My first art book is here!

Mixed Fables Vol 1.

Featuring associated personal,published and several unseen work;
Everything From some of my Favourite covers from Image and Marvel comics,  to fashion illustrations  and album artwork, as well as previously unpublished art from my Dead Cat’s exhibition. Mixed Fables also features several pieces created especially for it.

Limited edition of 100. Signed and numbered



£30 with a sketch

300gsm cover - 52 full colour - 170gsm Acroprint Indigo pages - Printed by Ripe Digital
Book will be on sale first exclusively direct from me at London Super Comic Con -Table A124

Remaining copies will be sold online from February 22nd.

Ok, so apparently mod-e-boteh has blocked me, but they posted this on their blog for Jewish Fashion Week and while it’s a lovely photograph, the people in it are decidedly Not Jewish. The Moorish Zionist Temple was actually a Black Hebrew Israelite establishment, according to all historical records I could find (it’s also featured on, which is misleadingly not about black Jews but about BHIs). 

Black Hebrew Israelite =/= Jewish, and it’s p bad to equate them, especially bc so many black jews have to face erasure of their identity on both sides of the divide. 

Here’s a black jew talking about this problem and some Ethiopian Israeli girls stuck in a hella awk “discussion” with BHIs (f*lasha in the video is kind of a slur btw). So please be careful when you throw the “Jewish” label around!

Transformers Roll Out heralds the global pop-culture Transformers phenomenon, featuring a collection of hit original songs inspired by the Hasbro Transformers franchise from leading established and up-and-coming alternative, rock and alt-pop artists, morphing together to create an epic portfolio of hard-hitting tunes that truly embodies the soul of the Hasbro Transformers brand. The album will include tracks from chart topping rock band ‘Bush’ and front man Gavin Rossdale, lending powerhouse vocals in “This House is on Fire” and will also feature up-and-coming alt-rock group Mount Holly on the album’s lead title track “Roll Out.” Transformers Roll Out is being released on Sony Music’s RED Associated labels and is available for digital pre-order on Feb 9th at iTunes:

Artists contributing to Transformers Roll Out (with track titles) include:

·         Mount Holly (“Roll Out”)

·         Bush (“This House is on Fire”)

·         Crash Kings (“Gigantik”)

·         MEW (“Count to Ten”)

·         Elle Rae (“Into the Fire”)

·         SPURS (“Exiled”)

·         Jameson Burt (“Just a Spark”)

·         Ours (“Stronger”)

·         Darby™; (“Modern Man”)

·         Born Cages (“Our Revolution”)

Transformers Roll Out was made available for digital pre-order this morning, with two singles off the compilation (Mount Holly’s “Roll Out” and Crash Kings’ “Gigantik”) available for purchase and on streaming services. On April 15th the full album will be available on all major digital providers, with a limited edition CD and vinyl will be offered exclusively through FYE stores.

anonymous asked:

Are you going to show your menu? (different anon than before but now I'm curious to see it)

featuring only a few of my sideblogs (oc trash blog, personal blog, cosmere fanblog) because i keep making them like?? why????do i??? 

i’m not even using the other 9 i have made. they just sit there uselessly being useless. why would i ever need twelve blogs. what am i

zaphimakessense answered your question “hi please send me messages about anything if you’re online?”

What’s the plot of your dnp fic?

ok so basically what i had in mind was an alternative reality where dan and phil stopped talking in 2009 and never met up, and they went on to have wildly successful but separate careers in youtube (and in dan’s case, bbc radio 1) and come 2014, they run into each other in a coffee shop in london

some even vaguer thoughts about a Social Network Of Our Own

- related-post suggestion algorithms and social-graph stuff are basically sorcery to me, but imagine. just imagine. there’s that post with a zillion notes floating around tumblr that basically says "what if AO3 implemented an ‘if you liked this fic, you may also enjoy…’ feature. none of us would ever leave our computers again.” think about that, but with all the random fannish miscellany/resources people collect over years and years of intense investment in what they love. think about social graphs, friends of friends, those usernames that keep cropping up in the notes of the stuff you like, the tangled trees of who reblogged what from whom via which other people

- OTOH depending on how much individualized tracking of your preferences was involved and what kind of weird porn it recced you, that could get real creepy real fast

- i actually really like the idea of a Diaspora-like highly distributed social network, especially if it had an option for servers to back up and mirror chunks of each other’s data, providing redundancy in case of disaster (imagine if AO3 disappeared from the internet tomorrow, we’d all be up the creek without a paddle)….. but there’d be some giant logistical headaches to iron out re: privacy, security, conflicting abuse policies, etc.

