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wcw/wce ~ Berenice Griselda Wolfe

Bless this woman, this problematic fave of mine.

Even though it’s frustrating, and hearing Hanssen say “she’s decided to stay” felt like the biggest slap in the face, I adore this woman and I ache over the thought of her being so hard on herself. Professionally she is in complete control, she is who you want in a crisis, she’s bloody good at what she does and she knows it! Professional Bernie is the ’Big macho army medic’ oh and how she’s made me swoon since day one. But personally? she’s so much more fragile than I ever would’ve expected and it’s kinda great in a way that the writers have given her that dimension, and flipped the old ‘lesbian/bi character seduces straight character’ on it’s head.Don’t get me wrong, she has seduced Serena and made her fall in love with her, but in terms of pushing things forward she isn’t the aggressor. Serena is the more confident,  she’s been completely open with how she feels- totally in keeping with Serena Campbell’s character, god love that woman! Bernie has so much guilt over hurting her family, Marcus and Alex that she denies herself the chance to even see where her love for Serena will take her. How sad is that? she’s convinced that all she’ll do is cause pain and suffering and that’s heart breaking. 

 No- one is tougher on Bernie than Bernie…“you stupid, stupid coward” -  I wish she spoke to herself the way she speaks to others, because she is a great friend, always very quick to show kindness to everyone but herself . She isn’t a coward, and I wish she believed that she deserves this happiness because she does, and so does Serena.

So come home Bernie and embrace being loved by the one and only Serena Campbell, because that is an absolute gift. 

“Dean Winchester.”

“Castiel Novak,” Castiel introduces himself in return, firmly shaking the hand he has been offered, “As my boss has probably already informed you, I will be your new bodyguard.”

“Will you?” Dean questions as he raises an eyebrow, unimpressed in a way that speaks of many years of experience with new bodyguards. Not that Castiel looks particularly unpromising – there have been many who have made a worse first impression, looking as though they were only in it for the money or the prestige of being able to call Dean Winchester their employee –, but also not particularly promising. Truthfully, he almost seems to have walked right out of a fashion photo shoot or some old-timey mafia movie, what with the snugly fitting suit and the tousled hair, but not a well-renowned personal protector agency.

Still, he will have to do for now. Dean is about to go on a campaign that will lead him through many events and meetings that have been set up to promote familiarity and intimacy with his possible voters, meaning that he will have to get up close and personal with them. Having more than one bodyguard – or one who looks more like one and less like Novak – with him would interfere with the whole ‘I’m one of you, vote for me’ vibe he’s striving for, and it’s not like there’s any time left to choose another guard for himself. Not with his campaign starting tomorrow.

Castiel does nothing more than quirk one corner of his mouth at Dean’s pointed question and tilt his head to the side just so. “Unless you have any objections.” There’s not even a challenge in his words or eyes, just calm reassurance and a frankly impressive ‘I don’t give a fuck either way’ attitude.

It drives a small shiver down Dean’s spine, one that’s not entirely unpleasant, and has him sigh in resignation.

“No,” he waves him off, although he already feels himself regretting his decision,“none.”

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i’ve seen asian ppl bring up a melon bowl haircut that they apparently suffered through as kids which reminds me of the Latinx Bangs. alternatively the gelled back ponytail. childhood staples.

BPD Discord Group!
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What do you have for me in BPD Buddies?

  • We have a whole bunch of text/voice channels neatly categorized and separated! There are chats specifically for support conversations, a chat room that triggering topics can be discussed, a chat to share your art/selfies, a chat to share your favorite music, and more! Here’s an example of some of the rooms we have (and that’s not even half of them!):

This sounds fun! How do I join?

  • First off, I recommend downloading the Discord App. There is a web browser version, but most people who use Discord claim that the Desktop version is a lot better. There’s also a mobile app! Just search “Discord” on your iTunes or Play Store on your smartphone.
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This will bring you to the Discord’s Rules-And-Info section! Be sure to read over these rules. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to go! Click on one of the channels to the right of the app and enjoy hanging out with us!

