Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 18x02

Again, I’ll start with some overall thoughts. This was actually a great episode plot-wise, the case was classic SVU, we had no clear idea on who had done it, we had red herrings, we had intricate courtroom scenes, we had a very sympathetic victim and a somewhat sympathetic villain, and we also had a somber conclusion. Oh, and this was actually a sex crime (gasp!). This was all an improvement over the premiere. Plus, Joe Biden!

What stayed the same was a strong old school Mothership vibe. First half cops, second half lawyers. Again, I loved seeing more of Barba doing his thing, in his natural habitat, something which was sorely lacking in the previous seasons (where Barba would often just stand in the squad room for the entire episode, like he was another detective). But I still think a squad scene or two should be inserted somewhere near the ending, if this format is going to stick for all of S18. We keep seeing the detectives getting emotionally involved in the cases, but we don’t see their reactions to the verdict. Thankfully, we did see Fin’s reaction, so I hope that’s a good sign.

If I have a problem with S18 so far, it’s the lack of specific characterization. I feel like this same script could have been filmed as a L&O Mothership episode, and nothing would have felt out of place. Cops sticking up for cops, cops arguing with ADAs, ADAs going in on witnesses. Even Fin, who had so much screentime (and I truly appreciated that, because it was another thing sorely lacking from the previous seasons) had a few off moments, in my opinion. Since when does he have trust issues with Barba? But I have to say, the Fin/Liv scenes really spoke to me, as did his scenes with the grieving mother, so again I’ll take that as a good sign.

But let’s get to Sonny.

Sonny and Continuity

Where? 👀

No but seriously, I did appreciate Sonny sticking up for both Fin and Amanda. Sonny has always had a strong sense of family, including work family, and I loved how he never doubted the others, not even for a second. As soon as Fin’s work before the original conviction was questioned, Sonny dismissed it with absolute certainty, even though he had no way of knowing what happened all those years ago. As soon as Liv and Barba questioned Amanda’s tactics, Sonny instantly stood up for her. That’s the Sonny I know and love. No one messes with his family.

We also got plenty of sass in the interrogation scenes, which is what Sonny does best. Sonny is getting even more comfortable at his job, even more experienced, and his confidence is conveyed by his attitude. Back in S16, when he did his first awesome interrogation in ‘Pattern 17′, nailing that pedophile, he had to ask for Liv’s permission, first. He went in not hesitantly, but like he had something to prove. Sonny no longer has anything to prove, and it’s clear in the way he carries himself in those scenes. In all the scenes, really.

Oh, and another point for Sonny sidling up to that dumb kid. Getting chummy with the suspect, especially when it’s a young white male. Classic Sonny.

Also classic Sonny? Yelling all the time and wagging his finger and insulting Barba’s legal skills (the same skills Sonny once claimed helped him pass the bar), and having a stick up his b… Wait no 👀

The Fight

A strange moment. Just like in the premiere, I feel the writers are trying to create tension to make the episodes feel more urgent. Like they’re going in and telling the actors “YELL. ALL. YOUR. LINES.” I feel like the writers think they can manufacture that tension by pitting all the characters against each other (Barba vs Liv, Liv vs Rollins, Rollins vs Barba, Carisi vs Barba, Fin vs Barba - which still confuses me, where the hell did that come from? - etc). I was hoping we’d see the squad more unified after Mike’s death (who’s Mike?). Oh well.

As I said, I appreciated the fact Sonny stood up for Amanda, although I don’t see why it was necessary for him to insult Barba in the process (more on that below). Especially because, the way I see it, Sonny and Amanda did screw up. They only showed that dumb kid one single picture, effectively telling him this was the guy. How is that considered a good ID? And Amanda came up with the timeline all by herself, the kid just nodded. Plus, they didn’t even warn Barba of the potential for an ambush. They failed him, not the other way around.

Also, if that was a Rollins/Carisi hint, it gives me pause. I’ve always said I like that ship (I’ve even written fic for it), because it developed slowly and organically, and because Sonny is so different from Amanda’s usual choices in men, so this could show us another side to her. Because this relationship could be warm and sweet, instead of dysfunctional and dramatic (yes, on SVU. Yes, I’m delusional). If, however, the writers decide to twist Sonny until he fits the mold of Amanda’s exes (angry, loud, intense, overprotective to the point of paternalism), I’ll have to reconsider. Like, chill out, Sonny. Amanda can yell at Barba her own damn self. Which she did.

