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how do you feel about hp/narnia crossover? idk but I kind of like the idea of edmund being really infuriated by Draco, but eventually feel sorry for him and also see a bit of himself in him, he would think Draco has the potential to be a good person if only he was influenced by the right people and seemed out forgiveness and idk I kind of see a rocky friendship where edmund takes him under his wing and slowly but surely turns him into a better person. is this just me or??

I’m not in the HP fandom, sorry! :/ but this sounds super like Edmund, and from what I know about Draco, yeah…yeah this makes sense.

For more discussion, go talk to @digorykirke or @edmundforpresident or @ohnarnians :)


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I just wanted to tell you (again, bc I've said this before): thank you SO MUCH for keeping this blog safe. I love this fandom but it also makes me sick, when some things get out of hand. I get anxiety with online hate (not only towards me, but all online anonymous bullshit). Your blog is always my safe place, my way to feel better with good things about these two married dorks. Don't answer this if you don't want to, I don't want anyone to shade you because of this. I just wanted you to know.

I’m actually going to answer this, because you reminded me why it’s better not to post the trolls and haters, even if it’s really tempting to shut them up sometimes. Thank you so much for your words. It means a lot to me. I love you, anon!! ❤️

It's organised!

I’m officially catching up with ‘B’ for lunch on Monday!!! (Not that I’ll actually eat, but that’s okay)
I’m so excited. It’s not a date. But I don’t mind. I just really miss him. Catching up with him in any context would be amazing. The fact that it’s just the two of us makes it so much better.
He was so great with organising the details, really happy for me to outline what I was most comfortable and capable of and working with that.
He even said “Also if you are feeling shitty it’s no trouble to raincheck… I’d rather we hang out when we both feel witty and in in good health :)” I didn’t even have to ask if he would be okay with me cancelling, he just knew it was a possibility and wanted me to feel okay with it.
He’s even asked that I share with him my full health story since he’s only gotten snippets here and there along the way but he wants to hear it properly. Seriously? How is he so perfect? And so kind.

I’m so excited. It’s going to be a good day, I just know it. And my body is behaving at the moment so hopefully it’ll still be on my side come Monday.
I’m so looking forward to this.

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im just a kid whos trying to get better at art. my dad is really supportive of my art, like REALLY really supportive, and he's always willing to get me the tools i need or want. but also he is really pushing me to make some Good Finished Artworks because he wants to hang it on our walls and tell everyone, "my daughter drew this!" and while i appreciate how much he supports me i feel so pressured that I can't draw anything. i keep fretting over what's "wall-worthy" to draw :-(

in my experience, through the eyes of adults anything somebody younger than them draws is “wall-worthy”. my mom still has furry art that i drew when i was 14 hanging up around her office, and people at her workplace still see it and are impressed by it, kids and adults alike. as artists, i think we’re always going to feel like our art isnt good enough, even when youre technically “professional level”. nobody’s going to be coming to your dad’s office searching for new talent, and your dad and his coworkers arent professional artists themselves. theyre going to be impressed no matter what you do! i think you should talk to your dad about how he’s making you feel, explain how you appreciate everything he does for you but the pressure can be overwhelming. maybe ask if you can give him something thats not necessarily a “professional finished” piece because thats really hard, but just something you drew because you wanted to? and if he insists on you making him something really finished tell him he has to pay for it bc thats work.


omg yall i just wanna update everyone on all the stuff ive been really publicly and dramatically complaining about! im feeling sooo much better overall! I cant believe it actually! so here it is a long and boring life update idk who cares

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How do you manage to have a chilled day of revision the day before your exam? I'm usually so stressed trying to cram as much work as possible because I feel I have so much to do! I would benefit from your version much more. Give me some tips please!!also good luck on your exam :)

Thank you! And well I’m sure it differs person to person, but I’m quite of the mindset of ‘well it’s too late now so what’s the point?’ so I’m usually pretty chilled with revision right before exams. I just feel like, if I haven’t learnt it this whole year, I probably won’t be able to learn it in a day. Also, studying loads and cramming in the days leading up to an exam makes me really stressed out, so for me it’s better not to.

