–> Ryuko (Redbubble, Storenvy print)
–> Satsuki (Redbubble, Storenvy print)
–> Mako (Redbubble, Storenvy print)

also get all three of these together as an 11x17 digital print for just 45 bucks on my storenvy!! i’m donating part of the direct funds made from storenvy for my friend’s T treatment that’s beginning so help a dude out and hang rad artwork on your wall in the meantime or donate to him w/e you want!!



Disclaimer: This post might be excessive, considering I am a perfectionist and am a big fan of organisation. This is not a shortcut on how to be a good student; it will also not provide you with straight A’s and a perfect GPA. However, this will help You with being a little more organised. At least I hope it will! 


Either write down your class schedule on a piece of paper and tape it to a wall, in a place where you would always see it (could also use a cork-board, etc.). Or you can download and print out printables like THIS ONE or THIS ONE (I love having my printables!). 


Honestly, if you want to be successful, get good grades and hand in all of your assignments on time - GET YOURSELF A PLANNER! You can buy them in stores or online for pretty cheap. Or you can buy one at your schools bookstore. Usually those are better, because they have all of the important dates specific to your school. School planners on ETSY and AMAZON


During the first week of school, sit down with all of your syllabi and write everything down in your planner! Make sure to not only mark exam and test days, but also reading homework, any other group assignments or presentations. Keep referring to it and updating it as the semester goes. Make using a planner a habit.


Use printables of monthly calendars to mark all of the important dates, events, assignments, tests of the month. You can then tape them to your wall and always have that for reference/as a reminder. Some of my favourites HERE and HERE


You can also use apps to create to do lists, set reminders, or use calendars online. I personally like and use  WUNDERLUST for to do lists daily. As for calendars, I used GOOGLE CALENDARS  or PLAN. I like their layouts and usability the best. 


You can keep the printables at home, by your desk, taped to a wall where you can always see it. However, you should always carry your planner with you to class and when you don’t have that, use reminders/calendar on your phone. As I mentioned before, you should make writing everything down a habit! 


I like to keep a separate small notebook/ writing pad for random notes on my desk. Whenever I have homework, I write everything I need to do down (usually pretty detailed), such as read ch. 4, take notes from todays lecture, write down definitions from ch. 5, etc. Once I’m done with the tasks, I just cross them out. It helps with motivation and productivity. 

There you go! I think this is pretty detailed, but if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


- This one is about HOW TO CHOOSE A MAJOR



For most of history, nothing much happens.

There were a lot of things that could be described as cool, but hardly important. Universes that contain supernovas are better than those without, all else equal, but it’s not like stars or the explosions thereof have minds or desires. They’re not significant except as really awesome backdrop.

And then we’ve got a total of one (1) known exception. Not that Earth hasn’t been unimportant most of the time too, but it does happen to be the site of literally all known ends-in-themselves. If some human—any human—were transported to the Archaean eon, and somehow survived there, they could rightly do whatever benefitted them: there would be exactly one person worth caring about. The world would not literally revolve around them, but figuratively you bet it would.

That’s not true anymore. Not because people became expendable or anything. It’s just that now we have seven billion of these beings that outweigh an entire empty universe.

So that’s what I’m thinking of when GiveDirectly announces that they’re testing universal income. Meeting the basic needs of thousands of the most important anythings ever, as a step toward this being done for everyone.

Sure, maybe it’s just because of a lack of competition, but this is literally good news on a cosmic scale.

The first time this ended up on tumblr, it was posted by someone else and rather small. Really hyped about the new digimon so I wanted to post it again bigger and actually by me :P I get the distinct impression my brain is going to explode into digimon charms this summer…

I also still have some prints from last summer:

And I found a few places to test out wall-scrolls at. I will be rubbing my face all over that if they pan out!


My Alduin print + Mug from the Dragons of Videogames collection arrived today! :D It also came with a few little goodies too. 

The art is a collaboration between Pythos and AJ Hateley and it’s inspired by scientific engravings from the Victorian era. Seriously check out the rest of the prints if you’re into video game dragons because it’s all super cool. 

Now I have to find a frame for the print so I can hang it on my wall. 