For what it’s worth, in that moment, I saw Sonny’s typical desire to stand up for a friend and colleague. Staunchly. But, for whatever reason, Sonny saved his anger, his outburst, for Barba. When Liv rightfully questioned Rollins, Sonny was really mild and gentle, all “omg no Lieu, it wasn’t like that, please, you gotta understand”. No fiery passion to defend Amanda there. But when Barba spoke, Sonny blew up. It felt like Sonny wasn’t mad because Liv and Barba were chastising Amanda, it felt like he was mad at Barba personally. Which brings me to:

The Barisi Corner (i.e. Fanwank Central)

Barba’s face after Sonny straight-up insulted him was very interesting. A mix of “how dare you” and “omg did he just yell at me?” Indignation and surprise and amusement, almost. Like, “Exqueeze me, is this the same kid I used to mess with, until five minutes ago? The fuck?” I also think Barba may have felt partly responsible for the case seemingly going south (though I still think Sonny and Amanda were in the wrong), and that’s why he didn’t snap back. Because deep down he felt Carisi was right. He felt he couldn’t protect his own witness, which is classic Barba :(

As for Sonny’s face after he straight-up insulted Barba, that was even more interesting. Sonny almost looked startled. Like he knew he had gone overboard. But I thought he also looked disappointed. Either in himself, or in Barba.

I’ve been going back and forth, when it comes to Sonny’s little explosion (translation: I’ve been trying to fanwank this all day).

Maybe it was fear they had botched the case, and the crime would go unpunished. Maybe it was anger, because Sonny failed to spot the potential pitfalls and warn Barba. Maybe Sonny was disappointed in himself for letting that ID stand, even though he was right there, and he had seen the way Amanda coaxed it out of the kid. Maybe Sonny decided to let it go because he knew they were doing “the right thing” (i.e. naming the right guy), but in retrospect he regrets bending the rules. Maybe Sonny was disappointed in Barba, for failing to twist this into their favor, somehow. Maybe Sonny was hoping Barba, his idol, would be able to fix this. Maybe Sonny resented Barba for letting him down. For letting the victim down. Maybe Sonny resented himself, for that same reason.

It was an interesting moment, overall. Sonny’s emotion, Barba’s icy reaction. If I were Barba, I don’t know that I would let that slide. Sonny’s comment was uncalled for, and said in anger (unlike Barba’s past insults, which were all said in jest). If this were another show, I’d hope for a resolution to their little tiff. On SVU, it’ll be forgotten next week, like all the Barba/Benson fights. Which is why I’ll be writing an episode tag to address it extensively :D

Stray Thoughts

SO. MUCH. FIN. IT WAS GLORIOUS. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I missed him. Ice can really bring it when he gets the opportunity. He had some great scenes last night, especially all his interactions with Liv. The show used to downplay, if not ignore, their bond (as the two most senior members of the squad, as two people who have shared so many experiences), and this episode showcased it perfectly.

Barba was channeling Cutter in this episode. Cruel with people on the stand, even victims, turning the detectives against each other (”Don’t make excuses for her”? How dramatic.), yelling loudly instead of his usual quiet seething. It was a little weird and a little awesome. I freakin’ LOVED Cutter (more than I love Barba, oops) but I’ve always thought of Barba as a little kinder. The way he handled the mother on the stand was brilliant but brutal. Barba’s usual bouts of brilliance tend to be a little more refined. Hm.

More Sonny butt shots! And his clothes are so tight :’) Thanks @nbcsvu <3

Why so serious? I’d love to get some humorous moments. We haven’t had any this season. Next week’s promo/case looks promising in that regard. We need some snark and some sass and some silliness after two very serious episodes.


I’m actually pretty optimistic about Season 18. I love the shift/focus on more complicated but not convoluted cases. I do think Rick Eid is letting his L&O experience shape this season, like Warren Leight let his Criminal Intent experience shape S13/14, but I feel that will even out eventually.

