’s. He responded immediately, moving his lips in sync with your own and caring you towards the bed as you tangled your fingers in the short hair at the base of his neck. When his legs hit the bedframe he sat down on the mattress, never breaking the kiss, even when you pushed Dean onto his back and straddled his hips.

      “You know,” you said against Dean’s lips, “I think we should do this more often.”

      Dean mumbled his agreement as he ran his hands up and down your back, his fingers skimming the edge of your shirt. Then when you let out a soft moan, encouraging Dean, he broke the kiss and pulled your top over your head, flipping you over immediately after and settling between your legs.

      Dean gave you a dangerous smirk, taking in your shirtless form and devouring you with his eyes. Then he said, “We should definitely do this more often,” and pounced on you like you might slip away from him if he didn’t act fast. You shrieked and curled your legs around his waist, running your hands along his muscled chest. Then you reconnected your lips with his and brought your hand up to cup his cheek. “Not itchy anymore?” Dean asked through a heavy breath.

      You smiled against his lips and started kissing down his jawline. “Not itchy anymore.”


I have been going through a lot lately and needed to make some major changes. So I made a symbolic change reflecting gender stereotypes, vanity, and perceived beauty by shaving off all of my split, damaged, fried, and frankly unhealthy hair. My loving boyfriend, who absolutely loved my hair, has agreed to be supportive. I have also gotten wonderful support from my friends so far, including one of my closest friends helping me do the actual shaving (it’s really hard to shave the back of your own head).

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I was just trying to understand. Sorry it bothered you so much.

No need to apologize. I just assumed you were a troll.

The thing is, it’s usually not hard to identify a trans woman. Hormones and surgery will radically change one’s appearance, but things like bone structure and voice tone are really hard to alter. Facial feminization and vocal chord shaving surgeries are dangerous, expensive and painful, so most trans women don’t get them. Also, the kind that likes to pressure lesbians into unwanted sex is also usually the kind that works in IT and calls women “bitches” and “cunts” when they get turned down. Male socialized behavior is the biggest giveaway.

While I believe it’s possible for a male to transition and be socially perceived as a woman, sexual attraction is not about social roles and gendered expectations. Lesbians, by definition, are not interested in males, regardless of their presentation. A lesbian can be forced or guilted or coerced into having sex with a male, but this does not change her attractions. You can’t change someone’s sexuality with violence, threats or emotional manipulation. The pressure lesbians are under to accept trans women as sex partners is not even really about attraction, but about validating an identity (if I fuck a lesbian it means I’m a real woman) and about the very male thrill of breaking women’s boundaries (she said no but I’ll disregard it and get what I want anyway). They’re not looking for connections or love. It’s a power trip.

And honestly, I’m so done with the trans discourse on this website. Everyone can see the bullshit, most people just keep quiet because they don’t want to be threatened and harrassed, or because they are trying so hard to be accepting and unbiased that they ignore their critical thinking. A good part of trans tumblr is simply a bunch of garden-variety misogynistic MRAs and fetishists who are just enjoying their new socially accepted way of treating women like crap. I’ve never seen any gender activist around here do anything concrete to help LGBT people. It’s all about coddling the feelings of nasty men who openly write about their violent fantasies of murdering women and celebrating porn and prostitution. Absolutely despicable.

I’m fucking done, dude.

On the subject of shaving though– you know how the razor commercials use models that already have the most hairless legs in the fucking world? And how there’s been posts about letting us see how the razors work on people who actually need to shave their legs, and that’s all well and good, but like I have a secondary proposal.

Use leg models with Hirsutism to not only give these people some work, but also because we don’t really get a fair idea on how razors are going to work for us until we spend a lot of money on them. 
As someone with PCOS and resulting Hirsutism, do you know how many razors i go through just keeping my face not covered in stubble every other day? Even with medication, I know I and a few others with similar patterns had to go through literally dozens of brands of razors before they found heavy duty razors that did something. 
Why does this help the common person that is shopping for a razor? Well, if a blade can cut through facial hair an not leave us looking like we lost a fight with a very agressive cat so we can get on with life– or make it so we can control our body hair so our skin doesn’t break out or cause us pain– then the average healthy person is probably going to enjoy a pretty damn smooth close shave.

Idk, just a thought. I am on a mood.

Matt Smith: I did a movie called How to Catch a Monster, which I’m really excited about. It’s gonna be cool. But Steven Moffat just looked at me and he was like: ’Damn you and Ryan Gosling and your shaved head’ because I haven’t got quiff now and I need the quiff (for Doctor Who).

It’s a Ryan Gosling movie, right?