Also, it does depend - I do know quite a few people who do work really well under pressure, and can cram really well. But sometimes even for them it may not work if there is too much content to learn.

However my way will obviously only work if you are organised and have studied effectively for weeks before the exam, and have worked hard in class during the year. This way I can feel confident in myself and not feel the need to cram. However that being said, I definitely never feel like I know everything! I’m definitely not saying I’m perfect and completely confident before exams.

But I think there is a point where you just have to say ‘I’ve done enough’ and try to relax a bit. I definitely feel that having a break and a good night’s sleep before an exam is more important than a last minute cram. x

Witchy tip for chronic pain

Chronic pain?

Draw a hot bath and charge the water with sigils and your favorite crystals. I prefer citrine or clear quartz. Also, drip a solid dose of peppermint oil in there for good measure.

On the sides of your tub, have a cup or two of sea salt. Keep a few fingers embedded in them throughout your bath and envision all your negative energy and pain seeping out of your body and into the salt.  Throw it out when done. 

This always makes me feel better, so maybe someone else will get a little relief from it as well.

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My girlfriend was recently diagnosed with bpd, is there any advice you can give that may make things smooth and maybe help me understand it better?

yes! And I think it’s so sweet that you’re looking for information! You’re a lovely and considerate SO!

A big part of BPD is black-and-white thinking, also referred to as splitting.

During periods of frustration or panic, she might think in extremes. If you accidentally said something that upset her she might go “You never care about how I feel” or something like that– she knows that’s not true, but in the moment it’s hard for her to understand bad and good together (ie she can’t see grey, just black and white).

Remember your feelings are valid, and she’s not exempt from guilt if she hurts your feelings because of her illness, but you should try your best to be understanding. Try not to say anything hurtful even if she’s hurting you. Then, when you see she’s calmed down, you should bring it up. “I felt like you were being unnecessarily hurtful when you said ______.”

Another issue is sometimes paranoid delusions. She might think Oh, they sounded irritated; they must think I’m an awful girlfriend and want to break up with me because I’m so overbearing and emotional. Encourage her to express her worries, no matter how silly, and patiently assure her that they are not true.

Communication is really really important.

I hope this helps!


touch by the_fluffy_Unicorn

Pairings: Gabriel/Sam Winchester

Length: 2905

Rating: T

Warnings/Tags: Fluff, Dorks in Love, Angst, Sass, Emotional hurt/comfort

Summary: Gabriel is back, and Sam is set on making him feel safe.


Even though this fic is a fluff fest (which is awesome!), it also broke my heart just a little. It makes me want to pull Gabriel into a hug and hug him until he squeaks. Sam does better than that, never pushing, and just being the perfect gentleman we know he is. Great read!- Lauren

IT’S SO FLUFFY!!! *shakes fic in front of your face* Oh my goodness, I love this story. Sam is just so gentle and kind, as he slowly helps to build Gabriel’s confidence in others again. It’s also my person headcannon that (arch)angels get sent to purgatory when they die, and I love seeing stories with that added in. -Tyler 

One of my coworkers was trying to get to know me better today, which I’m not against on principle because I love making friends. But I have been warned by a few people to be careful what information I share (and with whom) because some people like to run their mouth and be sketchy. Also I tend to be a pretty good judge of character and I generally get a feeling of whether I can trust someone or if I want them knowing my business or not. 

Anyway… so I’m kind of a bit hesitant to reveal information to this girl but she’s been talking about her husband and daughter and she asks me if I have a boyfriend, so my immediate answer is “No” and then I wait a couple of beats and think I might as well tell her, so I go, “I’m gay.” She barely blinks, but she goes “Oh, well a girlfriend?” and I laugh and am like, “Nope. Either way, still single.”

