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Mr. Sarpadian, I need your request: I want to build a budget Simic deck with a tempo-based aggro style but keeping mechanics like Evolve, Flash, among others. I would like to use the new Bouncing Krasis and the deck will be to play fun and informal games outside competitive formats. Thanks and sorry for the inconveniences.

The Evolve deck is more an aggro deck than a tempo deck, but once you have a critical mass of evolve creatures you want to have spells that control the battlefield.

One-drops are key, so you definitely want to run four each of Experiment One and Cloudfin Raptor. Two-drops are also key, so Gyre Sage and Shambleshark are necessary as playsets. Don’t be afraid to just cast a Shambleshark during combat on your turn to evolve your one-drop.

Three-drops are next. The two that shine are Bounding Krasis, a terrific tempo play that evolve all your other creatures, and Renegade Krasis, which will evolve your one- and two-drops while still being evolved by a Bounding Krasis too.

Few plays are as crushing as playing a Cytoplast Root-Kin to evolve a Renegade Krasis and then plop an additional +1/+1 counter on every creature you control. Experiment One into Shambleshark into Renegade Krasis into Cytoplast Root-Kin is 6+6+5+5=22 power on turn four.

Simic Charm (unsurprisingly) does everything this deck wants to do. It makes a creature huge, bounces an enemy creature to keep up tempo (That’s two kinds of removal!), and protects your krases from spot removal.

That’s most of a deck right there. Playsets are recommended for consistency. You generally want to curve out nicely every game. Good luck!

How to Sit by Thich Nhat Hanh.
Sasheer: “This book is a precursor to meditation. It’s not exactly saying how to meditate, but how to center yourself and align your body with your breathing. It would be nice to take more ownership of the time and energy that I’m spending. Being a comedian you have to be aware what’s happening in your surroundings. You need to pay attention. And I think it’s important to go, go, go but also as important to be still and to manage your time - that adds to productivity. Aside from the book I also have my planner in my tote. I never got into the digital format. I like the muscle memory of writing things down. I also carry a fan - especially in the subway in the summer. And I also have my harmonica in my tote. That’s usually a late night thing, when I feel the blues in my soul.”
@thesheertruth #WhatsInYourStrandTote #10DaysUnderground #SasheerZamata #SNL #Comedy #Meditation #HowToSit #ThichNhatHanh #bookreview #totes #handjobacademy #newyork #brooklyn #subwaybookreview (at Clinton-Washington “G” Station)

Since I’m preparing for my IELTS exam (International English Language Testing System), I decided to make a post giving some tips that seem to be working really well for me. If you’re not familiarized with the test yet, check their website.

If you have more suggestions to add, just message me - I’ll be happy to know!

1 - After you apply for IELTS online and then pay for it, you’ll have access to 30 hours of free practice tests. They are really useful because you’ll get to know the test format, so use that!

2 - There is a bunch of websites that have reading, listening and writing tests for free as well. Some that I’ve used are: x x x x x

3 - If you feel like you need something more academic, there are a lot of coursebooks that you can buy. They are not cheap, but you can easily find them on your local bookstore and they usually come with CDs so you can also practice the listening section. I’m currently using the “Focus on IELTS” textbook by Longman and I really like it.

4 - Try to read books with a decent English vocabulary. This is really important because it’s significantly less boring to learn and contextualize new words in an interesting situation rather than just studying from a textbook or taking tests. I bought a few Penguin Readers books on a used/secondhand bookstore, and you can even see how advanced the vocabulary is on the back of every edition, which is really cool.

5 - Watch movies and series with English subtitles. I personally think this is the best way of not only getting used to read in English in a more natural way, but it’s also great to listen to the accents and improve your pronunciation. When you feel like you’re really good at it, try watching them with no subtitles at all!

6 - If you’re taking the Academic IELTS (like myself), try to read some academic articles so you’ll increase your vocabulary since the exam is a bit more advanced than the General Training one.

7 - Write down every new word you come across while you’re studying and then put the respective term in your native language so you’ll memorize them. I made a vocabulary list and go through it every now and then so I won’t forget what they mean.

