can you believe that will byers truly exist?? 

because like? he is so brave that he actually pulled out a shotgun that night to protect himself and he is so caring because he warned his mom- in that shit hole, he warned her and told her to run, that demogorgon was coming? and he is also so fucking talented, i can imagine him in front of the fucking eiffel and he is also honest, he told mike the roll was a seven and he is so good at d&d and he has this amazing voice i can listen to the end of the time and he is the best looking human being with a bowl-cut and he also must be very shy about boys and his sexuality too because everyone calls him those words- even his damn father.

and his cute soft brown hair on his forehead??? and god he is so dainty- he is like a little flower that glows with the sun as it goes up on the sky in the very first hours of the morning. he is also the smallest of all the boys even though they’re all the same age- but he isn’t just small, he is smol. and he is brave again too because he wasn’t afraid of riding his bike on a dark scary road. and he also has a very good music taste and god, he was so cute when he pulled his legs to his chest and sang should i stay or should i go in the upside down, he was shaking, fucking shaking but he sang it because that song made him feel like home, that song warmed him and cleared the air he took in his lungs and it felt like he was gonna be in his room when he opened his eyes.

and- well,  he better be safe and protected or i’ll have words.

Klance Skyhigh au part 3

(Part 3 with the additional ideas from the lovely @becoming-icarus Yes! thank you so much dear! =w=)

•So Keith bursts into flames when embarrassed and Lance discovers that sometimes its because of him when he calls Keith mushy pet names. (Most of the time its just because Lance is being cute without knowing it)

•Lance is over the moon but also sad that he has to tone it down a bit (a lot) so they dont trigger the school fire alarms. (He does it outside tho)

•When walking through the hall, Keith gets called out and taunted by other students (this is before Keith gets beat up in part 2) Lance gets really irritated and grabs Keith’s hand leading him away not letting go until their in class.

•When Lance finally gets fed up and almost starts a fight because of it he feels Keith shyly sliding his hand in Lance’s and pulls him away to avoid getting in trouble.

•While beeing pulled away, Lance is speechless but also proud and he adjusts their hands to intertwine. Keith ducks his head in embarrassment and flicker of flames erupt around his face. He’s Just So Cute Like a Kitten Lance is So Gone.

•Speaking of, Lance slips and calls Keith “Kitten” once during a conversation. lo and behold its the only pet name that doesnt bursts Keith into flames so it sticks during school. (He only raised a brow and said “kitten?” because he really doesnt get it.)

•Skyhigh never knew that Lance Mcclain could be scary af…

•Sure he’s smart, had the knack to distrupt class sometimes with a joke or witty comment. He’s respected but he was the school flirt before Keith came along. He’s protective of his freinds but they never really saw any potential of what an enraged Lance can do until one day.

•When one particular senior had the gall to shapeshift as Lance and fake hit on Keith while he was waiting at his locker, only to shapeshift back and torment him in front of a lot of students for being TWO villain’s problem child AND being gay for Mcclain.

•The whole hall dropped below 20 degrees where Lance was walking towards them in a creepy calm. In a matter of seconds, everything except for where Keith is standing was covered in frost.

•Before the senior could make a comment, sharp, blade-like shards of ice were floating in mid-air all pointed at him ready to strike at one wrong move. “Don’t test me buddy”

•Shiro once said to Lance that when Keith is really scared (which rarely happens), his flames had trouble coming out. That’s why Lance thought Keith was scared of him after that incident when they were walking away. His hands wasnt warm and he was shaking.

•He eventually got Keith to speak up. It wasnt cos Lance got angry at the senior, it was what Lance thought now that he knew that Keith was gay and had feelings for him that terrified him. He didnt want to lose his best friend.

•With that out and a terrified Keith in front of him, it made it easier for Lance to do the next thing he always wanted to since falling for his little kitten.

