[ okay but imagine keeler on superbowl sunday tho

first of all, he, like me, doesn’t follow American football so he has no idea wtf superbowl sunday even is, much less when it is

and he wants to hang out with his friends but they’re all watching superbowl so he gets really pissy and shows up unannounced at their place, and they try to convince him to watch the game. and because keeler loves his friends, he agrees to watch a little bit of the game for their sakes 

keeler makes it like 15 minutes before he goes LMAO WTF IS THIS SHIT IT’S BORING WHY DO THEY KEEP STOPPING and he gets even saltier than before. he then proceeds to get really, really drunk, eats all their queso, and passes out on the couch ]
Like in the Caribbean and South America, North American had maroon communities that were mostly in the southern states but had some up north too. The biggest was in Spanish Florida were slaves from South Carolina and Georgia would escape to Florida and ally with the Seminole native Americans and were offer protection by the Spanish if they protected the land from the US colonies. There were American maroons in the deep forest areas that weren’t discovered or uninhabited by people. Also, maroon communities were found in swamp areas like the great dismal swamp in Virginia-north Carolina line also in Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina. Most the time when Europeans came looking for runaways, they would have to fight because maroons would rather die than to return to slavery. #africa #african #maroons #america #usa #unitedstates #kemet #Nubian #nubia #maroonkingdoms #black #blacklove #BlackKings #blackgods #alkebulan by conscious_history

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Also, South Alabama has had 3 Met Council Audition winners, and some of the top opera singers in the country. Had a good friend graduate from there who now is a world renowned baritone who has sung with most major opera companies

Id still cry and be scared

Best Movies Set in Each State

So our friend Seth posted a link of some idiots that put the best movie set in each state.  Well, we both disagreed with about 90% of them.  They had Clueless for California.  CLUELESS!!!!   California is rich with a bevy of tremendous films. As is New York and surprisingly Alabama?!?! Also during our research we found that the state most devoid is far and away Nebraska.  Get your stuff together you Cornhuskers.    So here is our list of OUR favorite movies set in each state.

So There you have it.  Disagree if you will, but remember, I agree with me.

Con Airrrrrr

Ok I liked this a lot?!? Compared to face/off it gave me actual emotions sometimes. Also though the acting is way more like the nic cage I know and am fascinated with, especially compared to valley girl

Also worst Alabama accent ever omg
Podcast: Evaluating the big wins and big losses for UGA’s 2016 recruiting class
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On today’s podcast I talk about the elite prospects Kirby Smart was able to acquire for UGA on National Signing Day and a few top players Smart missed out on too. Plus…

  • Jeff Sentell addresses how it was UGA was able to flip three-star wide receiver Tyler Simmons from Alabama.
  • Jeff also explains what went wrong with five-star defensive tackle Derrick Brown and four-star offensive tackle EJ Price.
  • Jay Clemons joins the show to discuss how the other SEC programs fared on Wednesday.


DawgNation Daily is available for download in the iTunes store.

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“Every race is a question, and I never know until the last yards what the answer will be. That’s the lure of racing.”

– Joe Henderson

I signed up for the Red Shoe Run pretty last minute. I ran it three years ago when I was a senior in college and had a blast. I’m drawn to it because it supports a great cause: The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama. Also, if I am going to be doing a long run in the cold on a Saturday morning, I might as well do it with a bunch of other people and get a finisher’s medal and a t-shirt.

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I wasn’t planning on treating this as a serious race, but rather as a good opportunity to do a fast, long-run. However, all of that changed when I woke up in the morning and thought to myself, “I wonder what time I ran this race in 3 years ago, and I wonder if I can beat it…”

That was all it took. I run very different races now than I did in college and I haven’t had many opportunities to test out if I was in better shape then when I had a coach and teammates to push me, or now while I am running out of love and coaching myself.

I went over to the computer, looked up the results from three years ago and saw 21-year-old-David’s time: 01:04:54 (6:30/mile pace). A wave of disappointment quickly ran over me because it has been a long time since I have consistently dropped that pace. Then a surge of competitiveness raced through my veins as I thought, “Bring it on, younger me…”

If you’ve followed my blog over the past year (I’m kidding myself thinking that anyone does), then you know how miserable I was running in college and I’ve felt so liberated since finishing that final conference meet almost 3 years ago and promised myself that I would only train for and do races that were fun for me. Getting to compete with the collegiate version of myself is much more motivation than anyone else you could put on the starting line next to me.

Pre-race food consisted of some chia pudding I made the previous night and a couple of oranges. I live only 2 miles from the start of the race, so I got in some extra mileage by jogging from my house to the start as my warm-up.

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Once, I arrived, I huddled inside for warmth as long as I could before stripping off my warm-up layers and heading outside to the starting line. I didn’t wear many layers for the race, just my singlet, arm warmers, gloves, shorts, shoes, compression socks and, of course, a Survivor buff. Although it was miserably cold standing on the starting line, in such thin clothes, once we started running I didn’t notice the cold for the rest of the race.

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After the gun went off, a crazy, shirtless runner who is known for being a very fast, local runner took off in front of everybody. A chase pack formed behind him of 7 people, including myself. I hung on to the back of this group. Since it has been a while since I have done a long road-race like this, I had no idea what pace I would be able to hold for 10 miles. After one mile, I decided that the pace of the chase pack made me too nervous and I dropped off to relax and do my own thing.