8 - Make flash cards with useful vocabulary - specially if you’re taking the Academic exam. There are a lot of words I’m not used to seeing around because they are a bit more formal, so it’s a good way of memorizing them since you’ll need to know most of them for your test.

9 - Find someone you can practice your speaking skills with. If you don’t have any friends that are fluent English speakers, you can try to find people in a penpal website/forum and talk to them via Skype. Soon you’ll build confidence and it’ll get easier to express yourself.

10 - Watch interviews with your favorite artists from different English speaking countries. IELTS is owned by the British Council, so it’s good to be familiarized with a British accent to start with. But keep in mind that the listening section of the exam sometimes mixes, for example, British, North american, Australian and Irish accents in a dialogue, so it’s good to be prepared for it. Be careful with slangs though.

11 - Listen to podcasts in English! BBC Radio has a large number of podcasts available at their website and they’re even divided by theme. Check them out here.

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Hey Jeff. Just curious, have you considered making Code Junkie print-on-demand? (Did I read that you're doing more work on it?) I reckon given you have an established following, it might be a profitable venture. Readers love solid, tangible books, and it does have a gorgeous cover. (Also amazon are slowly monopolising publishing and it gives me sads)

I would really like to get into that… I tried to, but I need to do a lot of work in formatting the file types for quality and don’t want to half-ass it. There will one day exist a physical copy, I promise! I need to, for myself, if nothing else. But costs and time… maybe I’ll start one of those free-standing kickstarter things… something about patronage? 

Here’s to 400 followers and counting! (This is somewhat late) Since I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t been keeping much track, but it’s amazing that I already have so many followers when 300 felt like last week. I love you all and here come the blogrates! (ft. Princess Azula)


  • must be following me
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  • [optional] you can also include your favorite au prompt in the ask! (i won’t necessarily be writing and/or posting these, it’s just for reference and fun)
  • [optional] send me your face tag for a fancast!

That’s it! Thank you so much! Format is under the cut.

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blograte for a vote?

So after much debate, I have decided to change my URL. With that being said, I’ve decided to do a blograte in exchange for your opinion.

I’ll also let you decide whether you want your entire blog to be rated or just a specific section. :)


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Format and options under the cut

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Super Quick Survey

Hey, so the question has come up as to whether people like when paragraphs are indented on AO3 or prefer everything left against the left side since there are already paragraph breaks anyway.

Basically, I have only had two people ever comment on this - one positive and one negative. But, I would like to know what most people prefer, so if you could go ahead and take this survey (which should take you 20 seconds or less!), that would be great!

(Also, “Don’t Care!” is an option on the survey, so you can take it and say that too!)


Edit: Also since people have asked, I will share the results publicly so everyone knows the answer!

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Q&A/800 followers blogrates and fancasts!

Hello! I just hit 800 followers, which is amazing, and nopedotbizdotuk​ is gonna be j chillin with me for a few days, so I figured the two of us would do a Q&A video to celebrate! We do, however, need things to answer, so here are some blogrates and fancasts in exchange for your questions!


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  • If you don’t wanna see these blacklist “maya br”

Format under the cut! 

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I am finally done the first five of my Saint Seiya chibis! Ideally these are going to be made into double sided charms, right now I am working on the formatting for the charms but keep an eye out for some sort of post about preorders in the next month!

I changed my chibi style a little but I really like how these came out. Using brown to outline over black gave the colours a much softer look and it blends nicely with the gold of the armour (in my opinion at least). Also massive eyes are really hard but really fun to draw? When I eventually make these into charms I’m hoping to make more of the characters too so you should let me know who to draw next for sure!

They are available as stickers and magnets in the meantime!


because i’m on hold with financial aid and in need of happy distraction, lets do some blogrates/fic requests.


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abelgauthier asked:

Hey Patrick, How do you approach people for portraits? Do you ask most of the time? And how do react if they get offended? I've been wanting to get close to people in the streets for a while now, but it sure is scary sometimes.

It depends on the situation, but I mostly ask. If I’m at a festival or a situation where there is a lot of people I’ll do surreptitious portraits when I don’t want to disturb the scene. If I was taking pictures in New York, I’d likely be doing a lot more of that kind of thing. Since I’m mostly shooting in Baltimore and people can see me coming, it’s usually better to ask. I enjoy the interactions I have with people anyway. My approach also depends on the kind of camera I’m using. It’s a lot easier to focus quickly with a 35mm rangefinder than a medium format TLR.