ALSO ADORABLE art by @becoming-icarus riiight HERE aaaand HERE :D

Aaand really really cute fic HERE by @klance-and-a-half !!


voltron season 3 episode predictions
  • shiro falls out of the ceiling tiles and into allura’s arms, along with 15 armed rebels and a couple of vegetables from earth. the entire episode is just him screaming, allura screaming, the paladins screaming, and the black lion kicking them all out. they never really figure out how exactly shiro got into the ceiling tiles but shiro says it has something to do with the vegtables.
  • the reunion episode between matt holt and shiro is just a complicationed dance routine with sam and pidge looking on in a mixture of shame and contempt. it has been months since they last saw each other. how do they know this. the entire dance is just the whole episode.
  • lotor is just a tiny alien in a huge mech suit, and once the paladins figure that out they put him in a glass jar and now hes a decortive item in the castle. the joke is that youre supposed to move it every time you see him to freak out someone. this ends badly as keith once woke up with it shoved down his shirt, and all of lance’s creams got replaced by several bad duplications of the jar. pidge is a master at this game as they can crawl through vents and place the jar of screaming prince lotor anywhere undetetced. 
  • shiro’s makeup bag gets replaced by alien substances and winds up geting posioned because he used some crushed berries as eyeliner, and the episode is him runnin though the castle, arm activated and destroying a couple of walls looking for his damned eyeliner. allura helps.
  • hunk and pidge are working on shiros arm (which needed maintenance or something) and they discover it can be turned into any body part. they accidently turn it into a foot and cant change it back so its just shiro walking around the castle like normal only its a foot.
  • the cow, which had wandered off on its own in the castle, gets an entire episode thats just from the cow’s point of view. it raids the kitchen at night and loves the food goo. it crawls though the vents and often scares the heck out of pidge. it has a collection of stuff it stole, like several of keiths knifes, lances moisturizer, a rolling stones album, several pens and socks, an entire altean ballgown, and coran’s ponytail bands. prince lotor in a jar eventually winds up in it but no one cares.
  • lance does DOFA deez nuts on allura at least once. the episode consists of pidge and lance memeing the other paladins. 
  • at one point someone adopts an alien cat. it hates hunk but loves keith. keith hates it and hunk loves it.
  • “every time you kill zarkon, theres a tinier zarkon that you can kill eaiser behind it. after you kill the last one, you become a god.” “lance put the redbull coffee down and put your shirt back on before i throw you into the pool.”
  • hunk swears, and everyone just stares. they suspect that hes a galra in disguise and try to anbush him while hes making cookies.
  • the paladins get into another time loop only when they get out of it, shiro and matt are 10 year olds, hunk lance and keith are maybe 4, and pidge is an infant. the episode is just allura, coran, and samuel holt just taking care of the children with their giant robot cats that also seemed to revert to kittens. lotor in a jar makes an appearence but its just him screaming for a couple minutes.

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hello sweets!! I was wondering if you've done apartment!au for bts??? It's a bit much so can you just do maknae line for now?? Pretty please with a 🍒 on top,?☺️ thank u~


