“A New Friend~!”

Hey guys! Here’s basically the next part of the story! I’ll explain don’t worry:

So…this is after the Zeke attack (which I will draw out soon) and after the Solar Twins meet up with the others (also I will draw the rest soon), One of the Zekes happen to talk, since none of them actually talk and just say “zoom!” Zeke asks Stella and her friends if they saw a young woman with long blonde hair pass by in the dark-starred cave, which is referencing Miracle. Stella reveals that they actually left Miracle behind to be alone, which the Zeke says that is downright horrible. According to Zeke, Miracle has helped it (you guess the gender, not revealing it yet) change into something, just because of her singing. This never happened to the other Zekes in the cave, and they never attacked because they heard humming when she entered. Miracle didn’t know how she did it or how it happened, but she apparently loved Zeke when it changed. What Zeke is saying is that Miracle doesn’t do anything wrong, and to give her a chance for her to travel with Stella and the others. This was Corona’s idea to leave her alone in the first place because he thought she would just “slow them down” and because of her very happy-go-lucky attitude. So…do they go back for Miracle? And what happened to the Zeke? 


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what are your fav dream pop bands!!

HUNNY I thought u’d never ask ……! so excited about this message. okay so I’ve been listening to a LOT of Pale Saints recently so they’re my current favorite probably, but also Mazzy Star is always a fave, Cocteau Twins, Mojave 3, Secret Shine is BOMB especially their first album, also The Horrors are like my fave more current dream pop band. Also MBV of course. I could go on forever tbh

@smeagleeagle said: Happy birthday! I’m not sure when you posted this, but it’s my birthday too if it was on July 26!

Yup! Mine’s also on the 26th :D. So yaaay we could be twins >w< (or triplets, I guess, since I’m already a twin XD).


Due to rl issues, I haven’t been on Tumblr, but Im back now..Back with a new game and a new look for my blog.  The Wynns, my self-sim Tina Raymond’s family, are the first to move in!  Ryan (Dad), Carmen (Mom), Jina (twin sis), Loren Diesel, (Jina & Vin’s daughter), and me & Usher Raymond, hey..they’re our dream beaus. Why not…hehee

Unfortunately, I lost me and Usher’s beautiful son, Adonis..silly me, I could kick myself for this, I didnt save him anywhere.  But I did save Tina’s pregnancy from before he was we’ll try it again.   Also, you will see my twin sis Jina and Vin Diesel are back together in this game.  They get a do-over. :P Hopefully, Vin has learned his lesson and won’t cheat on her this time around.

Today, while I was at work, my prof came in the shop and I was thinking he looked a bit different but didn’t say anything about it, and our interaction was so generic and brief that I didn’t think anything of it but

I also know he has a twin

And now I’m genuinely not sure if I saw him or his twin

And if it was his twin, I feel like it was the sort of situation where someone recognizes you and you don’t know why so you pretend to recognize them back

Or he just pulled a fast one on me

Or maybe it actually was my professor

I will probably NEVER KNOW and I think that’s really really funny



↳ Day 3 [Favorite Dynamic(s)]: In which I can’t really choose. 


awww man, that episode was hilarious and adorable! It was such a nice, light, fun episode and I enjoyed it so much (and I’m so happy the Gems showed up in it ‘cause I was totally expecting it to not have them at all)

man, like, Ronaldo was hilarious in this episode. He has wheelie shoes! I’m glad they brought back the ticket girl (whose name is Jane apparently!) from “Lion 2: The Movie”, I hope she and Ronaldo can work it out

Also I liked seeing Jenny and Kiki interacting. We haven’t seen much of that since “Beach Party” but it was nice and really cute. I dunno, I love seeing sibling interactions (also I’m a twin so I like seeing twins in media get along while also not being completely the same, I dunno).

Anyway, this episode was really fun. I’m kind of blanking on what else to say now but I really enjoyed it and it was great