Entertainment Weekly’s Best of Summer TV 2017

[For their sudsy sequel to William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, ABC and Shondaland tried to get as authentic as possible–which meant eschewing the customary soundstage and hitting the road to find the perfect Renaissance-era settings. “It’s the most amazing thing about the show,” says executive producer Heather Mitchell of the show’s commitment to shooting the entire seven-episode series on location. “You can’t even say that about Game of Thrones.” A cathedral in Salamanca, Spain, built in the 1200s hosted key scenes including the wedding of Romeo (Lucien Laviscount) and Juliet (Clara Rugaard). A breathtaking gazebo located a few hours outside of Madrid was used for a lunch shared by Romeo’s cousin Benvolio (Wade Briggs) and Juliet’s cousin Rosaline (Lashana Lynch). Based on Melinda Taub’s 2013 YA book of the same name, the show also features Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Anthony Head as Juliet’s father, Lord Silvestro Capulet.

Filming in public was mostly a dream for the cast and crew, who spent about five months in 2016 shooting across Europe–except when Reign heartthrob Torrance Coombs showed up to play Juliet’s suitor Count Paris. “We didn’t realize that he’s a major teen idol in Spain,” admits Mitchell. “When we shot in Salamanca, there were throngs of teenage girls screaming like they just saw the Beatles.” – Lynette Rice]

The Bone Witch review

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

When Tea accidentally brings her brother back from the dead, she is forced to leave behind her small village for the bustling, intoxicating city of the asha — witches who master both elemental magic and the art of entertainment. But while most asha are highly revered, Tea is a bonewitch. Bonewitches may be both powerful and necessary to the survival of the kingdoms, but they are also feared and hated by many. Over the years of Tea’s training as an asha, we learn about the rich culture and history of the city, the kingdoms, and the asha in general as Tea learns to fight, dance, sing, and raise the dead. This book is loaded with detailed descriptions of the riches of Tea’s world that were a joy to read and also features boys defying gender stereotypes, women kicking ass as bodyguards and hostesses and teachers and mentors, and a heartfelt sibling bond.

But all is not beautiful and wonderful. As a bonewitch, Tea must face down terrifying beasts that are killed and raised from the dead in cycles every year, beasts that have slowly been draining the life of her mentor. Will Tea face the same fate? We may not know that immediately, but what we do know immediately is that she will be exiled to a remote beach full of bones… eventually. The suspense of how and why this will happen overlays Tea’s narration of her years as an asha-in-training, even as the actual action of the book doesn’t heat up until close to the end (brace yourself for pain and plot twists!).

As you can probably tell from my adoring description, I really liked this book. I wouldn’t say I absolutely loved it — I do think the many goodreads reviews calling it too slow are justified — but a slow moving plot isn’t an issue for me when I’m this wrapped up in the world building. I was completely fascinated by both the main story and the little snippets of older, colder, stranger Tea in between the narration. Over all, The Bone Witch completely delivered on the suspenseful, introspective, diverse fantasy read I was promised, and I personally will be awaiting the sequel with baited breath, even as I recognize this book isn’t for everyone.

KBB flashbacks

As the writing and arting gets underway and folks wait for the big reveals, we thought we’d fill in the time between then and now by featuring all the fantastic content created for last year’s bang! We’ll be sharing directly from AO3 so all the tags will show up in the posts, and will also tag each feature as KBB flashback. There’s 130 of them, and we’ll be queuing them up so they post 1-2 times a day.

The exception to this, sadly, will be locked fics, as the share function doesn’t work for them. We’ll make a master list of these as we go through and include them in one post.


Finally finished!  And yeah, this is as long and polished as the video is gonna get.  I have work to get back to. @v@ There’s some lag in the lipsyncing somewhere in the middle but I’m at peace with that!
You can blame @splickedylit for thinking of this and me for carrying it out.  But honestly, no regrets.  Anyway, here’s some rapping Felix.

Song: Whoa Whoa Whoa by Watsky
Program Used: Toon Boom Studio 4.5

I was thinking about Harry & Cho’s disastrous date and there was a post-it note next to my hand so… happy late valentines day!


Lana Del Rey is being featured in the upcoming June issue of Elle Magazine! An interview is also featured in the magazine, in which she revealed the title of a song on Lust For Life, called God Bless America!


chronicles of bakugou-sensei pt.2



Hey guys, Jo’s back!! after a month (ish) semi-hiatus, here’s a little overture to hopefully an entire symphony of posts. This is my bullet journal spread from last week, but as you can see, it’s only for thursday and friday. That week, I had to plan out my day by the hour because I had a lot of things to do, mainly study for my AS levels. The timeslots are mostly blank because I took the photos before I planned for the two days (I think it was Tuesday).

Some materials I used are the Tombow brush pen in the color 772, a coral-pink (?) Zebra mildliner, a 0.5 sarasa pen, uni-pin 0.1 drawing pen, and a 0.7 Muji gel pen.