If you have any problems downloading the app, creating an account, or joining the server, please feel free to send me an ask! I’ll do my best to help you out.

If you’re in the server and are in need of assistance, I’ll be there, and we have some moderators as well to help you out!

I’ll see you there! :)

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You know what fucks me up the most about Ishimaru and Ibuki's deaths? They were basically killed for being good people. Ishimaru was obsessed with rules and tried to instil order in the group, but his naïveté made him an easy target. Ibuki tried to keep everyone's spirits up with her attitude and giving a concert, and she was killed specifically because her death would upset everyone. To me, it makes them the most tragic murder victims. No good deed goes unpunished. ;-;

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this message was brought to you by Sad Anon, who successfully made me sad. ~ Mod Oddish

I finally read Eyeshield 21 and sold my soul to this scrawny devil.

So I think we’re supposed to share our ace headcanons today and I’m just here to let u all know that I see literally every character as aspec. Every single one of them, I’ll make them fit somewhere bc who’s gonna stop me.

Special shoutout to Luna Lovegood tho bc I think we can all agree she’s Very Asexual

     Ingrid Sergeant, alone at a dance? What a fucking surprise. Of course, it’s not actually a surprise ; quite the opposite, really. Pretty enough to be the prom queen but off to the sidelines, just like countess times before, probably forever. Ingrid tried to drown her sorrows in a plastic cup full of punch, only to feel even more pathetic as green, near watery eyes roamed over people dancing, kissing, having fun ; all things she never got to do, convinced herself she didn’t want to do. Sitting there, with everyone’s fun staring her in the face, however, was only making her feel worse. Literally counting down the seconds until she could leave ( she didn’t want to come in the first place but figured the rumors that would’ve sprung out of her not coming were worse than the rumors about her being alone — now she was really regretting that decision ), there was a sudden presence felt in the empty seat next to her and Ingrid was instantly put on the offensive.  ❝  Sorry, I’ll go sit somewhere else.  ❞  No one would want to be seen with her, of course.

SHR: AKA my Kdrama GoT

Scarlet Heart is seriously starting to become the equivalent of Game of Thrones for me, not because of the betrayals and death, but because of the questionable decisions the writers have made. It makes me so frustrated to see so much potential wasted. Where we could have had convincing character and relationship development, we get time-skips, bad choices, misplaced blame (why can’t the women be happy!?), and character regression. But it’s like a train wreck I can’t look away from; I have to know how it ends even though I am not on board with the main couple (be it the toxicity or the lack of *showing* the development of feelings), and want to know how the time-travel element will be woven back in. (Because I am a sucker for time-travel, as I’m sure you all know by now.)

Having not watched much of the original (I couldn’t get past the hair, tbh), I can’t speak from that perspective. However, this drama is trying to: fit in the content of a 30-episode (at least!) drama into 20; and attempting to develop a romance while simultaneously editing the hell out of the main couple’s scenes, making the lead inconsistent, and skipping over the implications of his unhealthy “romantic” actions such as forced kisses (only briefly questioned), possessiveness, and acting two-faced last episode (18) after they both promised not to lie to each other. I get that one can fall prey to greed for more power after getting the throne, but in So’s case it felt very abrupt and, again, inconsistent with his previous morals/actions/motivations. 

So, I’ll keep watching, but with a critical eye. Honestly, the SBS version is more enjoyable, but editing aside, I really wish the writer would have spent less time on Wook and Soo’s relationship if the main focus was her and So. If you’re going to have a drama be a romance, it’s gotta be convincing. The way it’s setup, though, makes it feel as if Wook would be the main character and his descent to evil would take center stage. But no, he was pushed off to the side (by family and writer alike), and we’re left with a romance with a whole lot of holes in it.

On a happier note, it’s still a really pretty drama, though the last couple episodes haven’t had too many landscape scenes. Oh well.

Anyway. That was a lot longer than I intended. No idea if my thoughts are coherent, but as always, I’m open to discussion!