Then she proceeds to tell me about her lesbian bridesmaid she had at her wedding and her own brushes with bisexuality and honestly it’s some of the information that I didn’t really need to know, but a lot of straight people feel like they have to share with you to let you know you’re in a safe place and they’re not gonna judge you. Like they wanna assure you that they’re cool with it. So in a way it’s nice, but it’s also like, “Dude I didn’t want to know about all of this!” Because she told me some seriously heavy stuff lol.

A part of it could also be that I think I give off a “you can tell me anything and I won’t blab or judge” vibe. I certainly seem to have that affect on people lol.

But yeah… got an earful of bisexual experimentation at work today. Always fun haha.

omf so i went to the beach today and it was super fun

and then in the car my mom was “joking around”

and said “you arent a boy you little bitch” cos i said something kinda sassy or something idk

and i cried lmfao right in front of my friend too

she apologized and hugged me but like

wow fuck u

anyway i also bought a $30 binder for my bf because my firend was going to send me his old one but never did

and buying shit for ppl makes me feel good so ig i feel better

basically im a sugar daddy

and im really tired

im gunna go to bed soon i hope u all had a good day even tho mine kinda sucked <3

also i just learned that ta-nehisi coates doesn’t have a college degree but is smarter than, like, everyone and more successful than most, which is a good reminder to not be elitist and also makes me feel better about not finishing my master’s, lol

Oh my god, I was totally taken by surprise after my foreign friend who I haven’t been talking to in months suddenly texts me in FINNISH and we start having a proper conversation… Like when did you get so good?!! 

I’m feeling SO PROUD of her at the moment and so excited I’m almost crying haha. (And I’m also a little embarrassed tbh because her Finnish is almost better than my German at the moment…)

It’s so satisfying to realise that you’re making some progress in the language you’re currently studying, but it’s just as satisfy when you realise your friend is improving too, especially if they’re learning your mother tongue.

I almost feel like a proud parent who’s watching their kid playing sports and cheering like crazy and going, ‘See, that’s my kid over there! Yeah, there she goes, isn’t she great?!’

well here it is guys @sheamky, @maritsune, @jungiesaur here’s the fist part of the continuation of the first piece of yohamaru fanfic I did.

edit: so I’ve been told that this may be a bit hard to read may be because of how I paragraph things so I paragraphed it a bit more (not sure how that works) but please do tell me if the flow of this feels rough or if there’s anything (small)I could  do to make it better

edit 2: separated the speech parts from the rest of the paragraphs not sure if this makes it easier to read also bolded a few lines for added effect

In my opinion I don’t think it’s as good as the first but here goes:

It was a fine summer morning, the sun was shining bright and high up in the sky. Unfortunately for Yoshiko she did not consider the sweltering heat this would bring as she forgot her umbrella in a hurry to catch the next bus. Unprotected from the sun’s heat Yoshiko slowly made her way to the bus stop, having missed the previous bus she was in no hurry right now, she was, however, nervous, after all Hanamaru was being discharged from the hospital today and asked her ,the little demon Yohane, to personally escort her home. 

“Wouldn’t it be better if her family escorted her home?” 

She thought to herself still a little confused about the idea of this request, after all she had every right to be nervous as Hanamaru was the reason she felt this emotion humans call love and having yet to act upon these feelings she didn’t know what to do 

“Could today be the day that I, Yohane confesses her love to a mortal?” 

She thought to herself. Such a possibility could very well happen, it was only going to be the two of them after all, infact Yoshiko made a very special effort to look good today hoping to impress Hanamaru, wearing a purple knee length skirt, a t-shirt with a cute cherub on it that Hanamaru bought for her when they went shopping and her favourite leather jacket. Of course Yoshiko didn’t consider how warm it would be today otherwise she would’ve worn the sleeveless hoodie she got for christmas last year.

The next bus had finally arrived and it was far along its journey to the hospital. Sitting at the back of the bus Yoshiko stares into the distance sky until, suddenly like a bolt of lightning she jolts up 

“OH NO! I forgot to get a gift!!” 

It was common courtesy to get flowers as gifts for those that are hospitalized. 

“but Hanamaru is being discharged today, s-should I get her gift?” 