Oh, and also featured is a simple collage thing I made inspired by Paramore’s (aka my favorite band in the entire universe) new single Hard Times (which I definitely recommend you listen to even if you’ve never listened to them before), along with fake polaroids of the trio.

And yeah, hope I can update more often and post more content. Coming tomorrow is a May monthly planner and calendar printable, so look out for it!

Three days after Harry Styles fans hear his highly anticipated debut solo album, they’ll get a deeper look into how the album all came together. Apple Music has all the behind-the-scenes footage Stylers could want in a documentary titled Harry Styles: Behind the Album, premiering May 15.

In addition to clips from Styles recording in the studio, the film will also feature an exclusive interview with Styles himself as well as live footage of Harry’s band performing his album songs for the first time together at Abbey Road. A trailer for the doc shows Styles singing, scuba diving, and yes, even getting his famous locks chopped – oh, and according to a press release, fans will also get to see Mr. Styles in his underwear.


UK tattoo parlors are being overbooked for bee tattoos to honor Manchester attack victims

  • British locals have been flooding into tattoo parlors to get bee tattoos in the aftermath of Monday’s deadly terrorist attack at a Manchester, England Ariana Grande concert.
  • The worker bee has long been Manchester’s sigil of sorts, a symbol of the city’s working class history during the Industrial Revolution.
  • The worker bee is also featured prominently on the crest of the city’s coat of arms as a symbol of Mancunians’ industriousness, according to BBC.
  • The bee symbol is featured prominently in Manchester. Read more (5/25/17)

anonymous asked:

What do you think Nidoking and Nidoqueen are based of?

Their lines seem to be inspired by bits of all sorts of animals - we git some unmistakably mammalian influences, for example from rhinos, rodents/rabbits etc. but also something archaic and reptilian - hey don’t have cheeks for example. I think that they form a unique little clade within pokémon, a distinct body plan (that includes having also similar quadruped pre-evos) that allies them with the rhydon line. Indeed the Nido royalties, Rhydon, and Rhyperior all are known as The Drill Pokémon. Also, Khangaskan shares many features of this group too. 

The body plan of a large, eared, bipedal, tailed, spiny, reptiley-mammal has an unmistakably gen 1 feel about it, it is so recognisable, for example it stars as the iconic gym statues, and as one of the major roster sprites in gen1/2. Rhydon like mons everywhere man. 

Of course, rhydon was one of the first Pokémon designed, and you can see from this early concept art that the original rhydon was even more Nido like than now.  

Ok I don’t know where I’m going with this, but before I had a tendency to shoehorn pokémon into definitive groups based on real life counterparts, however this often runs into difficulties where you have pokémon based on more than one unrelated real life animal, or when a real life counterpart simply doesn’t exist. Plus we have lots of game mechanic bullshit that can be just plain biological sacrilege - eggs, B̑́ͧ͐rͨͩ̇ͣ̏ͧE̷͗E͑͟d͗͆iͤͦͫ͒n͟Ǧ̃̃̄̌, evolutionary stages (though I see pokémon evolution in this sense as a form of facultative metamorphosis) etc.  

I think now it’s better to assume that Pokémon is an incredibly different universe, but one that does share some fundamental biological and evolutionary laws and similarities. Thus for example instead of saying that Rattata is a rat definitively, it could be better to say that Rattata is an organism that shares many morphological and ecological characteristics with a rat, and thus, since we have very limited data to go upon (we can’t properly study it’s physiology, behaviour etc., sequence DNA etc., and like,the pokedex is written by a ten year old child lol), we can infer aspects of it’s biology from rats as well as it’s evolutionary relationships to other rodent like pokémon that share a similar suite of physiological and ecological characters, from what we know about such relationships in Rodentia, and from real world character evolution. 

So what can we say about the Nidos? They are part of a distinguishable group of pokémon that all possess a distinct set of ecological, behavioural, and morphological characters, which have analogies to a variety of real life mammalian and reptilian real life counterparts, such as rhinos, glires (rodents and lagomorphs (hares, pikas, and rabbits), and mammal like reptiles. The variation within this group of pokemon is less than the differences between members of this group and other pokémon, and this unites this group as a clade. It would be a lot of work to actually work out what pokémon the drill pokémon + khangaskan are most closely related to, i.e. make a phylogenetic tree, but here is just a rough within group tree with a possible scenario of major character evolutionary events (indicated by black rectangles). 

(also, the breeding rules between the Nidos, and whether the king and queen are different species or this is just sexual dimorphism is completely clouded by game mechanics of having gendered pokémon before established gender mechanics, so I’m not going to into that - however, I will say for a quick example, meerkats live in a matriarchal society and the alpha female usually has most of the breeding rights - however, because she has to defend the her position, as well as the group itself from danger, she often has very high testosterone levels which reduces her fertility - perhaps nidorina and nidoqueen are extreme examples of this, changing physically to take on a more protective role, letting nidoran sisters/aunts/mothers take on breeding roles)