  • sweet boy with a sweet smile and a sweet personality and wow did i mention the word sweet???
  • he’s a little clueless to his popularity in the neighborhood like sometimes he’ll find notes stuck to his apartment door from some of the highschoolers that live in the building and they’re like love confessions like “jimin,,,,,,i like you so much!! let’s walk down the flower road together xoxo ~ secret admirer from the 9th floor”
  • and jimin is like “my neighbors are so nice to me, look at this note namjoon” and namjoon is like “,,,,,,,,,i don’t think this is ‘nice neighbors’ i think this person has a crush on you” and jimin is like oN me??? why would they have a crush on me 0000:
  • everyone in a 10 mile radius: because you’re the cutest boy in the world what kind of question is that
  • and jimin loves bright colors,,,,i think he’d have lots of yellow in his house,,,,,,like yellow curtains in his kitchen and yellow slippers,,,,,idk why he just seems like he’d want to have a really lively aesthetic going on
  • and he’d be neat ,,,, and would love having people over like he’d meet someone and in a day be like “you should come over sometime ^^” like he’s just a nice open person,,,,,,,it’s so refreshing
  • but he’s also a little shy around those he likes romantically which is why jimin always gets stuttery around you when you see him in the mornings and you’re like “hi!!!” and he’s like “h,,,hello,,,” and you always think he must be scared of you or something because he isn’t as upbeat and as talkative with you as he is with the other neighbors
  • and that makes you a bit upset,,,,,so you decide that you’re gonna prove that you’re a good neighbor by baking him a cake,,,,,,,,,the only problem is: you cannot bake
  • and when you’re done, and you’re sure you followed the recipe correctly, you can’t help but look at the cake as it’s slowly falling apart and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,this isn’t going to work,,,he’s going to think i hate him or something wlrgjsa
  • so you go out and you buy a cake instead and you knock on his door and when jimin opens it he’s like ,,,,,very surprised to see you and you’re like
  • “i know we don’t talk much,,,,and that’s rude of me neighbors should get to know each other so i made this,,,,,,,as a welcoming gift???”
  • and jimin is like “ive,,,ive lived here for over a year” and you’re like i k NOW,,,,,,i just,,,,,,,here 
  • and jimin takes it, his face gone completely red and he’s like thank,,,,,,thank,,,,,tha-thank you
  • and you’re like are you ok??? you’re redder than a lobster
  • and jimin is like iM FINE,,,,,,,,,,do,,,,,,do you wanna,,,,,,,,,,eat this with me,,,,,,
  • and you two end up sitting awkwardly at jimin’s dining table and jimin hands you a slice of cake with shakey hands and you’re like,,,,,,he seems so scared of me what do i do
  • and suddenly you’re like “im,,,,,,,im not mean” and jimin is like ????? and you’re like “i always think that you dislike me,,,,,but really im nice!! i think,,,,,,did i do something to scare you???” and jimin is like “nO,,,,,,nO,,,,,,it’s not that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and he looks down and tries to distract himself with eating cake but then he’s like “wait- is this,,,,,,,,,,,is this from,,,,,,the store down the block?” and you’re FRICK im caught and you’re like sorry i tried to bake one but,,,,,it came out bad so i bought one
  • and jimin is like you did all of this for me??? and you’re like YEAH i don’t want us to be neighbors that are cold with each other,,,,,,
  • and jimin kind of smiles sadly and he’s like “just neighbors,,,,right”
  • and you’re like wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do you,,,,,,,,do you want something more
  • and you’re looking at him,,,,,,realizing slowly that the redness in his face isn’t because he’s sick,,,,,,,,but omg park jimin has a c r u s h on you