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Photo Credit: RMCHA

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Photo Credit: RMCHA

During the second mile, I was passed by three runners, one male and two females. This put me 10th male and 11th overall. I stayed in this position through mile 5, but I managed to keep most everyone in front of me within eyesight. I could see the chase pack splitting up ahead of me, but for the most part, everyone stayed pretty close together.

One benefit that I gained from training for ultra-marathons, is that I feel much stronger in the second half of shorter races than I used to. During the 6th mile, I realized that I felt strong and was making ground on the people in front of me without trying. This gave me the confidence to make a push and start passing people one-by-one. By mile 9, I had worked my way from 11th into 4th place.

With less than half-a-mile to go, there was a turn I missed because there were no signs or people telling me to turn. Within 200 meters, I ran into a couple race officials who told me to turn back and turn. Four people behind me also missed the turn because they were following me and they turned around as they saw me turn around. “Great…” I thought, “Now all of these people I just spent the last 3 miles passing are in front of me again.” I sprinted as hard as I could to get back in front of the group into 4th place just in time for the final stretch to the finish line. In that final stretch another runner put on a very impressive sprint that my legs simply could not match and I finished in 5th place. For a moment, I was frustrated. If I had not made the wrong turn, he would not have been close enough to me to sprint past me. However, that frustration subsided as soon as I saw my finish time: 1:01:58. Almost three minutes ahead of my time three years ago.

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Photo Credit: Marathon Runs
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Photo Credit: Marathon Runs

The race directors and volunteers did a fantastic job with this event. After the race there was a large spread of food and drink for all of the runners, there were activities for kids and families and an extremely positive atmosphere. The best part is that everything they did or said tied back to thier mission of fundraising for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama. If you want to donate to this great organization, just click on the picture below.

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Every Race is a Question (Red Shoe Run Recap) “Every race is a question, and I never know until the last yards what the answer will be.
City close to filing eminent domain claims on Spring Avenue project - The Decatur Daily
January 27, 2016 at 08:06AM

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Station hospital 3 Day Diet - Birmingham Hospital Diet Review

The Convalescent hospital 3 Day Dietetics, which is besides known as the Birmingham Hospital Diet, has gain popularity due to claims that the diet was refined as an accomplishment in point of enabling patients intended for surgery to succumb up on route to 10 lbs. a la mode dominance over a period of three days. Inessential sources attribute the cutting edge in re this diet plan to the Law school of Alabama.

It ought to be honored that these institutions do not make that claim, nor accept any responsibility towards those who follow the diet plan.

Notwithstanding the unclearness relative to its outstart, there is little be diffident that this plain-spoken diet plan has become widespread and that many people purchase it, not infrequently seeing the weight loss strategy under one of its many names. Independent of the Hospital 3 Postdate Diet, yours truly is also known as Alabama 3 Day Diet, 3 month Tuna Conventicle, Tuna Butterfish Diet, 3 Day Duodenal Diet, and others.

The content in reference to these weight loss diet plans is to some extent similar and think proper here be treated proportionately substantially the same.

A key circumstance of the Hospital 3 Day Diet is that it contains a low daily quantum predicate of about 1, 000 calories with specified ingredients upon provide the protein, carbohydrates, flush (right little) and other nutrients that we need to survive. Since a full description in respect to the menu plan, do a quick search for my article “3 Day Tuna Fish Diet – Menu and Caucus Plan”.

In brief, the engender outlines the foods to be included for breakfast, lunch and tv dinner over a three day extent.

There are many reports of weight-loss from those who have followed the pap plan. The amount of claimed weight lost during that time varies, as might be expected with so many differing metabolisms and food requirements being in difficulties. On, a minimum weight reduction of at least 2. 5 lbs. does seem attainable and curvaceous.

A lot in respect to the weight loss from eating adjust in relation to such a short duration probably comes ex water loss. For well, with a btu count of approximately 1, 000 this would stand well below normal requirements for most adults, pretty energy expended would also be the cause of some of the dying.

However, whilst not a ‘starvation diet’, the Birmingham Policlinic Diet is a propos to make up user problems if continued and all the recommended 3 days. In preference to proposal, it is normal vice our bodies to make adjustments what time a food scarcity is detected. This is a survival mechanism which protects us when little food is penetrable, as inwardly times of famine. The body slows metabolism and retains fat stores permit us to survive longer with less food. This actually makes it harder to evade punching bag, we have less energy and tire quicker. Not a reasonable long term condition!

Although there may have being some short-term loss advantage, the feelings of hunger wonted in obedience to the put down of the diet encourage extra diet after the diet plan has been completed. A better alternative is a program the very model does not produce a drug culture in behalf of food, does not cause the body to slow its activities, and takes into account nutritional requirements so that changes in eating habits would allow the very best weakening to happen in the clouds a longer glacial and be lasting.

Rather than following a simple, low quantum diet plan, losing weight over an extended boundary allows other tactics en route to be found employed gangplank the plan, such as 'calorie shifting’, placing greater multiple exposure of fat loss and adequate nutrition. This is more inclined in the long run upon provide health benefits and sustainable weight loss.
Elite WR with all-SEC finalist list skips Ole Miss visit, travels to Big 12 power instead
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Four-star wide receiver Mykel Jones skipped his scheduled official visit to Ole Miss this weekend and decided to officially visit Oklahoma instead, according to Crimson and Cream Machine. Jones, a top-250 prospect, named Ole Miss his leader on Jan. 4, but he also listed Alabama and Tennessee among his three finalists. The 6-foot, 180-pound Patterson, […]

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