Yayyyy, the prints I ordered some time ago from laur-rants finally reached my place today!! I’M SO HAPPYYYY, THEY’RE GREAT! >w< Kudos to Lauren for taking her time to print the works by herself and send them all the way to Russian Far East (since Society6 doesn’t ship to Russia, boo) You’re awesome, friend!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Also check out that sketch she sent me as a bonus! Sphinx!Author and Werewendy brofisting each other, aaahhhh :’D


Sherlock Fanart Prints

People have been asking for them, so I’m considering having some made. They’ll be printed in small editions of about ten copies per motif, in A4 (29,7 x 21 cm) since they can be shipped cheaply (3,50 Euros for international mail) when they’re this size.

I’m thinking of selling them at 5 Euros each, 2,50 Euros of which I’d like to  use as a donation to support my cycling team for the Palace to Palace Cycle Ride in October. Last year my dad and I managed to raise £500 for the Prince’s Trust. It’d be cool if we could top that amount this year.

So, do let me know if you’re interested in any of the prints. Some of the motifs were suggested by fans, others I chose myself. Have a look through my archive or my #drawing tag to see if there are other pieces you can imagine on your walls.

For Tolkien, Beowulf and Temeraire prints you can also check my Artflakes site, for Sherlock T-Shirt designs my shop at Spreadshirt.

And lastly there are still some Sherlock after the Fall and 30 Days of Johnlock fanbooks left, as well as Sherlock ABC prints. More info about their prices here.


And this fellow is what is intended to be my headliner this year for the 2016 DragonCon Art Show. He is called the ‘Hollow Wizard’, which is about his location, rather than saying he is empty inside. In fact, no, he has a rather full personality. Obsessed with ancient things, this mysterious figure finds the places that people have abandoned, quietly to study and learn from their crumbling walls.

This is my Necropiper headsculpt, but cast in gray. This is a limited edition of 5 total gray dolls. For this one, I have also added jointed hands with long nails. He is dressed in 4 layers, an undershirt that is black, a fully purple robe, a fully green silk robe, anda lined and layered jacket. His book is made from leather and pages that I custom printed (if translated from runes, it is a role-playing log lol ) His base is a custom mosaic meant to evoke a sense of a much larger ruin, of which you are only seeing a part. His eyes, in light, are a pale blue, custom made, but in low light, or the dark, they glow an eerie green. 

Who is this mysterious wizard you have come upon? Will he be your friend, or foe?


I have lots of illustrated items available for sale in my shop including prints, tote bags and wall clocks. Many illustrations are also available to buy as framed prints and stretched canvases.

Items in my shop* have free shipping until Midnight Pacific Time on 13th July 2014 - simply visit the shop using this link to take advantage of the promotion.

(*excluding framed prints, stretched canvases and throw pillows with inserts)



after thorough research and development, hipthrust’s art now has its own print store! ! ! 

aside from a variety of wall prints available in sizes ranging up to A2, art prints are also available in the form of phone cases, postcards and the occasional t-shirt; there are also varieties of existing works which are only available on print. 

in light of the occasion, the first 5 people to place an order at the shop will also receive a free sketch of one shinee member of their choice (you must be willing to give me your address, and i will cover the shipping fees). when you have placed your order, please message me in my inbox with your order number and member of choice! 

go through my store here!


My looooooves! I’ve finally launched a proper website!!! Slide on over to and check out a polished version of all the work you see on here as a sort of proper portfolio. Also super excited to announce that you can follow me on Facebook too if you want to see what I’m up to, share with friends who aren’t on tumblr, or message me more frequently, and keep up with the events I’m throwing or showing at.

Aaaaaand it’s kind of also nuts to announce that I’ve launched a print shop!!!! You can cop any of the artwork you see on here that you want on your walls at a whole bunch of price points. I’m using society6 which handles the printing and shipping and makes getting prints out a lot more sustainable than ever.

I’ve come so, so far in the last few months alone. If you didn’t know I quit my job, am going back to school to finish my undergrad, have been working on art full-time and for the first time in my entire life I’m cultivating and appreciating and recognizing my talent. As the son of Muslim, Indian immigrants my art always felt like something that had to happen on the side amongst a real career, but why can’t I marry my talent with the power of community and all the love I’ve got to give??? I want so many things in this short, fragile life we live and I’m realizing I am capable of doing all of it.

Hahahaha I am such a cornball but you’re looking at someone who’s living the most exciting time of their life and it’s incredible. Whether building and flexing and discovering what true solidarity means with my QPOC family or learning things about myself I never knew it’s been a wild year that feels like just the beginning of what I’m about to do.