  • the neighbor who you see at really odd hours of the night,,,,,like,,,,,,why is only getting home at 4 am???? is he ordering pizza at 8am???? what is his schedule 
  • would own like 40 dogs but the building has a no pets policy and it’s killing taehyung,,,,,,,,,he literally has to go over to his friends houses who have pets to get his daily dose of cuddling puppies otherwise he’ll get depressed 
  • the neighbors who have had a chance to speak with him all think he’s very,,,,,,,laidback and more than likely you’ll see him hanging around in the parking lot of the building skateboarding around or playing with strays that he feeds
  • and his own apartment is full of second-hand furniture he got from his parents and friends and he has posters up of like classic horror movies that are like peeling off the wall
  • and he used to play music outloud,,,but people would complain so he switched to just playing it through his headphones and pretending to like air guitar on his sofa 
  • and speaking of which,,,,,,he actually doesn’t have a bed because he was like what’s the point i can sleep on my couch or on my beanbag or on the floor,,,,,,,,taehyung literally doesn’t care is what im trying to say
  • his bedroom is just bookshelves (which are falling apart) full off old toys and cds and skateboards pilled up and baseball caps 
  • but it somehow manages not to be messy,,,,just kind of like very down-to-earth like him
  • and you know taehyung likes animals you’ve seen him wear shirts with dog faces like one five different occasions also he once rescued a kitten that was getting picked on by younger kids
  • and so when the landlord says she’ll be coming around to chat with you in your apartment about your new air conditioner you’re like “i need to hide my baby,,,,my angel,,,,,,,,my cat,,,,,,Mr. Tubs”
  • and you knock on taehyungs door hoping he’ll answer and to your relief he does,,,,,,,and you’re pretty sure there’s a noddle stuck to his cheek but you’re like “hey hey i know we don’t talk much but the landlord is coming up in five minutes and i need you to hide Mr. Tubs for me”
  • and taehyung is like whose Mr. Tubs and you like hand him the duffel bag and your cats head peeks out and you’re like “qUICK go inside ill be back in half an hour to get him”
  • and taehyung is standing there with your cat in a bag as he watches you run off
  • and he looks down and he’s like “hey Mr. Tubs” and your cat is like,,,meow who are you jokes jokes
  • but yes after you talk with the landlord you’re back to see taehyung and when you knock on the door you realize it’s open and when you step inside you see taehyung sitting on the floor of his living room, Mr. Tubs peacefully napping in his lap and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my cat likes him better than he likes me is taehyung Magical
  • and you’re like “heY hope Mr. Tubs wasn’t too much!!!!” and taehyung is like “your cat is awesome” and you’re like thank,,,,,you
  • and taehyung is like “do you think you can let him stay here,,,,,while he naps,,,,,,he’s just so nice” and you’re like ok they really did bond in this half hour
  • and you’re like “sure,,,,,,,,,,um,,,,,ill,,,,,go?” and taehyung’s like “no, you can stay if you want we can play like monopoly or something”
  • and you pull out the old board game from under a pile of what looks like notebooks and stuff and you open it and like half the pieces are missing but it’s whatever you and taehyung have a good time anyway
  • and he makes you laugh??? and like he’s so comfortable to be around because he’s so easy going
  • and you’re like ‘you skate right??’ and he’s like not well but you’re like pfft please id love to learn and taehyung’s like “yo ill teach you”
  • and you kind of blush a bit because he smiles so wide and he’s actually really handsome??? and before you know it two hours has gone by and Mr. Tubs wakes up only to walk from taehyungs lap and plop down into yours
  • and you’re like “ill take this rascal back home now,,,,so he can sleep in his bed and not on my neighbors” and taehyung laughs but he’s like bring him over again anytime and hey,,,,,,,tomorrow at 7 are you free?
  • and you’re like pm??? and taehyung is like no am and you’re like what who wakes up that early tomorrow is sunday and taehyung is like “well it’s a good time for me to teach you how to skate ^^”
  • and gdi you’re actually agreeing to get up early on a weekday because hey,,,,,,,,,,he is really cute,,,,,,,,,,