And I don’t think anyone is out of character, not in so many words (save for isolated moments). Including Sonny. I do think the situations are more dire, the crimes (so far) a little heavier, and that affects everyone’s behavior. There’s an air of irritation that’s permeating the show. Again, I think a bit of humor will fix that. Some levity. Intensity is fun, but not when it’s forced. As soon as we get a lighter moment, I feel everyone’s characterization will snap back into place.

@squishypal who seems to enjoy everything I write, so here. I know you haven’t finished Seven’s route but I think you might like this anyways~

Also, for @zanimez who’s allowed me to gush about Seven and this fic. Thank you for that. Here, have the WIP for them that I have so far. 

[I’m trying to stay away from writing my MC’s name so I’ve been using the typical “MC” format while using she a lot. I threw in my headcanons for my MC as well, so prepare for that.]

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An open letter to the Tumblr Staff from the blogger you just screwed over

Okay, staff, I am super freaking pissed about the update and here’s why. 

I cannot read your new format. 

I’m not trying to be whiny or nitpicky or over-dramatic. I can appreciate that you were attempting to make things look more organised/less confusing/whatever. I also expect the new format is a great improvement for people who have screen readers. That’s great. That’s fine. 

I just cannot freaking read this. I have dyslexia, and my dyslexia is set off by pictures, bold, italics, anything that is more “interesting” to my brain than plain, unadorned text.

Like this monstrosity:

Look at it. Just look at it. The pictures get in between the lines of text, there’s distracting colors and pictures everywhere. The names are bolded when they’re really not the most important thing. Looking at this, I see everything except what I’m supposed to see, that cheesy series of puns. (No pun intended.)

You literally couldn’t have made a worse format for me if you’d tried.

The thing is, your format was what made me really like Tumblr in the first place. It was super clear who was writing something new, because look, there was a freaking line pointing right to it. Unless someone started writing in all caps or bold or whatever, all the text in a post had the same amount of emphasis. Finally, SOMETHING ON THE INTERNET I COULD READ.

And now, now I can’t read any of it at all. 

So yeah, I’m pissed. 

Like, I know that you’re not going to change it back, because you never seem to listen when anyone on your site complains about anything. I’m not sure why I bothered writing this to you guys, given your track record. 

But now’s your chance to prove me wrong. Seriously, the least you could do is give us an option here. You’ve still got the old code. Just stick a button somewhere to revert to the old format so I can enjoy my text posts in peace. 


Dyslexic Blogger

Talking with writers online

Their stories: Amazing grammar, soaring vocabulary, beautiful imagery and prose which flows like a river.

In chats: no capitalisation or punctuation, swears like a sailor, misspellings everywhere, acronyms and abbreviations every five words, idek


1 gif set per episode:



I want memes to be like, the new Rock music where I spend my middle aged years playing this on my eight track player (I assume eight track will be the next analogue format to come in vogue and experience a huge resurgence) and complaining to kids who have not presently been born yet that their peanutbutter banana squirrel or whatever future memes they’re posting around just don’t have the integrity and artistic vision of the memes I grew up with. Also there will be like 40 thirteen year olds replying to my comments with things like “Well *I* only share these old memes and they’re way better than the memes the kids are into these days, I’m way more mature than the other kids in my school”. 

This is a scan of my second print I made in the darkroom. As you can tell the paper is rather yellow due to it’s age and also this scan is nothing like the glass like reality which is the actual print. The print might be a bit on the dark side, but it definitely reflects the atmosphere of the actual location. I’ve literally spend countless minutes just staring at the detail of this print, it blows my mind every time, and this is only an 8x10 … (read more here).

A massive thank you to all my new followers and people who have mailed me in the past couple of weeks! muchos besos 

website / tumblr / flickr

About Us

Summary: Dan makes a huge decision about him and Phil’s relationship.

Word Count: 1659

Warnings: None

“Thanks for watching, guys. See you next Tuesday!” Dan says, ending his weekly liveshow on Younow. He doesn’t leave his room to eat his late dinner like he usually would, though. He stays in his desk chair, thinking.

