worlds 2015 - aa contenders

UNIQ's animal nicknames
  • Sungjoo:Kim Pig
  • Seungyoun:Monkey
  • Yixuan:Turtle
  • Wenhan:Pigeon
  • Yibo:Wang Duck

There are two sides to this story.


The Reapers

The reapers’ job is to take souls before they die. This makes the death painless. They’re undead. There are two reapers currently not known in the story, and to ‘unlock’ them you guys have to ask more questions! 

Currently known reapers: 

Lovino: (Main Reaper): He was killed by a falling piece of space debris ((a toilet seat)) and now works wit the reapers.

Ludwig: (The boss) He is in charge and gives the reapers their post its with ETD, First name, middle initial, and last name. 

Kiku: (Happy thoughts) He is one of the reapers that has been with Ludwig for a while. Always takes pictures before the person dies and categorizes them afterward. 

Yao: (Tickets) He is very salty and likes to be in charge. He works as a ticket cop for the city. 

Gilbert: (Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert) Big flirt and risk taker. He makes a lot of jokes and is close to everyone. Very compassionate. No one takes him seriously. 

Alfred: (Alfred Alfred Alfred): Very joyful. Close to Gilbert. Prankster and closer to Lovino in death. He left behind his family as well, who are older now. 

And the Living

Currently the only two living in the story are Feliciano and his grandfather (Roma). Roma and Felicano were devastated at Lovino’s passing and are shaken up. Felicano has been acting….oddly.