  • don’t even try to argue with me on this: jungkook collects actions figures and anime figures and those little nintendo figures,,,,,,,,,you know what i mean
  • has them like displayed on a shelf above his computer and gets really excited about packages because you guessed it: it’s a new figure
  • like he doesn’t have a bunch, he just gets the ones that are like of his favorite characters and also,,,,,,,,he seems like the type to own the soundtracks from his favorite games
  • and other than that,,,,,,like nothing matters to him
  • like he’s got his computer for gaming, and his bed for sleeping what else is there to life
  • uses his living room as a closet really like the armchair has clothes piled up on it and comic books 
  • he eats at a low table that he forgets to clean so when jin comes over he’s like “jungkook. look at this. look at these crumbs”
  • jungkook: “listen,,,,,,,mom” 
  • jin: “what did you say?”
  • jungkook: “nothing i said i was gonna go get napkins to clean off the crumbs,,,,,,,”
  • and the neighbors all think he’s cute and some1 once asked him if he was still in high school and jungkook was like,,,,,no,,,,,,,,,i graduated and the person was like oh my i thought you were 16
  • and jungkook wasn’t sure if he should be flattered or,,,,,,,
  • but also he kind of keeps to himself so he doesn’t have a lot of close friends in his building and you and him don’t really speak but one day,,,,you end up with a strange package at your door
  • and at first you think it’s that rice cooker you bought but when you open it you pull out this figure and you’re like wtf is a sasuke uchiha
  • and then you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,wait this isn’t mine
  • and you see jungkooks name on the box and you’re like SHIT I OPENED MY NEIGHBORS MAIL THAT’S A CRIME
  • so you quickly try to put some tape on it and make it look untouched but it’s so obvious you ripped it open but you’re like maybe,,,,,,maybe he won’t be mad he seems like a nice dude
  • so you take the package and you ring his doorbell and jungkooks like ??? and you’re like “this is,,,,,,,,yours,,,,,,,,i accidentally opened it but,,,,,,,,,,,,,i swear i didn’t break anything!!!!! sasuke is alright!!!”
  • and jungkook is like “god bless sasuke is alright” and you’re like “he looks cool is he from a game?”
  • and wow you know when you ask people who are super passionate about something and their eyes light up WELL
  • and before you know it you’re standing there listening to the subplot of naruto and sasuke’s rivalry and you’re like,,,,,,what is happening but 
  • jungkook looks so adorable listing off his favorite episodes that you’re like you know what whatever let’s talk about this
  • and jungkook asks you if you’re into any games/movies/shows and you’re like YEAH i have a few favorites
  • and you two are totally bonding in the hallway over geeky stuff but then you’re also like
  • “you’ve been holding that box up for like the last 45 minutes doesn’t your hand hurt??”
  • and jungkook is like “nah, i work out look!”
  • and he rolls up his sleeve innocently to show you his muscles and you’re like WOAH WHAT
  • and jungkook is like teehee my hyungs call me the ‘hulk’ isn’t that cute?? and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,ok he’s adorable but he’s also strong but he’s also funny but he’s also swole,,,,,,,,huh,,,,,,perfect dare i say,,,,,,,,,bf material
  • first date: binge-watching your favorite shows while getting to know each other better by playing 20 questions LOL 
Purr For Me - A Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: Forgive me father for I have sinned. *sweats nervously* so um…I really have no excuse for this…other than the fact that I’m weak for Sirius Black calling his significant other ‘kitten.’ Also………I may or may not have a part 2 in mind where the tables are turned, so let me know if you’re interested! 

Originally posted by cute-guysxx

“Sirius,” you hissed as the boy beside you rubbed teasing circles just above your knee, “cut it out!”

“Why? You don’t like it?” he cocked his head innocently, though it was clear he was anything but.

“You know damn well I do,” you elbowed him, “which is exactly why you need to stop.”

His hands moved steadily up your thigh, inching closer and closer to the spot you wanted him most. The place you needed him most. 

Discretely, he scooted his chair closer to you. You could feel his warm breath on your neck as he leaned in and whispered, “Come on, kitten. I want everyone to hear how pretty you sound when you purr for me.”

Chills coursed though your body as your face flushed. 

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sourwolfstories top 10

Magic Stiles/Emissary Stiles Sterek Fics (by request)

1. There Are Monsters At Home by calrissian18

“How did you get past the wards?” Derek had put them up, with Peter’s grudging assistance, after the Alpha pack had made themselves at home a few times too many.

The guy pulled a face. “You mean the wards a five-year-old girl with the mental ability of a goldfish could deconstruct?” He blinked wide eyes at Derek. “Gee, I don’t know. It’s bound to go down as one of life’s great mysteries.”

Derek despised him.

2. Strut on a Line, it’s Discord and Rhyme by xiaq

“Carry me,” Stiles says.


“But I’m injured.”

“You have a rash,” Derek says. “On your arm. Your feet work just fine.”


“No. You weigh almost as much as I do. And you ate a pound of chicken at lunch.”

“Well, yeah, but I pooped like an hour ago, so.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“Don’t play, you love me.”

I do, Derek thinks, relatively horrified. I really do.

3. If the ley lines you should follow by InTheArmsofaThief

And Derek just stood there, staring at Stiles like he was a ghost.

“Dude, I know it’s been a while but you don’t have to look at me like you’re that surprised I’m hung over in the woods. It’s practically a tradition at this point.”

“Stiles?” Derek whispered, the name falling from his lips like a punch to the gut. Stiles watched, confused, as Derek took a deep breath in and took a shaky step forward then back again. “You’re not- you can’t be. Who are you?”