Yoshiko mumbled to herself at barely audible volume. As the bus approached it final stop in town Yoshiko, in a panic, hit the stop button. She had decided 

“I should get her a gift anyway after all i-i-it’s only common courtesy t-that I do so anyway” she thought. 

Now even more nervous as she had no idea what sort of gift to get Hanamaru. As she stepped off the bus she panicingly looked around for a flower shop 

“What flowers should I get?” It’s a little known fact that Yoshiko reads about flowers and the meaning behind them, it’s a interest that she would prefer to remain in the shadows of her personal life.

After finding what she needed from two shops in town, one being a flower shop, with a bouquet of azaleas in hand she was on the bus once more heading closer to hospital, now even more tense than before she sat there quietly staring at own feet, suddenly her phone rings but not for too long. It was a text from Hanamaru reading “Have you eaten yet?” eaten yet? Why would Hanamaru ask her that? She looked at the clock at the top of her phone’s screen, without knowing it, it was already 12:30, lunch, being so preoccupied with meeting up with Hanamaru, Yoshiko had completely forgotten to get anything to eat before getting on the bus again, how forgetful of her, luckily she had bought a cake from a local patisserie, but that, unfortunately, was a gift for Hanamaru there was any possible way she could eat that! After all she did spend a hefty amount of time just to pick out the cake, so she must bare with the hunger a little longer.

Here she was at the hospital standing on the street, freshly off the bus, her heart beating faster than it was a few moments ago 

“What is this? Is my mortal body finally failing me?” she was confused, she felt fine minutes ago but as soon as she came into view of the hospital she started feeling weird, here body felt warm and a tingling sensation spread through her body, maybe it was because of the jacket it was 29°C outside after all and she (though she doesn’t know why) hadn’t taken it off since this morning. She began taking her jacket off when she suddenly heard a lively “Yoshiko-chan!” from behind, she turned around to see Hanamaru glistening in the noon sunlight, maybe it was the way the sunlight hit her but Yoshiko thought she looked angelic than usual 

“Thank goodness, you got here safely” 

she cheerfully smiled at Yoshiko “O-o-o-of course! Like some mere mortal contraption c-c-could cause me a-any discomfort, I am after all, Y-Y-Yohane the f-fallen angel!” 

Why was she stuttering so much suddenly? This wasn’t like her at all, after all she did practice this for many years so it should be second nature to her yet it felt like she was fumbling her words, struggling to get her words out she hit a wall on what to say. 

“u-um sorry for all the trouble I caused you.” 

Where did that come from? Why was Hanamaru apologising all of a sudden? She was the one that couldn’t do anything, she was the one that let all of this happen, she was the one who couldn’t protect her, the one person she cared about the most all because she was cursed with bad luck. 

She looks down at the ground unable to look Hanamaru in the eyes 

“Foolish mortal what are you apologizing for? If Yohane wasn’t with you then none of this would’ve happened, it was all because of Yohane’s bad luck this happe-” 

”Don’t say that!” 

She looked up surprised by the sudden aggression in Hanamaru’s voice, it wasn’t common for Hanamaru to raise her voice like this, infact this was probably the first time Yoshiko had witnessed such a thing happening. Hanamaru’s voice begins to tremble, lips quivering 

“Don’t say that. If it wasn’t for Yoshiko-chan, if it wasn’t for Yoshiko-chan everything would have gotten worse. If it wasn’t for Yoshiko-chan I might not have made out of the fire. If wasn’t for Yoshiko-chan I might not even be here today! So never say that again!” 

Yoshiko stared in amazement unable to say anything, she had never seen it from that angle, she had never thought to look at it from Hanamaru’s point of view. Why would she? After all, all she was ever told was that she was back luck “You’re not cursed with bad luck Yoshiko-chan, no, Yoshiko-chan is, Yoshiko-chan is my good luck charm” tears began to flow from Hanamaru’s eyes. As she continued to stare at her Yoshiko felt a lump developing in her throat, lips now trembling she began to open her mouth 

“I-I love you!” 