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someone brought back one of my joke posts so now that ive had distance from the posts for a while i could go back through and pick out the ones i like best

(tbh a lot of the jokes that went into the posts were filler so they had a bit more length to them, which is why some were hit & miss)

(theres also captions on the photos with my thoughts about these ones in particular - might be a format i use for the ones i make for volume 3)


Opening my commissions for June! 💕

Following the guide you can send an email with all the information needed (format, references, photos, descriptions…) to named “Witchy Commissions”!

Payment will be via Paypal only!


• As said on the price guide, you can ask for more elements on the picture like chair, accessories, animal and I will add a little amount of money for it! I’ll also add some money if you give me a written description with no final picture of the person/character! If I have to create the design in other words.

• I would prefer to draw witchy characters! Boys, girls, trans, black, Asian, disabled… it’s as you wish and it will be my pleasure but let’s do these commissions witchy themed! 🔮🌿

• I unfortunately won’t be able to do everything and I’ll have to take only a few of your commissions. Each person can order 2 artworks maximum! I feel sorry about restrictions but I really want to let a chance to a lot of you to get something!

• I’ll start looking through emails on Monday! The time for me, to finish what I have in progress!

• If you have any question please send it to me in my ask box!

Don’t hesitate to share around you!
Thank you for your support, I really hope you’ll be happy!! ✨
Have a beautiful day ♥

can we just talk about the fact that this era (this year tbh!!) jisoo seems to be coming out of his “shell” more and more?? 

  • boosoonseok have adopted him as their child, the “rising funny member”
  • hiphop team titled their version of mansae as “monday to saturday” bc of jisoo’s mansae acrostic poem
  • he’s got so much more lines for this comeback and full album and they’re all so lit 🔥
  • he was so extra on tonight’s andromeda like tf was that dab dance idek anymore
  • he also basically said he’ll overtake boosoonseok omfg
  • on the mv making film, all those extra moments like slapping hoshi’s butt and that weird i can’t explain it dance with hoshi and jun
  • even on one fine day he all snatched us with that bottle gag and high note dorkiness
  • unlike adore u and mansae era, tbh this was not the boy shyly doing aegyo and just laughing along when put on the spot
  • “church oppa no more” 😂
  • y’all better watch out svt’s new funniest member gonna snatch you all blind i’m so proud of him

Finally, my new lot Black Field (yeah, i’m obsessed with black) is available. This house has been honestly, a pain in the ass but it was totally worth it. I don’t think I need to describe it, just see the pics above. I hope you like and enjoy it! Meanwhile if you liked my Overground Loft I just wanted to tell you that I’ll be doing a similar style house next, so stay tuned.

The file includes both version (furnished and unfurnished) in both formats. Also includes more pics, a CC folder and some instructions you should read.


gonna start tagging these ‘Shinra photo book project’ because I forgot to assign a tag to the cards and that was a mistake.

Yes, it’s a photo book! Very much inspired by Phil Noto’s ‘Hank Pym’s photo collection’, which you should totally look up if you haven’t seen those images floating around. But in addition to being lots of ‘photos’ of the folks at shinra, there’s also going to be an overarching theme/chronology and hopefully at the end of it all you’ll still get to feel like I’ve punched you in the lungs. I enjoy delivering that feeling. Apologies to anyone who doesn’t enjoy feeling it.

Learned lots from making the cards, so hopefully this project runs smoother. Haven’t quite decided on the print format - something more aesthetic, or useful? Either way I can’t foresee this one selling as well, but doesn’t matter. Even with the cards it was never about the sales.

Hope to have your company again for the production ride this year!

(edit: hmm might have to brush up on my CC timeline. just think of those years as a placeholder for now)

*user aesthetics*

hello everyone! it’s been a while since i’ve done something cool for you guys, and i need some help with a poll, so i’ve decided to do user aesthetics!

  1. take this super quick poll
  2. reblog this post to spread the word
  3. message me 
  4. pls include which type of aesthetic you would like: based off of your face (also include where i can find your face tag), based off of your name, or based off of your blog (which will be the default if you forget to send me which one you would like)

**please not that the aesthetics are not blog rates and aren’t based on the quality of your blog and they are in no particular order** 

the format of the aesthetics is under the cut :)

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XF ringtones

Here are the links for the first few XF ringtones I have made. I also made one text alert - DD saying ‘Daggoo!’