4. A Little Lost by exclamation

A magical accident sends Stiles back in time. Now he’s stuck in New York, living with Derek and Laura, and the only way to get back to his own time is to learn to use magic. Meanwhile, he must figure out how much he can tell them about their future. Can he warn them about the dangers they face? Can he change his own past?

And can he trust the creature known as Bookworm, who seems to know him better than he knows himself?

5. sanctuary where i stand by ceserabeau

"We’re happy to have you, Stiles,” Laura says, and nudges Derek hard, “Aren’t we?”
“Of course,” Derek says through gritted teeth.
When he looks at Stiles, the kid has a smug grin on his face. What a little shit.

AU where Stiles is sent to the Hale pack to be their emissary.

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anonymous asked:

Rfa + V and Saeren react to Mary Claire being SUPER short

Okay I’ve been gone for a while (I’m sorry!) But I really wasn’t good emotionally! So I took a hiatus, I’m back now and I’m gonna try to keep writing as much as possible!

(Mary Claire lmao) 


  • He’s pretty short himself so honestly he’s pretty happy that MC is shorter than him 
  • He thinks it’s so adorable 
  • He feels pretty protective of MC 
  • But he knows they can probably protect themselves 


  • again, She’s pretty short herself so she did notice right away how much shorter they are than her 
  • She won’t admit it but she sort of likes being the tall one 
  • But in the end height doesn’t matter to her because she has the best partner she could possibly have 


  • okay this guy is already pretty damn tall 
  • him and Jumin can tower over most people 
  • He points out right away to MC how short they are 
  • MC is not amused 
  • he quickly tries to recover by telling them how cute their height difference is 
  • and he means that he honestly loves how much shorter they are 
  • He learned the hard way that he shouldn’t pick up MC if they’re upset 


  • At first he had the mindset that it shouldn’t really mater 
  • and it really doesn’t
  • But he starts to find it just really adorable 
  • They’re like the size of a kitten to him 
  • He will sometimes call MC kitten 
  • Also no ones gets away with making fun of MC’s height around him ok 


  • The first thing he did was joke about it 
  • He realized that MC probably didn’t find it funny 
  • So he mostly stopped 
  • Once he used MC as an armrest 
  • Once he got kicked in the knee 
  • He finds it hilarious if MC tried to be threatening
  • Like they are so small and are trying to be scary 
  • its just adorable 
  • That’s why if they have like small fights he can’t take them seriously 


  • He can’t really see MC so he doesn’t really feel anything about it 
  • He just loves that MC is his partner 
  • and he feels so lucky 
  • but when he hugs them he feels their height difference 
  • and he loves wrapping his arms around them and like he’s protecting them 


  • He doesn’t care about it 
  • Like at most he just thought about it once 
  • like whatever they’re short, doesn’t change they’re a great partner 
  • Unless they get angry 
  • He get’s actually scared 
  • how can something this small be this scary 
  • But like with Jumin, If anyone makes fun of MC then good luck to them 
  • besides that he doesn’t care about it all 
ISFP Care and Handling User Guide and Manual

This manual is part of a series of MBTI user guides initiated by @intpboard

Congratulations! You’ve managed to coax an ISFP out of their favorite hiding spot! Here’s a handy guide for taking care of and getting to know your quirky and mysterious new friend.

Your ISFP comes with:

  • Ten unique and interesting clothing items
  • Two sets of worn and comfy clothes
  • One animal friend
  • One collection of inspiring photos and/or random objects that are meaningful to your ISFP.
  • One set of closely held moral beliefs and values

Custom upgrades: Your ISFP will have multiple creative interests. Books, sports equipment, musical instruments, camping gear, cameras, various art supplies, and random junk may also be included.


Your ISFP comes preprogrammed with the following traits:

Fi: Makes your ISFP unit independent and sensitive. They may appear aloof or distant, preferring to process their emotions on their own. They’re actually very warm, loyal, and supportive when you get to know them. Your unit also has a strong moral compass will refuse to do anything that conflicts with their values. Contrary to popular belief, your ISFP is capable of changing their views, but forget trying to force them into doing it!

