marilynmanganese replied to your postI’m drunk enough to call fucking shenanigans….

paranorman made me cry. not shaking sobbing cry but there were tears that made it to my cheeks. wreck it ralph was as sweet as sugar rush and turbo kind of terrifies a little whole lot

Agreed 100%.  I cried too. I loved Paranorman, it was really beautiful storytelling as well as visuals, and the characters were all really compelling (I loved the Norman and Aggie confrontation…), and the Wreck-it-Ralph story was really wholesome and genuine.  Turbo was a great villain.

Brave was just like… visually pretty, but a story I felt I’d seen before.  I was super happy with these two movies, though, and you can really see all the amazing stopmotion work that went into Paranorman, like damn…