Happy to take (polite) requests to make more, especially if you can send me the file or link me to the audio you would like me to make into a ringtone or a notification. Note that ringtones will only be around 30 secs max in length!

These are available in either .mp3 format (for Android or Windows phones) or .m4r format (for iphones)

Come & Go With Me To That Land (the Unnatural)  mp3

Come & Go With Me To That Land (the Unnatural)  m4r

Daggoo! [text alert]  mp3

Daggoo! [text alert]  m4r

Downtown  mp3 (from MASMTWM)

Downtown  m4r  (from MASMTWM)

The X Files Theme  mp3

The X Files Theme  m4r

People at Streetcar were asking me about my 'Daggoo!’ text alert & where I got it - well here you go, I made it myself!

Feel free to snag any of these for as long as the links work (let me know if they stop working I will re-upload) - and I’m still open to requests if people would like me to make more ringtones or text alerts? Even better if you enclose the audio or video you would like me to make into a ringtone. I do accept messages - but NOT anon messages at the moment.

Step by Step making of Pixel Animation (idle) Hot as Balls

First and foremost this is me documenting my working process so that I don’t forget it. Its second function could be used as a springboard for other animators to learn from. I give credit and special thanks to this work flow to my friend anatomy-geek​ Jesus(also known as Jesse) Lopez. Ducktales Remastered supervising/lead animator(among other games)

Heres the next set of steps

and the last steps

As I promised justingamedesign​ here is the merged step by step process in gif format. I would like to go into more detail but I don’t know exactly what (if anything) people want to know. The best I can do is describe my working process and if any one has any questions feel free to ask in the notes section and I’ll make a reply post replying to the people that ask questions (like how I already did)

Okay I’ll try and give a step by step break down in text as well. (these images are blown up like 1000x for tumblr purposes.)

My main goal was to showcase his character as well as make sure his facial expressions are clear.

Step 0: I created indicators for his feet(most important!) legs, and hips I then just made a bunch of blank frames and played around with the idea of moving the blocks that represent his body parts. (really there is a step negative 1 where I just only have his hips as a block and I move that)

Step 1: More indicators this time for the torso and head

Step 2: This is the step where I for some reason decided to move his hip pixels slightly to the right. The result was a happy accident and I like what I gave me so I took. It was a nice surprise and in animation surprising yourself helps keep your work organic because it wasn’t planned. It’s very hard to make planned animation look organic. Here’s an example. Planned poses, stiff animation. 

Here is how I decided to clean that up. Still stiff, barely any change and therefore not very interesting for this character. It was a good try but not good enough.

Step 3: I made the movement more extreme because why not ;^]

Step 4: Added more body part indicators. Notable additions is the pomp

Step 5: Filled out more detail for the back of the head

Step 6: Added the coat indicator and added light indicators for reasons I don’t know. (I won’t add lighting to an animation until the very end now)

Step 7: From step 6 to 7 a lot has changed. There were no steps skipped. In one go I filled out all the base color details such as his arms, legs, chest, head, hair, and shoes. This process was quite easy and took about 20-30 minutes. Putting a character on model and cleaning is the easy(if not most time consuming part)

Step 8: Re-animated the back arm (screen left, his right) because it wasn’t doing anything interesting. Now it’s swinging all wildly haha. If I’m to be blatantly honest he is warming up his pimp slapping hand. There I said it! Now you know lol

Step 9: Started cleaning up the lighting and added definition to his face and other parts of his body.

Step 10: Is a big leap from 9. In this step I added a black line to his outside(for gameplay clarity(debatable) and I gave him his face! In this process I attempt to add Z rotation(rotate into the screen) for his head, hand on belt and his torso. At this state I was sort of satisfied. I showed it to my mentor Jesse Lopez. He was impressed. I asked him how I could improve it. He told me that I should take a long break and come back to it later with a fresh perspective. Sooo I did exactly that.