Important note: Each ISFP will have Fi values, morals, and beliefs that are unique to them. You will need to adapt this general user guide to your specific ISFP Unit.

Se: Your ISFP is very in touch with their physical world and enjoys using their five senses to explore and express themselves. They can be impulsive and adventurous, preferring to live in the moment rather than plan too far ahead. Se also makes them witty and charming and surprisingly cute.

Ni: Your unit will have the need to search for deeper meaning in their life. They will frequently “have a feeling” about a plan or a person that they will feel compelled to act upon, but not be able to explain. Also makes them incredibly self-critical and may induce occasional bouts of self-doubt.

Te: Your unit may have many dreams, but probably won’t get around to actually accomplishing most of them (without help, anyway). They can also be stubborn at the inopportune times and unintentionally (and hilariously) blunt when asked to give their opinion.   

Getting Started

  1. Sit your ISFP in a quiet room, preferably near a window.
  2. Set the animal friend in ISFP’s lap.
  3. Leave ISFP alone for several hours to adjust to their surroundings and bond with the animal friend.
  4. Offer ISFP cookies and initiate conversation about the animal friend.
  5. If ISFP doesn’t start, take them to a nearby park and let them wander for a while.  


Cinnamon Roll Mode (default): Soft, sweet, and bashful. Prefers to listen to you talk and observe you quietly. Notices everything and knows your favorite food, what kind of car you drive, and probably where you live even though they never asked. (No, it’s not creepy! They just overheard you giving directions to someone else and didn’t want to bother you needlessly.) Will make you quirky, adorable (and sometimes baffling) gifts to demonstrate their affection.  

Creative Mode (default): Your ISFP has a nearly unmatched creative brain and will often find beauty in their environment. If you don’t really understand (Yes I’m talking to you NT types) just voice your support and point out one or two things about their art (or song, or sport, or hobby, or project, or handmade gift/peace offering) that you like. Your ISFP will be flattered and happy that you appreciate their talents and are involved.

Adventure Mode: Your ISFP unit will live for meaningful adventures, and often express longing for the freedom or ability to try new experiences and visit new cultures or sights. Actual chance of them acting on these desires is 50/50, but your ISFP will spend a lot of time daydreaming about it nonetheless.

Sensory Recharge Mode:  Your ISFP unit may go dormant after a large social event or adventure. While they enjoy sensory activities, they easily become overstimulated and need time to themselves to process everything they’re taking in. Forget trying to have conversations with your unit while they’re in this mode; they’ll quickly excuse themselves and hide.

Angry Toddler Mode: Activated under stress. Your ISFP has become so emotionally overwhelmed (usually due to feeling they are not Good Enough™) that they just can’t handle any more. Symptoms include grouchiness, outright refusal to eat or engage in normal activities, and uncharacteristic outbursts of anger. Gently relieve your ISFP of any pressing responsibilities and give them space to express their feelings without judgement.  

Relationships with Other Units

NF: ISFP enjoys relationships with NF types, drawn to their emotional depth and idealism. In friendships with these types, ISFP is free to discuss creative ideas and dream big.  ISFP will also go to these types for emotional support in times of need.

NT: Your ISFP may not initially gravitate towards NT individuals, as they often don’t understand their rational nature. However, they are intrigued by the intellect and personality quirks of NT types.

SJ: Your ISFP will want to ride through the glen on their mighty steed, firing arrows into the sunset while the SJ in question will probably want them to calm down, organize, and behave themselves. If not handled carefully, this can result in conflicting goals and thus, stressful relationships.  

SP: Your ISFP unit will be most at ease with fellow SPs. They can go on spontaneous adventures together and your ISFP unit is guaranteed to have a couple in their social circle. (Also the #1 culprit when your ISFP randomly disappears.)


Your ISFP unit will have an unusual diet and eating schedule.  Mealtimes and snacks tend to happen when ISFP finds it convenient.  Don’t worry about regular meals, your ISFP likes and appreciates food and will make sure that they are eating when they need it.


