YES HELLO EVERYONE !!! This is my commission page pls help out someone who needs da money //crie

-I recently resigned from managerial position for a few reasons, including stress levels going up, unfair treatment and pay, also trying to find somewhere closer to home to work (previous job took me at least 30 minutes to get there by car and my car likes to consume my entire tank in a week orz). We also just recently had to put my dog down,  I’m still paying her vet bill from her last visit, and just today one of my tires blew on my way to work today (let me just clear out, i am NOT unemployed, I actually still work at the same job but I only do as a cake decorator, which is p much like an “on-call” kind of job so income is not the best when im trying to pay for a bunch of things at once) 

BUT ANYWAY, the money will help me out a lot right now so if you guys could help me out and buy some drawings, or just pass this around, reblog as many times, it will mean so much! ;v;

now for some specifications:


•traditional drawings will be rendered (if paid for) with COPICS SKETCH/CIAO
•All of the art will be made by me
•No refunds/Returns once paid and product has been finished
•if you wish to resell your piece, DO NOT sell it at full price. Sell it at half of it.
•All credit goes to me (except character creation)
•I can reject any requests I do not like(most likely none but jic)
•I will not take any NSFW, no pairings of “OCs + Anime/Series/Movie/game Character”
•lmao no MLP sorry
•no Minions (I’m not playing)

• anime characters
• Ocs
• anthro
• GirlxGirl / GirlxBoy / BoyxBoy
• series/movie characters (ie: Captain Dorito, Black Widow, Agent Carter, Dexter, Hannibal, Sherlock, Elementary, etc)

****If desired to, as well, I CAN send/mail you the sketched/rendered pieces, you’ll just have to pay extra for postage (which i will figure out and let you know how much it is.)

Thank you guys so much! ToT here is my email for those interested:

or just hit me up in an ask! thanks again!!! EDIT: I FORGOT TO MENTION These are paypal only commissions idk if that makes a difference but just in case//weeps