A sudden gaze of confusion now sat upon Hanamaru’s face, what was this? What brought up this sudden confession? She knew Yoshiko had feeling for her but she never thought Yoshiko would confess it so openly in such a “normal” manner. 

“I loved you ever since the day we met again at Uranohosi, it took me a while to realize this but, thank you. Thank you for helping me realise my feelings for you.” 

Without hesitation Yoshiko kissed the still teary eyed Hanamaru “I promise you I will never leave your side again” 

Still recovering from the kiss Hanamaru stunned, replied 

“No, it’s ok, you don’t have to do anything like that, just keep the promise we made together back then, do you- do you still remember it?” 

“Of course I do after all it was your declaration of love” 

“Then we’ll be together forever then?” 

Hanamaru asked as she stared into Yoshiko’s eyes 

“yes, I promise you that we’ll be together forever”. 

The sunsets, the moon rises and the world continues to change but nothing will break these two apart may it be time or fate (and nothing will change the fact that Yoshiko hasn’t eaten lunch yet).

Dear girlfriend / future wife

I know I’m not the easiest person and I know I can be a lot to deal with, but I promise you I’ll love you with everything that I have.

I’ll be there with you at all times, the good, but also the bad. I can’t promise you that I’ll always make things better right away, but I promise you I’ll try my hardest to make things better in the long run. Sometimes I’ll forget about things that you find important and I’m sorry for that, I really am. It’s just that I don’t have those very important things for myself so I forget that some people feel really deep about things that seem unimportant to me.

I know I can be a real bitch sometimes and that I have days that everything seems bad. I know that my behaviour might influence your mood and I’m sorry for when it does, please tell me when it does, I’ll try to change it.

If anything bothers you about me or the way I do things, please tell me, even if you think it’s unimportant, it might seem like that then, but small things can damage a relationship in the long run. Know you can always talk to me, about the smallest things, but also about the biggest issues, and most important of all, I love you, please, never forget that.


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Point is, she's seen someone she thought was dead before come back to life and drastically changed, and we saw how she reacted. She reacted much worse than before. (Now it could be chalked up to slightly inconsistent art style, but I really believe Gabe has been seriously messed up.) (and also it just occurred to me that the ease with which she took off the mask gives a very hard blow to the 'the mask is bolted to Reaper's head' theory)

honestly, the bolted mask theory is p much out of the question with that one panel, but i’ve never been one to put down good headcanons/interpretations if it makes me feel things and it seems better than the canon in a lot of senses

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My mum got me a three-sides toothbrush!! It pretty much goes on all sides of your tooth and it makes it so you can brush in less than a minute and still do it right. Something I also do it I scrub at my teeth with a paper towel and then floss really well. That takes longer but it's good if you just CANNOT stand toothbrushes. Also the brand of toothpaste I have is pretty sensory-friendly at least to me. You can also use kids toothpaste. Better than nothing!! - 🌸


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Hey so I've been pretty down for a while now. Do you have any tip to make me feel better. Also do you think a Aries (m) and a Scorpio (f) could have a good relationship?

the relationship thing all depends on if you both want to work on being in a relationship and making it good

as far as making yourself feel better, find somebody you can talk to about whatever it is that’s making you feel down. even if it’s not anything in particular, just ranting to a friend or someone else can help get things off your chest. punching bags are also great just punch away the bad feelings

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I'm happy to see I'm not the only one upset about Niall lmao. I felt like a weirdo but I'm also happy for him but also simultaneously sad :( she's very pretty and seems like a good person and I'm glad she's a normal girl!!

i feel the same as that last anon.. its going to take me a couple of weeks to feel ok because im not used to this. i dont think thats a bad way to feel though. but seeing people make this bigger than it already is on tumblr isnt making me feel any better. but in the end if nialls happy im happy so i hope he tweets something sooner or later.. i hope this made sense and im not alone!

i came back to like 25 texts. i did not know what was happening. and then i saw and my heart dropped. since it came out of nowhere i just automatically felt sad and upset but the more im here looking. shes really smart and pretty he looks happy. we arent used to it but well get there. im happy for him tho