My Bromance | Incoming BL Thai Series 

New adaptation of Pee Chai (My Bromance), with Kaii Prakasit as Bank and Cooper Patpasit as Golf.

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             Jacob groaned as he pushed himself upwards, feeling the bruises and splinters and scrapes that now covered his body as he ran a gloved hand across his face, a streak of blood running across his jawline as he did so with a soft, bemused chuckle at the whole situation.
            They were a pair, weren’t they?
                        They looked like a couple of messes at the moment as he offered a shake of his head, picking up his hat where it had landed and dusting it off before adjusting it atop his head.
           “Hell of a gash, there, Eddy-”
                                   Jacob mused as he eyed the other’s cut- where Jacob was covered in mostly bruises and veritable toothpicks from….demolishing that cart-…he’d have to repay the owner- Edward had certainly skidded pretty far off course.
                     I think he’d mind,”
                                      a mischievous grin curling his lips with a boyish glimmer that shone with a devilish gleam as he moved towards the other,
                                                       “….sounds like a plan.”

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HELLO!!! New to the blog, I love it! I also miss the Leedus bromance, but I also think everyone is cool with everyone else and Norm likes everybody. Don't think N is gay, just affectionate. And while he laps up attention-who doesn't-he's also shy and quiet deep down. I'm like that. He's aged FAST these past few years. Andy and Glen(?) have not. Maybe it's the dark long hair which I personally don't like, way to harsh for a blond boy. And even Daryl could get a haircut once in a while, Rick did!

Welcome to the weird. There are quite a few people missing the Leedus. 😆😆 I kind of what to see him with short light hair again.

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who wants to talk about their ocs with me ? and also about mine and i’ll probs start shipping them with each other lol h elp ( not only romantically but also bromance like gimme someone that matches june’s fiery personality or matthew’s damaged past kjsgkfd )

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I have a question about SOTUS the series, is there only one bl couple in the show then the rest boy and girl couples or idk.... I'm just not sure what to expect but I'm going to watch it regardless ^_^

I think there will be only 1 BL story, the main one, but I’m not sure ^^” (I’d love to have also some bromance between Gunsmile and Fluke to be honest :P)

we’ll see :) but I think that in case it’s better to have 1 good story than a lot that are not good enough ^-^ (any reference is purely coincidental lol)

Suicide Squad

Ok this has very quickly become a very controversial subject. But here are a few things I think we can all agree on

Harley motherfucking Quinn absolutely STOLE the show and I can’t wait for her own movie( though I wish they did that first)

Jared Leto had some massive shoes to fill but honestly he was fantastic. There wasn’t nearly enough of him though. We need more

Will Smith was actually really good and his jokes didn’t flop. He did the absolute best he could with the dialogue he was given and that really says something. Also the Rick Flag bromance made my heart SING

Joker and Harley’s relationship is just fantastic. Really abusive and toxic, but amazing. The baptism of Harley Quinn was the best scene in the movie, some of those shots were just art and Joker and Harley are now OTP.

The villain was by far the worst part of the movie and I’m sorry but Cara couldn’t act to save her life. She looks line she was hula dancing it was just cringeworthy.

Overall just remove Cara as the villain, give Joker more screen time, Improve the dialogue and script and we would have a great movie on our hands. Going in with low expectations is the best thing I could’ve done and although it didn’t reach its full potential, Suicide Squad was far from a total loss thanks to Margot Robbie Jared Leto Viola Davis and Will Smith. I can’t wait for the Harley Quinn movie and I really hope DC can learn from this and build on it.