also why did stan put on his suit to go shower

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Prompt: Ok this is specific so hold on. Can you do an imagine where the reader works at buzzfeed and she is asked to do a video swimming with sharks and she refuses then someone is like “what if we get Sebastian Stan to go with you” and the reader is like “if you can do tang then yeas” and they actually get Sebastian to go with you then after words he asks you on a date and fluff. Please thanks

Word Count: 1300ish


Authors Note:

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Better Then Hugs

So remembering the bit where Mabel drew the picture of both Stanley and Stanford and was making them kiss I figured she’d be a big shipper for the two of them.  As long as they were happy then she’d be happy so she decides to have them work out their differences with a sorta Bonding dinner (date night).

Rated work safe. Just a cute fic.

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saphael; #41 “You did all of this for me?”

Author’s note: I changed ‘this’ to ‘that’ because I thought it would fit better!

Birthdays were a delicate subject in the vampire world.

Older vampires didn’t really have a problem with them. They didn’t mind celebrating them, and they didn’t mind not celebrating them. For them it was just an ordinary day, one that had lost its meaning in all the years they’d been immortal.

Other vampires made a big deal out of celebrating them, especially the big milestones. It was some kind of trophy for them, a prize. Look at how many years I have survived in a world built to destroy me.

The younger vampires though, those younger than a century, they didn’t even want to think about birthdays. For them, their birthday wasn’t proof of how tough, how much of a survivor they were. For them, it was a reminder that, though the world around them and all the people on it were aging, they were not. Birthdays reminded them that they may have left the mortal world, but loved ones were still roaming it. Getting older, getting closer to death, dying a bit more each year. And they would live forever. They would have to watch all the people the cared about die.

So, yeah, birthdays weren’t really a much appreciated subject amongst vampires.

Of course, Simon couldn’t have known that.

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