Matt Smith: Yeah, he wrote it and directed it. I was really impressed with him. He’s a brilliant guy. It was great. We filmed it out in Detroit, and it’s exciting.

Was it hard not to kiss him all the time? ‘Cause he’s super handsome.

Matt Smith:Yeah, and really clever and kind as well. You know when someone’s good, but also they’re a good bloke. He didn’t disappoint.

Was he a doctor who fan?

Matt Smith:No, what’s weird is, I’m playing a real lunatic in this film, and the way I got the audition was, randomly, he (Ryan) saw that speech from the Pandorica opens and he said, ’Imagine if there were no spaceships there, and the doctor was just on his own, and he wasn’t talking to anyone’.

He’d just be a mad man without a box!

Matt Smith: Yeah! So I went and I did the audition and I got the job.
plz reblog! trans girl needs a place to stay for a night or two

plz reblog this!!

hey so i know its kinda late but does anyone in new york city have couch/floor/porch/backyard/whatever space for the night? i didnt really sleep last night and was so exhausted i slept on the sidewalk today. it was scary as fuck. i came to downtown brooklyn for the black trans lives matter rally and my knees hurt too bad to walk far enough to find a spot. also i had to shave very quickly in a cafe bathroom this morning and im worries about how “visible”/clockable i am rn. im very tired and would just like to get one good nights sleep and use a bathroom to ahave properly. i can be out early, be quiet and buy you food w my ebt.

thanks yall


Acid washed denim tops are my latest obsession….. Also I wanted these shades but… Then I noticed the sides had flamingos dancing on them and it looked super childish even for me. I really liked that shade of blue and couldn’t find any without flamingos!!!! 😩 it was a tragedy. Also I need to shave my head again.

And YEAAAHH linen shorts linen shooooooorts~ it’s shorts weather and I couldn’t be happier god bless Texas. From now until fall, my policy is gonna be: if the sky’s out, my thighs are out.

Semi related: I shaved my legs for the first time in 2 months and it was like running a razor through a carpet. Super satisfying.

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Most cis het boys don't want to wear makeup and it's misleading to make them think they will be rewarded for behaving in a way that they don't normally want. If you teach a boy that people will like him more if he shaves his eyebrows and draws them back in with lipstick they might start doing it because young boys are malleable and don't need people telling them "I really like it when a boy does X." This is harmful and unaccepting to men and boys, in their early life and also later.

What is this? Yes, perhaps a lot of cis boys do not want to wear make up, but some of them do want to wear it and I know some who do. They should still get positivity and support for wanting to wear make up?

No one is saying that people will like a young boy more if he “shaves his eyebrows and draws them back in with lipstick”, we are saying that some young boys, and boys do like to do that stuff, and are attracted to make up, and stuff related to that. Which isn’t bad.  

What are you saying? Are you and other people so threatened by cis boy positivity, even when we’re trying to throw positive at young cis boys?

The point is that a lot of cis boys (young, and older) do like wearing make up, but because of people like you who shame them, and say that it’s unacceptable, they don’t feel safe and they don’t get positivity when doing it.

The point of our post was to give cis boys who like make up, positivity for liking it and wearing it and understanding that it isn’t wrong, and it’s becoming more acceptable.

Sorry the fact that we’re supporting cis boys gets you upset.


I can already hear all the comments of “that’s shorter than you normally go isn’t it?” And “aww I liked your longer hair”. I need to get to the point of “fuck you it’s my hair.” I’m not quite there yet.

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Hello, RvB rp blog, that's really cool, but I need to ask you know if there is more rvb rp blogs ? Like, you're the Sarge, do u guys have a Caboose or Grif or simmons ? Or Lopez?

Hey there, nonnie! This is actually a really good question, since there aren’t that many active RvB blogs right now. Here’s a list of some of my favorite blogs for the Blood Gulch Crew, but there are probably more out there.


facestabbinrange​ ( you are here )
darndirtyblues​ ( who isn’t that active rn but )




lavahandles​ ( which is also run by yours truly )


n/a as far as I know. If you want to make a Donut or Lopez, do it. We need more pastries & robots.





Seriously, if you want to make a Tucker, please do. 






@bluegrif ( I think they’re kinda on a hiatus so. If you want to make a Kai, I highly recommend it. She needs all the love. )

Oh, and how can I forget my favorite Emily? @hxppyplace. Go follow. You won’t regret it.

And if you want to interact with a freelancer or mercenary, just take a quick look through the rvb rp tag. They are EVERYWHERE. ( Nah, I love you guys. ) Hope this helped! ♥