Step 11: From step 10 to 11 I stopped animating this for about 3 weeks maybe a month. (I was focusing on drawing at this time) However, after I got back to it I saw all the issues with it and I was able to clean it up and make it clearer. I gave clarity to every pixel I could think of. I defined his calves, his crotch, his wrists, elbows, feet, chest, both his hands. Step 11 is where I made the most progress over all. I also ripped away all of the lighting. It was confusing me and was making it harder to clear up all the imperfections I could see. I was confident I could re-light it and make it way better to boot. 
I fixed his pomp animation as best I could in this step too. I also reworked his entire face, torso, and screen right hand rotation from scratch. I also added his hair breaking off because I thought it was cool. There were more changes but I’ll let the animation speak for itself.

Here is how I worked on the head rotation. I am too stupid to work on it combined to my animation. If you feel confused, try and eliminate the confusing aspects. For me it was the vertical and horizontal movement of the head that was confusing me when trying to figure out the Z rotation.

I separated the head into a new file and removed all the horizontal and vertical movement. BOOM! Now I can finally focus on the Z rotation. I also erased the face completely. I just needed a fresh start.

Here is how it turned out. I was extremely adamant about making it feel like a little 3D object. I also didn’t want his facial pieces to vibrate or strobe. I had a version before this that relied on sub pixels to smooth the transitions but man it was ugly. This version is much clearer and has no need for sub pixels.

Step 12: This is the final animation. What changed here is brand new lighting, even better head rotation and a bunch of tiny fixes that I noticed. I added a shadow by copy and pasting his frames making it a black-blue silhouette then flipping it vertically then shrinking it by some number vertically then I pasted it below him frame by frame. I’m either gonna do this pro-grammatically or I’ll make my own shadow by cleaning up that. Not really important. Just fluff stuff for WOW factor..

I like this animation more than all my previous work combined. Expect to see more stuff like this in the future. Full of movement, organic and wacky as all hell! 

Thanks for reading. Here’s the final version below.



so, like, can we talk about Hannah Hart for a sec.

Fist off can we talk about attractive she is? Like, I’m straight but dayuuuum gurl 


She’s a total peach. You want to hug the shit out of her rn

She’s a lil’ geek. Like, fuck off, as if you could get more perfect

She’s shippable with everyone. Like, everyone, ever, no joke, be honest you ship it and they’re barely touching.

She’s a funny fucker.You can’t not laugh at everything she says

She’s protective. Here have some Hartbig.

Sass master sass. *snaps fingers in a ‘Z’ formation*

She’s intelligent and inspirational.If she was in a physical fight she’d just out-smart them instead.

She’s strong emotionally. I’ll hug you better, also u are perfect.

She’s strong physically. you go girl you show dem muscles off.

She works hard.Hannah and her cheese, man.

She can cook.She can also marry me anytime now.

She can act. Does the list ever end????

 She can sing. Apparently the list doesn’t end

There are a million other things, but I don’t want this to be tooooo long (by now you should understand that she’s perfect anyway). She also deserves all the subscribers. C'mon guys we can get her to one million.


Yes, dear Horrible Historians, you read it right, there’ll be the brand-new Horrible Histories series as it was confirmed by our history nerd Greg Jenner himself earlier today. The format of the show will be different from the previous series because each episode will be something like a mini biography (Boudica, Cleopatra, Alfred, William I, King John, Henry VIII, Mary Queen Of Scots, Oliver Cromwell, George III, Napoleon, Victoria, Churchill). You can also look forwards to the catchy songs in each episode (composed by Richie Webb), Death’s own chat show, Rattus and his new friends, more Indian and Chinese history and much more. Magna Carta Special (with Ben Miller as King John) was also confirmed and it will be broadcasted at the end of January.

The cast of the new series: Jim Howick (as Churchill and Napoleon), Simon Farnaby (as George III and Death), Sarah Hadland (as Queen Victoria), Lawry Lewin (as Oliver Cromwell), Dominique Moore, Giles Terrera, Jason Lewis, Jessica Ransom (as Mary Queen Of Scots), Adam Riches, Naz Osmanoglu, Jalaal Hartley, Louise Ford, Natalie Walter, Tom Stourton and Tom Palmer, Ben Miller (as King John), Tom Rosenthal (as King Alfred), Lorna Watson, Kathryn Drysdale (as Cleopatra), Kevin Eldon (as William I), Rowan Atkinson (as Henry VIII).

More info: RadiotimesBritish Comedy Guide and BBC Radio 2 (Greg from 18 minutes)

Are you excited? :)