I started this tumblr back in 2011 as a hobby and it’s slowly transformed into something so big and validating and rewarding and I couldn’t be happier or luckier or more thankful for the amount of love you guys have shown me on here. I love you guys!!!! 


Who’s going to be at SPX? We are! Hannah Krieger and I will be at table B14, along with Molly Ostertag of SFP and Aatmaja Pandya of The Bell Blues.

Terrestrial, the fantasy comics & illustration anthology I organized, will be debuting here, as well as Hannah’s XL Bendytoots wall scrolls and Chinfographic prints. I’ll also have copies of my new mini, Corporate Dog, prints of my Lord of the Rings Series, cool dog stickers, and a couple of other books. Come by and say hello, we can’t wait to meet you peeps!

Type & Lettering Advent Calendar

Day 3: Paul Thurlby

I’ve been excited about showing Paul’s inspired Santa portrait and 3 combination all week. You may have seen his work feature on the blog before as I’ve been captivated by his colourful, neo-retro visuals for many years (I also have his ‘A for Awesome’ print on my wall).
OK, so I’m a fan, but I think that Paul treads the path between designer and artist with distinction, as the above number shows.

“The inspiration for my work comes from mid-century design and illustration. My style has been described as being retro-modern. The aesthetics are retro and the subject matter is modern. I use old books, postcards and pieces of paper for the backgrounds to my illustrations which often, for example, involves buying an old book from a charity shop just to use its back cover.”

See more of Paul’s beautiful work at: and on Instagram

About: Each day between the 1st and 25th of December we’ll be revealing a beautiful, custom designed number and artist here on the Type Worship blog.


Okay so not entirely equestrian, I lied…

I have decided to test the waters and see if there would be any interest in purchasing some prints of my work. I have been thinking about it for ages and I hope you will think it’s a good idea. I know that the Valegro piece may be popular but there are also some others to choose from… perhaps you would prefer a cow instead? :) Feel free to request a print as well if you have a particular artwork in mind! I am planning to add lots of my new works to the roster if there is interest.

Prints will be available in a variety of sizes, from 14″ x 11″ up to a whopping 45″ x 30″, should the quality allow. I can vouch that the Valegro piece prints well at a large size as I proudly have it filling my own wall! I will be printing using a site called PhotoBox which I have used before and have been very happy with the quality of. They will be poster type prints and none of them will have my watermark on.

Prices start from £12. 

Delivery from £2.99 (UK) and £4.99 (Int’l).

Please contact me if you would like to order or have any further questions! It’s my first time selling prints and I am excited to bring them to you. Thank you.


Art Delivery Monday, YAY! :) I’ve got an easel now! It will be much more convenient to stand and draw than sit all the time.

Also I have now toned paper sketchbook I need to try. I saw some great results when people draw on toned paper. White pencils can pop out the highlights perfectly.

Basically what You see in the pictures is my workplace for traditional stuff. On the wall are some of my drawings. Other are drawings of Dean Cornwell and Ryan Woodward. Also I have print of Ellie from The Last of Us. In the corner You see my Assasin’s Creed IV Edward Kenway statue.I think this workspace is very simple, yet very nice to work.

I like to see how other people work, so that’s why I wanted to share my small workspace :)


Studying from some unknown show C:

Helps a lot I must say. I learned tons of stuff from the first pic. And the second one.. Well, always wanted to do that fancy screen redraw thingie, I wasn’t actually focusing on copying but drew and colored it as I please.

Wait.. Is this the first time I speak about the series here omg. Surely I’m a big fan of it, it’s a fucking masterpiece of such a caliber that you can pause literally anywhere and get a frame worth printing and pinning on your wall. (recalls a naked Ruel or Goultard self bitchslapping maybe)

Rubilaxia is my favorite arc. I couldn’t help but rewatching it over and over. It fascinates me. Also Eva is being a fucking man here A+. THIS IS Eva I like. Badass little hero with a cute haircut. u3u Therefore have a bonus Eva. I might draw more later.


hey cosmere friends! do you like these pieces? would you like to hang prints of them on your walls? LOOK NO FURTHER for i have finally gotten around to setting up a redbubble store HERE! 

also, if there’s any more of my pieces you’d like to see available, let me know and i’ll try to work it out! have a good day :O