i can’t believe i stan him TT

Eiffel: which country has the most birds

Eiffel: portugeese

Eiffel: wait

Hilbert: that’s a language

Hera: portugull

Eiffel: nice recovery

Lovelace: don’t you mean nice redovery 

Minkowski: turkey, how did we miss turkey

drew my pink lemonade gal from my ot3 au

incase udk what it is its from here and here

i lowkey rly like her colour scheme bc its just blues n purples both pastels SO I JUST

sebbi got that favouritism going


hi im bee and i spent about five minutes wishing my bathroom had better lighting and then realizing i could turn on the light


Ok listen I don’t have any cool softwares to edit texts from messengers into this (or any friends to do the convo with) so I had to work with that I have and I’m laughing
Here have this mess (that’s totally them don’t deny it)


Jin’s only graduation wish? For BTS to continue to succeed.  


Did some dramatic makeup, first ever attempt at a cut crease type thing. Doing my makeup is a good way to make me feel pretty. Especially cause after i take off makeup i still feel pretty.


Two pics from snap cause i didnt realize i only took and saved 2 other pics and i already took off the makeup

rocknaldo rewrite where ronaldo decides he’s gonna try to be a crystal gem when he finds a corrupt bloodstone.

ep starts with his pamphlets, one get’s stuck between the boardwalk and pulled down, ronaldo finds a gem monster stuck under there. excited about finding a rock person that didn’t look like a person he helps it out and decides to hide it in the lighthouse. debating on what to do next, he and bloodstone bunk there for a while. cute shenanigans ensue with ronaldo trying to teach her about conspiracy theories and bloodstone obviously not getting it and probably making a mess of the place.

eventually bloodstone accidentally gets hurt, cracking her gem and becoming very distressed. scared for his new friend ronaldo goes to the gems. steven is able to heal the crack but the gems chew ronaldo out for trying to handle her himself. he tries to defend himself by saying he was trying to be like them and helping people. steven agrees that it was dangerous and by hiding her he put her and others at risk. however he appreciates his good intentions and empathizes with the situation given his history with centipeetle.

he suggests that bloodstone actually be able to stay with ronaldo under certain conditions since she seems happy and it would be an opportunity for ronaldo to learn more about what the crystal gems, and gems as a species, are actually about without just jumping to conclusions. and for one more corrupt gem to live fairly happily without having to be bubbled.

ofc garnet makes the executive decision yes. conditions i guess would be bloodstone stays in the lighthouse so the gems can still keep an eye on her, ronaldo visits the gems every so often to stay updated and learn about what the crystal gems actually do.

it provides an opportunity for more humans to learn about the gems and their cause, as humans should probably be more involved in protecting the planet?(cue a different venue for ronaldo to make conspiracy theories) and helps ronaldo learn to be more considerate of others. also maybe some foreshadowing to how corrupt gems will be fully healed (jasper could be mentioned but i wasn’t sure how). also foreshadowing for UNBUBBLING BISMUTH ALREADY…

yknow? i think that lapis actually likes being “together” like this with peridot i mean?…she was stuck in a mirror alone for thousands of years and then she was malachite for awhile..and now shes happy just doing weird shit with peridot freely and whether theyre involved romantically or not i think that she really enjoys being able to share a space with somebody and call that space “”home”” 

shiintan  asked:

How do you make your gifs? They're really nice

Thank you so much! I’m sorry for the late reply.

I wasn’t too sure if you had wanted a step-by-step process or not, but here it is anyway. I’ll try to keep it short & sweet!  (=゚ω゚)ノ