ISFP is very particular about their appearance. When it comes to hygiene, they tend to stick to the basics, but can be relied upon to take care of themselves. However, If you want them to be on time for something important, remind them to prepare beforehand​.


Your ISFP will flip-flop between intensely creative periods where they will forego sleep to work on projects (or go adventuring), and “catch-up” periods where they will sleep through the day to recharge. Don’t interrupt your unit’s sleep times, as this may activate Angry Toddler Mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

My ISFP won’t activate (talk), now what??

Stop trying so hard! You can’t force an ISFP to be your friend. Chances are excellent that ISFP picked up on your efforts to connect from the beginning and is well aware of your intentions. Give them time to observe you and gently coax them out with non-aggressive, non-threatening communication (or fun. Or cookies. Or compliments. Or kittens).

Also, keep in mind that silence isn’t necessarily an indicator that your ISFP doesn’t like you. Often it just means that they’re thinking; either processing what you have to say or coming up with something to contribute the conversation. Look for these signs instead: does your ISFP go out of their way to spend time with you or do things for you? Do they make eye contact when you’re talking? If so, they like you.  

How do I know if my ISFP is doing okay emotionally?

Ask them. They rarely open voluntarily, as they don’t want to be a bother. Keep in mind that it may take some time before they’ll be comfortable sharing with you. When they do talk, listen and validate their feelings. Avoid jumping in and attempting to fix their problems for them or giving your own opinion too quickly. Your ISFP will keep their mouth shut rather than risk subjecting their precious thoughts to unsolicited criticism.

My ISFP has disappeared, help!

Relax. ISFPs are prone to going AWOL without warning. This doesn’t mean that they’re in trouble. They will probably reappear within a day or two with an interesting story about how they went on a last minute road trip with friends and met a eccentric biologist who studies Bigfoot in Tennessee. Resist the urge to check on them too frequently.  This will lead to more disappearances (your ISFP is trying to escape from you). If you’re really worried, casually invite them to get food or do something fun.

Again, congratulations on your new ISFP unit! Have fun!

Happy Thursday

A continuation of my Yurio Catches Puberty story, the introduction and “index” of which is here.  

Yuri’s Angels Hasetsu Local Branch: Co-Presidents Axel, Lutz, and Loop

Realistically, the triplets were too young to be doing pretty much anything they ever did; Yuuri wouldn’t have banked on any child of Takeshi Nishigori having more than an ounce of sense in them, but he charitably believed they’d had a near miss and gotten it from Yuko’s side. And he tried to indulge them, because after all they were the ones who had filmed him without…his permission and uploaded it without…any thought for what might happen…

Actually he probably should still be mad at them about that. But, well, they were kids.

So was Yurio, something he was trying hard to remember during their first day of practice at Ice Castle. (There is a readmore below! Read more!)

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Don’t Keep Me Waiting!

Originally posted by bonniebird

Warning(s):Smut, Oral Sex, and Vaginal Sex.

Note:I hope you guys enjoy the story! It can be found on my Ao3!

Requested by Anon “ Tommy seems like he’d love to have sex in (semi) public areas. My request is to always write them having public sex with someones walking in on them. And my thoughts maybe similar so you could write one or the other, or, well, maybe both into one story. Someone just walks in on Reader giving Tommy oral while the couple were in his office, sex could actually be added too. Or Tommy and Reader have sex in the pub after hours when someone walks in to see them on top of the counter or against table? “

You walk towards Tommy’s office, saying hello to those you know as you pass by. Tommy wanted you to go drop something off to Polly, and told you to come and see him after you finished. You had gotten distracted talking to Polly about some things and completely forgot about having to talk with Tommy. Once you had seen the time, you apologized to Polly before rushing out the door and heading back.

Knocking on Tommy’s office door, you wait for him to call you in. His voice came through the door and you twist the doorknob and push it open. Tommy looks up at his papers, once he realizes that it is you he leans back in his seat. Closing the door, you walk towards one of the chairs in front of the desk. As you go to sit down, Thomas speaks up.

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