There have been a few occasions when someone has given me a firm “hell no” when I’ve asked them for their portrait but that’s pretty rare. I’ve gotten plenty of “nos” for sure, but mostly polite ones. I’m still an introvert and it’s still a challenge to get up the gumption to take pictures of people but it does get easier. I’d try and be casual about it and and don’t start off with any great expectations before hand. If you ask someone, let them know what it is about them that you find interesting enough to photograph. That’s not going to work for everyone, but just being straightforward has usually been the best approach for me.

jumping on the bandwagon bc fanfic in every shape and/or form gives me Life so i owe it to the world to proclaim the ones i love. and also steal maddi’s format bc i love her~

casfallsinlove honestly charlotte basically changed my life and is one of the kindest and classic contributors to the spn fandom (lmao i spent like…. a million years sending her anonymous poetry about how amazing she was before i plucked up the courage to be like oh hey i am real and here and the person. i am such a nerd, someone help me) 

holyhael apart from being ridiculously sweet, maddi is THE defender of ladies, and she’s triple threat: brilliant writer, talented as heck graphics-maker and world’s greatest cat lady. what more could you want.

grandpadean [screams into my pillow for a million years] @ME CHILL! ALSO @ME I SIMPLY CANNOT!

lightsaroundyourvanity femslash master extraordinaire and multifandom!! amazing!!!!! her nat voice is fantastic and consistent (more than i can say for the mcu tbh) 

malefices alice is so brilliant……….. look her up on ao3 as Abby_S for her amazing steampunk redux of greek mythology (for serious) 

englandwouldfall … what more can i say??? her dean voice is probably one of my favourites, and her realistic handlings of relationships is heartbreaking and awesome

meardmish her treatment of the canon text is so dextrous, the asshat spn writers should damn well hire her?? like thecwspn love yourselves~

mishcollin along with meardmish should be a co-showrunner and lift spn out of the dregs it continues to sink down into

and everyone i have ever liked and reblogged to celestialblasphemy over the years, you’re all beyond valid and fantastic. keep writing, y’all are so awesome. no matter what anyone says, just remember: basically everything is fanfiction and no matter how bad you think your work is, it’ll never, ever, ever be as terrible the s10 finale (i mean mY GOD) 

Will digital banking banking be closer to e-commerce (6-7%) or music (90%). I think it will be closer to music. It will be more like print vs online  where:

  • Older people prefer print/branches at least for a while (Kindle ended up converting a lot of Baby Boomers). Executives who want proof that this “new hyped stuff will blow over soon” point to this as a reason for inaction.

  • A few niche services thrive in the old format (e.g Wired Magazine, Economist, FT) with clever combining of print + digital. These are – quite rightly – lauded success stories. However they are also outliers/exceptions and mainstream is now digital.

Banks today are ‘data centers with fancy lobbies’ like media businesses around 2005. If the same trajectory plays out as in media, the % of financial services that is delivered digitally will be like the media business within 10 years – which is the gestation period of a Unicorn and the planning horizon for those involved in strategic planning for banks.

I want to change my url and I’d like to ask you guys to help me with the decision. 

  • Reblog this to spread the word
  • Vote for my new url here
  • (optional) Send me an ask saying what you voted for or just anything you might want to tell me
  • If you do I’m gonna rate your blog & possibly follow if I’m not already as a thank you for helping me

Format under the cut:

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anonymous asked:

Can I have STARISH's s/o's friend coming on to them( The boys ) please?

Yes, you absolutely can~! I’m sorry it took me so long! I won’t happen again! Also, if this isn’t the format you wanted please let me know so that I can rewrite it for you, ‘kay? ^-^/= ♡

With Natsuki being the innocent soul that he is, he probably wouldn’t realize the friend is coming onto him unless they make it painfully obvious. But once he realizes he’ll let them know that his S/O is the only one for him. He would ask them why they would do something like that because he’d known that if his S/O found out they’d be more than hurt. Natsuki would probably ask them to stay away from his loved one because he wouldn’t hate to see them upset over something they did. (Bonus points if it brings out his Satsuki)

Tokiya would be more aware of what’s going on than Natsuki. He definitely wouldn’t stand there and pretend it wasn’t happening. He would tell them to never approached him in that way again or he’d have to let his S/o know. He wouldn’t really want to tell them because he’d want to protect their feelings.

