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I’m  sorry I haven’t been doing many tags lately I’m not ignoring them!! I’ve just been busy!!

I did this on my phone so if it looks weird I’m sorry!!

why did you choose your url?
Well kc are my initials and then kawaii and chan are both cute and start with kc!! I want to change it but I can’t be bothered to think of a new one!!

what’s your middle name?
Skye!! I actually quite like my middle name xD

if you could own a fairy tale/fictional pet what would it be?
OMG THERE ARE WAY TO MANY!! I would love a dragon or a Pokemon!!

favorite color?
I like peach, teal and lime

favorite song?
I like A LOT of songs at the moment!!
Shut up and dance - walk the moon
Centuries - fall out boy
Love ballad - trove lo

top three fandoms?
Durarara, snk and ANIME IN GENERAL!! I am trash I know

why do you enjoy tumblr?
Well there are a lot of people here that share the same interests as me, it’s actually a pretty funny place and I love meeting all the lovely people here!!

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Giorgio Armani Eye Tiny in Rose Ashes

Armani’s Eye Tints are a relatively new release, and after hearing good things about them online, I decided to buy one that I thought would work well for everyday wear. They’re available from David Jones for $53 each and there are twelve shades.

The eyeshadow is applied using a doe-foot applicator, much like Armani’s Lip Maestros that I love. It’s creamy and blendable, and sets after about a minute. You have to blend it onto the lid, rather than just brushing the product on - if you just brush it on, it will soon start to look cracked and easily come off. If you blend it in, however, it lasts well throughout the day.

The colour is a wonderfully unique take on a neutral shade - it changes colours when the light hits it, and depending on what angle you look at it from. It also contains particles of glitter that show up in the light.

I love this for days and nights when I don’t want to apply powder products to my face (like in summer), but I still want my eyes to look a little glamorous. $53 is pricey, but on the plus side, the product will last you a while, and only a small amount of product is needed to reach opacity on the lid.


and then i thought: “what if the horses were just as unique as the characters?”


What do you mean this isn’t exactly what happened?

Don’t mind me I’m just on a huge Bellamy and Barto appreciation streak. shhhh… Don’t tell anyone but sometimes I think I can draw comics.

Things Most of The Nightvale Fandom Can Agree On:
  • The racism stuff needs to stop, it’s ridiculous and white Cecil just isn’t racist.
  • Carlos and Cecil are huge dorks.
  • They did the frick frack at the end of Lazy Days.
  • Steve Carlsberg is a jerk
  • And so is the Apache Tracker.
  • Carlos uses science pick-up lines on Cecil and Cecil thinks they’re just wonderful and hilarious. 
  • Cecil is loud in bed.
  • Cecilos is the cutest shit ever.
  • Desert Bluffs Carlos is sexy as fuck.
  • Cecil is really gay.

story of your life
time of solitude and strife

Anonymous said: Um well I’ve been looking for a screen saver for my phone with john doing the windy thing with light colors and if your bored I thought it might be a good idea causeiloveyourartandyouareamazing

eeeee youre so sweet! and this was fun to draw!

Flo and the Flower Crowns.

(Or you know you’ve chosen well when your fav celeb wears flower crowns all the damn time without the help of Photoshop.

Oh and yeah, the 1st picture kind of proves she was born with a flower crown on her head. :P

Also may I suggest that the next tumblr craze is making manips of your favs wearing glitter on their face? xD)


So during this mission Looker encounters a homeless orphaned girl Emma and her Espurr Mimi who are living in the alleys of Lumiose city, so at the end of the mission he offers them to come work and live at the agency. Turns out in reality it’s closer to him adopting Emma, with him teaching her to read and write, calling her family and worrying about how he’s gonna make enough money to feed all of them. Too adorable ^^