Yoongi’s description of the members:

Jimin - a guy who’s like a puppy

Taehyung - a guy who’s like a puppy no. 2

(for anon)



Gift art for my girlfriend @draconiclich and for @mantisrising! (for whatever reason it wont let me tag you)

A drawing of their lovely dragons Quelmira and Yuujo! I think you guys had talked about Yuujo putting lanterns on Quelmira’s antlers? So thats where the inspiration for this picture came from!

I am bound by my girlfriend oath give my GF gifts, though really I enjoy giving her things. And Quelmira was so much fun to draw! She is one of my favorite of your dragons and I hope you like it sweetie!!

I drew this for Mantis becAUSE SHE SUGGESTED MY BLOG TO FOLLOW AND IM STILL SCREAMING ABOUT THAT. I couldn’t put into words how happy I was to see someone as amazing at art as Mantis to suggest my crappy blog! So I hope this picture expresses my feelings for me! Yuujo is just amazing and I had a blast drawing her!

anyway what’s great about heroic spirits is that they’re not 100% exactly the person from the legend but rather an embodiment/representative of the heroic narrative they’re from. servant cu chulainn isnt just the person cu chulainn he’s the heroic narrative of an inevitable fate & acceptng that fate. heroic spirit emiya isnt just shirou emiya he’s a narrative of making the impossible happen through hard work and losing your identity in sacrificing yourself for the greater good.

so like, yeah, maybe king arthur wasnt really a girl but she’s the narrative of “having to steel yourself & abandon being a person to become the ideal of the perfect king” so of course not even her gender (which is generally considered to be an extremely core part of someone’s identity as a person) was known by the people she was king to. of course da vinci wasnt actually a woman who looked like the mona lisa but da vinci’s narrative is one of striving for ultimate beauty in everything so of course da vinci is gonna be the fucking mona lisa. like yeah it’s bullshit but that’s bc they’re not literal people they’re personified narratives.

I logged on after just watching aos and I expected to see the usual gifs and chatter about the ep, but not all this hate for Fitz and what he said to Daisy!

I’m not saying that either of them are completely right or completely wrong but I feel what he said was entirely valid. And to me further proves that he has some serious abandonment issues. We know that he grew up without a dad, and I would love to see some more of that back story, because maybe that’s why he has such a problem with people leaving/betraying him. Obviously he could have confronted her in a calmer manner and should probably address these issues himself. But I think with his dad leaving, ward’s betrayal, Jemma going undercover at hydra plus the numerous other friends he lost (although those were not by their choice), it all adds up to him feeling alone and abandoned. 

Jemma also ran away to hydra, in a similar way to Daisy running off on her own. And in both cases its what they needed to do to process everything going on in their lives. Daisy lost the man she loved and that plus all the other loss she has suffered it’s no wonder she wanted to leave shield. Shield has brought her a lot of sadness a grief (its also brought her happiness and a sense of family but she isn’t feeling that right now). I understand why she left but I do think you can process your grief alone while still remaining friends with everyone at shield. She wasn’t just work colleagues with them, so leaving shield shouldn’t mean she leaves everyone with no trace. 

I think there is a lot of reasons for how Fitz acted and why Daisy left in the first place so just stop it with the hate guys.

Richard Madden appreciation month

Day 27: favorite convention so far

San Diego ComicCon 2012

fuck it, i’m making this a separate post.

i don’t think liam’s situation is comparable to louis’ at all. we saw hints of what liam was working on early in the year, he was seen in the studio, he had a demo that was leaked. despite what the press was saying once chiam hit we still knew he had irons in the fire. and, let’s not forget, chiam is an incredibly low maintenance stunt compared to louis’ double duty. 

no one is saying that louis is just fucking around and being lazy. he’s been working throughout the break, that much is obvious (and i don’t just mean the stunts). but what we’ve seen him working on is all tied to the narrative. it’s not like the press is saying one thing but we’re seeing something else. his management is literally tied to syco. everything around him is so incredibly controlled. it’s impossible to know what he might be doing for himself. and that, i think is where the concern comes in. we don’t know. and some people seem to take this ‘we don’t know’ and twist it into a positive. but like i’ve said before: i don’t have blind faith in things. i don’t think anyone is overreacting when they simply express concern about his situation (i’m not talking about anons.)

and for the record… this literally has nothing to do with harry. it’s not about harry having to stand back while louis’ shit gets sorted. i have no doubts that louis is incredibly proud and supportive of harry. just like harry has supported louis during all of stunt hell. i mean, your dash is not my dash, but i’ve not seen a single person who’s worried about louis say that harry should subvert his own aspirations until shit is cleared up. 

like, obviously this shoot was planned soon after he was cast because it revolves around the haircut. let’s say babygate was supposed to end in march. things would have unfolded so differently, and i don’t think anyone would’ve expected harry to cancel on this just because louis was still stuck (i’m sure louis wouldn’t let him, either). but that doesn’t mean the situation doesn’t still suck. recognizing that it sucks and being concerned for what other fresh hell might come our way is simply that. 

the point as everyone is saying, is that we don’t know and don’t see what’s going on. we can just draw conclusions from what we’re seeing. that’s it. and i’m sorry but what i’m seeing doesn’t look promising to me. so no, i’m not going to be blindly believing that things are going well BTS because every time i’ve expected something good we’ve been hit with another slap in the face.