Cecil would snap the moment he realizes the friend is coming on to him. How dare they do something like this? He was their friend’s lover! How could they not consider their feelings?! He would immediately tell his love and suggest they never spoke again because something like that is just unforgivable!

This wouldn’t be the first time Ren has experienced this. But this is the first time Ren actually cared enough to do or say something about it. He would tell the friend that he truly had no intention of playing along with them. He would ask them to consider his lovers feelings and put themselves in his s/o’s shoes. It was hard enough that girls his s/o didn’t know were coming on to him but now THEIR FRIEND?! He wouldn’t let them down gently.

Otoya would be shocked. Like Natsuki it might take him a while to realize the friend is coming on to him. He wouldn’t know what to say on the situation. He would ask them why they would come after him if they’re friends with his partner. He would kindly ask them to never do another thing that could possibly hurt his lover again. He wouldn’t exactly tell his partner why but he wouldn’t want them to hangout with a friend like that.

Syo would tell them off! He wouldn’t beat around the bush when telling his partner what happened either. He’s going to tell them how it happened, when it happened and where it happened. He absolutely would not want that friend to be around him or his lover anymore.

It would really urk Masato for his lovers ‘friend’ to come onto him. He would want his lover to know what kind of person they are. Loyalty is one of most important aspects in friendship and he would like for his lover to realize that. He would tell the friend that he doesn’t wish to see them again. If his partner choses to stay friends with that person he will remind them to be cautious of that person.

Reiji would tell the friend that he’s pretty disappointed that they would do something like that. He loved when his lover was around their friend because they were always smiling. He know that after this all of that would change if he told them. But, the well being AND happiness of his lover is most important so he would probably tell them about the friend.

That friend’s definitely going to cursed out. Ranmaru would be beyond pissed. He’d probably gotten a feeling earlier on that would make him not want to trust them but since it was his partner’s friend he would give them a chance. After telling off the friend, he’d probably get upset with his partner for letting their guard down.

Ai would walk away from it. He wouldn’t say much to the friend but his lover would get an ear full. He’d tell them to be careful around that person if they choose to stay friends with them. He would keep a close eye on that person and never leave his lover’s sight when they’re around.

Camus would have always been a gentleman to them until that point. He would tell them to leave his sight and never approach him again. They learn at that moment just a cruel Camus could really be. When telling his lover about he would tell them that it’s in their best interest to leave a person like that alone.

STARTING OVER: New Name, New Attitude

Welcome to version 2.0 of my Outlander blog!  Since I have decided to take the blog in a new direction, I thought I would start with a new name: Contemplating Outlander. (Quite honestly, I was also getting tired of some of the variations of my old blog’s name that I had read on the blogs of some of the lovelier members of our little fandom.) I’d like this blog to be a place where I (and my readers) can explore the philosophical and psychological implications of the Outlander characters and storyline (in both book and show formats) in a relaxed, fun, and non-judgmental environment.

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About Moi

Thanks to the lovely and delightful wrenegadeandmagicath for tagging me! This is a fun meme.

1. Write your name in song titles.

C: Carrying by Jukebox the Ghost

O: Oceans by The Format

R: Reflecting Skin by Farewell Continental 

I: If I Die Before You by Ludwig Goransson

S: Summer Rain by Molly Thomason

S: Something to Sing About from Once More With Feeling (BtVS)

A: At Least It Was Here by The 88

2. What’s your middle name?

Stark, which is my mother’s maiden name. 

3. Why did you choose your URL?

It’s supposed to be a clever play on words because I really like language and words and stuff, but I’m also a fan of dry humor and sarcasm. Hence catty-words.

4. If you could be any fairytale / fictional being, what would you be?

A slayer! Because how fucking cool would that be!? 

I mean, it would also be a lot of responsibility, but I want to be a hot chick with superpowers. 