- there’s the money issue. a distributed system would actually be pretty great for that: spread the load, horizontal scaling is in, grab a pre-configured image and run a node out of your basement, be the cloud you want to see in the etc etc etc. if not that, maybe some kind of tip jar thing, where you get X amount of free storage space on the site and can use it, or gift your unused space to someone whose stuff you love, or buy more, or drop a few bucks in someone’s tip jar–and they can redeem the tip for $$$ or gift part of it to someone else or plow it back into more storage… idk. there’s probably a massive design failure lurking somewhere in there. and on the one hand it’d be pretty cool to set up a micropayment system that non-paying users can still participate in, but on the other i’d be very very leery of introducing real money into the fannish gift economy.

- one of the cool things about tumblr is the easy sharing, and one of the maddening things about tumblr is the easy reposting without attribution. in the same vein as related posts and search suggestions, it’d be pretty cool if image uploads were run through some kind of “does this look like a watermarked, resized, or cropped version of a pic someone’s already posted here” analysis, with a “hey, looks like we might already have this one, want to go join the conversation on the original post?” message that pops up on a match. and/or a Helpful Tool right next to the upload button that lets you run reverse image searches to try and find a source for the random pictures you have lying around from god-knows-where.

- ditto for links and video embeds, actually: site checks if someone’s already posted them, offers to point you to existing discussion, which would be Actually Really Fucking Helpful

- it occurred to me like fifteen minutes after i posted that thing about aggregating duplicate reblogs and only showing the most recent one….. that hey, congrats, genius, you have just reinvented forum threads getting bumped to the top whenever someone replies.
See Abra, Dej Loaf, Tinashe, And More In T Magazine

The New York Times’ style bible, T Magazine is rolling out its Women’s Fashion Issue, featuring some of music’s most enchanting songstresses, including SZA, Tinashe, Jean Deaux, and Awful records goddess Abra. The intimate spread styled by Malina Joseph Gilchrist and photographed by James Robjant features soft portraits of each of the ladies, wearing tops and striking earrings that complement their own individual styles. The online spread also features artists Dej Loaf, Lord Narf, and Empress Of. The issue will be available in print on February 14th.


So, I started up my old update vlogs again! They won’t be weekly anymore, but I’ll post them every so often to keep you all updated on what’s going on with my various projects.

This episode: updates on where I’ve been, discussion about the end of ATSIT, and your opportunity to help choose my next project, also featuring a fic rec for @quartetship‘s masterpiece A Different Song.

Pretty Setters Mermaid Au

With suga having pearls threaded through his hair and akaashi wearing black pearl jewlry; Oikawa with seashell earings, kageyama pouting while having a bright pink anenome tucked behind his ear, and kenma having a sea horse that plays in his hair. Also featuring siren iwaizumi who wishes he could lure oikawa to his death.


In stores today are two different TPBs written by me, but only one of them also features a bonus story by my kid.

It’s not ideal scheduling to have two different books released the same day but they’re both very different from one another and both books of which I’m very proud to have made alongside such talents as Gabriel Rodriguez and Jay Fotos (on Onyx) and Ashley Wood, Paul Davidson, Jay Fotos (again!), Antonio Fuso, Stefano Simeone and Lucy Ryall & Nico Pena (on ZvR v2).
Free! Eternal Swim Chronicle - Book 3: Realm of the Bio-Chronicles

Free! Eternal Swim Chronicle
- Book 3: Realm of the Bio-Chronicles

~Episode 2: Forbidden Truth! OUT NOW!

Originally posted by makotozz (AO3 Alternate)

Synopsis: With the truth about the Death Mark that was kept a secret between Makoto and Rin, the latter must speak up to the others. However, will this secret tear the team apart? Or is there something else hidden beneath that secret that will unlock a possible opportunity to save their prince?

In Flashbacks; Mata Nui and Skralla work together to save the population of Bara Magna while a mysterious object of a foreign Dark Magic appears in the Kingdom of Atlantis!

Also: Don’t miss out on Skullsuke’s official debut in this chapter as he joins forces with the Skull Creatures! Momo and Nitori’s Journey to Sportsbrooke is also featured in this episode!