  • 1. I use Photoshop CC 2017, but any photoshop program can get the job done. To record/trim the scenes I want to make gifs of, I use windows movie maker (Before I used videopad editor; but it’s not free). To download episodes, I use Ohyraws or
  • 2. Once I have the scenes I want to use, I open up Photoshop and go to File>Import>Video Frames to Layers. Something that I do differently (I assume) than most gifmakers is import all frames. It’s a bit tedious at first but you slowly get used to it.
  • 3. After importing the frames, go to Window>Workspace>Essentials and then make sure that the timeline is open as well. Your layout should look something like this:
  • 4. Then start by going to the layers panel and selecting all of the layers. When they’re all selected, go to Image>Canvas Size and trim the width and height about 5 pixels on both X and Y. This cuts off the nasty edges of the video material, so I always do this to be safe. Resize the image to 540px afterwards. It’s a good idea to save at this point and make a PSD, so if you’ve improved later, you can go back and remake it if you wanted to.
  • 5. If you start to play through the frames at first, it’s very slow and choppy. This part is where you start deleting frames to get your content under the size limit (IT’S 3MB NOW I’M SO HAPPY)! It’s a matter of trial and error (probably not the best way to put it), but if you delete too many frames the gif starts to become choppier. There is also a time limit for every individual frame, and (0.06-0.10) is probably the average speed that you should put into each frame. A quick way to change multiple frame speeds at a time is to select them using the SHIFT + L mouse, or CTRL + L mouse, and then choose “Other” and type in the desired time allotted, which will change the frames that you have selected. Here’s a visual:
  • 6. After you’ve gone through step 4, make sure to reselect all of the layers in the layers panel and then on the timeline panel, go to >Convert to Video Timeline. I would suggest not playing through the frames after this because it may slow down/crash your computer and not play as smoothly, (at least it does for me).
  • 7. After converting it to a video timeline, go to Filter>Convert to Smart Filters.
  •  7. And then Filter>Blur>Surface Blur. This lowers the detail in the gif which in turn, lowers the file size. Try not to go above radius 3 and threshold 6. After surface blurring, try Filter>Sharpen>Smart Sharpen. Be careful and try not to oversharpen the gif. I usually don’t go over 200, and I keep the radius at (0.3), and I usually play around with the reduce noise setting a lot.
  • 8. After blurring and sharpening, this is where some tweaking comes in. If you play with the hue/saturation,  curves, levels, brightness/contrast, and selective color, then you can make the gif prettier and lower the size. You can use PSDs that other gifmakers have made as well. 
  • Note: Darker colors don’t take up as much MB as brighter colors.
  • 9. Once you are satisfied with the result, press (SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + S) altogether and a window will pop up. It takes a while to load the finalized version of your gif, so be patient. Once it has loaded, you should probably check the file size at the bottom left corner. Is it under 3MB? If it’s not, I suggest editing the colors in the top right corner. I don’t usually go under 175 for that. If the file size still isn’t under 3MB, you may have to CTRL + Z a lot of stuff and backtrack to see if you can spare any more frames or darken your colors.
  • Note: If you were to upload a gif any where else, I’m sure the file size can be much larger than 3MB. Personally I’ve never tried it, but just a heads up!
  • 10. I suggest either using Pattern or Diffusion, and then Perceptual. Try to play around with the settings to get the best end result. Afterwards if you are finally satisfied with the gif you’ve made, go ahead and save it! You’re finally done and ready to upload it to tumblr!

Jalec Week: Day 7 - Own Choice

So close no matter how far
Couldn’t be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
And nothing else matters”

anonymous asked:

I adore your work. This is an odd question but might I ask how you take your pictures? Is it with a cell phone? An SLR? In a proper studio? I'm creating a product line and the entire photography portion has me in tears. I haven't the capital to hire a professional so I'm asking anyone whose photos I love.

That’s not odd at all! In fact, let me run you through how I do mine because good photos are so essential when you want to sell anything online! I do have an SLR camera but lately I’ve figured that my phone camera works just as well, and it makes it easier for me to instantly upload pics on Instagram and the like! 

First thing you want to do is to find a spot in your house next to a big window where you’ve got plenty of natural light coming in! (or even somewhere outside your house) For me, this is the window beside my bed, so I use my bedside table for all my photography.

Next you need to decide on the overall aesthetic that will go along with the theme of your products! For me, I like to use somewhat darker colours with added decorative elements. Your style can change and develop of course, but try to keep most of your aesthetic somewhat consistent!

Here’s a bunch of decorative items that I might use as background props for my photos! Simple things like faux flowers or feathers can look really nice and make the overall look of a photo more interesting! Experiment with arranging different items until you’re happy with your result!

You don’t want the background items to be too overwhelming and stand out more than your product! Trying out different camera angles and placements can help give you a sense of what works! Take lots of photos and compare them to see what makes your product stand out more!

Another inexpensive strategy would be to get some decorative rolls of paper! Here’s some that I got from Paperchase c: 

Works really nice both with or without props! A light and simple background can really give a more professional feel to a product!

Also, if you’re photographing any kind of necklaces you need to get you one of these yo! Here’s some rather inexpensive ones: x and x!

Having the natural light source come in from the window makes such a big difference! When you take your photos keep in mind image composition and the golden ratio (maybe read up on it if you’re not familiar) to help you with your positioning and angles!


and with a bit of cropping and editing: 

Hope this has been helpful! I’m not saying you have to do it this way, but here’s how I do it! Depending on your line of products you might want to do it completely different! But I promise that it’s not that difficult to take nice photos yourself and you don’t necessarily need expensive equipment. Try it out and experiment, and I promise that you’ll get better at it the more you do!