5. Favorite color?

Yellow! Purple! 

6. Favorite song?

Lame. I only get to pick a single song? I choose the Community Medley from the first season soundtrack.  

7. Top four fandoms?

Community, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rainbow Rowell, and feminism (is that a fandom? whatever, it’s one of the four things I blog about most)

8. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

I like that it’s a place for unwinding and heightened awareness at the same time. 

9. Tag mutuals.

Tralala, I’ll tag the following super-cool people: tricksinmypockets, metaphysicalbaby, calvincooldrigecrusade, moonsongmorning, politedemon, imadiebywerewolf, ameliasfairytales, drusillathekiller, demandingbillydolls, muchsabi, pepperf, and velocirappin

No pressure or offense taken if you don’t get around to this, for the record. 

97 Panic fics for e-readers and such.

I have put the majority of my Panic era stories together in PDF format.  I have also done this will 50+ drabbles.  Everything is combined in a zip folder or you can request specific collections.  Let me know.

Some stories are missing because it was my choice not to include deadfic, certain SIs, and certain other stories for content.  If you specifically want a story not listed, I will most likely be more than happy to send it to you.

NC-17 | ryan’s waltz // asphyxiate me // postsecret // the window seat // was/wasn’t // after he unlocked the door // the white lie // the birthday dance // too-young eyes // i can feel your love // realization without absolution // when no one was looking the world heard everything // black permanent marker // coming up the stairs to our room // whore // pointy fucking shoes // almost there // tangled // ryan ross and the great bagel dilemma // promise anything // the luxury of being brendon urie // thirty stories up // something like it // on the sixth day // milk // brendon, you asshole // on display

R | the back of a gilikin farmer’s truck // catalyst // what you took // supermodels don’t wear underwear

Divorce | between the lines // how we knocked the world off its axis in six days // too little, too late // it’s wrong (probably) // this has your name written all over it // i meant it // his name is regret // empty fishbowl // & what we would have to sing about then? // valencia // a year and an ocean of distance // let’s start this over // what you thought the song meant // whispered secrets behind the interstate gas station // exactly what you think it is // relinquishing the kingdom

Cute | my mother believed in water nymphs // vases // make me a miracle // the boy with the protest sign // conversations on a thursday afternoon // hobo and daddy // through the smoke

Dark + Mental Illness | poetry is a war // lights, camera, action // stop. rewind. // bite the hand that feeds // think positive // icarus and the bird of peace // the drip drip drop // s/he // voicemail // you see me through kaleidoscope eyes // it’s only in my head // the bird in the handkerchief (companion piece to ‘icarus and the bird of peace’) // marked // on sunset strip // you writer, you liar

Old Ryden | always wrong // take me on // lights will guide you home // the blood on the kitchen floor // winter to spring // 86,400 chances

Not Ryden | was/wasn’t (pete/ryan) // too-young eyes (pete/ryan) // black permanent marker (ryan/alex gaskarth) // almost there (ryan/will) // tangled (pete/ryan) // spencer’s room (spencer/ryan) // chicago lights and the jersey shore (gabe/will) // i had the best of intentions (gabe/will) // after supper (ryan/will and multi) // after the war (sequel to “after supper”) // the prettiest of liars (gerard/ryan)

SI/therapy fics | on a train to the moon // clinical (nightmare series) // manic (nightmare series) // sick (nightmare series) // & we die of broken things like hearts

Stylistic | as the clock strikes // drink of the river // begin again

Chaptered | learning to fall // confusion is the strongest emotion // to the bones

Thank you and a shout out

I want to take the time to thank those for the re-blogs and likes. I would like to welcome the new followers. I hope I continue to keep it interesting for you.

Also, I would like to give a little shout out to some local photographers.
I encourage to give their site a look at.

As I have been taking photos around the area and finding out more about the local art community. I felt like I should give these guys a little notice and support them. Each one has a unique style and view of photography. i haven’t met these guys yet, but who knows. Maybe in the future.

Also, a couple local of artist outside of photography. He is an upcoming artist. He does fan art and original art in many formats. She is a writer. She has been focusing on mostly on horror.

Give them a look. I just felt lead to support some local area artist.

see ya,
dog gone