Last week I found this adorable post by @plot-twist-i-am-an-android and I just… HOW COULD I NOT DRAW THAT?

And because I wanted to include myself as one of the kids, I included a few of my friends too - 7 to be exact. In the last two images, you can see them in this order: @mhmdogelicious, @thecatyoudontexpect, me, Litty, @ladyofirony, @aquaticactivity, @mayallthebaconburn and @glowfoiry.

(Also Chat, stop hugging the kittens out of the blue like that, or you might kill the poor things.)


This is the scarf I designed and sent off to my Secret Quonsar recipient before taking pictures, because I am always horrible at taking pictures of things I make before I give them away. She kindly remembered and took pictures anyway. I’m still planning on using this scarf to teach myself how to diagram and possibly selling the pattern, we’ll see.


I’ve just had these kittens dropped off. They’re 1 and a half to two weeks of age, abandoned by their mom. The mom’s run away and left them and when I got them about half an hour ago they hadn’t milk food for nearly two days.

I have kitten milk formula, but not much, and the cat shelter may be unable to take them due to being full this time of year.

I hate to ask, but any donations to (my moms paypal, so she can just directly buy more formula) is appreciated, I’ve lost my job and once I run out of kitten milk, I can’t get more without donations.

Even if you can’t donate, reblogging would help so much, thank you!

Names for the kittens also appreciated! Tag with suggested names?


🌸 Selfie/bias selfie tag thingie! 🌸 Tagged by both @scoupswife (idk if you’re was just a selfie tag!?) and @minghyu You two are such cute beans omg!

 Thank you for the tag! So here’s me with two Woozi’s, my kitten and the actual bean. Tagging @vernonchewy @woozihop @kimbap-uh-kidding @huntingachievements @adorexuminghao @ming-gyoo @shownu-daddy @nowjunhui @peacheolie @pyo-jiswoon (don’t feel pressured to do it 💜✨)
Click here to support Urgent Amputations for Bibb Kittens
Two kittens rescued from Bibb County Pound need amputations urgently; each has an injured foreleg with neuropathy causing pain and mobility issues. The best way to ease their discomfort is amputation; the limbs are useless and will only develop complications if they are not removed. "China" is a...

Today we rescued three kittens from Bibb County Pound. Clay and China each have injured front legs, while Claire has a severe URI. Unfortunately Clay and China both have severe nerve damage to their injured legs that can’t be remedied, and require amputation. All three kittens also need vaccinations and to be fixed. While ACS is on an intake freeze for cats, we are sponsoring these three kittens for a small local rescue and are trying to raise funds for their medical care. Please consider donating in any amount and PLEASE share.


Soooo I applied to adopt these two perfect babies today! If anyone on tumblr dot com would like to cross their fingers, pray, light a candle, and/or send good vibes for it to be approved, I’d appreciate it 😘😘😘

(Also if you have name suggestions for two sweet, incredibly friendly little boys, hit me with em! “Ross” and “Templeton” are pretty terrible names.)

pls think about sechen wearing matching skirts. they’re even in the same size because both of their waists are slim and yet they look so different on their vastly contrasting body types. the hem of the soft blue tiered skirt lays high on sehun’s thighs while jongdae feels the tickle of it on his knees. when junmyeon calls them pretty, sehun hides his blush in the light grey turtleneck he completed his outfit with, his gaze flicking over to the cheshire-grinned hyung that’s hanging off of their leader’s shoulder. jongdae agrees with this opinion, booming with laughter when junmyeon tickles his bare side by sticking his hand into the loose tank the man is donning.